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A09.1 (Rev.

(11100) Crirtdnill Complaint


Disb'ictof Maryhmd

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11 0662PWG


Heman Alexis Moreno MCjjlia

6dw'n Javier Mejia -

Eddy Arias.

Eric .v,lIn A)'a~!I Q]i~ Rodney Cintron

Jhonn S. COfO'rul Mlehae'l Lee C!I'OSS ,!,lrryBdw,ard Diggs. Jr ..

Rafae~ Concepcion FeUciMo~ Jr. J:a$me Luis Luge Ri'V@!1l

K~lvifi Quade Manrich

Luis Nunez

SlU'!lluel OCl'liSio

[)avid R.eeping

J f!fJi'liliine R weer

Leenel Roorigue% TOiles MarcO's P'emlll'lldo Urel:la Osvll:ldO Y.ailien1ane Henry Ya:mbG


I. th~ co''TIplilli,n~ll;t ilil thiilS, case, itate that the fuUowlng Is U-Ule to the best of my knowledge and bel~ef, On or about the da.te(s) oral I.eas,~ J~lJIlUlIlil: ~009- to prcsw.t in l!:1:Je OClllility of Qahim.o:rce Cit! j,n llie District of

Mqalood • the, deRndant(s) viof!'lted:

Of!ense Deler/ptton

COfisph'acy to Commit Ex'tottnol'l Under Color ,of Official Right

I If U.s.C. Section 1951 (a)

Th PS criminal oompl~!li,rlit is based on these facts:

See attached Affi.aavit In Support ofComp]ia<t:l1. and! AileS-' Wmant which is attached he.Teto and lnecrporated here'in by eeference.

)f Continued on attached sheet

S worn to before me and signed in my presence, Date: ~.L/_·UJ_' ·,_,t,;_I_~_

Cl'ry ~m1 !'>tate; d, 11,t~

Pall I W, Grimm. en ie' Ihth,edi States District J wtruL___ Pr.imed nam,e and li{{,e

11 0662PWG 11 0655PWG"

11 Ub"b PWG'


y OUf Am~ Robert E. OuynnJ beIng dui) swom and appointed I Special Agent of the FedemJ Burem 01 Inv,esti:gaU'OD!, hereby makes the foUawing s1awm,mt~n support of the attached comp-laint and arrest wammts:

I. Your Affiant, is an 11 hlvcstigative OT ~aw enforcemest officeru of the United Smtest

within the meaning of Section 2510(7) ofTitte 18" United States Code, that is, an officer of the United States Who is ,empowered. by law to ,condiuct investisations of ,Illd to make arrests for offenses enumerated in Sec,tions 371, 666, l.341" 1343", 13,46, 1'951, 1956:and 1957 ofT-itle IS of the United States Code.

2. Y m.n:. AffiBD;t ha.!i been em~o~ as ,8 'S~ec~~ Agem of .~e f'B~ ,s,iRee f,eb,~

2.0041, and hu partiOtpated 1II'i1 m.mterous 'c:nmtDai hWestie:atiOllS mvo,lVilD! pellee COmlptlO!!. cotrup,tiom of statemd lecal public offie,iaJs. w,hUe IcoH81' crime~ bank robberies, fugitive apprehensi.ons, andothertmlawfut aeti.virties., In addidoDt your AJiiant has particIpated ill investigations invomv.ingwimaps and has reviewed taped cmlver,snuons pertajrung to polige corruptlon. Your Affiant has parti'cjpated in numerous debriefi.ngs of individuals involvedtD corruption,to Include confidential.human. ,SOUlees:. Your Affiant bu also plrtidpated in numerow :searohesf arrests and seizure warrants involving a variety of oiffe.n~nl:S. 11u'Ough

,. " d • .. ' . Affi' ~ ·t' 'o!lb. • . .a<:I.';, .• ~.

traUUDg, en uclrt~onWlu expe:n,encc" your.' '_UUlt IS lamtltW' Wl.I.U mve--stl~':'ons mvOWmg eerrept

ponce offieers.

]. Your Affiant is: familiar wldlthe, facts and. circumstanees 'of thishrvemgat1,oD..

Y;our Affiant has personally parti.cipated in the in,ve-stiganon of the offense t:eferre~Uo bedow anti :~~ ~~ •• _ ........ ' .... y ...... """ aUI.! J wtU .... wv_.· -" ... .:th od~er Special Agents and emptoyees of the FBI and ,other law enfbrcement agencies in cmmeetloll ", • ..:. :' ~ : .... , ... ~o8tinn

4. The infonnation detailed herein is known by Y'our Affiant or has been provided to

him 'by ollier Jaw enforcement o'fficem. AU of tberelevant mctsl!.mcovered by this inVestig,arthm 'have net been inc~uded. OnJIy those moJs nece8sa:ry for ill :p.robablecause determinsticn artI. included.

:>. Yom Affiant bas reviewed intercepted electronic and oral oommwrlcatiom: over a

eeJlular iw.ephomeused. by Heman Alwdlil MORENO Mej is. Many of the relevant caUs and text messages summarized in this Affidavit were conducted in Spanish. Various FBI Oontract Lin,guists translated the calls and prepared of the calls. Y our Affiant reviewed and basreJied on the trans~aWd sununaries provIded by the FBI Contract Lingui:sts in preparing this

Affi'divit ..

6,. Your Affiant has .revi.eweda Baltimore Pollee De'partm.ent(OiBPD,h) database that

cemains a Usting of eel tuba le~ephQl:ie fiwnbm for all nPD Officers, The B PO uses iliat database to contact off duty BPD officers as needed fOT court ,ap)',l'eVMCtlS and oiherpoliee

- • - -- ~"'. - _.- - -- -- - - - ~ .. LI _. _ _ _ _ __ _ _ ~. '" • ,.. ~ ~ ••

11 0662PWG

business •. EI.cctnmic adoral oommumcaDoJUltretween MORENO's telCJIhom:: and. various ,ooUular teJ.epoones liS'lediD Ute BrD' d!&ta]!)ase ss,belonpgto, the be:~ow~ SliD Office:n, wexinteroepted :mllie oom:&e: of tbUnrestigatiom.

7. Based O'Jl evidence adduced. il1his: investi!atiOI~ ihe:reis pr-ob.abile ClUSe tol believe

tllmt Heman AJex.i.s M(}RBN10 Mejil. :ud Edwin Ja~cr:b1lmA have ~gaged and. ,are len:gaging in ,II. (lQMpiraeykD' mmnWm exmm.on.eder oo,lor o:toffidllri~ .~D V[O~DOfil (!If 18 U.S.C. §

1'9S 1(0), wi~. me :f~lhl,\Ving. BPD Officers: liddY' ARIAS; Erie Iva AYALA OUvcm;, Rodney CmmON;. Jhenn S. OORONA;, Mlehaei Lee. CROSS; lerry 'Edward DIGGS I Jr.; Rafael. Con.cepcj.(lID FEUC~O Jr.; Jaime luis l.UaO Rivera; Keh(~n QlLilade MANRlCH;L.s NUNBz'i Samue.~ OCASIO; D,a:ridRiEEPINO; lcrm.le R1CE;. Le(l~e!1 RODRIGUEZ 'fones; MarowiFemmdo URENA~ (JIsn~do V.ALBNnNE; and Heruy YAMBO (hereinafter oonootive~y mremm to as uBPD Offieenn'.

8, HemaD AledlJ, MORENO M.ejiia and. Ed'Wm. lavieil' ME.1IA are bro'Ilers and

'OO~WlWrs o,r Majest:i:c Auto Repair Shop u.c C~M4jemc") located in Rosedale, Maryland.

51'. Majestic IS an atllam{l)bi~e .repaim" fa.ciUtytllllpmvides:bo1b towine :.d automobile

repMr servi."~. Smce iawro~]ma'tely AU:giIlS.t 2006t Majestic hasmaimtained ,i. bUiS~ness c.hecking acoOMt a~ »W (Iff Amelita r·Bo.fA~')., MORENO and MEJIA both bav,e signaturead~ty on that a'Ooounlt. The ~ajority oli'th.e deposits illlt(llthe Majestic choolc:in.oaccountoo~en Nov,embeil:' 20'10 :Wild 'iI.epresent .!IR cheeks from ~ce co.pwes thlt aJie looatedouts~d.e ~e State ofMagrhmd~ incllilldlms~b. nDt U:mited to~N_onwide Im,~, GBICO klsuranee. Stare Fw::mI Immance, and Allstate lDsudn.ce.

I. 0.. 'CAD: 1m ~Qse m a 9 I 1 'eaU for amo1or vehicle ,Ieeidcnt, BPD Qlspatch

opem,tm;s dispatcl!i ian o.ffioor to,diJeaocidelll: scene.. Thcactident iRfOJ.MaUOll l! liCcor<iediD a Compute\[' Amomared .. Dispatcb.d:s:o b@'wnas CAD.. CAD,~jsts~ among otlii:e.l' 1ihlnp~ the rune of dteaccident call t'og ~ ~ ~ the time the caW I is relaroo to BPD dispaW;h, dletiRl.e BPD dlspO!t¢hes me eall to the offieer~the ID number ,(!If the 'OIffioor rqordnsml the scene~udthe time the caH is i~Iem'ed, umeaNn8 wben. Ole o.fficer inf.omlS B·.PD dispatch (halt the ofi.ce'l .is avaib;lble for 8ru) cail.

1 ~ . MAAHS uport: gPD ·o.ffioors ,Ire :required. tofiU out a StateDf M~and Motor

Vehlc~e Ac:c;ideAt &eport (he:I\einafter uMAARS ooporttl) wb~n ,E aoo.dewt iinv·omves: ifIIJW'lf 10 8. pelSG:l. 'or ,I disabled l'ehicJe that is clmmetinga fOadway.. lIle ~ report. lists dIe liI,mhmin.I'Dffic:er~s!nmnc:, till 'vlthicle;s: ad paso:~s .m¥Di.ved in tJeaccident, sad. ,anam:ntivle desc~b,mg ~be ~cid~nt.. In ,ad(fi'o~. ~e ~ ~rt blS, a box for dJe oft1c~ rc~ld~tD the secident to state by whom the ¥ehkle was remond. BPI) officers are required to submit the MAARS .repart. to 1Ihei:r itnmediale .Ii~ervi:sor forpIOceDms and.tUing in 8.BPD ,dma:hase. The;

- . __ -- _ . ......, -- ------ ---- -~ ... ---- .- - - - - ~~ ... - - - -- -- - --- ,.. .'" - - - -

11 0662PW(~


MAARB report is ·d!.eD. :forwarded to 1!ha Mm:Ylmld State P<i~km fbrfilU1g :1iS an o:tJic~al mootd. for the Smte a,fMmylud.

1,2., Euba.uge or IDrorm!atioD "l!InD ~ If a MAARS report is nol reqmred to be fUl£:d

out ,at an aocbJentscene~ OrD Dffiter:S often :fUI (lUlt MlExdumge ,of'lmtftml.lstion Flormwben two C'l more vehieles,am i[\liVID~v,ed to faeUi.tlre 'tll.e excbMge afopemlOf~nJumnee u:dregi.Silmn@n infonnation to be used for insurancec~aims for damage. These form:s are not filed! wit}if tire BPD or:~ by 'lie i:sslling !officer.

13. '~Mccl:all!ioD 1'l' tow ,companies are ~owiifllg compamestlmt are· ud!e:r contract 'With

'the "Ci.ty of Baltimore to' pr>ovide towing ,semeas at accideoJl)1 seenes fur the BPD. Medamon ;!:'ow ellMpames: receive a nUJl1ibered medalU.olil sticker thillit is: issued. by the rrame· Umt~ s 'Y:mv.i:ng Office' that they ,W"e mquired·to ,affix: to 'Ire left cowl ofUletotMlG vehicle(s). Majest:i,c ~s: not an, au:dum:Mdm,edaJllion tow company.

14. The Pdioo Commiss~oRero:nhe 8PD is authorized to pas General Orden 1h&t

regJldate SPD business. 13;DP officers uerequired to '~'o~low the Genera) Orden in Ule course of their lemplDymem. BPD General o.rdefs .Ire oommmlicaledi toBPD Officers through V.MiCiilS meos,' 'bllit not r~mimd to. de,armumtl!l man and e~.I.

I.S. BPD Oe~~ OrderC-2(Rwes: and Re~ations)~ published July 1:5,200i3t

spoolfi~];YiPmvldes tlmtOl,tUII :member o:f~e De,artm.eft~ maUvlioiateany F'ederall(!lf State law, Of Cilty (I[ldinUlCe, n (Rule 1 ~ Section 18 )t and that ~~ compe.auOl.t .reward, gift:, or other 'oaWiideJ~tdo.n, ,shaH i:le solicited or accepted by meMbers wittlout special pem:tiss:~o.n cf th~ .Ponce COmJDi~sioner.I' (R.u~e 1, Secu(m 3.0).

