Remember the Titans

Monika Deepshikha Ajay Mukesh Om Prakash

Introduction ‡ About a football team that has to learn how to deal with racial diversity. but on the field also ‡ The football players and coaches have to overcome their prejudices and work together as a team . not only in their school.

Individual goal To win hall of fame .

Group goal ‡ To win the state championship ‡ Both African-Americans and Americans play in the same team .

Conflicts ‡ Herman Boone appointed over the qualified coach. Bill Yoast ‡ Conflicting leadership styles between Herman Boone and Bill Yoast ‡ At the time when players of both skin colors were forced to play together .

Conflicts ‡ When coaching staff was forced to coach together ‡ Coach Boone doubted that Bill Yoast could possibly harm his efforts .

Conflict Handling ‡ Coach Boone had his own way of handling things. the way he talks to Gary before leaving for the camp ‡ Changed the old habits of players by organizing the camp away from the city .

Conflict Handling ‡ Forced players to interact with each other ‡ All this worked as Gary & Julius became best friends ‡ .

Group Formation ‡ As Boone had to work with two individual groups ‡ He used the strategy of dictatorship ‡ Boone modifies his strategies to build unity and strengthen the team .

. ‡ Each player had to learn something about the other player ‡ Boone gave enough space to the players to grow on their own ‡ Boone inspired them as one team. a perfect team by taking ego and power from individuals .Continued.

Motivation ‡ Extrinsic motivation± When coach Boone takes the boys to the site of the Battle of Gettysburg ‡ Intrinsic motivation± When they all knew each other. they came to know that their power lies in playing together .

Leadership ‡ Coach Boone did not want to take Coach Yoast s job. but it was out of his hands. and he had to act professionally ‡ Gary drops out a player when he knows that player was purposefully not blocking and hurting the team ‡ Coach Yoast jeopardizing his own entry to the Hall of Fame to make sure the game is called fairly .