The pilgrims who are coming from North India to Rameswaram, kanyaumari, Trichy, Madurai and other places

in Tamilnadu are suffering a lot at Central Railway s tation to go to Egmore Railway station in Chennai to catch the south bound train s of Southern Railway. Taxi drivers and auto drivers are demanding 400 to 500 rupees to go to Egmore which is only two kilometers from Central. Foreign tou rists are also not left over. As they donâ t know Tamil they have no other chance to escape from this crisis. In Varanasi when you ask the taxi and auto drivers to go to kasivishwanathar tem ple by mere slang of you they understand that you are from South India and deman d 400 to 500 rupees. To escape what you will have to do is just say â nat kot mutt c haloâ and simply board the vehicle and sit inside. They will leave you in the nat kot mutt (nattukkottai chettiar mutt)(inn) for only 80 to 100 rupees. From the re you can go to the temple easily (they will help you). It is not necessary for the North Indian pilgrims and foreigners to waste one o r two days in Chennai unnecessarily. If the Central and Egmore stations are li nked by rail tracks we can have our kasi rameswaram express and other trains fr om Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta to our Rameswaram which has the historical link with our Lord Rama. see the map It is easy for the Railway Authorities to link Central and Egmore stations near Park station by getting some land from Central Jail and General Hospital which a re also Government properties. One flyover is essential at the road cross but it is not a big thing as many fly overs are already there as beautiful landmarks.

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