M. The staled pmplsc urSA) Genend O.roer 1-2 (TO'wi11l.Pn.lced.-es)~ pfilbHshed

Apri1 23, 2010, is mreaffiml the B·PD's policies andprocedmesfor ·Iie. towing cd:' c~viUEm vehicles and is de.siped 10 mfepam th.epubUc inte,rest qgalinst bud,. deception. and similar abuses. HrD Oettemil. Older I~2 requiFe:s .iIm: .... npolice req\il.estvehic~e ~am:n,g services,! BPD Office:rswiH ,~n)y me medatU:on ~OIW oompaniesrtw po.tice rows as Hllorized by d)e C>onmnw:ic.a!t].o:ns Section. Oefl,era~ Order 1-2 specifically states that non-medaJUw tow are not aufucdzed to tow for lfLe B·PD .. Ge:l1ieIM Onter[~2 requires that when a .BPD officer arrives ,at the soene ,ofan accident, d:isab:m~ Ot emergency, ·the· in.vestigating olffi,cer ,a~ the sceneshall prompUy de,temJine Ira! d:~sa:bb:!idv,emcle: needlsm' be t'Owed iro:m a city street. That deteRn~nation. is baSed on whether the vehlcle~s, imrped:in;g the tree flow of mdH.c OE movement of pedesmaM ,or if. ,emetgency exism. lIthe veWcle m.t be mwed~ me ,mve"stigating: a,ffi,cu !haU m;JWS\via tbe Oomm1.m!i:cauom SeCUDn" 8 m.edaUi.onmwing vdiciem' re.o'vcdie Viekicle. In

aU' nGIiI~IDeT8MCY sltuadans,ilie offleer s1!LaU pemtit·the operator or oYmer af the car W, CilntaCta. oona fide automobUe or motor clUlbofhls: eho~c(l, of which she 01" he ls a m.ember •• aUlomobHe insoranee company wmUt vmieih. he .ws insured, or a Hoemed t.oM~g vehicl,e.. Ifi1he owner dec~ines.,

- .... _L. ._ ~n ••• • I ~ ...

- -- ---- -- - _ .. - --- - - - --- - - _ .. --_ _- -- -----

! 1, U6 5 b,PWGi

islDtlblefO do, so" or me 'tc-ewing wbiele does no1 :~ndwitWn WIt~tJ minules", thn the! o,fticer ahaU caU~ via, the 'C'omm!IulieatioM Secdo1\ alillledalUon towing 'C!lunpmy.

'[he El:torti.OD, Scheme

11. Y'OLU" Affiantbe~je'Vies tha1MORBNO~ ME!I1A andthe I'D Ofticern are elI(g1ged

in an. ,extortion :scilem.e in the BPD Ofticers ammge For Majes,tic or a company used by Mllijesili.c"m1Eel' tE1lu ,II medaUion 000lifmUYt to t(JW'M otherwise 'Ottam 'Vehicles from, accident scenes or 'olherloeations, in 'e~cbang,t 'for money. liMed on. Ute inlvesUgation 1D dlate"d\e general pattern ,of me scheme, w:i'tb. som,e variations!, cOIIii sts ef llie, fllUowing:

(a) ShcHl1yafi.elllie H,PD dispatches ,Bi BPD Officer to an aoc·jdent scene or a

SPD Offioe~ ij,ttitenvise anives at anacefdent, the 0'0' Officer comaet! MORSNO orl.!,e BPD' Officer WeB' the: vehicle owner's eellular to conmct MORHNO;

,~b) TheBP.D Officei!' provides ,MORENO with the mlevant ,detaUs sbout the

po~ntiaillve:mcles fur MOI.ENO~ hroluding: 'lie type and exknt (!If the ,dmuage. wheiler 1Ihe air bag dep~oyed" the type of insmant.e Oll ifJle ear and (he inmmnoo camer.YAlet&erthe earis oo.veablc" tile leenion.oftlle vehicle, and tbe oonta'tt information fur the car's owner;

(e)Thc BPD O:ftWer ~mbmlS 1iIe owmcr 'Qf~.evflhle]ethat Maj:estlc 'www the ear, provide artnorepair services, help with the insuranoo 'chuH1:1 assist in ~g a rental Cal', wai ve tbe dedlcUble~ and tbalt the owner must not ca~lllieir iMMMce company uti ~after ,Speakinm,M,th MORENO;

(d.) a Majestic truck, 01' a truel\ from ,Motnertowing com.pany used by

Majestic" tile scene .. d towsthc vehicle to Mlllj esUc. even [(the vehicle is not a~ruaUy dlisalbled;in smn.e imWnteS~ "Il.eYehie.te~si dflj,ven ~(lI M~jest~cby MORENO Oil' 1!h.e owner;

(e.) me BP.D Offioer :fMisely states~n ms MAARSFepo-rt, if one is prepared.

that, ~e v,e.hic.~e O'\VlleJ:5 man,goo. for ilh.eir ovm ~ow Of the BPD Officer intent~onaHy leaves the box bl_ in therepo:n as to to'wWgor vehic.le reJl1OlVD1 m:e~ods:~


(f) a elaim is subnlittedro~e illJiS~ce oo-m,pMy' f'or payrnent fm re~rs

aJle:gedly made by M8jest~Cto, ~ wwed vehicih~j ud" -

(g) ifl]w ear' stays: at Majestic. MORENO .d llie BPn Offieer .laJler .amm,ge

to meet 80 'tlmt MORENO cap"Yllie BPD OOioa in cash or check for steering the cam- ~el' to use Majestic for tow aad automobile repair serviees,


1_ • _. "' ... ~ .~ _


11 0662PWG 11 0655PWG



18,. Rued! on. evidenoo ~ mil!: mvesUlaUon,. tllere is probable eausem be~iev·e

that the rollowiq: mdividuams haYe engaged and are engaging.a conspiracy w'oommit eXWRton under celer (lir official!] righ~. in violation. (Wf 11 U.S.C.§ 1951(8).

~ 9. Eddy A.R!AS is em,pla,ed as an ,aotive duty polite officer mm ihe BPD, asSJ.gned

te palm] In the Soltheastem Dj strict

20. Accowmgro the CADJ on JmlBYY 23~ 2.011 .a~ appm:dm8tre~y 4~4:5p.m ..• a call

was dispatched forahlt and lWllWdde:rwt in the ,Bfea of ~ 820 Easll Pratt Street in Baltimore Ciity. The caller made refeFel.ce tobis 19981ioyo.Po .. Rwmer that was involvoo in a n~tand rim. Appn)lDHI'8leiy e:~pteen. mlD.utes bller at S;:O~ p.m .•. ARJAScalled. MORENO. AmAS asked sumeone in $ebackpound if they had done ·tlte.fepon a1!readY~ where~lIe caw old wt was, .. ARIAS MORENO tbm1herle was a hIt Wild run and ·Iie. ·truck W,1s ,i)j 9SJ:oyam Fou Runerf.Lat did oo~ haive milch damage:. MORENO mplied tmll "";M fine and that ~t omJ!ld be deae. .AIUAS said that ·theo'Wner :migbt oniyharve UaibHity, referring todle type of ~nsu,Mee~ and. MORENO 1Ie]lHed maybe. ARlASsaid.that he would gotalk to tile peeple, and dmt ~f MOREtiJO .saw! mangenumber:, it oUght be that peno.Il".snumber if ARIAS; m&8gedil;o, conrnnoe him.

2 :Il.. Ap.~nmma~ely mmilte's later at :5:01 JI.:m.~ .ARIAS called MORENO. AlUAS

roiid MORENO timt he Imd. a guy that needed a row truckuddtat his car' ne«fedto be fixed. Anolher male th.9. sot on the l:elephcn.eud m~d MOlRBN'O that he had. 8 '['oyela FOM'RlllUlOl. At~:h:j:s time the call chopped ami there wu:no' :t'il.mher oo~vlersation,

22. Approxmmatemyfive; minutes: later at :5: 13 .p·.m'1 AIUAS caUed MORENO.

MORENO told. AR[A,8 to ~en the g&yth&:t MORENO was: sendi~gUite tow ifmck, MORENO lIIen to.1ld ARIAS that the guy shouldte]1 the imW'mlee, .. ~!wen you know what has,l@1 be sajd .' , AruAS rep~ied mat :he had told the guy that MORENO wou~d do 1he chdm. but that the guy had ro male INC caU, At nus time there was no fUdh.eii clm.verna(ilon beeaesethe caJ!~ dwp;p:ed.

23.. ~pwximale]y 'eightem. min.uteslSikr a~ 5:31 p.m .. ~ AR1AScalled. MORENO.

ARlAS ~unt:ed.a conrvenadon tIiiIal:: he t • ~a:d mil tie wife of the OVMcr ofme:To~llta Fa .. .Rwmer. .ARIAS ,eXJI!lMnedl that he told her, ~iAll I'm saying is~ you"re a victhn of a hit an~ run. urn. r:m. givinG yOW' musband some inionn;lt~on of a.OOdy shop du,lt took eare of me when 1 had anacc~.n4wel U put the. c~mm. in, Ull\ lIm.dile O\ lof the body !no,p bil1lsclif wUlwoIk wlitb your husl::wld, and 1m1I~ he'U. h.e·l~ doell lhcpapenvmk. n.ecessmy~ tmd he'Il levenpm ~Ul busband :i:na: rentail. and the insmanoo wiU p.robafb1y take cue of m!.ost of th&t .a. .snd you PlY mDmai1 amout fur aren:taII~ufil. the ear .is: dcme. n ARMS saiid the vriferepUedtlmt she d~d not have _,.poo1blemswiifli what .her .bmlband d~dt as :~ong .as~e mlidersrood beeawehis E~lsh w:as


.... ,..--- ------~ • ~ .. -- - ---r' ...... "" •• __

- ---,... -- - ---- ---'"'---- - _...._ --- .

11 0662PWG 11 0655 PWG'

m01too good. ARIAS said 'that he told ·t!te·\Vi[e that tile people at the body shop ,speak Spanish and she said ilhat was: great\

24. ARIAS then s!!!id dtathe told cb.ewife that he'l husband could g,D MQ.the row

drirrer'to see the s~op _ddmt,~er:e woUfdbe DO problem ge~_: !a· ride 'back kame. Al:UASI said that he was able to get the wife~s phone BlmlJber but tlmt ,s~e toid Nm 1Mt :snewouid callAAIAS back. MOIEiNO tltel, :said dtat he had the number., A.llUAS 'told MORENO tieguy"s, DfIM@and. umdthat he would can liIimin a minilim to, see Vlbat he says. MOREN'O said~ 1~'9Ihat &11 shi!l and III i~~ot~'1 ARIA;S replied" f,'This is: good; he is a shit~ I ssid to hirn~ ~[name omitted]" I wolidnGt:iet _ything bad ,baplle[l,to Y'OD, I am a poUoomM.1 am I.O~ bem ~G :fucik,lp yOW' Ufe}U .AlUAS ,added 'flat what be redly meant was. "I ,am hem to earn myself some $;300JJOt you son of I bitcb.n

25. Aooordiing to fixed. video w.rvemilllCe~ lmertbat same day at epproximalety 6:5:5

p.m,~ a vehi,c!e'l believed. '0 be a 1'oyota Pom Rwmer.W8!S~cwoo to Maj'esti:c .. 1

On JanlHlnI' 24. ?fll ~ ~e~~'-" anero ··c-a,· ... ~v li"'O.··~ n m and' v:27.· ~'.'ml +If-,,..

- .. _ .. _"I.t;V - I, ll.l_~"_. pp ~m .'~~,iI Q, .. ~ , .. _. __ . 0 . p. _, !l~ ...

fO~~OMiIl:g lext mes:sa,Oe.s were lcxch-.ged between MORENO and AFtlAS:







27. On January 25~ 201. 'I, swveHl.anee, was inU:iated by a ]~a,wenmrcement surveillance

.scm-d at .,; 18, ,s. HI. in ilie vicwty ,of .Majest[c. At m.:50a.m.~ A.R1As, sent are'Xt mesiS~ge to

_'IiII'i .... ~ ..... mtV'cilhmoo rimes are appmx~mate. bec_se the_ ·1> ·1 I

eaM.etas in Qpemfol. leacbha~e a:n~meIIUd dook, ·UJat is lLc<t !exatlU) Sl!'I~nized the

intemam c.l!ocb o,fthe other two eamems:.The dlifferenoe between ~edvee: ,ciocks.h[Y'wev:eil', is (J If ...

!~~.lS rlhan two min:ul~s. The s.urveinance~es aretdso not synchronized exactly willi the clock on \ U vr

the sy~m UiSed~D.!teroe.~:t ~ e'J!ccnmc ,.d eral eomm~catio.ns Dn UORENO~s: ~e~ep~one.

The dUference between tbecame:ra'limes and the in~ption Umes is a:bout ,o;neminute.

