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Sacred Blueprints

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Drawing connections between the crop circles and UFO sightings of late January 2011, and what that means in regard to the 2012 Winter Solstice.
Drawing connections between the crop circles and UFO sightings of late January 2011, and what that means in regard to the 2012 Winter Solstice.

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Published by: Lqoau on Feb 23, 2011
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Java Crop Circle – 1/23/11
by Lqoau “Nothing is unannounced. If you are paying attention, stuff comes down the pike. First a little wave, then a medium wave, then the tsunami.” -Terence McKenna

Those of us who hoped 2011 would hold important clues as we lead up to the long-awaited winter solstice of 2012 have already been reassured in spectacular fashion that some amazing things are happening once again in our little corner of the universe, and we’re bound to see more up ahead:

Representation of the nearly identical crop circles first discovered on January 23rd and 25th 2011 in Asia, symbolizing in part the geometry of sacred architecture used in ancient times.

In late January three crop circles appeared in rice paddies in Indonesia, marking the first time in modern history that crop circles appeared this early in the year, and in this region, giving us portents of a special year indeed. Things got even more incredible on the 28th when, on the eve of the third and final formation, a pair of videos showing a UFO drone hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem ran wild across the internet, showing some of the best UFO footage to date, and more importantly, gaining impressive coverage in the mainstream press. A few days later, reports that a UFO formation was seen in Utah on January 26th began to get worldwide attention, with several observers claiming that the UFOs were dropping glowing orbs to the ground. Though these events all occurred within a six-day time frame, I haven’t seen much speculation connecting the crop circles with the UFO sightings. I find this surprising, since the possibility of the first formation (shown above) being the blueprint of a dome seemed likely, or at least likelier than some of the other speculation regarding the circles. If my hunch was correct, the UFOs were essentially “calling their shot” by creating the first two circles, both representations of the dome shape shown above. A

few days later they sent a drone to hover over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, captured by three separate camera views. If correct, they’re prodding us to believe in them, the philosophical equivalent of clearing the ground and carving out runways to aid in their arrival. They are saying, “Don’t listen to what the government and media are telling you. See things for yourself!” This interpretation may seem like a projection to those unfamiliar with crop circle research, who may see the circles as some sort of agrarian Rorshach or pareidolia; the interpreter seeing what he or she wants to see. Over the years, however, many of the brilliant minds involved in crop circle research have begun to tease out the ways in which “they” communicate with us through the circles. Much of it is fascinatingly multi-layered and complex, even when seemingly simple in appearance. For example, the mundane grid-pattern from Etchilhampton in 1997 led researchers to the Tzolkin, a sacred 260 day Mayan calendar placed upon a 13 x 20 grid matrix considered by some to be among the most important instruments used in Mayan scientific study, and a representation of the universal cycles and patterns we are all bound by.

The pattern of 13 x 20 = 260, as shown in the Mayan Tzolkin, is seen as a sacred universal number pattern that is consistent from very large patterns, such as the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes, to the very small, such as amino acids or tubulin nerve fibers, reminiscent of the Powers of Ten.
photo by Steve Alexander

The Etchilhampton formation was a brilliant reimagining of the Tzolkin, using a 26 x 30 matrix that equaled 780 squares, or a Tzolkin run three times through. Moreover, crop circle researcher Michael Glickman realized that the 780 squares mirrored the number of weeks from the appearance of the formation until December 21, 2012. 1 It is in this way that crop circles operate; things that are seemingly simplistic hold vast dimensions of knowledge. Circles often reference complex mathematical equations, religious symbols from antiquity, Mayan calendars and astronomy, and even current astronomical phenomena such as comets and galactic alignments. Crop circles also show an absolute obsession with numbers and numerology as understood in Egyptian philosophy, alchemy, the occult, and both the Hebrew and Greek isopsophia/gematria, which references numerical codes hidden in language. Though numerology is generally relegated to the vast “New Age Nonsense” pile, the truth is that numerology is based on very tangible mathematical principles. Many “Power Numbers,” despite their esoteric name, come from equations such as the square roots of 2, 3, and 5; the latter, 2.236, can be used to calculate the speed of light on Earth by taking its tangent, 1.86 x 10⁶. Once again the layers of meaning unfold before us in majesty.


