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It can also be defined as the art of displaying merchandise in a manner that is appealing to the eyes of the customer.What is store designing and visual merchandising ? Visual Merchandising is creating visual displays and arranging merchandise assortments within a store to improve the layout and presentation and to increase traffic and sales. ‡ . a creative commercial discipline. ‡ Store design. is a specialised practice of architecture and interior design that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space.

‡ Twenty years ago the visual merchandising trend was to bulk stack end caps promoting prices on single items.. retailers use visual cues to guide customers through their stores for the purpose of increasing unplanned purchases. ‡ New store layouts not only use visuals to plan fixture placement. Visual merchandising trends are constantly fluctuating because retail is always changing.Trends. The challenge for retailers is to react to the evolving needs and wants of their customers. they also use visual merchandising techniques to design store décor. Today retailers often use end caps to promote new items and to inform customers of those items specific purposes or benefits ‡ Current visual merchandising trends have seen overall fixture heights drop in many stores. By dropping fixture heights customers can be enticed visually to explore other areas of the store. Today. Visual elements in a retail store have always been very important in attracting and keeping consumers. ‡ .

‡ Retail designing is coming up as a lucrative career opportunity for people with a creative bent of mind. retailers are adopting new retail strategies every day to attract maximum consumers to their outlets.Why is visual merchandising and store design important? ‡ With increasing competition in retail industry. Employment in the field of visual merchandising is expected to grow faster than the average. the mean hourly wage of a retail designer is approximately Rs 700 per hour. . According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. the expertise of visual merchandiser professionals will definitely be in high demand. and the bill amounts can go up to thousands of dollars per year. Hiring expert visual merchandisers will ensure that store traffic will be increased. hence. ‡ Retailers know the importance of store visual displays in attracting the interest of the buying public. Changing the look and display of the retail stores with changing seasons and as per the latest upcoming events is increasingly adapted by the retailers these days. Retail designers charge a large sum of money.

Objective ‡ Visual merchandising is a comparatively new career field in which has sprung up with the growing popularity of window and floor displays. export manger etc. Visual merchandisers main area of work is to create impossible window displays. They are also engaged as shop floor mangers. The future of this sector seems bright. and other places. fares. Retail is bound to grow and the increasing awareness among retailers about the positives of visual merchandising for a store ‡ This paper discusses importance and potential of visual merchandising and visual merchandising professionals. They can also do freelancing on contract basis for windows displays in exhibitions. . euphoria etc. shopping malls. fashion retailer. They can find employment with fashion boutiques. Other career options under this head are production coordinator. quality control supervisor.

Key areas in visual merchandising ‡ Colour and texture ‡ Line and composition ‡ Lights and lighting ‡ Types of display and settings .

and manufacturers present effective promotional ideas to increase store profits and sale move and position store merchandises maintain an organized. visually appealing and welcoming store environment build clientele through effective marketing and advertising of fashion products organize fashion events. implement and execute effective merchandising strategies closely supervise other members of the visual merchandising team create and maintain different visual displays constantly conceptualize new and fresh store design ideas formulate striking marketing and advertising strategies communicate with clients to acquire store feedbacks coordinate with designer.Role of visual merchandiser ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ A professional visual merchandiser is expected to assume a myriad of store responsibilities that may include the following: come up with creative and artistic concepts for in-store displays takeover the visual look of the store devise. and other gimmicks to attract more store customers . sales associates. discount sales.

clothing stores. drugs. grocery and related products. It is no longer just selling a product but it is selling an experience. travel and reservation. Hence the role of VM is becoming increasingly important. public relations and related services. healthcare and personal care stores etc Major career positions available in this sector are: ‡ Store Visual Merchandiser ‡ Visual Merchandising manager ‡ Visual Merchandising Co-ordinator ‡ Free lance Visual Display Professional ‡ Visual Merchandising Director .Career in visual merchandising The face of retail industry is changing. Prospective employment areas for a VM vary from departmental stores.

Visual merchandising in India ‡ India has gone through a paradigm shift from being a production economy to being a marketing economy. . ‡ Visual merchandising in India is way behind international standards. ‡ VM in India has immense scope in the emerging organised retail. ‡ Visual merchandising has started gaining popularity due to competition building up in organised retail.

. Retail sector is on the boom.Conclusion Effective visual merchandising can directly affect the bottom line of any retailer and improve his profits by maximising walk-in customers. In this period of growing competition and rapid launch of new brands and products it is extremely important for retailers to pay special attention to their STORE DESIGN AND VISUAL MERCHANDISING. increasing sales as well as the average customer billing amount and most importantly ensuring higher recall value in the mind of the consumer and thereby creating a loyal and ever expanding customer base. Hence there will be immense scope and job opportunities for professionals in this field to tap their customer base and use their customer understanding to increase sales and profits combined with their creativity.


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