- - "' ... - -- --- ...... _ .. _---- -- - ... , ...

.. - --- - - -- .. ,. -- ----- - ... -------_.- - ,~ .. _-- - -_._-- ..,. ._-

11 0662 PWG 11 065' PW{:i'

.MORENO ,saJin&. ~!I am outsickl}' Aooormng t.o the SUlVeiUDOO~O& ;0 appr0X!mate1yl 10:'2. a,m,t a NiSi8EU1 VetS~ bearing a Marylamlmg 'Wbi~h is regtistered to ARJA;Sj' was palkloo next to M~estic:. ru.. indi.vidul. beUeved. to, beAlUAS,t exited bis meleaml encem:l Majestic. At approximately 10:59 a..:m. MORENO anlv;ed at Mljemit. At ,approximately ~ I : O~ a..:m, MORENO and AlUAS got into AruA5.P Niulm Versa a:nd dwve to me BofA branch 1:00at~ in til.(: area oil 4214Pnmld'0lld An~~et Baltil1ore, Mwyhmd. At approximately 11 : 17 a.m .: ~ left BofA ;udrremmoo te,Majesne. A~appmximat·e~y 11 :221!1,m'f ARJA;S dmP.poo MORENO 'Off,ll Majestic and. ARIAS de.paned dte area.

28. Your Affii.~ has also reviewed. A lM.vidleo sun'eoilhmce ,obtained room BoJ fer Hmt loclIJuon and tmme pm@d. The A TM vidoo, ~!'ho·\Wl: that AR1.AS and MORENO pulled up 10, the Al'M at 11 ~ ~ 5 am, ARIAS, who was driving tJhe vehicle, used MORENO'sl'3ofA A 114 card to\Yithdraw cash .from the ATM wbUe MOlBNO sat in the passenge.r seat talking on a oaU. phone. BolA. RODrds oonfirm . !Jmt 5)OOwu wilthdra1Ml Hom the Ma}estice lbanik BCOOMit iu tRat ttusaction.

B. ;Em:lyan AYALA OUvm

29. Eric: Ivan AYALA OUvera is employed as an aotive duty pollee officerwi~, flu:

BPD, ,as:!ij,gn,ed~o patnl~ ~n~eNorthom D~strlet.

:30. On NovtlHlber 8.~ 20'~ .0, ,at 4~ 1 (I p'.m., an indJiviiduaJ named uR:oeau caUed

MORENO. Roca.uked MORENO~ ~~Hf.!Iw much do YOI pay to refer a cmshed car?" MORENO RP~I~ '(IYou a1J~y Jaww.'" Reea rep~ied,that he did RO!t and MORENO m5pooded, ~~Two fi:fiy.1'I Rca ubd holW~t is d!one~ MORENO repned. !<lit Is not just :81 matter of caJUng me. you have to .make SURl :that tihe c-ar g,ets tethe shoiP:' n Reca tllen smd~" I ;lm} sending a :mend wlro wants mudkro yCJ!;J~ a poUceman. He is ,aim PUerto RiiCUJ. His nmne~5 Eric," Rota lten passed fI.ephone tQ~rErlei"'~ wbowal Iitef (ieitemlinoo t9 be BPD Ofi1ieer Eric AYALA.

31. A Y ALA then. said to MOllenot'7'bcllanbere teUs me Dlat ·the way you wollkis

flat if I g,e~ YOlillll. U:1~e em; with a lillIe SDUP en it, then Ylllu.rere,wle oomethln,g OliIthe side?""

·~A'O·. ·~rn.,~O· .1, ~, .. rA,41. ~I,rr.,... e c.'.--s ·b'!.t: t.t··'·", be'"er ·1,\.!~t·.·' ;-, s',-c"';!!' ., ... ~o:'. - ,,,_.,!! .. ,.l •. R.II "'I:' - ·W·. ··hen· . ',- he,

.illl.i ~l" . rep~]~~ J"''''lye-~ ""' _. '" __ 'U_ 1.Im .. we .!P.a!!'>. ,"'" I"_W nl, ..... u ~ lliim

could OODlIeby tile .snap .. A YAtA told MORENO !haC he works in tJhe Northem District. MORENO re5)]Klnded dmt he worb i.m the Not1lh:em .d dmtkl' eet business, he wrOuM send ms: to'W buotro Ptuerto .!Rico. MORENO .hI9ed! ;end.then addJed!" ui oo.n.'l halVe a,sents in the

~~ J:!d!:!,~7:,;::~1~r::;~~=~a~: :~~I;~=~:;;:!e:r

ad_ss Boll Roea ad 1hat~ey were JlISm,g by me .s~.op men and would. 510.1.'1' iin.

32. 'That sam.C dll" ae 4:n p.m.~ MORENO called BPD Officer tnoo (see inh at'~

.~ 02). MORENO eked LUGO~o eall A Y ALA~"Nho MORENO :said was standing nhl WI himn at tiha:tMommttw, get mm In·the ~!Untt'!lilchab~es: G:rrolliip .• n LUOO i1espond.ed 1Mt he would h.ook

A YALAup .. LUOO uked how AYALA got there. MORENOJoked that maybe AYALA was a


r - ------ -.,.",-.------- • --~I ... ,._ -- --- -.- ... _~ , , _ ....... ~ , ,_ r

11 '0662 PWG 11 0655 PWG"

:Spft ad ·Ilen. said 'fBum mend bro~ght rum." lUOO r~ptia.·1latt AYM.A "s. ,one o·fthe . gOod ORes;'" and MORElN'O mplied "he is ODe of the DPod ones. edt bim,n

.33. The ro.~lomng day~ at appmKimate1yS:17 MORENOsenlt 8. te,,~ mesQge~(!I

AYALA stating, uDwd~" .( am. invi_J~; YOUUl' come ,on, Saruroay. My mam. is having ,8. bDnhday .. Lugo is eOHl·]n1 on. Sawrday at ,6 pm. Food andBeer~ ,dude.n On November m~ 2DI0, AYAlA sent a text mflssqe to MORENO indicating thath.c would beDit the party,.

34. On.ID:ecember 2" 201 Oi atappT'GX~.a.~e.1, 5:20 p ••• ~ AYALA gJ]edi MORENO.

AYALA said that ~n last he fOWld someth~ng {or MORENO~wrtd~ey both lau,gh.ed. AYALA told MO.RENO mat wtl:ile 01 83~ a bad~y driven car struck a 2007 Kia Se~mul :minl~anwith GEICO, AYALA stated that it only-had a scralch :Wld~hat he g8¥e the WQmu. MORENO·s, AYALA :WSD sta,wd. ·dJm was Qne~ 131. lOrnO COf{l,I~a dim was hit heavily in the back, blllit hetholeht \me iasueance oompuy .W!ready ·caUeda.Ww tnwk :lor that one:, MORENO ·told AYALA to talk to· the gUYalild tell .hIDm.-to cancel tilat smt, reFe:mhg 1:0 the tow MlckJ and laughed.. A Y ALAswd he 'NOubl chect o:n~t

3:5. At approxmmately 5:34 p.M., AY ALAca1~ed MORENObaeli:: and srudthat lhe ~ow

mtck aJready arrived. fWd because 'die accident WWl on 8j~ he could Rot wait :lor MORENOIlo eeme, AYALA told MORENO that me ttdd the wo.m •. that MORENUwould! not chm:g,g: herror the dedmcbble and they WG!l.dd wm~to see :whatbapp0.ned.

36. On Deoembe.F ~.5'~ 201O,~ .a:t ,!lpprmdmately 5:00p,;m.~ AYALA cW.~ed MO~O.

MORENO asked AYALA wJletier he.bad a cru: fOl him. A Y AJ...AFesplnded by asking whether dley ooulddJoUi !Jl:5U:l' cl.m lVi&Oq;at.lIi. po1!i.ce, repon. l1'1Ji1l1ber. MORENOam:wer:ed. yes:. AYALA then stated '&11 he had an oldllady tlat bad two ofherwi.ndow.l broken and :the wanted a report. wdt1en fu·r wI. MORENO told AYALA te ta!!k ~o the woman and that. he ,oou~d pie,k: It up \Vi!thout 8. NJlDrt. MORENO :1lIS~ed whether the ,car had scmtches ,or dems that we~re' .re.~!!Wd and Ii.. YALA~ponded, DO. MORENOj:oked. ~o AYALA that .~eshouMgetcl():se to U\e car to see me win:do:ws and then to scmtch it with the keys.

31. On Pebmamy 9. 20 Il,aft app.roximately 4;06 p .•.. ~ MORBNO sent a rext~£!I

A YALA statmng~jro;u dJsa~, where did you go'r~ AYALA :responded. by tex,t, USOD ole. b~tch,,1 moline .. A few days atil0 I was thWting the same aoo.nt.YDu, How an driEl(gS?" MqRENO'

responded" o-ne same,. working. . . 'd~d. Wilydrlng eomeitnfur· Y'(!Iu?"" AYALAtla.e:n

responded. by tex~" ~'No. De problem. is tlm~ poo,.le dlon'~ want m dJo, uytlliing. befor-e OOin·tacting me~r :~nsW'Wl,ce and. immmc:e! wants ·lO see lie 'VellilirucleooFore any shep," MORENO responded by text~ uAsmole~ yes but •• V/ben you. get a m01lilent come by ·the .slLoJl. nAY ALA responded~



- ~ I ••• •••• • __ ...., ... ' •• • __ ~_ •••• _ • • __ ••• '~~ •• ., ••

J,., ,~ U OJ ot'VVl=i

c. Rob!!! COOB.ON "

". . 38. ,Ito<lney C~ON.~ .. employed ... poIi •• om .... with IIIe.B~D: ... iglled 10

patrollJil 'the· Northeast DlstrtCt. umi~ .July 19~ 2.-fHClt when he was placed on dl"lPli~ary smpens1!onRgwd~ng MI, in\lemgatiol i~l(!1 anurelated ,mminaJ!lJm~ept]on. Sincedmt date1" C1NTR.ON has been reiUevoo ofhi8 poUce powen, Md~sassjgned to Central Rccoros ,melD HWqumt}rs ..

:3 9. Aeco!l'~~w tle ICAD ~eplrt" on January ~. ~ 2' I Oat 9 J ~8p.m.~ BPD ,d~S]lamhedi

CINTRONkI' a veEUe~eaccident.Mth p~lSOild iJljuzyat .5600 Oed:tDnia Avenne m BalUm.oreGity . . FELICIANO responded tothls location aswell, fEUCIANO'8 MAARS report. s,taled 'tb_M a. ve}!ruicle wastirar,eHng in ~.e 5600 block of Cedo.aAv,c[1!l!Ie when the vehi:c]e lest oonl1ro~ ,ud dU1lBled tk,ee 'oilier cyelUcJes. The MAARS rep on alse sMwdtltat aI!] veb~c]es i:nv,ohr,ed .~ tIh.e incident were removed by theirrespeclive owners who made Mre"lr own ta,VIi" amrIgeOlelU.

40.. ToU records show that CIN'TR.oNis ceUuiu telephone ,conmct:ed MORENOls

Ice~lulu telephon.e at 9:2 ~p.H1'j .. three m~llUtesl!fter c:mNTRON W:a!S d~sp\E!.tched to tla:e accident scene. TelephGne ,oontacts eentinued between me Wio eel [u~aC'tetephones ootiJ Jan'llVY 2, 20'~ 0 at 2: 11 am. FELICIANO's celluiar telep.hone eontacted MORENO!s cellular teJ.ephone ,I' '~ .~ .:]3 JMll,W1d there: were 20totitl COMac'tsh:tween them CD . .iJanum:y I:~ 201'(1.

41. One of the owners involved in·that acc~dent. :subsequemly 'OOlllta.oted BPD-ID.

The 'ovme.r indiC8Jted that helsh.e dlb:ilnot .mate tow~gements for hislher ve:bich:i. The owner :fw1Ihe.r saidd1:at FELICIANO oonmc,too MAJESTIC towlW' U1:ev,e:b:h:h~.

4,:2:. Bo·fA records reflect tun CINTRONreoe:lv,ed at ~east 18 checks; 1iirmrw Majemic ~n

201}9 and 4 cheeks in 201 a. H i'oUow,s:




March 18, 2009

May S. 2009



May 12, 2009



- 11 0662PWG 11 065i5 PWfJ

11 UOJ 10 lrvvu

June 23,. 2009





July 29. 2009




August .. ~. ~ ~ 2009


August 25, 2009




Jammry 2:5. 2010


ref ears

Ju:ne24~ 2010



43. Sinee·the dlate (llifCINTRON~'s sJUpe:nH!i~Qn~the investigation has~ot W1:oovered any further kickllme.kpayments ~o CINTRON. S'~nce Novem.ber 5, 2mo, have been 110 relc,m!lle conversmonson MORENO',s 'CieIJu1ar C[Nr'I'RON regarding vehie~es~ aecl~ ~c.rwin:g se:rvioos~ or p.aymen,ts.


