Bertillonage (aka anthropometry

the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body.

‡ With the assumption that a person's physical measurements don't change after the age of 20. Length of left little finger . Stretch: Length of body from left shoulder to right middle finger when arm is raised 3. Length of head: Crown to forehead 5. Length of left cubit: Elbow to tip of middle finger 10. Length of left middle finger 9. Length of right ear 7. Length of left foot 8. Width of cheeks 11. taken when seated 4. Width of head: Temple to temple 6. ‡ There were eleven measurements: 1. Bust: Length of torso from head to seat. Height 2.

demonstrating how to take measurements for his identification system. .A chart from Bertillon's Identification anthropométrique (189 3).

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