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3.10 FRG Leadership HO12

3.10 FRG Leadership HO12

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Army Family Team Building

Level III

Family Readiness Group Leadership

FRG Leader’s Top Do’s and Don’ts
Top Do's
Do provide information … cover it all (official, community, unit, family) … make sure it is accurate and honest. Do be inclusive … include all members of the Army family (Soldiers - married and single, family members, civilians, etc.) Do empower others … help others believe in themselves and their abilities Key leaders and volunteers Every individual Do recognize volunteers … make sure it is on-going; provide incentives when you can; and give constant positive affirmations. Do engage all levels of the chain of command in encouraging participation and providing support ... encourage leadership to view FRG as an important tool for "readiness".

Top Don'ts
Don't do for people all the time … if you do everything for everyone in the FRG, you won’t be teaching and encouraging the "how" aspect of basic problem solving. Don't do for one when you aren't able or ready to do for all … practice equality for all. Don't be afraid to collectively plan … the command team and the FRG leadership together. Don't assume you have reached out to everyone … never stop! … don't give up on a family or a family's level of participation. Don't misinform … give it straight! … be honest … let them know your policies up front.


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