44. A.a •. S. CORONA is e:mrp.~oyedM. actlvedul1y poUce. offioer with the BPD~

assigned to p8!t«II in. the Eastern District

4rS. At 8::·45 a.m. ,on Deeembe:r ~16~ 20m~ CORONA CIi!]ed MORENO to' di.scuss, cus.

CORONAfimt discussed. an owner ef a VolVo. mat COItONA said would caU MORENO soon. CORONA also M~d MORENO that hewasny1ng{ogle~ him the Hoadathat hit the Volvo but thart it was atota!l .Iou.. ,CORONA alsooold. .MORENOUlart he: was gcingro wo'ck O'Vel1'time in th.ede:moon beeane it \\!'ai8 SI!IppClsedwsno'w, and tiu.!! be would caUb.irm if ~ng happened.

46. A~o,rdj~g btl! t~e CADj at 2;34 p.m, ~ha~ 8~e d!~YI' a e;a.U was dis,at·~hed 111>r'an

aUJtomobUe aecidem a~B:nsor and Eager S't!ree!ts in Bal.timon: C~1y. CORONA l1'e,S.ponded;,otlle call aru:l prepared the MAARS lleport for the ~nddent. One (I·f the catS listed in CORONA 's

MAAR.S RflOrt was a bliac!i:: ('~1wuolet Tmilhlaer" 1'he1VfA.A.RS, RP011 mdieatedJ that, the Tta:ilb~azer was: mm.ovcd byO'WMr.

• I _

41. ~eHlanoo :snorw,s lIat atallout.4:31 p .. m,~ ChevRl,!el '11 I

Tailblazer wim '1m:. :same Jieeme w_g as thekuek listed on Cowna~8 M.AARBrepon :aniwdat

M .. · .... aJ.~~t. ie ... ne. 'dll.·W. ,:1"'. be .•. _~~~~.d.tO.he .C._OR. ·.· .. ON .•. A,. was ..•..• ', .. d.R._,ssed. I In ... a. d. a:r.k '000 ...•.. U.·.w,.' ,',th.' . 'whm.,' , .' , •. ~e~~~ .. g.. . " 11 ... ' '.e. 'L

ftel\o:!istlte back, and.wemng B slklU!ll CI]l. H.e :ad the rema1:e p~ei[ gm out Cifflile TmdblB! l UW-

Th.ey both. 'entered Majes!tk. Thernlile, drlve:rre~eved something from me, Tm !rblazer oei we~,t

bact into Majesdc.

48. A~S:J9 p.m,.,tih.e male driverl, beUeved. ~D be CORONA~got In to' the JraHbh2er,

,WIld he and the femeIDepassenger drove 01' ~e Majestic Iot,

49. At aut 6,:29 p.m.,~ CORONA eallcd MORENO and. asked ifMOm!NO was:

~~U>1at the shop. Mo.RENO replied yeB s~r. OORONA asbdillgail~ whether he wasil the shop still. MORENO replied yes. CORONA them mated. ek, "we are '0.0 ou way." COR<:JNA lien sahi, ui:t took so ',' .MORENO agreed and ~aughed. CORONAtheml Hlooi'J what the ins:umnee wom_ said ,and MORENO reop]jed~ nollin,~ and added dwat :sile was justfmstrated. CORON,A dileml,oommen~ed IiIlt Silmeone 'wul:)ing '.0 pass bi:m~ indicming dmthe was driVllg.,

SO. Acoordmg to, the CAD. ,CORONA cl;eareil this caUm 6:29' p~m.

51.~ill_oe ShOWB that at 6:4] p.m .• the Trailblazer returned to the 1

,': '. 10' . "d···· ,I ,'...;...... -. '-,. .'1. .•. .' '. . ~.-.' 'ii' -I .-1" ,-- r :

~esIi •• ~ .... 111. mal. driver, b~".v.d 10 b.IJOR.0~A,."I.d Ibe T""lbl_~. The . .. ....,. &

lnilbiam- ~ f~Uo~ b,a fe~.'cu. A femMe dn~ ~e ren~ ~'gp~ out ,of 'tile renmJ cm~ ~ t.

re.miOVedvanou, lIemsm,mdle Tw~bl:aimr, ,ad went back Ul!tO MSJestic.. The femarleev,mwalUy

dreve away~nmc rental car 8t1:22 ,p,m.

52. A~ 7 :25p,R:!., a. maJe who esnnet be :Ldentified 'because 'of the angle and onle of

n~gfutgotin~ t~e driv'er's seM o,f the Tmilb~azer and the male believed to be, CORONA sut into a.ep:assens~[~s:sjde lOCh: Traiil1:dazer and drove offlle Majestic~o~. The Tmilbleer rell!mled at 7:]0 p.m. Mllcni., one oceupant.

53. At 7;41 p.m., MORENO r.V{lve llie nalbJazer 'm' ws haue. MORENO left hi 5

ImlHe art ,8~0l p.:m. dri.ving me 'fra.Ub]~r.

54. At ,8:44 p.m.,. CORONA called MORENO. CORONA said that he left. h~s

aeeident bocitM ~J'QW:p,[ace.~· Mo.RENO said that it we: in the shop. CORONA stated lIat he .needed 1he accidelliitbook and that liIe :repoJJthe ~ \V,as at Majestic and 't!hat heooeded .k1. 'hJm ·ddt im thenm day.. MORENO :srud ·th:ath.e 'was mot at ~. ,shoPJ so,l1e eoU)d not lie~p' him. MORENO smdJ that he was at 1ih.eho5p'iltW with :mi!l: 1Mher. MORBNO said he would. ell] back.


11 Ob62PWG

55... . At8:~2 p.m., ~OR.ONA 'c_~l~d MO~O. CQRONA .Klced ~m whether~. was anybody at the snoptogrve hiM the aooident book • .MORENO wd. no rod that the shelp was lcdted. M.:ORBNOt(!l~d (lOR.ONA that he would ca!I] Wmbaclc lM.e~ ..

56.· nell'lex~ day beginning at 7:45a.nil.~ CORONA and MORENO 'exe~._ged text messages to, ammge oor MORENO ·tobring CORONA dle accident book. Sl!I.J'VeHlance 'was

-. . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L_

~nitiated.. MORENO cventully met CORONA at approximatet, 9':4\:5ul1 .. ,at a Family DoUer

store tDgive CORONARis :aecident book. MORENO was driviJng ,a.b~act BMW :and CORONA

,,~ ... A":~.l:"iID a - n~~l "' .... H',Ah'I' Wl'r'.~ .. ~-~ L~~ir4'U:.... ~".

57. Be~m February U, 201~. at ~.2:40a.m. and ·~:]O am., CORONA :and

MORENO exchanged the following text messages:

CORONA. to MORENO: Yeah~ I aim Sit a shooti:l1ig. W,e bve a seeend shooting maybe a homicide

CORONA to, MORENO: Yeah" rm goms;h), s~,t a tmckor bettu. The m.l!IUVtmwith tnotion conkol will nOI go llIp ~e fucking WU Yfitih snow O!ll it. So a 4. x 4 is bet;ter for me,

CORON Am .MO:RENO~ I should get it in two weeb~ ll£llilg;t{l g~,t me dift'erenoeto go get It mtl1! th.e·tax return.

DORONA to MORENO: ff~u want we Qll mee~ tmuonow.

MOR.ENO~o, CORONA: Ob nopmbtm wbefll. you WD1it and. I~U give jt~o you.

MORENO to CORONA: No problem. Dude have youg{lUen uy1lldng 'aJ1(!1tmd there.

CORONA to MORENO: My pay made mecry~ widl that:2 peooent

'owt whlehis less ~ OD .fmm my check. I kiUed m,se.lf jlliS\tm ~e home 1100.1 was .ad.

OORONAw, MORENO: This: job IS so ... tlmt I ailmost want to~eave her-e.


11 0662PWa

U 0 :J 0 t" VVI.:i,

MORENO to COR.ON!A~ _limt wolldd k a ~O§. Since there's, no one at oishi, ~t':s eHYW ,dle. Y~nltyUlis gJIIIycalled. at night and I Ulou.ght it WE you but it wasn''t,

MORENO to CORONA.. It was :a eUent who had arnli'cdde.nt at 2 am

MORENO to CORONA: Keep an eye out fur ears 'Utat's where you'll md1e i~

MO~O to CORONA: You kinow how it ~s

CORONA to MORENO: That's what I'm diDing,

OORONA to MORENO: But these _,can. every time I gQ"iliey~re a t@,taillos>s. Oh""e1!~i bve y'oo 5'Oell1lle p[chRs.

MORENO to CORONA: It was a good 08

MORENO to CORONA: That's just shit. Butlley do come dude, ]~e Dtmrtl when you used to get Ute 4 a week, :fuck mc:~e we,re the G!a:ys.

CORONA to MORENO: . ( know that was, gGod bliilt man Irumed~nto a. b~ock of salt

OOR;ONA to MORBNO: Uniti~ dle bad Juck~es you,

MORBNOw' CORONA~ WeU and it ,d~d get hot teo but ~1JW everytlting is C-8lm

CORONA ro MORENO: Alrigh!t yes if you will

CORONA 10 MORENO.: Oll ye&h iifYlIlutre at 'tk·SMp tomOmlW In me know I've got someUting ~I)i ten you

MORENO to CORONA: ru call you when I ge1theu. Maybe .somdin,g will comle tG! YOlil. eat; me. Are you i~ the same .sec~OO' as. alw,ays?

11 0662PWG11

OO,RJONA roMORENO: W,eH~ it looks .Iike the other shooting wiD be a homicide~ 2~ O~le fmthe nlghtin2 houn



OORONA to MORENO: ek sat to iron ,some ears 11'0 stmiPlteu something, ou~]


5:8" LMer that same ,afternoon at II :S4Itm., CORONA sent a te;x,t message 10

MORENO uki:n& HeUo are you there? MORENO did n~trespond ..

59. Two days later, on FebMl}" 14, 201].~ CORONA m.oo, to caill MORENO. The

callI. \!II',ent te voioe.ai1~ but CORIONA did not leave ,!Ii message. At 12 :01 p.:m.~, MOREN,O ,sent a text message toCOR.ONA sayt[Wg to give him a moH'leN.tjhe wasbUISy. A fe~whours later. lit 3,:30 p.m., OORONA sen! a text: :message to MO.RE'NOaskingwhe11her he was at the shop. MORENO responded! by text me!~e that he was [Jol ait the i!i!bop~ hewas pict:ing: up a carr. CORONIA responded, nice.

60. Two, day.s ]aterj on February Ui,201 'I, st ~.~ :39 a.m .• MORENOscrJ!t arext

,m:essag,e 10 'CORONA :stating, that he would. be It lie s~op duU aft:emocn. Den. at 11: 516 a.m.~ .MORENO sentano1l1er w:x:t message .statingt so you can !!lIto]) by. CORONA Fesponded, ok" CORONA then se!llarext meSSai,ge sm~:ing thai! he wou~d :Mop byM'O~d 2: oF3.

61. CORONA amvedat MAJESnC at 5:17 p.m. driv:in:g a black Mazda and. went

into Majesric.A~ .5:4WO p .•.• MORENO DdCOR.,ONAgct.!~O CORONA's, Meda earaad exiled. Majestic.

62. Micilae.~ lee CROSS is employed M an adlve duty pellee Omter with the BP.D,

,ass~gne4 to p.atrol ~nl1e NG:~l District,

63, A~oomiD_g to theCA.D~ at 9.:.38 a.m. an JEIJait)' 31 ~ 20 II, CROSS was dispruohOO

tou at:cident sce.nein ·tme 340·0 blook of Parkilaw1li Avenue. Also according to the CAD',. at

1 (1:07 un. CROSS changed. the 4:802 Truesdale Av,enue and the call type f'rom an accideM:iD a hi.tand :run. CROSS prepam-ecl a MURS repo.rt~ndicaung Uttat :8, 2006 Cbtvn:det Malibu was inw~ved in a hit and run.

64. At 9:4,9' a,m., CROSS called MORENO. CROS.S smtcd, '~yc'u up'? ItDton, fill'

y~ ylD~j<1 MORENO said. that he .bad been lIP slnee bmt niBht., CIOBS fq1tied~ i~~ got one ilr YO~y<!I.''' MORENO·asketL ~O~ what. do YOI. want. me to do~ CROSS saidtooome gist It rl,ght mow. ·Mo.RENO ,asliood" ~~kt ,can you mxlt me: the address so I CUi'omne thewT~ CROSS rep.u~, ~iHo'w' lon:,! y,olgmma be:p~T~ MORENO repeated forCllOSS tntext 'mmile :addrm and dBt he wouM be ten or fifteen minwtes.. CROISS .said, uAlrigbt, rUtext i.tto YOiU.»