Pinchbeck, Daniel 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, p88

Gematria expert Carl Munck asked, “Is gematria one of those fragmentary ancient sciences which the longer we probe, the less we understand? Academia would just as soon be rid of it for that very reason. Yet, we have an enormous body of evidence to indicate that the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, and Romans were enormously involved with these very same numbers, many of which even found their way into their metrological systems thereby becoming units of weights and measures.” Indeed, the ancient people seem to have linked numbers with not only measurement, but with language, color, sound, even frequency. Measurement is only one facet to the number, and our problem is that we’ve taken a multi-dimensional object, placed it onto a single plane, and said, “This is all this is.”

courtesy of Daniel Gleason

courtesy of Lucy Pringle

The first picture, from gematria interpretator Daniel Gleason, shows the geometric representation of the triune God, using the numeric values of the three main Greek Gods. The diagram notably features the Vesica Piscis or “measure of the fish,” 1 x the square root of 2 (153) by 2 x the square root of 3 (265), both holy numbers in Christianity. The crop circle on the right, from July 20, 2008, shows a variation of this figure, which according to this essay portrays the mathematical significance of 153 and the Biblical Parable of the Fish, complete with net.

In accordance with these ancient sciences, I found several layers of significance in January 23, 2011; the date of the first formation. Eleven is a master number for numerologists, generally signifying transformation and illumination. It is the number of intuition, psychic ability, and other higher powers. An apt symbolism is to imagine the “11” as two spiraling strands of DNA “reaching upwards,” unlocking hidden potential. This synchronizes with many predictions for the Winter Solstice of 2012 being a period of great personal transformation, where human beings choose to either take the next step in their development or take a step back, leading to a new Golden Age. This solstice, the long-discussed and ever-controversial December 21, 2012, will occur at 11:11 a.m. At a time of great change in my life, and long before knowing anything tangible about the Maya or 2012, I frequently began seeing 11:11 on clocks around the house, so much so that I researched to see if others had experienced the same phenomena. I was amazed to find an enormous number of people noting strange events occurring in conjunction with this repetition of numbers. The stories have a generally cohesive thread, put succinctly by Ellie Crystal of www.crystalinks.com: “11:11 or derivatives of these numbers, 111 and 11, are digits that repeat in time thus a metaphor for reality as patterns that

repeat in time for us to experience. This can refer to the rise and fall of civilizations, our personal experiences and lessons, loops in time. They are cycles of time that create and recreate following the blueprint.” One reason why 2011 is seen as such an auspicious year for people interested in crop circle research is that the year is literally full of elevens. We begin the year with 1/11/11, and in November we will be treated with the delightful 11/11/11. Another reason is that the circle makers themselves have been flooding us with imagery involving the number eleven, including an actual 11:11 glyph from August 17, 2010. There have been elevens in glyphs of jellyfish and dragonflies, in Mayan, Judeo, and Christian symbols, and in geometric spiral formations. My two favorite crop circles related to the number 11, however, are both from August of 2009:

The first circle, from August 3rd, shows the infamous Vesica Piscis figure, this time in a brilliant reimagining where 30 circles become 33, with 11 circles comprising the larger circles, and 11 circles completing the Vesica Piscis in the center. 33 is another master number, often associated with compassion, God-like avatars, and master healers; and in Christianity associated with the very similar Christ-Consciousness. The second circle, from August 20th, shows 23 circles surrounding two main circles, which reflexively can also be read as 11 circles surrounding three, showing us a way in which 23 can interact with 11. Another similar way is through time, as the 23rd hour of the day is 11 p.m. Military personnel would read 11:11 p.m. as 23:11; thus 23 can also act as a mirror to the number eleven. Thus the date of the first formation, 1/23/11, can be read as all ones. I’ve mentioned that in numerology the square roots of 2 and 3 are immensely powerful numbers. Similarly, in mathematics, twenty-three is the first prime number that is made up of prime numbers (2 and 3). 2 divided by 3 equals .666, a reference not to the anti-Christ but to the ingenious “Magic Square of the Sun,” a 6x6 grid of numbers between 1 and 36 arranged so that each column and row equals 111, making a total of 666. These magic squares are thought to contain numerical concepts that reveal the mysteries of life, since the universe itself follows mathematical patterns and progressions that can be learned, understood, and ultimately predicted. 666 is related to the holy number 153 in that 153 +513 = 666, 135 +531 =666, and 315 +351 = 666. This strange and superstitious number also serves as the

tangent of several numbers on the twenty-point gematria wheel, making 666 a number symbolic of the sun, divinity, and ancient mathematics.

