1) Decision-Making Process(Decision Matrices) - Add the following Section


Decision Making Procedure
Any team member can raise an issue either through online discussion on the facebook team website, or at the weekly team meetings. Open discussion on the topic is encouraged. When possible try to use facts to generate alternative solutions. Look for consensus, try to obtain feedback from all team members. Consensus for our team is defined where all team members can say, “This may not be my ideal outcome but I can live with it and will support it”.

2) Define team success 3) How will we know we arrived there? - Add the following Section:

Assessment of Team Effectiveness
This teams success will be measured by the Dr. Lipsett and Sami Fahmy's review and grading of the initial and final deliverables. In these deliverables we will propose in detail all work and tasks that must be done to accomplish the relocation of Dr. Lipsetts lab. We will outline all who are involved directly and indirectly (stakeholders) as well the requirements to manage their needs. In these reports we will outline high level milestones, time line, cost estimates, material quality requirements, risks, and project scope as well as all proposed procurement options, so that Dr. Lipsett can make informed decisions. If our deliverables meet these requirements we will have accomplished our goals. Effectiveness of individual team members will be assessed in terms of Enthusiasm, Contributions, Participation and Punctuatlity.

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