65, Appmximme.ty two mmutes ~ateFat 9:5;~. a,m.~ CROSS Sfmlt a tex~ Jnessqe to .

MORENO .. fullaws' "48021ruel1da1e." ~U.!:tk.!l

66. Approximately .nine .minutes later ,at Ul':OO a.m.~ CROSS" MO'RENO.)

MORENO said that he was on. hjs way. MORENO then asked. UHey.1 need a low tmck~

right?" CROSS repMed" uNo,.u mt0481,m.~a male

malciMng MOREN01's description got Into lie silver Mercedes that MORENOwu, dii.ving d~ dlat time frame, '

67. Apptloxima1e!y rowen, minutes I.:awr at ] 0:] 4 a.m., MORENO caned CROSS.

MORENO Slid, .irm ou~ide _n

,68. Be'tween approximale~y 10:3'9 a.;m. ,and 10:50 m.m, MORENO and CROSS

exCJlanged. the fcUoMng ~ex~ :messages:






Were: my:n1ID.ney

69. l..ater that same Mo:mmg ,art! mp,nllxiaa.k;.ty .~ '~:49 a.m.~ CROSS, ooIJliCd MORENO.

MORENO answered, ~~'Yh~m~s up,'''' CRo.SSre,JiOOi. uM!.ere ,money a1 man?" MORENO saidt "Yesh I eall you., I can yeu hack,'" CROSS r"CpUed~ UWhatever yo,~'

70. Betw~ ,aJm>prox:~mate1y 12:37p.ln,and 1:04 p.rn ·that same day. Mq,RENO and

CROSS cxc!Jum:ged 'the foll:owi~g text me.s~es:




662PW'" .1.1 U'O-") t"vvu

11 01 ..•..• ""I\] _, J

,1 J. ua:l 0 r'VV'U

11. At 2:091 p.m."il gold Chcvoo,let Malibu matching dledeseription in the MAARS

report arrived at MEljiest~c.


12. At a:PP1'~xbm~ly 3:30 p.m, that same day CROSScaHed MORENO. MOltENO

answe-red,~~Hey _ what's up?" ,CRaSS asked. ~Vlhere my money at man.?' J got a fLut ~re~ I need to buy ajaek to ge~ this car UP. man Where money at Y'O?" MORENO asked CROSS where he was ,and eROS'S sald that he was in the disbiet trytnS to get ms tire fixed. MORENO I~Ued, ~il see you When. you get there.'~ CROSS asked where. MORENO replied, "To the shop." CROSS asked MORENO ifhe had any used tses at the shop., MORENO said that he was not sure. CROSS said that be would call MORENO back.

73.. Accordlng to BorA records, at :;: 51 p.m. on Jammry 3 I, 2011, $1 :500 in c~h was

withdravm mom the Majestic account at ~e BofA located at Golden Ring P~aza, which j,slt4

mnes away from Majestic. I

. I

74. At approximab:dy4::37p.m"t MORENO called CROSS and said that he wujust

puUing in ,and would be 'there in two minutes. CROSS told MORENO to hurry up, t'lhat bJ had to go, to work.

. vlk'Q ~'C\nI;WU<" l' .'.

75. _ .-e8ects that at aJbout 4:34 p.m., CROSS arrived a~ '. .... (I,

Majesific 111 a gray pickup truck bearins a temporary De]aware Iieense prate.CROS S got oul of I .' n, IltV

tne truck and waited. in to the shop. Approximmelyfour mimJ~es later, at 4:38; p .. m, MO$NO , v

arrived at the Majestic 10lt in ,8 sUver BMW and went in tothe shqp. Two m~nutesta:ter, CROSS

left the shop and drove a~ at about S :00 p.m.

76. lnaddilion, BofA records reflect that CROSS received at least 2 checks 'froro

Majestic in 20] 0 as follows:






June 29~ 20HlI

August 10, 2010



77. J,erry Edward DIGGS~ Jr. is emp~oyed as an, active duty ponce offi<:re1 with tpe

B:PD.. assigned te patrol~n the NottlJeast District,

78. On November 16,,20] O. J :29 p~m .. , DWGG.S can~d MORENO'. DIGGS stated

_ ,

that he woiUd have a car, a 2005 Dodge Ave~ger" for MORENO the fo]lowing day. MORENO repUed, nyO'u the man," '01008 told MORENOdulit he would be at work tomorr'O"w so the car would be brought in by his nephew. DI'OO,s further stated that the eer belonged to his nephew! s

16 _

-- -rr r .-- ,---------- - , ~ r ••• J. ~ .. . __

11 0662PW$ 11 0655PW(:i

79. Al 'RPJmox~mateJ.y 3~36 p.m.~ ~ven mWll:tes aftor the~ast ~iended~ DIGGS CalUed

MO'IBNOback on.8~·way ea][~ •. dOOtrodllCed a femalel, wllowas on.lle Um:~ as mssistep m-lawl~Anyn (bercinlifter nA.T." A.T. smdtllat somecne hit iiler car rmd m1OVC: c«~ 1mt Itat she: did not get tnc .tag fJiumber. A. 'f. stated that she had not obtained a poUce 'report beca~!i~ she was not sureifhewinsWllllcewou~d gD UP' if she did. MORENOm~d A.T. that she had t.o' 8eta. ponce repon 'firs1 i&mil. A. T.. Hid iliat :she wowJd. MOlBNO then swddmt VIOOS could :ge~ ~ :re.port DIGGS smred mat .i1;e oouldBO~ g,etllie repon ·tDmmow beca,use: he 'was wol.lclinguDiher matter. and. instructed A. T. to call tile po~iee ad tetell them, WhflF:l 'meygot lO, her hOWle,that Offioor DIGGS was her brotller,and. ·they wawJd.umc care olber. DIGGS also to~.d A.'f .. to ca11.him \Wilen she go~me reportuid list he wollidl caJ!~ nAle:x" t.o set U!I.~ :Im a:ppGimtm,~t. MORENOlLen -ettted D~OOS~s imwdru:etiom 'to A T'. telima .he . to, call lie: noIf.:e wlle- she O:M.ho:, e.

j&''!!'-r ,'_ - - - -" '_ ... '_ .. ' -- -- -' - - '1'. -!.~I .- ._ ~ r . - --- .1- Jr' - - _-'_ - -n -- J~'''' .---~

MORENO mrstrucred A.T. tto teU the poUccthat t1\le ear was hil, that it looked like: a hit and run, ad that the py.·.·~aok off. MORBNOtold A.T,m pt a.polioe report andthen she mouJd meet

. - -

with him tomomJw \Yhen .he wou~d. lexp~am to' her .how to c:Qm,~et~ the: Iclaim. DIOOS. then mid

to, A.1". mat:& .Iot of potie.e officers would.l!ltttgi've her 8 policere:port, I)l!lt~f shem~d tDm that sbt was his sister~dley would give her ODe because Uleywould .~ook om: f(whim. A.T. 'Ilenasted. DIOOSj• ~~Wha!t':s your J:as~ name Jerry?" DIOOS repJjed,!~DilJlJs. ~~ MORENO aen told A. f.

that he would explain 00w to d>O~t so' her insudnce, wi n not go lIJP. A. T. agreed, stating Jtqat sh.e would 10111 when ~tLydeml'" (hereiIlilafter jiL.P_'I) 8m. back. 0.1008 ad. MORENOremamed on tme line efte'l A.T. h~g up .. DIOOS. .said, '4Mex~ ~hes:Ollll.8!, she gonn.a.ll~ilro~.1Withit.n MORENow.ld DIOOS to make sure mat sbe dlid ftotcall '[be: ms-m-anceoom.lPu, U1d DIGGS agn:ed. DIGGS ,sated tllilat he wm.dd caU her then and call MORENO back.

,80 Alt ,n·3'l - '-:-. ~;"'e r':',",III"'~~"'''a fI"'ti' !'I..: c'r-·_- Mj , .J1._ 1[01 ·20.~ n .1:;.._",11. ,,,,_,llt_<iI

. • ··0. ~._.J lI.m. I~L .1:1.!r~.,"'·"n~~ tlaor ~ ~uOu WHiS .L'IIIIlveJl1ue.& ~. j. ~Ut 8. I!;'IIUAI,e 1.fW~~.

MORENO. Prior to MORENO Wlnredng.the femliecould be heu-d stsJting~ ~'at nnt .she mid it was just.a. scratd.l .. n' When MORE.N"ObSW0Md.llie· caller iJd]enti.fied ~rself as A. T. 's mGl'ther and adwsed iliat A.T. had givenhe:r Ws te]epnone nmnber inrefelienceew fixh~g her car .. When she asked m.c identity ,oftlte pe.r:!iOD. Who ~fed 1theelephone~ MO~O replied,. ''tbji5 is .Alex:. U A.l'. 's mollerask:ed wn.e, he 'was 'dle .perHn her dJai~ghleJ' had laUDed tOt ,and MORENO RpJiea ~'yes. I'! A.,1'. ':5 .o:lleraskedwbetlmr tmms was a busmess, beeaese she ,dJdnot understand how MORENO could pay the deductible. MORENO asked ifh~wu, comet that the callers d!augbtet was Offia:r .m:CHJS?s oouin. Sbe repHed: that DIGGS 'was COMccteil.W her daughter lIhroilllgb her daughlem-',s ~yfiiend. MORENO filtn ,advised tm:Jat~ ~'thls, it how itwof~ um, your car g~ts. :fmedm thesbop' rip\ilie :i~ .isnot goi,ng to g, upbe:cause ~t isa.M~ andma, it',s uder' oomprehensive.. Now when Ute car iis, fiMshed. you. npposed tol pay l!hlll dedutt.!.ble tothe shop but yo~ .. not go~. you Imow~ ~Ol not. goUla. pay me the dedl!itctib~~. You know youbecaUS:eyo!.ttsu.p-pase to pay~t to 1lhe sb.o.iP~·so Pm no't gauaget it ftom yOi(t. AhdtlJ.eil :ifitwilefai" dle insurance c:WIl me i.fyiou gMys .pay·1Ie dech!u::tibiLe" I gonna say yes.'· AT.·s mot\hef

_._-- - - - - ...... _-- - - - ...... - --- ----.,.---- ----- --- -_.

11 0662 PWG 11 Ob?~ PWu'

Ulen. stated that ttisjU8l dii:d not sound ri~t MORENOrold her that Ihe deductible woUld be :S2StkQObecatliSei~ wa a ·bi:t lmd·~ ad that he would waive the cieduW'ble :. Older ·!ooNaa. busineS8,. :She then asked. ·rue na:M~oflm body s~op,and MORENO advised MaJ:esticBody SBop. MORENO .a[sotold her U1at.llie: insm:an:ceoompM_y woul!1dpay for the rentall car. A. T. ~s Ilodter 1St1*d that Im.tisUy net da~gntelto~d her that the c!am£!!e was jUlS~ i!I~mtC:Rsil.but Jate!'swd. somedIi.Qg wu\VU!lngw.ith tihebDmpert but advised that me had not seenthe vehidebecal!!!8e she was in [) C. Sh.e stated ilh!IJt s~e;Wlm!ld. ,eaJJl. MORENO back after she obtained more: infurmmon about d1e car,

:8L Startmg ,at 9:3,8 Ull.~~llernytwo' minutes I!'the caUwith A,T:~s momer

endedt DIGGS :0(;1 MORENO e'Xcbuged~e fo.UolVing text meBiSages:



Yes ~e:r mom ca1IMe and. she say she UI caJ I me b:ac~k. c. u find out



32. ,According to the C~ rceportJ on N:ovcllberI7, 2010 at apJ!KI~im.efy 11; 1, 6 ,lun .• L.P ,. ,~Ied 9·~ 1 taRPOn a hit mild run. accidenlt that he said.hsd just occurred. L.P • reported that a yeno:wv,ehich~; hadJiut hit hi8b~ue Dodge ad .~eftlle ,soene,tJI.vding westbound on Woodbaume Avenue, Two BfD Officers were dispdehedto 52106 Loeh RavM Bqulevam. located j:n :Bdtimcre, Mary~and.'fhe MAARS Je.pon,. pre-pared . by one of theofficenJ indlicaled that a :Z008:DGdjge Avengeii' (j,vm,w by A.t .: 'WU s'vuck by .. lmilamwn veh~cle and mart ·d1e driver of A.T.I's DOOIge AYeIlger at the time ,oftbB accide'Rt was L.P. 1'he MAA.R.S report also indicated tllatlle vehicle WS KI'lIlOli',edi by its 'OMler ~D had. made her O'WD tow atTfWlements.

