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Dynamic Water Mark Doc-RTF

Dynamic Water Mark Doc-RTF

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Published by: priyanka532 on Feb 24, 2011
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This document is for how to get the water mark dynamically depending upon a org_id

Already we have a Purchase Order Report now we have to modify the report in the sense of adding dynamic water mark functionality Steps we required: 1) Place the formula column named CF_LOGO then we open the property pallet of the formula column


2) When we open the property pallet then we get window as shown in Fig 2 now select data type as character and width is 250 then open the pl/sql formula to write the




This is the one of the key step because we will send the image path according to the org id from this formula column.

Fig 3 By observing the code in formula column (CF_LOGO) we are returning the logo path depending upon the org_id Once we are done with formula column then we need to place the images in the below specified path i.e. '/u01/d02/apps/apps_st/comn/java/classes/oracle/apps/media/’
Please see the below screen shot


4) After this we run the report and transfer this rdf from local machine to server through winscp Shown in Fig5

Fig 5 5) Now open the rtf file and select the water mark and right click and select format picture then select Alt Text tab then we gets the window as shows like below Fig6. Initially this will be blank here we need to enter like URL:(//CF_LOGO) Please see the below screen shot

URL:(//CF_LOGO) in this the CF_LOGO is nothing but the formula column name what we specified in RDF that will return the location of the image. URL keyword helps to render the image in rtf @ runtime depending upon the path which will return from CF_LOGO.

6) After completion of the above step we have to update the template . 7) Open Purchase order resp and submit request

After successfully run the program we click the output button for view the output of report which is shown below

In the same way please check it for other operating units to make sure that you are getting a correct water mark or not!!

Solution Designed and Documented by Lakshmi Narayana

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