The isopsephia value of the title of the Book of Revelations, apokalupsis iesou christou, meaning "the revelation of Christ" is 3,880 units. The number of the word o helios, meaning "the sun" is 388. By the number logic of isopsephia and gematria, this metaphorically reveals Jesus Christ as the Sun.
source: Daniel Gleason

s Twenty-three also represents a transition upwards, the action-facet or verb-tense of 11. You see this in ancient Hebrew, where Qabalists (the masters of Judeo gematria) see symbolism in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, further noting that a 23rd letter was lost to us during the Fall, and will be returned during Tikkun Olam, the Restoration. The Qabalist Sephirot has 22 paths connecting the 10 circles, with mystical rumors regarding an 11th circle, and 23rd path. The Major Arcana of the Tarot deck has 22 cards, with the Quetzalcoatl-like Fool as both 0 and 22, making 23. In the New Testament we also see this implied ellipsis after 22. The Book of Revelations, perhaps more correctly translated as “The Revealing of Christ” or even “The Apocalypse of Christ,” contains 22 chapters. Since the entire book is, as Daniel Gleason says, “a gematria/sacred geometry riddle that reveals the risen Jesus (8880),” there is obvious significance to the fact that it ends on Chapter 22. Moving backward to Revelation 11:11, we find direct reference to the two lamppost-like witnesses before the Rapture; the Christian term to describe the moment at the end of the world when all of the Believers are sucked up into the sky as the rest of the world watches, about to meet its doom. The imagery of this Rapture is consistent throughout the entire New Testament, portraying Jesus coming from the clouds amidst angels, with trumpets blaring and signs appearing in the sky. Though I grew up Christian, this Boschian mess of imagery never appealed nor made sense to me, and like many mainstream Christians I viewed the book’s events as figurative rather than literal, and gave it less significance than other books in the New Testament. The lens through which I interpreted ancient stories changed as I was led toward the Ancient Astronaut theory, which posits that the “Gods” of all the old religious texts were in reality advanced Aliens who came to Earth at various periods in History; colonizing, harvesting precious metals, creating/genetically engineering modern man, and later trying to aid in man’s spiritual advancement. I discovered this theory first through the gnosis (direct knowledge) of ayahuasca, itself a method of communication with advanced alien intelligence. After additional research I was pleased to find a flourishing new science surrounding this theory, with evidence gathered from several disciplines, including astrophysics, geometry, anthropology, geology, mythology, aeronautics, and linguistics.

The interpretation of ancient texts from this perspective is necessarily literal, believing that these stories of Gods coming from the sky and imparting knowledge to select individuals were real life accounts. There are obvious layers of meaning to these texts, yet as any allegorist will tell you, there can be no layers of meaning without a direct, literal meaning to start from. Rather than serving merely as moralistic fairy tales, we believe these stories depicted incredible events of such great importance that they were passed down for millenia for our benefit of understanding. Looking back at Revelations with the Ancient Astronaut theory in mind, the fantastic visions told by John finally make (some) sense. The Rapture is not confined to the spiritual and paranormal; it could be very well describing the end of days on Earth, when the select few are whisked away to join the galactic community, perhaps repopulating a new planet (described in Revelations 22 as New Jerusalem) they have readied for us. While such speculation is certainly fantastic, aliens in UFOs beaming us into their spacecraft is more plausible than Jesus flying around in the sky with Angels blowing trumpets. In fact, the Ancient Astronaut theory has only become theoretically plausible in the last forty years, as humans began to explore outer space. As our technology improves and space travel becomes more highly developed the theory will only become more plausible, as the implications of mainstream, farreaching space exploration inevitably put us in the same situation as these Gods once were. The entire chapter of Revelations 11 details the Rapture, from the destruction of the two lampposts (11) to their resurrection three and a half days later, marking the beginning of the actual Rapture when the chosen people are saved. I began looking at the 11th chapter and 11th verse from other Gospel writers, and came upon Mark 11:11, which describes Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. Specifically, Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, goes to the temple, looks around, but being nighttime, leaves with his disciples to a nearby town. Seemingly innocuous, the manner of this arrival is flooring considering the events of January 23rd through 29th of 2011: two crop circles with designs typical to the dome of King Solomon’s temple appear; later a UFO appears over the site of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, hovers for a second, and takes off, re-creating and perhaps foreshadowing Jesus’ arrival.