83. At,appr,o:x;imateJy 12.:.06 p.m .• DIGGS called MORENO. DIOOStold MOttE-NO.

that dIe pollee wcre on ti1:ei:r 'fty, D~G()S, state-dilat he ·bd already eXp~ainedto 'I~em'~ to just get the comp]ain~ nmnber and that tibey shou~dnot eall ·the. insurance conilpany. MORBNIO then said thatUlemollier had 'cal.ledh~m, MORENO :s~d. to explain thatconvef:saUo~. but DIOOS interrupted and sai.d tbeyflilnk ~t ism SCIliP1l. MORENO dten asbdlif she was SO'ing ·to come to the shop. moos ad.vised, '~eah~ I shQuld know in a Httl!~ while. ij MORENOsa~d ~!'Okt •.

84. Twenty-Uuee minute'S afteFileprev~oll.S cW:1~ a~ approxImately ~ 2::m p.m.~ DI06S

cal Led MORENO again.. DIGGS advi:sed tbal they would be there in 1 5 to, 2,0 m~nutes., DlCGS ukedwlilel1ew MORENO would take them tDget a renJta1'C8rlmd MORENO sMd yes •. Atthe end offleca!ll~ D.IGGSto]d MORENO. iliat he vrotl!fdlbe ov' .a:fter :he got (lilt wan:::~ U:oo he ea get tlitl!llL" MORENO said uah:ight" and indicated he 'N<!lwd cat] DIGGS as :woo ias they came !o''IjI'er.

- • - ---~ •• I _. __ • ••• _.'. , n, ... r ••• _

85. Laterdmt same day at 4:42 p.m., .moos eaJJh:d MORENO. DIGGS said that

there was a prohteFn,. He stated·dW when they go1, 'UP th~1 ~1he gid',s 7 - aUiOOtLm is ,suspended." DIGGS said that thc~d was n010R hCf iMUl"lmceso' .be could nO'l ,get :1 ,ElC:ntal. eat. MORENO ,li!S~ed ~at. they 'welle go~ng~o' do.. D~OOS: re,lied thlrt he was; goi!l8~o piit:k momn up land me.tile did. not bmw pf any oller OpDl)nsli1etausethat was the only car they had. DIGGS told MORENO dlat he did not remember them running Ills licenses focd:!e rental ear~ and that they ,amy made ,a:c~py. MORENO said '~ they can. my' Hertz on. Belair and Mouavia. D.lGGS said ot~ ,heWiiU ~e i1em, '1pto, Berm, DIOOSllieilil,as~ed. MOREN"O ifa:U llewtal: car places look a~ your ~i0~ and e-h,eck. MORENO sl!li]d~o~ 1h~ dOn0'f m,eck" j mtBnw£Pris:e d.oos. DIOOSsai.d ok; be would lel1ihem bow.,

,Sli. .At ,4: S7p.m.t DiO(]S sel1lt MORENO the text messl3(ge: ~!CIIH ~~2!02

number.,~ At 4:59 p.m .. , DlGOS caUed MORENO'hi' him W, call A.T. backbeclw:e she - ,kept. bJing to caU.m. MORENO said !l!a1ri,~tnAlt :5~09 IMll.* MORENOmed. ro call A.T. b~t the uU went to veiee maiil.

81. At :5: 14 p.m., MORENO caUed A. J',. agmn. A, male be] ~eyed to be .L.P. mSjYiered

die te~ephone.. L.P .to~d. MORENO they were iea-vln,g Enooijlrise. L.P, stated that ,Efilerpri:se wOl!l!ld not gl.v,etlJem ;Ii KItaiI car' because A.T. 'sUams.ewu, expired ,Wild. L.P. was not 'Oin her tmsumnoepc.di}cy. MORENQasked him. i.fhe had spobn~o D'IOOSabout going to the ,after place. 1.,P. re,.U!OO That me ~nmmnoo colllilpmys~~d that they had to BD~Up Enterpriser MORHNO disagreed land told him that they cO!iil~d go to anybody. A.1' .. then got on. the te~~hon.e. MORENO to~d her that she could go' anywhere to leta renta1 car and that it did not balve tb be Dmtem.' rise. She said iliat '_ .. ' IO~' ~.l.·e m)~':i'~Ii._ II'" c ~ '. :,,--~' cryt' .~I~.J """~ -c-: .. , -: .L .. ~ n'h'-,!I.,. ~d!~~, JI;< _ -",t"" - ~ -. .. _. . . ....... U! ~ '!Ur~~"" n ... ,~].ceJilse was iii"" ¥I:!.U~ o>v an,;y",ne I.IIIA!~ '"' . ", .. r>.:!il . n,er

liceme wol!ddoot let her dlri¥e oH'.fl aev. MORENO rold her ro go' to dle HeJ'lZ,at l3'chu]i,lmd.

I\rtiltoD. She: advised tmat ~he would can him 1mck. .

88. At .:5 ;,2; ~ p .. m •• MORENO called DIGGS and asked him, "are you. taking diem to'

that other piece?'" DJGOS replied yes, he was takin.t1, them 10 Herlz:now, DIOOS asked. he was surelliey were going to 'Me able~o ,get it MORENO said to go Dy.~ shewas net g;oi:n,g to Ice an_ytbing ~f s~e did not DIGGS agreed.

89. S:m.rting on. Novemoori 8:, 2m O~ at 12:'03 p.m. and!ii1dingm: 2 :48 p.m.~

DIGGS and MORENO exchanged the foUOM[lg text messages;


Yes sr


1.-. '1' ,6."~ .. , ' ..• ~". 2·.···· ,P;,WG 11 065' PV\tl;

~ 06,;c-.

MORENO to ,DIaO's: Yes

J..l UO J C rvv'u

)\I(W-~ \W~ ~ h Vt_A~ w<v« HqotS lJV'...-

90. iNovlember18, 20 101 a~ J.: ~,9' pm.,

DlGGS was observed drivwng a gold Ch.evy Malibu, bearing ,n Maryland license p~ia,te-that is

registered to DIGGS -. Afte-r arriving at Majestic, DIGGS walked over and met MORENO for (L 'L d._. :.-' ~

several minutes before leaving et a,pproximately :1; 22 ]MTli, 'Ul

. - -- - -

_. .

- -- -

9 I .]nacklihon, BofA reeordsreflect thait D rHOS recc i ved at least 9 checks '&0 m Maje:sti,c in 20 l 0 as fa UOiW:S:



[\1EMO lr.lNE



March 29~ 2010



April tz, 20]Q

April ].4, 201 0

May 18,2(HO

July 7,20]0

July 9~ 2010

July 12,2010

July. 1420]0





Refear _






92. Rat'aeJ COFlcepckr[! FELICIANO Jr. is employed as an active duty police officer

with the BfD. assigned tepatrol in rhe NottheaJst District,

l I



93. to~he CAD report. on December :8] 2010 at approximately 1.2-:09 a .. m.,

a can was dispatchedJer a vehicleaccident in the are~ of 4500 Bowleys Lane in

Baltimcre City.

94. On December a, 20]0, at l2:12 arn .• FELICIANO called MORENO.

FIBUJClANO told MORENO d:ml,u he Elt'leded h~m ro bring aJ towover to Bowleys Lane near Mora;viia. MORENO advised he was at B\'!/l an.d filal! he: wouldeall "Edwin' for the tow truckright then.


- • - • - - - - - - ...., - - • - - - - - - - - - ~ ,.,. -- - --- -- -- -~ - .. -_ .. -- - _.- • - - - - r • _

11 06162 'PWG

9'5, .Betweenappmximately 12: ~.8: a.m. tfarough 1:29 .a..m.~ FBUCIANO and

MO~O exchug,ed thefoUowing ~m messages.;

MORENO to .FELICIANO: Can u call tiherow gqay [telephonen'mtIber r,ada:cted!~ lites 'on his way to D. And edviin ls gomg to oWl u


FELICIANO t'O MORENO: CaU me when you geta:chan.oe.

FEUClANO m MORENO: [Name hereinafter referred ro as UJ. T.Hmd a ~Jephane tlllm1lllerJ live8 .a~ [ad[IDRiSiS (!lm~ttedJ. 017' Ajtiima Oetca la. Needs you to p:~ck him. up in the momingat ~ O':J,Oam. to dothe c~aim at the shop.

fEUClA.N10 to MORENO: You .meanno~ a problem?

96.. .Alt ,approocimdeJy '10: 18 a.m, that ;same da;}f" FELICT..A.l'lIO ;sent tlIIe fed lowi~g text

mes:sa,~e w, MOREN'O;UHey have you ~led.dJ.e .~ fOl tne: altinm."

91.. Ac 8pp!1Oximately 1 O~3 6a.m.~ MOREN'e called the lel.eph~Fl.e .nmnber that

FEUCIANO had te:xredto MORENO earUer. MORE":.Ow;lired if he could spe*ro "T" and a. mde,. beJ:ievedm be J..T .. said yes. MORlBNO .~ed J .. T .. ifhre wanted MORENO to plckmnl. up stI,tbn I.T. wuld make the claim. J. T. responded.}reS and MORENO adJv~~ed mat he woa1dcaU lI":T. wmem. he So~ eloser,

9,8. At: approximately 11 :5'Sa .. niI.~ MORENO (U1Ued .l.T .. again. MORENO advised

ilha!l he w:as ,at J .T. 's Icomp:JiCX and iliiflt be was driving agre:y .BMW.. 1. T.lhe:n pve,. MORENO dlh:emO:Mto his houe:.

9'9. Betw,een app.roximately 2:38 p·.m,. and :3 :0.5 p'.m .. ~.fEUC1ANO and MORENO

exchanged ilie following text messages:

lFEUCMNO to, MORENO:: Hey bW,cffiid eveqthlng eo d:uougb with ]mitb ears cause I need some cash roda,.? JIm tighf with .money and wan~ to get some things before WOD:: ~ater,


-- _._- •• -. •••••• •.•• - _.- r •••• _ •• __ ... ~~ •• __ •• _

.. ~ . - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - .. _- -- - - - .

11 0662 PWGI



U'U .J U 1'- 1I1\r"A1

MORENO to FELIC~ANO~~iS$af.lye8" sun waiting fur me ether ~ad}l to came, BU"~ one is good,

FELl C[AN O~Q' MORENO: Coo I. Just letme know when I can come through to ' pick that up ~ f possi b le?

- .

. -....-.........C'---: W6\t',D . - . - ~

lOO. ~urvematilC!e shows tbat'a~ 10:16 am, on December to. 20]Oj' a .

vehicle known to illill1flstigat.Oirfl as fEL]CIANO's personal vehicle, arrived at Majesti'c: The .

driver. believed to be FEUCW\lO, Vll'f:n{ into ttle shop M.di aJ[ W:23 am., left the sb.?P l!ili1th another male. Both men gOI h]jt~ FELICIANO's ve;hlc~e a:nd drove off the lot. At 12:15 p.ra., a male believed to be 1vfEjJ[A returned 10 Majestk driving a Scion that FELICIANO 'caned MORENO about earlier that d~.y.

WI. On December HI, 20]Q~ alit 2:01 p,m." MORENO called MEJIA and. they discussed FELIC1ANO. MORENO asked. MEHA lf'he had talked to FElJCIANO. MEnA described f'6UC[ANO as a. beggar and MORENO agreed, MEJIA then told MORENO that FEUC[ANO teld MEJIA; to take him to the ATM. MORENOI,J:ughed,. MEJIA told MORENO tba!( he paid FEUCI.ANO $600.00 far the [Nissan] Anima. end the car from that day. MORENO asked MEJIA about the cther rwo cars, MElIA said they shculdbe careful withFEUCIANO b~cause he was\fie'.ry aggressive abQ~t getting paid. MEJ1A then re.colliJlred a conversetien he had with FELlC[ANO wfuere FEUCIANOtold him that rlth~s is how ~ do it with A]ex.11 MeJIA explalaed that FEUCI.A.,NO was talkingabout :8 Honda Accord that. had small damage to the hood and bumper, where the woman's deduetlble was $:500.00. MEJIA lold MORENO that he e)!;plili]ned to FELIC[ANO thalt. Majesti,c had to cover $500 .. 00 fur the deduoti.ble. $300.00 for FEUCIANO. and t:hSlt the daJ'l:lage W,1l.S :!);~ 000.00. MEJIA. said hetold FEUCIANO thailt they could not fix the cOO" with $200.0Q. MEJIA . said that FEl.ICF.ANO replied to him that was how he did it v.-1~h. "Alex." MEJIA then told MORENO thf:l:~, PE1I.JCIANO suggested that they would have to do ,some more damage to the-vehicle, MEllA. said no 10' .fELICEANO, because: there were eyewitnesses because ~t\'V<lS an accident, not a. hit;md run .. lYfEJIA said thai they couldget in more: trouble and MORENO agreed, h1E1IA. said ilia~. FELIClANO did not understand. !l.fLd that FEUCIANO wasjust looklcg at how to get the car. MEJIA told MORENO fuat fELIC[ANO sugges:l:edthat Majestic figwe it out and then nat pay him for the next car. MElLA. saidthst he told FEUClA.NO that was :i.mpo!lsibk:, but FEUC!ANO J,epHed that he had done it Uke tbat before with MORENn MORENO laughed and said that was a lie, l\ffiJIA!lciv]sed that be was not going to give money a.way.

