Here is a list of commonly tested facts in hte MRCP Part 1 exam.

They are listed in order of importance - highest first. 1. Acromegaly – Diagnosis: OGTT followed by GH conc. 2. Cushings – Diagnosis: 24hr urinary free cortisol. Addisons --> short synacthen. 3. Rash on buttocks – Dermatitis herpetiformis (coeliac dx). 4. AF with TIA --> Warfarin. Just TIA's with no AF --> Aspirin 5. Herpes encephalitis --> temporal lobe calicification OR temporoparietal attentuation – subacute onset i.e. Several days. 6. Obese woman, papilloedema/headache --> Benign Intercanial Hypertention. 7. Drug induced pneumonitis --> methotrexate or amiodarone. 8. chest discomfort and dysphagia --> achalasia. 9. foreign travel, macpap rash/flu like illnes --> HIV acute. 10. cause of gout --> dec urinary excretion. 11. bullae on hands and fragile SKIN torn by minor trauma --> porphyria cutanea tarda. 12. Splenectomy --> need pneumococcal vaccine AT LEAST 2 weeks pre-op and for life. 13. primary hrperparathyroidism --> high Ca, normal/low PO4, normal/high PTH (in elderly). 14. middle aged man with KNEE arthritis --> gonococcal sepsis (older people -> Staph). 15. sarcoidosis, erythema nodosum, arthropathy --> Loffgrens syndrome benign, no Rx needed. 16. TREMOR postural,slow progression,titubation, relieved by OH>benign essential TREMOR AutDom. (MS – titbation, PD – no titubation) 17. electrolytes disturbance causing confusion – low/high Na. 18. contraindications lung Surgery --> FEV dec bp 130/90, Ace inhibitors (if proteinuria analgesic induced headache. 21. 1.5 cm difference btwn kidneys -> Renal artery stenosis --> Magnetic resonance angiogram. 22. temporal tenderness--> temporal arteritis -> steroids > 90% ischaemic neuropathy, 10% retinal art occlusion.

doxorubicin. bp. diarrhoea. Whipples . Marfans's. 40. MVP sudden worsening post MI. X linked: Beck/Duch musc dyst. thiamine/selenium deficiency. 24. 32. dec by squating (inc all others). Tumor compressing Respiratory tract --> investigation: flow volume loop. pemphigoid – less serious NOT mucosa. hypereosinophilia Lofflers. Soft S1: immobile MS. Rx. HCT. preg. Ehler Danlos. Haemophilia A/B. radiotherapy. caracinoid. Fixed split: ASD. Restrictive Cardiomyopathy: sclerodermma. Dilated Cardiomyopathy: by standing. ICD. tachycardia. cocksackie/HIV. HBSag positive. Amiodarone. Opening snap: MOBILE MS. 28. 39. bronchospasm. 36. HOCM/MVP . G6PD. Loud S1: MS. Sudden death athlete. Fragile X. total protein high -> myeloma (hypercalcaemia. toxins. flushing. MR. pemphigus – involves mouth (mucus membranes). NFT I/II. Huntington's. 26. Inf MI. lymphoma. Aut dom conditions: Achondroplasia. diagnosis of polyuria -> water deprivation test. then DDAVP. FAP. 31. Harsh systolic murmur radites to axilla. 25. malignancy. amyloid. Gauchers. HB DNA not detectable --> chornic carier. Most porphyrias. tuberous sclerosis. severe near S2. 29. infiltration (HCT. short PR. fibrosis. Loud S2: hypertension. 42. electrophoresis). . 38. causes of villous atrophy: coeliac (lymphocytic infiltrate). Diabetes Random >7 or if >6 OGTT (75g) -> >11. 35. lacrimation --> cluster headache. albumin normal. glycogen storage. decs all others. FH. alports. severe retroorbital. FAMILIAL hyperchol. 27. 34. MD. artery invlived -> Right coronary artert. dec Ig. 33. PeutzJeghers. daily headache.1 also seen in HCT. trop sprue (rx tetracycline). HOCM inc by valsalva. hyperdynamic. 30. sarcoid). insulinoma -> 24 hr supervised fasting hypoglycaemia. AS.23. vWD. hepatitis B with general deterioration -> hepaocellular carcinoma. 41. 37.Gilberts. tricuspid stenosis -> gut carcinoid c liver mets. sarcoid.

