Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Nitin Lahoti

Personality, Values, & Attitude of Ms. Chanda Kochhar

Personality is defined as “the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychological systems that determine his unique adjustments to the environment”. 2007) In other words. perceived organizational support. Personality traits include exhibited characteristics like shy. They are cognitive component. lazy. positive attitude towards life or a smiling face. Values are classified as terminal and instrumental values. There are three components of attitudes. energy level. Content attribute says that a mode of conduct is important. They are MyersBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and The Big Five Model. aggressive. A person’s value system is obtained by ranking an individual’s values in terms of intensity. Measuring a personality is the result of heredity or of environment. & Sanghi. facial attractiveness. The major job attitudes are job satisfaction. 2007) Master Mind Nitin Lahoti Page 2 . and employee engagement. Judge. Judge. and behavioral component. According to Gordan Allport. psychological empowerment. gender. Judge. Values contain a judgmental element in which they carry individual’s ideas such as what is right. people. job involvement. affective component. & Sanghi.Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Assignment 1 Introduction: Personality does not mean that a person has charm. & Sanghi. & Sanghi. loyal and timid. Heredity refers to the factors like physical stature. muscle composition and reflexes. ambitious. There are two significant personality traits. 2007) Values represent the basic conviction that how to conduct or end state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or conserve mode of conduct or end state of existence. Intensity attribute specifies how important it is. organizational commitment. (Robbins. temperament. submissive. Every individual has a hierarchy of values that leads to a value system. (Robbins. (Robbins. These are the characteristics that are generally considered. 2007) Attitudes are the evaluative statements that could be favorable or unfavorable concerning objects. (Robbins. or events. Judge. good. and bio-rhythms. The two attributes of values are content and intensity. personality is the sum of ways in which an individual reacts to and interacts with others and the measurable traits that a person exhibits.

) On 19th July. The sector is witnessing the qualitative and quantitative changes from the times of Bank of Bengal (1806). Jammu & Kashmir Bank.d. Here onwards the public sector banks took up leading role in the banking structure. and Bank of India. The first bank to receive an ‘in principle’ approval from the RBI to set up in the private sector was Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. Allahabad Bank. HDFC. (“Naukrihub”.Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Assignment 1 Industry Sector: The banking sector has a history of over 200 years. Today most of the banks in the Indian cities have networked as well as the Internet banking facility. In 1994. n. the Reserve of India (RBI) was established and it took over the responsibilities of central banking from the Imperial Bank of India and transferring the commercial banking function completely to IBI. Bank of Punjab. ING Vyasa. (“Naukrihub”. (HDFC) and it still exists. The main winners in this race are ICICI. which is known as New Generation Tech-Savvy Banks. 1969 the major banks in India were nationalized. and Bank of Madras have merged to form Imperial Bank of India in the year 1921. The major banks namely Banks of Bengal. In 1935. Punjab National Bank (PNB). Bank of Bombay. Kotak Mahindra Bank. SBI Commercial and etc.) Master Mind Nitin Lahoti Page 3 . The present private banks in India are ICICI Banks. the RBI issued a policy of liberalization to license limited of private banks. n.d. UTI Bank. Initially all the banks in India were private banks. This was before the preindependence period and the key players were Credit Lyonnais. After the declaration of the first-five year plan in 1955 the Imperial Bank of India was transformed into State Bank of India (SBI). Then the Government of India issued an ordinance and it nationalized 14 largest commercial banks of India like Punjab National Bank (PNB). Central Bank of India and etc. The first private bank after liberalization was Global Trust Bank which later merged with Oriental Bank of Commerce.

• Selected as Retail Banker of the year 2004 (Asia-Pacific region) by the Asian Banker from amongst prominent retail bankers in the Asia Pacific region. Featured in the list of 25 most powerful women leaders in Business Today. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Jai Hind College. For pursuing her Masters Degree in Management Studies she joined the Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. CEO and Managing Director of the ICICI Bank Ltd. Chanda Kochhar was born on 17th November. Master Mind Nitin Lahoti Page 4 . In 1994 she got promotion as Assistant General Manager and in 1996 as Deputy General Manager and in 1998 was promoted as General Manager with the role of handling relationships of top 200 clients of the ICICI bank. She also was • • • Ranked 25th in the Fortune list of Most Powerful Women in Business. After a hard work of nine years. principal investments & trading. (Profit NDTV. 2008) Under Kochhar’s leadership ICICI bank won the “Best Retail Bank of India” award from 2001 to 2005. Selected as “Rising Star Award” for Global Awards 2006 by the Retail Banker International. Rajasthan. Apart from these her responsibilities also included global treasury. risk management and legal functions and also for the day-to-day guidance and the administrative matters relating to compliance and internal audit functions. 2008. 2008.Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Assignment 1 About the Personality: The personality I have chosen is Chanda D Kochhar. Mumbai. Chanda Kochhar was also the spokesperson for ICICI bank. After her masters she joined the ICICI as a management trainee in 1984. After that in October 2007 she was appointed as a Joint Managing Director and CFO leading the Corporate Centre. 1961 in Jodhpur. She got promoted as Executive Director heading the retail business in ICICI bank in April 2001 and in April 2006 she became the Deputy Managing Director of ICICI bank. she got selected as a part of core team to set the ICICI bank.

outgoing.e. and confident. Conclusion: To sum up about Ms. Extroversion is being friendly. Agreeableness matches to her nature that she is a CEO and MD of ICICI Bank. The other indicator of Kochhar is conscientiousness. 2007) Attitudes are the evaluative statements. (Robbins. She is also open to experience i. Kochhar’s was hard working and aspiring. And she had organizational commitment because she joined the ICICI as a management trainee and now she is the CEO and MD of the organization. capable of handling difficult situations. conscientiousness. Values influence the attitude and behavior of a person. she was satisfied on the work she was doing and if she were not like that she wouldn’t grow in her career. for the reason that if she would not be responsible. open-minded. Chanda Kochhar she as a personality has extroversion. curious to know new things and also imaginative. and trusting because if she not agreeable ICICI wouldn’t come to such a big position. she is good-natured.Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Assignment 1 Analysis and Justification of the personality: I think that the Big Five Model of personality dimensions fits Ms. & Sanghi. Master Mind Nitin Lahoti Page 5 . persistent. responsible i. Also had great job involvement due to which she achieved a lot for the organization and for herself. agreeable. Kochhar’s attitude towards was like she had job satisfaction i.e. Her attitudes and values are at a high level because of this she had a good career. Judge. and intelligent. dependable. Kochhar’s emotional stability is at a very high level because she is self-confident and secured under stress. emotionally stable and open to new things. for the growth of the organization. Chanda Kochhar. and organized the ICICI bank won’t come to the highest position and she could not get the promotions and grown to a stage of CEO and MD.e. cooperative.

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