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Course Plan 1st period – Level 1-2 – Spring 2011

Date Classroom Activities Homew Portfolio Resources Links
Wednesday Unit 4: Day In, Day Out WB pg Video Activity 4 Telling the time: Practice frequency
, - Pre Self 22 : Due: Tuesday March 1st Elementary Language adverbs
February evaluation Section Practice with key
23rd - Vocabulary 1 and 2 Reading Activity: Ing.g/B/047 Telling the time
telling the time. Lucky Numbers due March Pg 124 and 125
- Language use: 2nd
reading a Frequency adverbs:
magazine article. Elementary Language
- Grammar: Practice with key
frequency Ing.g/B/047 pg 10 and
adverbs 11

More Grammar
Ing.g/B/35.1 pg 42
and 43

Thursday, - Pronunciation: WB pg Word by Word Days of the week

February days of the week 23 and Ing.v/B/006
24th - Listening for 24: Page 34 the calendar Prepositions of time
specific Section
information 3 and 4 Prepositions of time
- Vocabulary: More Grammar
prepositions of Practice
time Ing.g/B/35.1 pg 48
and 49

Monday, At the Computer Lab WB pg Writing Activity 2.1: Write a

February - Language use: 25: description of your day and

28th talking about Section the activities you do.

interesting 5 and 6
activities Due: Monday, March 7th
- Grammar: clauses
with until, before,
- Writing:
the mechanics
Tuesday, Life Skills: Organization WB pg Hand in: Video Activity 4
March 1st and planning 26 and
- Language Wrap- 27 Speaking: record yourself
up and speak for ca. 2 min.
- Test Unit 4 about your daily activities.
Record yourself at and send
the recording to

Self evaluation + reflection

in Spanish Unit 4 due
Wednesday March 2nd