This sketch on the left is based upon the final crop circle that appeared in Indonesia on January 29, 2011. The shaded area was added by the illustrator, a crop circle researcher known as HKD, since he believes the circle describes a nuclear fission center in a spaceship.

The next night the third and final crop circle appeared in Indonesia. If I’m correct in assuming that at least one of the hidden layers in the previous two circles was the blueprint of Solomon’s dome, and that one of the intended effects of appearing above the dome was to command our attention, then

it stands to reason that this third and final circle is the apex of the entire six-day project, and contains the final message for this chapter of their illustrated manual. What is the message? Some, such as HKD, who drew the above-left picture, believe it is of an alien spacecraft’s internal engine. I also believe the glyph depicts a spacecraft, but in a different sense. The central figure is clearly a form of the ancient glyph for the sun, a correlation to Jesus as Helios and the Magic Square of the Sun, with its 1111s and 666. The rays coming off the sun are slightly bent as compared to the ancient glyph. This could mean several things, but to me it implies a spinning motion, as other crop circles have used bent lines to indicate motion in the past. Thus, ignoring the shaded area, I see a large, spinning, central circle with two motionless circles on each side. I interpret it as five spacecraft from the perspective of directly above or below. From a different view, it would look like an enormous spinning spaceship flanked by giant 11s. Since learning about 11:11 and the associations to both 11:11 a.m. on December 21, 2012 and the “11:11” doorway, I have suspected that the 11 – 11 in the sky could be some sort of energy force-field protecting the ship and the chosen humans from external harm during a Rapture. This coincides with Revelations in both the lamppost-like “witnesses” or “guardians” who appear on Earth before the Rapture, and also with the larger fact that the Rapture happens amidst an intergalactic war on Earth, with reptilian “Beasts” battling among “Angels” while the “Chosen Ones” are being whisked away to a safe place. The next logical question, if there can be a logical question after all of this, is who exactly are all these mysterious beings? The beasts and angels can be interpreted as malevolent and benevolent aliens, but who are they, where are they from, and where have they been hiding these last few thousand years? Perhaps the more important question to all of us is what determines a “chosen one?” Who will be “saved” and who will remain on Earth to watch the beasts wreak havoc? What must we do, say, be, or believe to be beamed onto the mothership? The description of the rapture in Revelations mentions a song that only the chosen ones can sing, and though there is evidence of singing and dancing-induced trance states (including the Greek tradition of gymnopedia), the concept is still too esoteric for our current understanding. More generally to Christians, the fundamental aspect of salvations depends on a belief in the divinity of Christ and his death on the cross to save our sins. This new covenant, ending the blood covenant of the Old Testament, further complicates the question of salvation because it in itself is esoteric, lacking any sense of action or accomplishment on the part of the individual. Though the blood covenant seems equally superstitious, there is evidence to suggest people with a rhesus-negative (Rh-) blood type, a mere 15% of the population, have increased intelligence, psychic and intuitive abilities, and are disproportionately drawn to psychedelics, the Ancient Astronaut theory, faith healing, and other alternative systems of knowledge. Furthermore, people with Rh- blood tend to have a large head and eyes, and an extra vertebra at the base of their spine. Anthropologically, thanks to the initial work of William Boyd and Isaac Asimov, we’ve been able to track the origins, migration, and frequency of these blood types across the world, finding pockets of nearly pure Rh- blood in places like the Basque region of France, northern Scandanavia, among the Celts of Ireland and Wales, and in pockets of northern Israel and Iran.

