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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics VI

Learning Objectives Cognitive: 1. Derive the area formulas of a square and rectangle. 2. Solve for the area of a square and rectangle. Psychomotor: Write solutions in finding areas of a square and rectangle correctly. Affective: Appreciate various ways of deriving area formulas of square and rectangle. II. Learning Contents I. Skill: Reference: Materials: Values: Deriving area formulas and solving for area of square and rectangle BEC PELC IV.A.3 flash cards, pictures, bond papers, ruler, pencil Appreciation

III. Learning Experiences Teacher s Activity A. Preparatory Activity i. Prayer: Class please stand let us pray (Aerlene lead the prayer) first. Aerlene lead the prayer ii. Greetings: Good morning class Good morning sir Good morning visitors Good morning classmates Thank you Yes sir Pupil s Activity

Alright, class take your seat Is everybody present this morning?

1. Mental Computation Drill: Finding the Perimeter of Polygons

Class on our past lesson in math we learned how to get the perimeter of a polygon. Now we will have a short game about perimeter. I will call two (2) of you to answer or solve it mentally. Just give the kind of Polygon and its perimeter enable to win. Are you ready class? The first one who can give the correct answer will be challenge by another. Yes sir!

Give the kind of polygon and its perimeter of this object.3 (flashes another card) 12cm 5cm What is your answer Jimaica? Correct Maica! You may take your seat Paolo. that polygon is a rectangle and its perimeter is 34cm. Melissa? That kind of polygon is a rectangle and its perimeter is 30meters. Paolo Sir.2. you may take your seat now.3 . Sir.2.Alright. that polygon is a square and its perimeter is 32cm. Who wants to challenge Jimaica? Yes. Jimaica. Melissa. Yes. Okay let start with Paolo and Catherine. Jimaica Ready? 1. Any challenger? Yes Maica. Ready Maica and Melissa? 1. Correct! You may take your seat now Catherine Who wants to challenge Paolo? Yes. What kind of polygon and what is the perimeter of this object? (flashes a card with polygon and given value in their respective side) Side=8cm Yes. let us start our game.

give her a round of applause. figure A is rectangle and its perimeter is 24 square units. We will start from the area of square The AREA of Square is = (Side)2 or s2 What is the area of square? Melissa The area of a square is (side)2 or s2 . what is the Perimeter of Figure A? Yes Jon Javee Very good Jon Javee How about object B? Avy Joy Very good Avy Joy. Cllas. Developmental Activities 1. Motivation a. Maica? You got it right. 2. Presentation Alright class lesson for today is about the Formula for finding the Area of square and rectangle. Who wants to challenge Maica? Okay our last challenger Reynaldo. Get ready here we go. Yes Maica again! Our winner is Maica. The perimeter of figure b is perimeter 16 square units. You may take your seat now Melissa. Sir.Yes. Show the following: A B Sir that kind of polygon is a triangle and its perimeter is 30meters. B. Sir that kind of polygon is a Square and its perimeter is 48cm. .

let s try another example What is the area of a square whose side is equal to 7cm. How about the width? Correct. the Area of a square whose sides is measuring 7cm is 49cm2 Very good Now we will go to rectangle? The formula to find the area of a rectangle is length times the width. what is your answer? Yes sir Sir. Please repeat Jovell Yes sir Correct Jovell. So if we multiply 10cm by 5cm the answer is what? A = 10cm x 5 cm . What is the given length? 5cm sir. A =6cm2 A =6cm x 6cm A=36cm2 So the area of this square is 36cm2. Alright. I have an example To find the area of a rectangle we multiply the length by its width or length times the width. If the length is 10cm and width is 5cm what is the area of the rectangle? Area of Rectangle = l x w Given: L = 10 cm W = 5 cm Substitute: Sir 10cm. Who can try to solve this on the board? Yes Ian Are you through Ian? So.I have an example Area of Square = S2 Or A =S2 Substitute the value of the side (s).

Do it for 20mins. Bring out your rulers and pencil. Class we will have a group work. group your selves into 3. rectangle. (They have to measure the actual dimension of the figures. Sir 50cm2 A = 50 cm2 So the area of this rectangle is 50cm2.That is right. and Aerlene for number two. (everyone will look for their desired group mates) . Noemi A= 28cm2 a. Each group constructs the following on bond paper and indicates the dimensions in cm. Alright do it now. Who can answer this on the board? Yes Maica answer number one. then write the formula for the area and solve for the area of each figure. Let s try another example. b. Listen. each group will construct the following on a bond paper: square. measure the dimensions. Give more examples. A(rectangle)= l x w = 8cm x 4cm A = 32cm2 A(square)= s2 =(11cm)2 A= 121cm2 Very good Maica and Aerlene. Activity: Group Work (triads) a. If rectangle has the length of 7cm and the width is 4cm what is the area of the rectangle? A(rectangle)= l x w Who can show the answer on the = 7cm x 4cm board? Yes.)  Square. rectangle.

of a rectangle? Bryan Anthony. to find the area of a rectangle we multiply the length by its width What is the formula to get the area or length times the width.5 cm. 4. A rectangle whose length is 15cm and its width is 10cm 2.5cm 3. A square whose side is 5cm. Write the formula in finding its area then solve. and a bond paper. Measure the dimension of the following. (After 15 minutes) Pass your work paper. Sir. A rectangle whose length is 20cm and the width is 25. Fixing Skills Direction: Given the following objects find the dimension. 3. -A long bond paper -Teacher s table -A memo pad -one of the charts in the room After your work write all the members at the back of your work. Class with the same group and your ruler. How about the area of a square? Crystal Very good. The formula to get the area of a square is (side)2 or s2 C. Very good. . pencils. Yes sir Do that for 15 minutes. Application Direction: Draw the give figure with its dimension. Generalization Class again let s have a recap. then solve for the area. A square whose side is 3. 1.(after 10 minutes) Okay Aerlene s Group show to us your (the called groups will show what work. they have done and explain their work) Very good everyone. 2.

what is its area? 4. If its length is 38m and its width is 25m.1 Noted by: Felecisima Crisostomo. Show neat and clear solutions. Ph. what is its area? Prepared by: Armand Estanley M.D. A square flower plot has a side of 5m. Nerissa L.) 2. Lopez Master Teacher . Direction: Write the formula for the area of the following: 1) rectangle 2) square B. Gimeno Practice Teacher Approved by: Mrs. What is its area? 3. A glass top of an office table has a length of 105cm and a width of 61cm.) V. 1. A four equal sided wall clock has a side of 13cm.IV. Principal . Evaluation A. Flores Teacher III Checked by: Ma. how many square meters can be planted with rice? 2. Direction: Solve for what is being asked. A rice field is in the form of a rectangle. Assignment Solve. Concepcion V. 1.

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