hydrocephalus. but convergence reflex is normal. TCA). Miller fisher. Absent papilloedema-->Normal pressure hydrocephalus. 51. Causes: pineal tumor. 53.e. Guillan Barre syndrome: check VITAL CAPACITY. supranuclear Pathology . Occulomotor nuclei intact. overdose(barb. NSAIDs. episcleritis. Progressive Supranuclear palsy: Steel Richardson. 59. Perinauds syndrome: dorsal midbrain syndrome. sweats and weight gain -> insulinoma. Confabulation->korsakoff. 47. 56. rifampicin. subconjuntival haemmorrhage). convergence preserved. Wernicke. contralateral nystagmus. clofibrate. painful 3rd nerve palsy -> posterior communicating artery aneurysm till proven otherwise . Causes of Diabetes Insipidus: Cranial: tumor. gait abnormaily. wheeles. 58. mono-artropathy with thiazide -> gout (neg birefringence). 57. bisphosphonates:inhibit osteoclast activity.43. given glucose develops nystagmus -> B1 deficiency (wernickes). domeclocycline. 52. Aide memoire (TRIES TO YANK THE ipsilateral BAD eye ACROSS THE nose ). demetia. Horners – sweating lost in upper face only – lesion proximal to common carotid artery.returned from airline flight. Internuclear opthalmoplegia: medial longitudinal fasciculus connects CN nucleus 3-4. 50. Causes of SIADH : chest/cerebral/pancreas Pathology . SLE. prologed hypercalcaemia/hypornatraemia. 46. TIA-> paradoxical embolus do TOE. 44. FAMILIAL X linked type 55. 45. 48. Ipsilateral adduction palsy. urinary incontinence. Absent voluntary downward gaze. acute red eye -> acute closed angle glaucoma >> less common (ant uveitis. chlorpropamide. prevent steroid incduced osteoperosis (vitamin D also). alcoholic. phenytoin. 49. Causes: MS. diagnostic test for asthma -> morning dip in PEFR >20%. malignancy. opiates) 54. lid retraction. scleritis. MS. atipsychotics. porphyria. Drugs (carbamazepine. normal dolls eye . damaged midrain and superior colliculus: impaired upgaze (cf PSNP). drug induced -> aspirin. URTICARIA . NO ALLOPURINOL for acute. i. infiltration. trauma Nephrogenic: Lithium. Convergence retraction nystagmus. amphoteracin. stroke.

hyperprolactinaemia (allactorrohea. conj injectn 66. pregnancy. chlorpromazine. 63. Diagnosis of CLL --> immunophenotyping NOT cytogenetics.3rd nerve palsy. PCOS. cimetidine NOT TCA's).ANA highly sens. Distal. Prognostic factors for AML -> bm karyotype (good/poor/standard) >> WCC at diagnosis. mixed drug overdose most important step -> Nacetylcysteine (time dependent prognosis) 65.g. amenorrohea. 3% other). Obese. pancytopenia with raised MCV --> check B12/folate first (other causes possble. asymetric parkinsons -> likely to be idiopathic 67. hypothyroidism -> Addisonian crisis (TFT typically abnormal in this setting DO NOT give thyroxine). dsDNA:highly specific 70. 10% uric acid. Uric acid and cyteine stone are radioluscent. NIDDM female with abnormal LFT's -> NASH (nonalcoholic steatotic hepatitis) 68. Horners. RR is 8%. NOT bone marrow 78. ipsilateral ataxia. episodic headache with tachycardia -> phaeochromocytoma 76. Sensitivity --> TP/(TP plus FN) e. DVT) 64. mouth/genital ulcers and oligarthritis -> behcets (also eye /SKIN lesions. stress. pit tumor/microadenoma. 73. Often associayed with phenytoin use --> decreased folate 80. low FSH/LH) -> Da antags (metoclopramide. 5% ammonium (proteus). periorbital swlling. proptosis. 74. causes of erythema mutliforme: lamotrigine 62. very raised WCC -> ALWAYS think of leukaemia. cavernous sinus syndrome .5 71. fluctuating level of conciousness in elderly plus/minus deterioration --> chronic subdural. Can last even longer than 6 months 69. abdominal pain. For SLE .60 late complication of scleroderma --> pumonaryhypertention plus/minus fibrosis. 79. 61. miscariage. stroke --> LUPUS anticoagulant --> lifelong . but do this FIRST). DVT. 77. NNT is ----> 100/8 --> 50/4 --> 25/2 --> 13. vomiting. asymetric arthropathy -> PSORIASIS 75. renal stones (80% calcium. contralateral loss pain/temp --> PICA stroke (lateral medulary syndrome of Wallenburg) 72.