It is possible that the Old Testament emphasis on bloodlines and genealogy is based upon the writers’ knowledge of Rh-, or “royal,” blood. Indeed, there seems to be a distinction made between “children of men” and “children of God” as described throughout the Old Testament, notably in the early books of Genesis and Exodus. Genesis 6:4 directly describes a divine, royal, and/or alien bloodline: “In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.” If you understand the Nephilim to be alien astronauts, the verse makes sense in regard to blood type. Additionally, as Mabel Royce noted, the word ‘blood’ is only second in frequency to the word ‘God’ in the Old Testament, both words appearing on nearly every page. Scientifically, blood type was unique enough that Boyd and Asimov considered it the true racial classification, finding six genetic races among human beings. There is additional evidence, based upon analysis of the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium, that Jesus had type AB- blood. AB blood has no precursor among apes; chimpanzees have almost entirely type A blood with a small occurrence of O, and gorillas have almost entirely type B with a similar slight presence of O. Human beings, on the other hand, are most frequently type O across all of the racial groups. Since the precursor is not found in our ancestors, AB seems to be a hybrid blood type that has been dated as far back as the last thousand years. Jesus died over two thousand years ago, making it possible that He was the first AB, and that the angel who visited Mary, implanting her with the seed of God, was fulfilling an important mission: establishing a new bloodline. It wouldn’t have been the first time this happened. Indeed, the Old Testament is filled with such stories of angelic engineering. Some theorize, based on the Old Testament books and their apocrypha, that Enoch, the man who was taken up to Heaven and brought back down as Metatron, was the origin of Rh- blood. If so, he would probably have been B-, indicative of the predominant blood type in the region. Since Enoch was Noah’s grandfather, this would mesh with the idea that the Gods wanted to start over with a new species of man, saving only Noah’s bloodline in the Great Deluge. This also fits with Mayan origin myths, which state that the Gods who created man tried several times to improve their creation, using natural disasters to wipe out the undesirable population. Even if such things are to be believed, however, the teachings of Jesus embody love, compassion, and universality, not exclusivity. Indeed, the AB blood type itself is indicative of a coming together of tribes, of Jew and Gentile. The pockets of A- blood, as tracked by anthropological analysis, seem to stem from the Nordic peoples of Scandanavia, and there is evidence (contrary to popular modern belief) that Jesus indeed had the Nordic characteristics of the A- group such as blonde hair and light-colored eyes. According to official documents from Roman officials in Israel, including Pontius Pilate and Publius Lentullus, it is clear there is something very special about Jesus’ appearance. Pontius Pilate reported to Tiberius Caesar, “One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between him and those who were listening to him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between him and his bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions!” Jesus as ABuniting two groups of people has great resonance in the New Testament, where Paul, amidst a lifechanging sign from God, spends the second half of his life preaching the word of Christ to Gentiles.

Of course, if Jesus was the first AB- and it exists today, then he had to have passed down his bloodline somehow, leading us to the myths of Mary Magdalene as not a whore but a fellow reformer and intimate lover of Jesus. Indeed, why would the Son of God not find a suitable vessel with which to propagate his bloodline? Stories of the Holy Grail as Christ’s bloodline, linked with the Knights Templar and Masonic knowledge, have been popularized by the historical fiction of Dan Brown, bringing a longforbidden concept into the mainstream consciousness. Extricating fiction from fact (as much as is possible), we find that the historical Knights Templar, an elite group of knights from the Crusade, spent several years excavating the site of King Solomon’s temple, reportedly uncovering a vast amount of gold and important religious artifacts such as the Shroud of Turin, Ark of the Covenant, and a piece of the cross. This site, now home to the Dome of the Rock, was the exact location of the UFO sighting from January 28th. Still, what does it all mean? It seems that with every question we answer there are more questions and more possibility for error. Devastatingly, what’s right and what’s wrong will not be easily distinguished, which is what I believe is the true meaning of 666 as the Devil’s number in Revelations. Since 666 was a number widely understood at the time as related to the sun, divinity, and ancient math, and since Jesus himself was likened to “the Sun God” and “Son of Man,” it appears that the anti-Christ will present himself much in the same way as Jesus, yet with much darker intentions. So who can we trust? It’s hard to know when we don’t even know who is out there. Luckily we still have time to figure things out. At least that’s what the circle makers told us on August 15th, 2007:

The message on the CD, translated from ASCII code: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe: there is good out there. We oppose deception.”