102, In .r:tdd.irjon. BofA reeords recflec( that. FELICfANO received at ~eMt 7 checks &om

Majestic in 2009 as follows:




J anuary 20, 2009



J anuary 2 S. 2009




11 06';2 P'WG



.. $:500

H. .!J8lmet.u~LUGO Rhter,a

103. Jaime Luis LUGO RJvera is ,emp]oyed as 00 ac~Uve duty poHc,e with the BPU~assi.lJledtopatrol m tile Community Stabmzation Unit.

U14. .Aooo:min:gm the CAD, ,otl.2:08; .p'.m. en November 1,6\" :2!OH)i~ a eall w.

d~spa.tch.ed for an a!lllt~mobne accident inv,o~vmng 'two can: in t'Ii:e ~ocatiGn of Fnmkfooo, A ~ue and Moravia Puk Drive. .The CAD indicates that one of the vehiicle:s iinvolved was a StJZllmki,.

105., At 12:16 p .. N.t LUGO sent a ~e:d message to MORll!NO ~. ihat he w-;as c:hec.kE,g Wlollieol one 'bi! FnmkfoodVMoravi.a Pad: Drii¥e. AI:'~ 2::20p~m .• LUGO ea.Jled MORENO md left him :1 voioe mai~ ~e Yking him ropieku, :Ole phone, l.UGO Md. MORENO auempted to contact ,one anofuer from. t2:23 p.m, Wltil 12 ~37 p.m. At.~ 2:3,8 p"m.., LUOO eslled MORENO and asked ifhe was, there, MORENO re,p~iedyes:. LUOO ~utnlmed. M.O~O to patkbehindmHljthe:n talk to 'f;w female, mdthalt he had already'm1lood ro her about. it. LUGO huwcmd. MOREN"O ~D byKl' tI~k to' ber wilthourt.tbe euY mm hearing: mm. He men. ,addm 'du1 ui,u's tbebIDacl\:: one,"

109. ._ iJl 0112 XUilVewUance s~O'~ ·~at a~ ). ;2.5 p'.m'l MORENOauivedlilt M:aJ,emc. ~ r,

A~ 3 :30 p'.m", a man dlivir:mg a gold Hyundai, arrived. rut Majesti.c a. 'The lioo.nsep~ate 'OD~at 1 1 ~\f

11 0662 PWG .11 '0655 PWG


H,y:adai is .reginemt ttilafema]e FCSlIfiIS at tIDe same addrCssdmt LUGO PfO,vjdoo to, BrD as his ho:mead.dlfess. MORENO appmaebed lie gobl:R~ and appeared to speak. w"lhe mwtl drivine dle l§,oldH_yundai. MORENO then 'e~~ Majestic. At 3:35;p~nL, MORENO ,exi.too Majestl.c, got mto' the :p~SMBer stator &e soW HyunfIDll!i and liIecar ,dw,v;e SWIll}'.. At:3 :56 p.m,~ m.e gp!d Hyundairetmned to MB!jestic, and MOIBNOgot out 'Of 'lie car.

1 :10. AcoordingroBofJ\ fClC(lrdS~ $300 .. 00 WAS widltkawn, from tme Ma.j!e1m:" acOOlmt a~ -3:48 p.m. io'lDthe: A'I'M lot.Itoo.a1llie Ro'yai Farm sbi)re at '643S Pu];askjHi\gbway~ which :is ap~roximate~y 1.4 mne"Sfioom MajlcsUG.

~.:~ 1. ~a (lO'liIV,e:rsa,uo:n between LUOO and MORENO o.n Nove:miber 29. 2mO. U1GO

and MORENO discussed a, <IDaruged JdJIIAW that was 'owned by a Bmzman man who had ,aiJeady made,pn insurance clWim and 1he~ns.lm.ce COMPMY believed had ,a!!ready been fixed. LUGO tl)~d MORENO that he had given MORENO's nmnber 10 the ro Md. suggestoo iiat:tilecar just needed Us. little soup,t' Your Affiant beUevesthat LUOOwas speaking in code andtlhat~isQUP'" m.eamn:further dlamage to me ear, Atllie end o:fthat conv'ersat~on~ LUGO statedro MORENO tllat he was going '£(I, be on. the street fur anollerhGur and Q1a~ .Maybe ooll1,ethingM~1 in. He _en addedJ~ sometitringhasro ~ome in .. tbepiggybw ~s; empty.

112" Quade MANlUCH is employed as an. ac,tiw dlaty police offirer with the SPDt ,bsj~ed to patrol in the NorllieaSit D~smct

'~U. A~r-diQg tothe CADJ on December 10., 201.0 at approxhnaitely 4:31p.M., ,~eaU was d~.atcJhed forr a hit and. '1:i!Ul invo~wngaLex· min 'd1Ie ;a:J:!eO of SUmns Avenue and. Belair Read in Ba!t~l!nore C~ty •. MANRJCH~s listedes responding to me cal] at 4:37 p'.m.

~ 14. Atarpp:ro;x:imately 5:2~. p.m.tMANRll"CH seiDl:! a text to MORENO thst slid ~!w,e just lost a Il4 Lexus,' MANRJCH :flen't this same text to MORENO two more times over the next e~gM m~fI~[es.

115., . __ sU!"[V~~'~~e reflects thahm December 14,. 20 It). at about 8: 5 7 a.m.~

a female doove aLexll~ ~atollie lot. art Majestic. At _OUlt 9:04 a.m .• MEJIA ealled MORENO m1d told hhn thatth.e Lex:~sfhat MANRlCH had. seatwas there. La~er that day, between approxitmately .~ :57p.~, and 2:29 p.m., MANRJCH and MORENO ex.chmlged me etllnowing text messages:

MORENO to M.AlrruCH~OC got h.

MANRfCH to MORENO: Did. she rome?


11 0662PWG 11 Ub~j I"'VVu


11.6., Ait aJi',prox~mat:e11 5:,52 p.m. ilia;! ~e day, MANRICH called MORENO.

MORENO mldMANR1CH that the Lexaswas in. MANRilGHtllen aSked MORENO if'llPD Officer VALENiTTNE (see infra " 184) hadplckOO up th.e money yet MORENO respcmded no amldlm asked. w~ether the money wufo[ VALENTINE or MANIDCH .. MANRlCH 8tatea that .~ '! '.: - Uli., .. ;llf-"':l".d.~,"~f "'","1'..1 '~1.. ~~ he "~.,.. ·V. ,'. "'.1r~""1"1"III'i'n;: .. ......,... 01 ...... 1.-.0 ,u. ~nt· ~1..e mone:u becoo""",tbev

b was u.w .... ,n~!U'I' .,...u 'I,um IW ~N . .M.lL.rl:;;J,,! 1.IJI'\l&> .......... !:>'"" H~, w ~r-- w "1 , __ ..... l~ __ .~'

were ridingmgetller.


U 7. • •••• :ruv:ei~IUlCe shows: tltat on.·1re fc,uomng day~ D~bu 'I S, un n

at apiIJlilOCimately ~ ~ ::36 a.m." MANR]CH~s pers\'l~aI!Viebiclc sto,IPOO oldside oif Maj'e-stic .. At f _

about ~ 1,:44 a.m.!, a male matching the description of MORENO ClUne out of the shop and got Il\f

,into tlJ:e passenger:reat of.MANlUCH·s caII'.The vehiclejhen drov1eawa,.. Atapproximately ~-

12:09 p.m.,~~CH~,s vehic.~e remmed te Majestic. The .lndi.v~diUa1W1a1!ch~ng MORENO",s deseriptiOligot. ,oum and went in toile s'hop.M.A1N'RlCH's. ear men drove awa~.

lIS. BofA moO.roSi mfloot -dlat en DeceE!ber ~ 5~ 20 1 (!I! $400 and :$I2iD@ were withdra\V1l

at 12::0 I. :0:5 and .~ 2:0 1 :S9'~ re.spooti.vely.fio. fihe Maj,esltiiC aoc--olm.~ at ,M. A I'M ,Ioc&ted &t Ga.M'an Ring Plsa, whicb~:s approximately 2.4 Ml lesfmm MaJ:e5!tic.. A TM video' S'UI'V,ei nmce ·olilmined ,from BorA sho,ws MORENO conducting thattransaetion 1I1l'm 12:m :28 until, ~2:02~56.

!19. Luis NlJiNEZ is emp!oyed as an active dmy pollee offioer with the B.PD~as!:dgIiled to patrol~n ·Ute NoRbcasiliem District

120.. AooD:rdin:g~o the ,CAD. 00, J:a:nuary l, 20 ~.1 atapprox:~mi!it:e]y 9: I "la.ll1!.~ a 'calllI was dispatched furwau~ accIdent in the area of 5400 Cedonia Avenue in Baltimore <City. The CAD plaoed NUN'EZ &1 the scene at 9:26 a.m. Nl.1NEZ ,comp~e~ed ,and ,sulbmitted. the MMRS report tlliis ae1rident.

1.2·~. At appro~tely 9':4,1 a,m.l, NUNEZ ca1~ed MORENO. NUNEZ me~tiOfied the location of S40D Cedonia.mdldlen he ga'Ve MORENO d'iROt~oIlS and t-o,.ld to bong !h.e tow tmck.

122. That same day .a,t U}:09a.m.~ NtTNEZ called MORENO .agam. NUN.EZ told MORENO Ilat the vehicle was iii TIMlb~a2w. NUN.EZ said~ "Vlhen yo'u arrive, ,act Ukeyo'll dc-dt blow .moe.There w:etw,o b~, heclC,n 'N!UNEZthen, said, "I :8J1O-ke wlitmruflle WORllm; ~he ls O~ and. you can talk: wl.1h ne:r.Olt, ~ere is another car here;.a. PlY here, you eantalk 10 him., roo. But thereaee two fools ,present I told them tha,t she had caUed you, YO!!l know," NUNEZ told




MORENO that tbe worn •. was· His;pame ami] ,spoke: Spmish, an.d,itlwJt she was Dotmnican. MORENO said ,ot.

l2l. At approximale~y ~,O~20 a.m., NUNEZ. ,caUed MORENOa,gIM. Nl1NBZsaidthat the V\en~cle was a red Ford Exp~oref~2i and lliattne woman. owner was ~re wahlns. NUNEZthen told MOR.ENOthat t1le otnoor' witli. him &t the scene knew about 'E'lthe g1!l:Y that was doj1i~IJl t!lO,se ~in:GS.1'I NUNEZ also' said tlJiat his, partner lm.ew thall anywdiy could 01,11 MORBNO. iN1lJ1".mZ told MORENO tbathe would have an Ex.plc'I,erwiln. tile woman wS![~ingand MORENO replied ok, that. he: under,s~ood,

124. Accord~ne m l&t'~{\jJ j~~nrt same day at app~oxhnareJy ·~.O;48a.m", fll Chevy Trailblazer was towed. to Maje;lllic and dropped off in the front parking ~ot The .MAAR8RpOrtpr~d by NUNEZ slated that the vehiiCle W,SiS removedliJy the ,ownew to an u.m.mO\\!ll loeaUon..

12:5. On J,a:m.tUy 2~. 2011~ at betweelll.l3!pprox~mately 2:38 p.m, and 3:S 1 p.m,.~ MORENO andN1JNE;l ~ged me foUllwIDgrextWile~:


Alex~ what happened 'wlthllie Dondcans 'frail B.tazef dle 51 CedO:N~, youmwed it on. 1/111 I?


Why? It's gettingfured, why are you asting wha.t happened?


I di,dnl~t invite ym!l fOI ooffee? My bad~ tffilen ten me whim: we ewlgO get a,coft"'Cc?

r.n let you knowthen and sorry dude,

126.!Fi.Ye days later~ OD. Jmmary 26~ 2011, MORENO and NUNEZ· ,ex.changed the W,uOwln,g W'Xlt messages:


Tellme, when ckiI ! bring you the coffee?

1 Your ,A.fihmt beUeveslliat N1JNEZ .mis,takenly refened to the TtMlbI~r as a Red

EXpIoRlr dudng: this ooJlVlem.tio:n.

r _ •• • ~ ~. __ , • __



127. . The:fuUoWing day.,.between. 4:28 p:.~.ru1Id 4:38 p.m, oll.January 1.1, 2011 !

N1JNEZ ami MORENO exchanged the foUo.wmg toil mC5SD.g'es:



At the "}·11 on Pl.daski.


IMU see you in a few minuw.s.


129.. ~lamm.d OCASIO an d!JWty police o,ffi.cer wirth the BfD,

astrigaedw pab:o~ inthe S'Qiurh.em District~

no. Acco~g W' til:e CAD~ en ", 15. 2m ~at appro~imart:ely 1: I 0 a.m.:, .1.11 cal] was dispatched :lor an amDBccideDlt m~b.e ·eRa. of ~ '7{tO ~sse]1 Street in Ba~timore Ctty,

13 ~ . On J,MWlIfY .~ 5~ 20 U I ~ a~ approil[lmateJy 2.:26 a.m., OCASIO call~ed. MOREN'O but the eaJ] we~t to MORENO·.s vo~ce mail. OCAS~O d~d not leave a message.

