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Published by: Deepesh Kapadia on Feb 24, 2011
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The Science of Facebook Marketing

By Dan Zarrella Social Media Scientist @DanZarrella



Be kind and share!

Unicorns and Rainbows

” .Ideas do not spread because they are “good.

Our predecessors could only dream of the kind of data we now have.” -Nicholas Christakis .#FBSci “We’re on the cusp of a new way of doing social science.

Gossip and grooming .

#FBSci Takeaway: Facilitate existing relationships. Via @DanZarrella .

Profiles .

#FBSci Takeaway: People have profiles. brands have pages. Via @DanZarrella .

Ambient Awareness .


Performance .


Via @DanZarrella .#FBSci Takeaway: Help your users look cool.

Facebook Profile Activity by Age .

Women Are Talked to More .

More Men Say They’re Single .

Women Describe Themselves More .

#FBSci Takeaway: Know your audience. Via @DanZarrella .


Pages .

Exposure Awareness Motivation .

Buzzwords in Facebook Pages .

Via @DanZarrella .#FBSci Takeaway: Stay away from buzzwords.

Facebookers “Like” Food .

Most “Liked” Page Types .

Least “Liked” Page Types .

Via @DanZarrella .Takeaway: Be entertaining.

Social proof .

#FBSci “We view a behavior as more correct… to the degree that we see others performing it” -Robert Cialdini .


Sharing .



Via @DanZarrella .#FBSci Takeaway: Emphasize social proof.

Video Sharing .

Via @DanZarrella .#FBSci Takeaway: Videos do better on Facebook than Twitter.

Digits .

Linguistic Content .

sex and positivity sells.#FBSci Takeaway: On Facebook. Via @DanZarrella .

Readability .

Part of Speech .

Via @DanZarrella .#FBSci Takeaway: Write simply and Plainly for Facebook.

Day of Week .

#FBSci Takeaway: Weekends are more Facebook sharing friendly. Via @DanZarrella .

Most Shareable Words .

-Liz Smith .#FBSci Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.

Least Shareable Words .

Meta Mentions .

#FBSci Takeaway: Think mainstream. Via @DanZarrella .

http://www.hubspot.com/free-trial .

Dan Zarrella @DanZarrella .

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