Domestic Housekeeping refers to housekeeping maintenance in a house. It covers bedroom, kitchen, dining, receiving area, grounds and surrounding areas within the house. Institutional Housekeeping applies to housekeeping maintenance in commercial lodging establishments like hotels, resorts, inns and apartels. Housekeeper is one who is responsible for administering housekeeping maintenance and ensuring order.

Housebreak-out Plan a pictorial representation of every guestroom as it is located in the hotel, showing the relative positions of guestrooms, corridors, service areas and other areas significant to guestroom cleaning to determine the workload of room attendant. Public Areas physical areas of a hotel where general public may congregate or walk includes lobby area restrooms or public thoroughfare.

etc. Maintaining .SCOPE OF HOUSEKEEPING MAINTENANCE Guestroom maintenance which covers task like: Cleanliness and orderliness Furnishing like room with the necessary amenities and supplies Attending to service request of houseguests. grounds. Keeping the public areas free of safety hazards Undertaking minor repair like busted bulbs. Keeping the area free from safety hazards. etc. function rooms. Maintaining the upkeep of the surroundings of the building by keeping clean and free from litters. broken furniture. MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC AREAS the cleanliness and orderliness in all public areas which include lobby. corridors.

PROVIDING LINEN/LAUNDRY SERVICE Collecting and delivery of laundry items for houseguests or in-house occupants Washing. ironing. drying. . Mending torn linens. food service and guestrooms. guest clothes and linens used in banquet functions.

FUNCTIONS: Cleaning and maintenance Training of Employees Requisition and Control AREAS Room Departments Guestroom Room Corridors PUBLIC AREAS Front Desk Main Entrance Public Thoroughfares .

RECREATION AREAS Indoor and Outdoor Health Clubs Saunas COCKTAIL LOUNGES Bar Areas Service Areas RESTAURANTS Dining Areas Service Locker Areas EMPLOYEE AREAS Rooms Employee Restrooms Employee Cafeteria OFFICES Sales Reservation Executive Offices .

HOUSEKEEPING ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Executive Housekeeper Assistant Executive Housekeeper .

Executive Housekeeper Responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the department Sensitive to operation and labor cost Control performance of the department Staff training program Planning schedule of day to day activities Accountability of management Assistant Executive Housekeeper Daily supervision of specific areas Assigning workloads General administration when Executive Housekeeper is on leave .

Housekeeping Floor Supervisor Directs and control rooms keeping activities Supervised Mini bar installation and room amenities Room Attendant/Chambermaid Prepare housekeeping cart Request for supplies and linen Clean and make-up the room Prepare room status report Prepare lost and found report Make incident report Houseman/Utility Man Perform heavy cleaning duties Daily cleaning of public area and offices .

LINEN ATTENDANT Issue linen Make inventory of linen Replenish stocks Make reports like:  Lost Replacement Purchase VALET/ VALET RUNNER Conduct dry cleaning and pressing services Deliver guest/ laundry requests .

Crib/cot is a baby bed. Back-to-back means heavy check-in and check-out on the same day Compendium a table where stationeries. pamphlets are placed. brochures.SCOPE AND DEFINITION OF TERMS USED IN HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT DEFINITION OF TERMS Back of the house areas not exposed to the public. Luggage rack is a spaced provided for guest luggage or baggage inside guestroom Grab bar is a bathroom handrail .

reserve for guest who is expected to arrive SA.COMMON ABBREVIATIONS USED: OC. .Blocked.Luggage Pick Up MB-Mini Bar FSU-Fridge Stock-Up NS. room is reserved but not used in housekeeping report.Out of order room OOT.Double Locked LPU. BLO.Special attention SDB.No Show.Safety Deposit Box DND.Occupied room/On-Change OOO.Out of town when guest left for an out of town trip.Do not disturb DL.


Hazards a biological chemical. . that may cause an unacceptable consumer health risk.DEFINITION OF TERMS Contamination a process of soiling. staining or infecting through contact or association Hygiene the science concerned with body cleanliness and maintenance of good health. physical property.

Uniforms distinctive clothes worn by employees so that they can be recognized by general public as being part of a business.Personal Plan document prepared by a manager indicating how he or she intends to carry out assigned responsibilities and meet commitments or stated objectives. Standards of Cleanliness statement of the conditions that will exist when work has been performed satisfactorily. .

diet. and clean habits Eat wholesome foods . sleep.PERSONAL CARE Finger Nails and Hands Wash fingernails and hands frequently Neatly trimmed nails Avoid nail polish BODY CLEANLINESS Bath daily Change underwear frequently Avoid scent and aftershaves SKIN Keep skin clear by adequate exercise.

HAIR Neatly trimmed Frequently shampooed Well brushed Not longer than collar length Adopt neat hairstyles Tied up and tied back TEETH Sound teeth and clean mouth Wholesome breath FEET Keep well trimmed toe nails Well washed feet UNIFORM Wear clean proper uniform POSTURE Stand upright and walk erect .

Personal Factors y Industry y Honesty y Punctuality y Pleasing Personality y Professionalism y Helpfulness y Accuracy .

