Find these amounts of names and definitions to satisfy name count B-15 more boys B-22 more girlsd C-25 more girls

D-30 more boys D-20 more girls E-25 more girls E-20 more boys j-20 more girls K- 25 more girls K Boys 23 L-girls 30 more L-35 more boys M-35 more for girls M-35 more boys O-25 boys O-25 girls N-25 more boys R-20 more girls R-18 more boys S-30 more girls S- 20 more boy T-15 more boys T-10 moe girls U girl-10 names U-boy -8 names V-25 girl

V-25 boy w-25 boy w-20 girl X-5 boy X-5 girl Y-6 more Y girl Y-10 boy z-5 girl z-5 boy

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