Prayer Of Rupert Mayer

Lord, what You will let it be so Where You will there we will go What is Your will help us to know Lord, when You will the time is right In You there's joy in strife For Your will I'll give my life To ease Your burden brings no pain To forego all for You is gain As long as I in You remain REFRAIN: Because You will it, it is best Because You will it, we are blest Till in Your hands our hearts find rest Till in Your hands our hearts find rest The lyrics of this song are by Blessed Rupert Mayer, S.J. a contemporary Jesuit recently beatified. Moved by the text, Manoling wrote the music during a retreat in Baguio.

I Seek You for I Thirst
REFRAIN: Though many times I run from You in shame I lift my hands and call upon Your name For underneath the shadow of Your wings My melody is You O Lord, I seek You for I thirst Your mercy is the rain on the desert of my soul O Lord, I raise my lifeless eyes and see Your glory shine How Your kindess overflows (REFRAIN) O Lord, Your sanctuary calls I yearn to be with You in the rivers of Your love (REFRAIN) Composed during a retreat, this new age inspired version of Psalm 63 was the only religious song in the 1992 Ateneo Himigsikan Song Contest. It won First Place.

If I Could Touch You
If I could touch You, I'd heal Your broken palms If I could hold You in my arms I'd call the soft breeze to caress Your weary arms I'd call the moonbeam to dispel this darkest night If I could touch You, I would If I could hear You, Your words of anguish If You'd just whisper in my ear

Yes. you can touch Me Yes. you can touch Me I'm in the least of your brethren I'm in the weak and small I need your hands to bear My weary arms I need your touch to heal My wounded palms.The sadness weighing down Your heart that no man sees If You'd just call me. I would Long have I waited for you to hear My cry Long have I waited for you to answer My plea What you do to you brethren You do it for Me I am in the brokennes and woundedness of man COUNTERPOINT: Yes. you can hear Me Manoling wrote this song as a prayer to Christ crucified. I would sing of flaming hope If I could hear You. .

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