Customers appreciate good feelings and solutions to problems. y Cheerfulness  Each request is treated as special.  Nothing is too much trouble. Excellent customer relations and service must have the following qualities. .GUEST ELATI S AND SERVI E Customer relations and service are winning them and keeping them for life.  Smiles lights up faces.

 It is team member¶s responsibility.  It becomes more than a duty.  Very low mistake rate. when they want in the manner they want it.  Promptness draws customer back time after time.y Promptness  Long delay seldom invites return business. . attentive service is like a powerful attraction.  Prompt.  Long delays speak louder than colorful advertising. y Completeness  Gives guest and clients what they want. it become a pleasure then a way of life.

.  Staff Exhibit warm and pleasant disposition in dealing with guest.GUEST RELATIONS  Guest requests and concerns are given prompt and proper attention.  Tact and diplomacy is observed in dealing with complaints and difficult situations.  Student expresses warm appreciation and gratitude for guest patronage.  Guest feedback and concerns are logged down and discussed for corrective action during meetings.

the intoxicated ones etc.  Guest with special problems like the sick.  Staff makes their way to render extra services to guests. are given the necessary assistance and support by Housekeeping Staffs .  Inquiries of guest are given accurate and appropriate response. Guest needs and concerns are anticipated and attended immediately.


handle or knob clear and clean.  Cove Bases ± Clean and clear. no wax buildup.  Room Walls ± Clean. intact around room (firmly affixed to wall with no signs of being loose at juncture with floor). no wax buildup or accumulation of soil in corners. no lint. free of finger marks and stains. finish intact.  Floors ± Clean. hinge facing and door frame clean and free of dust and lint (inside and outside).  Doors ± Clean. free of discolored wax. vents clean and free of dust and lint. lights replaced. paint intact. free of dust and spots. paint intact. . kickplate clean and shiny. lint. top free of dust and lint. free of heel and scuff marks. edges clean. no mop marks. free of dust. Ceilings ± Clean. no accumulation of soil in corners. and stains. free of marks.

thoroughly deodorized. frame clean.  Mattresses ± Clean. no stains. yellowing. not in need of immediate washing.  Window Drapes ± Free of lint. metal upright and horizontal frame members clean. Windows ± Clear and clean.  Cubicle Curtains ± Clean and free of stains. bed properly made. pins installed correctly in drapes and on carriers.  Beds ± Headboards and footboards clean. properly mounted. glazing intact. not faded. free of stains and lint. pull freely in tracks. undercarriage free of lint and soil. . linen clean and free of stains and tears. mattress turned on each discharge. control unit and cord clean and working. still clean. in good repair without rips or tears. wheels clean and free of lint. paint in good condition. adequate length and width. no tears. properly hung on tracks. or tears. pullys and pull cordes intact and working. not faded.

plumbing connections to toilet free of alkali buildup and dirt.  Bedside Console Units ± Countertop. streaks. lint. dust and spots. free of spots. no stains. drawer and drawer mirror clean and free of dust. or residue. stainless steel sink and plumbing fixtures clean and free of spots and streaks. frames. plumbing fixtures clean. free of dust and lint. shelves. free of lint and dust. or streaks. and tightly fastened to toilet. elevation controls working properly.  Television Sets ± Clean. no accumulation of soil in corners. spots. shelf clean. base. and facings clean and free of  Chairs ± Clean. toilet sea clean. stains. free of dust and lint. . free of dust. and streaks. clothes closet clean and free of dust and lint. and wheels clean and free of dust and lint. and streaks.  Bath Room ± Toilet bowl clean inside and outside. base of toilet free of soil buildup and stains. Overbed Tables ± Clean and free of dust.

free of spots and streaks. supplies replenished. spots and streaks. and streaks. caulking intact. lint.  Refrigerators ± Clean. shelf clean. spots. and underneath. door frame and glass free of dust. and seat cover dispensers clean. base of plumbing fixtures free of alkali buildup. motor vent clean and free of dust and lint. free of spots and streaks. plumbing fixtures on top and underneath free of dirt. Sinks ± Clean. fixtures free of spots and streaks. inside. free of spots and streaks. paper towel. and streaks. lint. spots.  Shower Stalls ± Walls clean. spills. . freezer clear and free of stains.  Mirrors ± Clean. outside. free of spots and streaks. horizontal crossbars above door free of dust. free of dust spots and stains. shelves and facing clean and free of spots. free of dust and lint on top and underneath. frame top and edges free of dust and lint.  Dispensers ± Soap. free of soil buildup on caulking. and stains.


GENERAL RULES IN THE USE OF CLEANING EQUIPMENT  Check electrical appliances and equipment before use.  Clean and store equipment in their custodial room immediately after use. Never use any appliances that are defective.  Clean and store equipment in their custodial room immediately after use. loose plugs and connections. Check if there are fayed wires. .  Empty dust bags of dry vacuum cleaners before they overload and after each use.

.  Store them indoors to protect them from getting wet. Electrical equipment should never be use in wet surface. Follow manufacturer¶s operating instruction.  To avoid electric shock or short circuit.  Schedule a regular check-up of equipment to prevent serious breakdown. do not expose equipment to rain or water.

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