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How to Use
• Click on sign up
• Sign up and choose a service plan.
• Select which accounts you want to be
backed up.
• Click on Add opposite the account you want to
• Authenticate by clicking on Authorize button .
• Sign in with your username and password.
• Click on Allow for Backupify to have access to
your account.


• Configure settings for Facebook. Click Configure.
• For Facebook: Choose specific data to back-up.
• For FREE accounts, only 5 accounts can be
• From the main page, click on log in to take
you to the Log In page.
• To Login, enter your email and password.
• Then click on the login button at the bottom of
the page.


• Main Tabs: Settings, Archives, History
and Profile
• The Settings tab shows active accounts that
are backed-up.
• In the Archives tab, you can see what data
has been backed-up in each account.
• Click on (username) under specific account.
• Click on Details to show more information
on each file.
• File info is shown, with option to View,
Download or Restore.
• History tab shows Archiving status.
• Profile tab shows Account Overview and
Change Password tabs.
• Account Overview shows Technical Contact
Information and Your Plan.
• Change Password tab lets you update your

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