Resolution Regarding Residential Life Room Rental Fees 2 February 2011 Whereas, The Washington University in St.

Louis’s Office of Residential Life has begun to charge student groups that are unaffiliated with the Congress of the South Forty fees for the use of certain spaces as of January 1st, 2011, Whereas, Student Union understands the University’s obligation to accrue revenue by means of introducing fees for certain buildings in difficult economic times, Whereas, According to room reservation records, student groups make up a significant portion of all Residential Life room reservations, Whereas, Student Union and other student group leaders were not extended an invitation to participate in conversations concerning potential changes to Residential Life room fees, Whereas, The new room rental structure’s use of daily rates and assumption of the necessity of Event Assistants and audio-visual equipment does not properly reflect the actual usage and budget capacity of student groups, Whereas, This system of room rental fees will cost students nearly $32,000.00 in annual spending that could be used by student groups for campus-wide programming, Whereas, Aforementioned fees will persuade student groups to move their events and activities away from Residential Life spaces, thus taking away from the vibrant community that the Office of Residential Life aims to create; therefore be it Resolved, That Student Union calls upon the administration of Washington University in St. Louis and, specifically, the Office of Residential Life, to reaffirm its commitment to recognizing undergraduate students as stakeholders in the positive development of our University; and be it further Resolved, That Student Union pledges to partner with the Office of Residential Life to improve and negotiate a more appropriate method for room rental fees for both the administration and student groups; and be it further Resolved, That if the Office of Residential Life refuses to commit to a productive dialogue, Student Union strongly recommends that the students of the Washington University in St. Louis engage in civic activism opposing the Office of Residential Life’s room rental fees.

Betel Ezaz Senate Sponsor

Mamatha Challa Speaker of the Senate

Morgan DeBaun Student Body President

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