This absolutely insane (and verified authentic) crop circle from Crabwood, England in 2007 features a sinister looking “Grey” alien holding a CD which contains ASCII code. When translated, the code holds an important message: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe: there is good out there. We oppose deception.” Some have misinterpreted

it as a message from the Grey aliens, but perceptive researchers like Daniel Pinchbeck believe it is actually a warning against Grey aliens.2 These Greys, perhaps a failed genetics experiment themselves, seem to have high technological prowess yet little spiritual advancement or morality. There are numerous abduction accounts by these strange looking creatures, with women reporting artificial semination followed by pregnancy and supposed miscarriage. There are also accounts that the US government struck a deal with this race during the Eisenhower administration, in which the aliens provided technology to the U.S. in exchange for assistance in their breeding program. Some of these accounts imply that the Greys then doublecrossed the US government, giving them false information and breaking their promise, prompting many crop circle researchers to connect this account with the message written in ASCII code. The Crabwood circle contains several additional layers of intrigue, as is typical of these formations. The image of the alien is done in a style reminiscent of a 60-bar television from the 1930s, creating the trademark greyscale (get it?) effect. The circle was also set in between two large TV towers, further entwining the role of television in their message; perhaps connecting television with “deception.” Indeed, the media plays a vital role in Noam Chomsky’s theory of Manufacturing Consent, which outlines the ways in which a government can manipulate public opinion to institute control in a democratic society. In the case of UFOs, the primary mechanism for consent is fear of ridicule. There have been systematic attempts to portray abductees as drunken hillbillies, and crop circle researchers (many of which are degreed professionals) as drugged-out, crystal-wearing hippies. By establishing these negative associations in the public consciousness, it prevents most people from even considering these phenomena for fear of ridicule. Psychedelics themselves are often associated with mental illness and delusion, despite the sacramental use of psychedelics among the spiritual elite since the beginning of civilization; and despite the fact that the crop circle makers themselves have made allusion to the importance of the psychedelic drugs:

“The [tree] image could also be read as a mushroom. Not just any fungus, but the Fly Agaric or Amanita muscaria, the red-and-white-spotted visionary sacrament of Siberian shamanism. When the image flipped upside down, the underside of the ‘tree’ appeared as another mushroom—the roots turned into the small ridges or grills of the classic Psilocybe cubensis, the ‘magic mushroom’ used in South American shamanism, also prevalent throughout England and Ireland.”

-Daniel Pinchbeck

Though the government’s debunking techniques in regard to both crop circles and psychedelics have proven effective over the latter half of the 20th Century, the phenomena have become much

Pinchbeck, Daniel. 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. Pg. 227

harder to explain away as circles have gotten larger and more complex, technology has put highdefinition video cameras into more and more people’s hands, and the internet has given us the power to share information at an incredibly rapid rate. What once was word of mouth now has hyperlinks and citations and is accessible from anywhere. As a result more and more people are slipping through, and just in time for the big game; the one they’ve been talking about since the dawn of recorded history, all across the globe, and in nearly all of the major religions. We don’t know all the rules yet, but little waves are coming down the pike. More and more we’re drawn to the intersection of ancient knowledge and advanced science, forced to make connections where we once saw opposites. Indeed, the technological advancements of the last fifty years have finally enabled us to understand ancient knowledge in its proper context. Much of the Ancient Astronaut theory depends upon evidence and instruments only recently made available. Fractal geometry has given us a completely new way to organize and analyze data, revolutionizing natural sciences as diverse as seismology, genetics, and botany. Until the advent of the computer, however, the fractal was misunderstood by the entire mathematic community, long considered “monsters” with no practical value. 3 Calculators have likewise given us the ability to crunch the huge numbers necessary to properly analyze isopsophia and gematria in ancient texts. Like any good detective we must follow the hot trail, and right now our most direct communication with benevolent alien intelligence is through the crop circle phenomenon. Indeed, they’re teaching us exactly the same way: with metaphor and symbolism; art and mathematics; science and mythology. They’re even using the exact same icons and systems of knowledge as the Gods of antiquity, prompting me to believe that they are these Gods of antiquity, with the exact same message but a new way to write it, and a new urgency that comes from our uniquely illuminated era where science and wisdom meet. Somewhere, it seems, a door is opening just as this one closes.

Chakra system glyph from July 20, 2004, near Pewsey, Wiltshire, England.

“Ask and it will be given

to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” -Luke 11: 9-10


NOVA, “Hunting the Hidden Dimension.” October 28, 2008.

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