anaemia (macro/micro). Hb elevated. Prednislone is x4 stronger) 93. Flank pain. confirm by tranferrin saturation. hyperkeratosis over hair follicles ->>Discoid LUPUS 96. urinalysis:blood. dec ESR -> polycythaemua (2ndry if paO2 low) 82. 87. delayed puberty -> Kallmans syndrome (hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism) 83. 95. hypothermia.3% mortality 92. tender RUQ. mitral stenosis: loud S1 (soft s1 if severe). proteinuria. amyloid. Immobile valve -> no snap. diag of PKD -> renal US even if think anorexia nervosa 85. haematuria. opening snap. RCC. pain. anosmia. BTS: TB guidlines – close contacts -> Heaf test -> positive CXR. negative --> repeat Heaf in 6 weeks. compression bandaging. malabsoption. wt loss. foreign travel. If nondiagnostic do liver biopsy 0. Indurated plaques on cheeks. Causes: nephrotic syndrome. best investigation --> if glomerulonephritis suspected --> renal biopsy 100. wt loss. venous ulcer treatment --> exclude arteriopathy (eg ABPI). numbness lateral upper thigh --> meralgia paraesthesia (lat cutaneous nerve compression usally by by ing ligament) 91. inc ALP -> pancreatic cancer 97. acute pyelonephritis. lymphadenopathy. protein -> renal vein thrombosis. no obvious cause -> coeliac (diarrhoea does NOT have to be present) 99.anticoagulation 81. fetal loss. raised ALP --> liver abscess do U/S 98. cardio and neuro toxicity. Diptheria -> exudative pharyngitis. Isolation not required. anaemia in the elderly assume GI malignancy 89. commonest finding in G6PD hamolysis -> haumoglobinuria 86. 94. 40 mg hidrocortisone divided doses (bd) --> 10 mg prednisolone (ie. prevent infection. .. acute renal failure -> rhabdomyolysis (collapse assumed) 90. SLE (atiphospholipid syndrome which is recurrent thrombosis. control oedema. Usual cause of cns manifestations assoc with LUPUS ancoagulant. anticardiolipin ab) 88. genotyping. diagnosis of haemochromatosis: screen with Ferritin. dec plt. scarring alopecia.

Ferritin low Reiters Syndrome – arthritis. autoimmune thyoid dx Gout – blood urate high/low/normal. pseudoathetosis of upperlimbs b) diabetic – slow. . spinothalamic (pain. spinothalamic d) Pb – motor upper limbs CNS abnormalities in HIV: toxoplaasmosis (ring enhancing). blisters. SALMONELLA . All other hormones are usually normal. incubation within 3/12. low (attenuation lesions . 102.9 lymphoma (solitary lesion). Malaria. HIV encephalopathy.4 heart sounds: Aortic Stenosis s2 paradoxical split.2 . lymphadenopathy. Balanisits PKD – aut dom Chr 16/4 assoc berry aneurysm. LH and FSH both . uveitis. joint aspirate pos birif. Fever. GI bleed after endovascular AAA Surgery --> aortoenteric fistula OTHER IMPORTANT POINTS Young girl – suspect Anorexia Nervosa – linugo hair. lymphocytosis. length proportional . finctional . .5 to severity Vitiligo – commonest assoctions pernicious anaemia >>> type 1 DM .7 thiazides. . urethritis – Chlymidia. progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy (PML – demylination in advanced HIV. Shigella.101. scars with millia.3 Porphyria – photosensitivity.8 vibration). . Vivax and Ovale (West Africa) longer imcubation. sensory ataxia. NO allopurinol/aspirin in acute phase Peripheral neuropathy – a) B12 – rapid. temp?) c)alcohol – slow progressive. ppt .low. mitral/aortic regurg . can be relapsing /remitting.1 hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism -> amennorhea. hypertrichosis . Yersinia.6 autoimmune addisons. dorsal columns (joint pos. pharygitis --->EBV ---> heterophile antibodies 103.campylobacter.

IgA . Shigella Renal syndrome – minimal change disease. post-streptococcal If you see blood on urinalysis forget about RAS . Ciprofloxacin) .11 . SALMONELLA (serious systemic illness). membanous.10 rx. anaplastic has worse . Metronidazole).13 prognosis.coli (rx. vocal cord paralysis ALMOST Pathognomic for the exam fatiguability -> myasthenia gravis fasciculations -> Motor neurone diease silvery white scale -> PSORIASIS hypopigmented -> vitiligo/pityriasis versicolor (pretibial myxoedema --> Graves (NOT lid . NOT exopthalmus Source: rxpg. E.12 Thyroid Malignancy – tend to be non-functional. local infiltration -> dysphagia.nephropathy.Travellers diarrohea: chronic (>2 WEEKS) giardia (incidious onset .

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