Customer Satisfaction with after sale services of two wheeler of Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto.

Rajkumar Introduction Q1 Age of customer 18-25, 25-32, 32-40, above40 Roll No 2941

Q2 Education qualification of customer Under graduate, graduate, post graduate. Q3 Salary of customer Below 10000, 10000-20000, 20000-30000, above 40000 Q4 State of married Single or Married

Q5 Profession of customer

About product

Q6 Which bike does you have? (a) Hero Honda (b) Bajaj

Q7 From how many years do you have bike

Q8 Are you satisfied with delivery system? Yes or No Q9 Are you satisfied by time taken to deliver the bike? Yes or No Q10 Are you satisfied with free services Yes or No Q11 Are you satisfied with time taken by agency to service your bike? Yes or no Q12 Are you satisfied warranty facility provided by dealer or agency?

Yes or No Q13 Are you satisfied by repair and maintenance facility provided by company? Yes or No Q14 Are you satisfied by quality of spare part of provided by agency? Yes or No Q15 Are you satisfied by exchange and replacement scheme? Yes or No Q16 Are you satisfied by technical information provided by dealer? Yes or No Q17 Are you satisfied by insurance facility? Yes or No Q 18 Are you satisfied by location of service station?

Yes or No Q 19 Are you satisfied by procedure taken for service? Yes or No Q20 Are you satisfied by helpfulness of the staff people? Yes or No

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