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Me and my family
1. Fills in the blanks.

Phyllis and Alan have two __________: Derek and Jennifer.
Derek and his _________ Daphne have a six-year-old girl, Ashley.
Jennifer and her _________ Tim have a baby boy, Brian.
Alan is Daphne and Tim’s _________. Phyllis is their _________.
Daphne is Phyllis and Alan’s _________ and Jennifer’s _________.
Tim is Phyllis and Alan’s _________ and Derek’s _________.
Ashley is Jennifer and Tim’s _________.
Derek and Daphne are Brian’s _________ and _________.
Ashley and Brian are _________. They have the same grandparents. Alan is their
_________ and Phyllis is their ____________.
2. Read four descriptions of different families. Can you match the descriptions with the
right pictures?

3. Write in English.
O nome dela é Olívia Palito. Ela é jovem e bonita. Ela é alta e magra. O
cabelo dela é comprido, preto e ondulado. A cara dela é redonda. Ela tem
olhos castanhos. O nariz dela é pequeno. Ela tem pernas longas e pés
grandes! Ela é muito querida!
O nome dele è Brutus. Ele é alto, gordo e muito forte. Ele tem
cabelo curto e castanho. Ele tem olhos pequenos, orelhas
pequenas e uma boca grande. O Brutus tem barba e bigode. Ele
tem braços grandes!...
4. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb TO BE or HAVE GOT.
I _______ a very good friend. Her name _______ Liz. She _______ Scottish. She
_______ very active and funny. She _______ curly brown hair and big green eyes. She
_______ short and a bit fat. She _______ a brother and a sister. They _______ twins.
Liz _______ eleven years old. Her brother and sister _______ nine.

Their parents_______ very nice. They _______ a dog. Its name _______ Snowball
because she_______ white and fat.
5. Check the correct answer.

6. Put in have got or has got into the gaps.
a) I __________ a nice room.
b) She __________ a cat.
c) Jack __________ a pet.
d) The sisters __________ great teachers.
e) He __________ an old bike.
f) They __________ a goldfish.
g) Emma __________ lots of friends.
h) We __________ a problem.
i) Joe and Philip __________ a sister.
j) The family __________ two cars.
7. Can you name the parts of the face?
1. ___lip_____
2. __________
3. __________
4. __________
5. __________
6. __________
7. __________
8. Use the correct personal pronouns. Watch the words in brackets.
Example: ____ often read books. (Lisa)
Answer: She often reads books.
a) _____ is dreaming. (George)
b) _____ is green. (the blackboard)
c) _____ are on the wall. (the posters)
d) _____ is running. (the dog)
e) _____ are watching TV (my mother and I)
f) _____ are in the garden. (the flowers)
g) _____ is riding his bike. (Tom)
h) Have _____ got a computer, Mandy?

9. Complete:

10. Complete the sentences with possessives adjectives:
a) I’m Marcus and this is _____ garden.
b) They are Robert and Mary and this is _____ bedroom.
c) We are Rachel and Barbara and this is _____ favourite book. It’s title is Twilight.
d) This is my brother. _____ name is Peter.
e) These are my teachers. _____ names are Paul and Rita.
f) I’m Sarah and this is ____ dog, Aladin.
11. Write down the missing sentences. Use the verb have got.

Good work!