Creating Wealth With Your Mind


Cre ating We a lth with Yo u r M i nd

B y T r evor E m do n
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Creating Wealth With Your Mind


You are about to unlock the power of your mind to create wealth. If you've tried to make the law of attraction work without (much or any) success, you're about to discover not only why that should be, but how to correct it. The result will be that you'll unlock your power to create wealth according to YOUR rules!

You are about to discover:
• Why the law of attraction doesn't seem to work for you • • What your true power is and how to access it.

The irresistible force within you that will attract money like a magnet.

Why The Law of Attraction Doesn't Seem To Work For You

Let's plunge straight in and examine the law of attraction. In case you haven't heard of the law of attraction, (what planet have you been living on?), the principle is that whatever you most focus on and think about will materialise. In other words, it's tempting claim is that you have the ability to create your own reality. The idea was popularised a few years ago by a DVD and book called “The Secret.” This in itself was largely based on the teachings of a non-physical group of beings who call themselves Abraham. These teachings come through and are spoken by a woman called Esther Hicks, who, Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Creating Wealth With Your Mind together with her husband Jerry, have written several very popular books on the subject. If you want to look them up, their website is Now Esther, speaking the words of Abraham, has a slightly different definition for the law of attraction. She/they says it's this: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Okay, it's slightly flowery language, and at first glance it may look like it means exactly the same as “what you focus on is what you'll get,” but actually it's substantially different. It's that difference that's keeping the law of attraction working for you and millions of others too. “Like attracts like” is probably how we'd say that in modern English, so here's a translation for you about our specific topic: “Wealth attracts wealth.”


Ouch! Does this mean that only the rich can get rich? We've all heard that idea or something like it, haven't we? In fact, the usual colloquialism is, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Aha! Now is that sounding a bit more like “That which is like unto itself is drawn”? If only the rich got rich, then only people who were born rich could hope to acquire more money. That's not what happens as we know. There are plenty of people with humble beginnings who've become very wealthy. (Think of Oprah Winfrey for one of the greatest success stories of our time. Anthony Robbins is another). Here, then, is the core of the matter. The law of attraction doesn't seem to work for you because you're worried that it won't! Let me turn that on its head for you. The law of attraction will work for you when you let go of all doubt and worry.

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Creating Wealth With Your Mind



There's another word for that which is trust. We don't trust life very much, do we? We take out insurance policies for a wide range of things that almost never go wrong. We save for rainy days that never happen. What's more, most of us, when taken by surprise, find a way to get through. What we're actually “supposed” to do is to cushion ourselves against nearly every possible uncomfortable outcome to any activity so that we feel happy and peaceful and comfortable all of the time.


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Creating Wealth With Your Mind Look. Here's a statistic for you: Most things are all right most of the time!


Most people are not at war. Most planes don't crash. Most people who drive won't die on the roads today. Most days, nothing bad happens to you! … Need I go on? So why don't we trust?

Let me point out something else to you. Every day, your body sheds and renews around 2.4 million cells. There's nothing you need to do about that. Your heart beats without any interference from you. If you cut yourself an army of white blood cells and other healing things start to happen instantly. The only action you need to take is to cover the wound so dirt doesn't get in. And so on...! There are a zillion things that you do trust without realising it! Can you explain to someone how to fall asleep? No, because you have to let go to do that! Okay, now we've established the components of why the law of attraction doesn't seem to work for you, but let me spell it out for you. 1. You try to consciously focus on what you think you want/need. 2. You notice that it hasn't shown up yet. 3. It continues not to show up, so you either, try to focus harder, or you give up. Here is Esther Hicks' quote again: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Creating Wealth With Your Mind So what are you like when you're trying to create money that way? You're like needy, wanting, maybe even desperate. Does that sound like how a wealthy person would be?


KEY POINT: You don't need to be wealthy to attract money, you need to be wealth!! Look what happens then: 1. You rest your attention on what's working in your life and where you feel abundant already. 2. You have the intention to get wealthier. This is a gentle mindset like having the intention to fall asleep when you close your eyes at night. 3. You notice whatever shows up and you act on what feels good because you trust your intuition. Look at the words in there:

Attention. Intention. Intuition.

Think of any skill you've learned in life, such as driving a car or swimming or using a computer keyboard – something you had to learn how to do. Maybe you can play a musical instrument. Do you remember how awkward and clumsy and uncertain you were at the start? But then, after a little practice, hey Presto! You can do it automatically. If you've been driving for a while, you can probably sing along to music or hold a meaningful conversation without paying any attention to the potentially life-threatening activity of negotiating the traffic and weather conditions!

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Creating Wealth With Your Mind In fact, if you did have to focus on it consciously, you'd soon tire and have to rest. Once again, you've trusted some part of your nature to take over and do something – a skill you weren't even born with – automatically!


Your True Power To Create Money. Now, I've given you the key. Think of who you willingly pay money to. (Probably not the IRS!) You pay people who seem sincere, offer something of genuine value that will in some way improve your life, who are consistent, reliable and trustworthy. There are probably a few more qualities you can think of. You don't willingly give money to people who seem needy, desperate, unreliable or who have any kind of reputation for being untrustworthy. Study wealthy people. Read their biographies or autobiographies. If you can get to meet a few of them in person, so much the better.

Smile more, even when you're alone. It makes you feel better, and your energy is infectious. (It's now common practice for people who sell on the phone to be trained to smile even though the person at the other end can't see them. It increases sales, no question). As for “fake it till you make it” - that doesn't mean spending money that's not yet in your bank account, it means think, act, feel and be – even physically – as a person who's comfortable with having a lot of money would be. If it feels awkward, remember so did driving a car at the start. You're learning a skill – and this one will make you rich. The Irresistible Force Within You That Will Make You Rich. Just as you have an “intelligence” within you that knows how to keep your physical body in good health – from beating your heart to falling asleep and healing wounds, so you have an Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Creating Wealth With Your Mind inner intelligence that knows how to attract material wealth. The Greeks had a word for it: en Theos. It means, “The God within” and we have turned it into an English word which is: Enthusiasm.


Genuine enthusiasm is irresistible. Love life and people will love you. Enthusiastic cooks are the ones who get on TV or who write and publish best selling books. Enthusiastic musicians tend to stay at the top.

KEY POINT: Here's the BIG, BIG key to creating success and money.

Don't follow the money... FOLLOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM!
If you don't, you'll burn out, feel exhausted and that life is pointless. Trust that “god within” as you trust your ability to heal a wound or circulate your blood. It's why you're here, and it's what people will pay you for.

Trust the god within, then let go.

CONCLUSION Stop Worrying And Grow Rich – Program
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Creating Wealth With Your Mind wealth with the power of your mind easily. It's called “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich”. Click the link now for full details, download today – and start creating wealth!


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