132. Approxbl!li3i!ely two .m.hTh'ut:es Jar~erlt 2:28 a .. m., MORENO caned OCASIO.

OCASIO said that he needed a tow 8t. R~ssen Street, In frol:i!t of the Holiday Inn. Mo.ru3NOrep~j!ed. that he woul:dse~d.o.~e :riigb~ away. .All app~o:ximately 2~31 1.:U1I., MORENO cailled R.H'I' a pe-fSllu knO\Wl to provide towi.lilig services for Majestic.. MORENO told emale, believed to be R. R,that there W'M an accident and mat he was goill!g to send biro a cell phone number, MORHNO insoClted R.H.kI' call Reap named :Samue~ and R...H.repli.ed ok. Within the samemilml:e~ MORENO sent the ro,lblwin.g. ·text to R.H,~ a. person amlialed. with a mMDS company withwruch. MORENO subcon«acts: to tow CafS', ~'CaU Samuel: {OCASIO telephone nU!mber lIed:a-oted.r


11 '0662PWO - 11 0655 PW~,

13,3. A~ apJlroximately ,3 :54 ~a.m." a Nissu vehi~e mtihaJ U!iXIWl 'tag id~tiii.ed. mWc .

,ew amoved at Majestic by. tow. 1be MAARS ,replTt, rJDmpleted by ~er €I,meel" en 'the :sceRe~ ;~n~~catedd:tat a 'priVate w'Wwng CompD_y Rmovedfle vehi,e1~.

, ' .

134. Lam'that day." bemeen~proximll:te:ly S:S8 p.m.,. and 6,:26 JU1Ilt MqREN9 and

OCASIO ex:cJhtm;iOO thet"oU&Wling text mess~:'


em I eemeand get the tnGneyrodaybe:f~l\e, ~Giflgm, '", !~, -... '. e' - - -]- ~ ~",- - ""'Il'" .-.u1' I bsve SO':i"'e,,1.':'n. a to do WorK 5.,"C em y ~um"" , ... ~ U_Y~., _ ~." ~ _I;> . _ __

and rm g.O~~g B lon:g W,lfl' .


CaU me when yOl1R elese,


Ok tiro,. I'm, leaving the home around 9:20.


Slll1p by,tlI:e h.otl!Se irm1eat. [MORENO's redacted].



us:.. On ,Juuary IS, 201.~,M '9;59'p\m.t OCASI.O' caJ'~ed MORENO. OCASIO asked MORENO what the house number was. MORENO provided th~ house nlWber and men told OCASIO t~ come back beamse he had gone too far. MORENO direeted OCASIO back. aad then tohll, him tilt ~e would be ript out

\f,,!t.1 'ilVi''I} lI!;.t!l;lMj[;.~,1

136. AooordJ~ngkl .

~pproximately 10:04 p.m.,. a ",. I to be dri,ven by OCASIO, move past II

residence, th.ewbacked. up' mldparked nat 'to·MORENO's house, AD iindividual~ be~jeved to be MORENO, came out &om MQRENO~s and walked tethe passeng;e.r :slide iO,fthe pMkied vehicle. ne~n.dividuaJ ~ean.e.d into th.epa:sse~.gef side wi:ndo,wudi t1\len. w:dked back into MOiRENO"s res~denoo. The vehlc~e tliefl! Jell.

[,. David RBEP1NG

n1. David lREEPU>lGis emplo"ed as an,active dUty pc!il~ce offioer \Villi the 'BPD~ as:s~gnoo to patroJ intlhe Ce.ntml District.

13K Apoording te' the CAD~ on December 21, ,2;(111 0" atappro:K~mately I 0:,:51 p.m. ,Ill. eaJI was d1~spalched fof' an autoffi,obUeaoo.idlenlmth inj 1iIl)' at 30·0 Soutb Charlie:!! Sheet ~n Baffitim.Qre City.. At 10: S8 p.m, the CAD ptacesREBPn-.fG onthe seene, ,Another officer p~aredlmd submitted the Vv1AARS report.

13'9. At .~ '~:07 p.m., REElJiNG called MORENO. The, ®eleph-one eliliU was ~ot inrer:tCJeptedi ~n t~me to he. the entire: conv1e:rnallionJ but wn fle portionfuat was ~n'~er'Depted~


--------,- -_._- ---- .. , .. ,----- ---- ----. -- ---- --,-,---_. ,

MORENO told ,REBPING~t he 'wouW pv,c 11e ~i{o'wing guys~1 lEEPING'sw:leph.O:lle numbti so thm, REE,1N16 could give direetioowbis locmion.

1410. Witruin on.eminute o:fthatconve.rsatioD. :Mo.RENO called ltH.andw,ld mm:~o

call REEI1NO in order to m~e .~gemen~for 1.H. to tow the vem.cleto M1ijes~ic .. - ,.

l 4 I . A~ II; ~ 1 p.m .• Imming m,llie CAnt lEEiPffi'G lMmnedd~spateh.dlat the (I'wner of the vebic~e'¥Ou~d make his OW'n [rowing]· man~e:numts.

t 42. siho,ws that at appro'xhtlate~y .~ ~'~" a.m, on J atnullry 22~

len I" a car • , . . oft1he dlam.a,g~d ear frem tffile: MAA.l.S we-pan am,ved at

Majestwc b""y tow, The MAARS report states Ilba:1, the ve~i,c~e W,M: remo-yoo by Q'Wnf£'.

143. Bemeenap])l'OXlmlliw]y 9:001 and! -9,;,04 the ne:xt morning, REBPFNO and

MORENO ex~hmlged til!rue ~ext messages:


Wbat's up w1,th you bro. Are yuu~n _th.eslimp yet j[f you need that ladies insurence hun E barye it.

O~· :L. - - ,'Id, ~ ~~' -, ' hu when '~' fuone:fuUv wiI- ~I a,e~:!r e li. .SuDU, I :I'hCP "'1 .......<-. - -1"'- __ ~ . _ ~ ,",,;~, _ OID_

, 0- ·Ul~s· . we- .eL Xn:.las mm:te-.

m .... _ __ .... iI'I.,.. __ . _ )'

H!4. BorA reoords lnd][catetha:tat I.!lOOut 1 :46'p.:ID." $300wa wiithdmwn oomdJe Majestic accomn fm.m the A TM leeated at the Roya~F'Mm s'tOR: 811 164]S'I~aski H~ghwa)i'.

145. La1er Uta! aitemi'Gll:! at a,\proximateruy 2:13 p;m. on December 22~ 20m~ UORENO .sent atest messaget'@' .REEPING aa folilows.: ·'yes s~r •.. That car ~s bery bad ICD U do ha1fan ill elm it'a ,ft totalless also I got 10 lake .care the W,wffin:· One m~li1ute ~aJil.e:r., am 2: J41 p~m.~ Reepmg replied ~n a t,extmes5'a.~e; "ok. I will beaver .. F c. neverteU. n At 2::] 6, p .. m •• Reepill;g agwn :texkil MORENOj tfUs time indlcadrng "Be then::, in 30 .mins. ,.

_ VUil(o

1,46.. . 'DnI'ciUmce sh.ows that at :.2::5 8 p.m .. on. December 22. 20 ~ D •

. REEP'INOlmived at Majestic in l1ispeno~\Ul] vehi,c~e. R.EE,ING walkedlDltG the sllQP and short]y thereafile:r~ REEfING and MORENO cmneout o.fdie shop, and walked overw, the v'emote that hald be~n.~owed In the night bdQrt!. The two men ap:pear to IOQk ever tffile v,ehlc~e for a l1o-me.,ntmd R1EEiPINO lli.e~gO<l, hi hi 8 'car ,md .Ollie ,away ..

147. Jermalne RJJCE is Elfn.pluyedMan ~c~i:ve dufy police officer with the 8'D~ assigned to Pflitro] i~Ule Northeast District,


11 0662'PWG 11 06155PWG 11 0656:PWG

. 148.· O~ DCceU:lber iJ, 11(1110, be,tweeB ~:29pl~m a. :w 1:3.8:.p,m.;·RICB UdMORENO

exch~d Ile fonowingtext~ess.ages:

weE to MORENO:

MORENO to weE:

Yes but m be d the sbop tomOl1ltl'W moming ) j:us~ go to miWlil~ fron :hondiuu

ltlCE to MORENO:






149.. ApPl\f)XmUI'w!y five mmutes ~ater., MORENO caUed RICE. MORBNOMked RICE if he had ·~Bd'wUil.'~ .RlCErepned, no~dl.a,t be was gcing to callhmm mao minute. lUCE m.enWld MORENO that he had a fe.mail.e mend milia. 2000 Solm.with ffull'covemge, ruCE. said his friend already called ber iMm:anceoom,.y and to1dthem that the damage w. on the righltside, RICE wed MORENO, ·rhethcr m! m.9d. cotdd ten the insurance company ·that her mimn: feU off jf :sh.c did not feel Ciomfortable drivmg eM. MORENO replied,. u!igWwt~' RICE dtenW!bd MORENO inhey eo.d u.Sil~n work witlb that" MOR.ENOinSDiCted R]JCE to can :tvm.I[Abecatie Mo.RENO Wall in Florida. MORENO said. that .MEJIA col!llIDd work it o!im~bm if the o~er could wait UlitU tcmoITOWthe 'wol~ld b~ back, R1CE repHed tl\ia~ the O"MIJeJ ,coUld wah and that he: j!!lS!t wan:led to rim it by MORENO to see if tlIey eeald sUU take cue 0·( i.t or not MO~O ~d ye.sIlathe eeuldtske eare 'ofi1 iomort{liV/. RJlCE adlvwsedthat .hew-auld call MO~O~cmO:ml'w.

1.50. According to the CAD~ M1:e mext day, on IDa:ember 14,20 UI at approxill1ulteJy 8;06 ,ili.Dl.,a caU was d)isp;atcfued fer a hit ad run aceldemilt WI ~he bel. of I :2Ai6, R:osslter A.venu: in Baltimore eirty. Also in the CAD~ l~ wii.SlIt.potted ~31: ileclIDler I:t~d! a 19·99 Linco~nrown Car, wbite in eo.lor.

1.5] • 1\¥enty-mve ~aw~. ,ata!,p.roxh~laitely 8 ~3maJ"M .• ru:CEcailed MOREWo..

RICE advised MORENO (hat he had a 99 Li~ClO~ ''fo~ Car' that was involved. in a hit MId nm. RICE! furlhe:ra:dlvised thatthe Lincoln had full coverage snd.thstthe dOOl.a,ge was tothe rear


- -- .- -- ~~ •• - •• ,- .,-- ---,- --~- -- -------,- - I I.

11-O&62PWGll- 0655PWG

'CI.wrterpwaeJ. MORENO asked if RICE \VMtedh:i.rn to pick up :the L~ncoln. RICE repl:ied, yes

ad then heBeNC MORENO diree:tio:mws. .. .

.152.. Later that 5anJeda't oemreeorJ. 3;26 p.Il.,Dd 4:17 p.m.t RICE and MORENO

,eXiCl:umgoo. -the foUowing textmessag;es: .. ,

y" yom:aike Are of dude CD I co.m.c hol.tllI at you n!JIw .




OJol J'leed, to get you S .more CiD by the end of the week·


D~dyou check. with. edwin abou;t t!i:l~ OS toyota selara clllilSehe did!rw't rex.t me back


Ye-::l we Jet .i1era massagetnn she harvent can us back


Ceol and I [et u know about the one-from roday.

rues t:o MORENO:

154. Between W:52un. rmd ~ 1:04 a.m., FUCB and MORENO exi~~ged ~e foUcl'wiiD!g text messages:


~n.a:meM.d telepoofi!e: ~!Unbei[ redacood]

017 ~Ilnd.a accord. ])e.streti,c:n oifprope.rty whole em' was keyed [adCLress redacted~


TOIfIlQmlW morning. U CWllstap by today. For Ute othel one is here n~'w.



. .

15S:. The·:fol~owing·day~ M, 20HI)'~ benvoon 3:15 pI;m. and 3~22p.m.~IUCE

and MORENO exobanged ·dlefoHo'Wlng'kOO: messages: .





156. At !k 10 p.rr:I.~ MORENO caned ME.mA. MORENO ~OJ.ld .MEDA dtathe needed the ~'CW"d. tI MEJIA responded.U'a:~?" ~. cOIn,m.entoo. mat MORENO. \VaS payin.g o,ut .~ lat but there were ne cars. MORENO said mere were leiJghrt cars. .MEJ[A said he was coming



~ 57.. ~.. survemanoo shlaws ~t at 5:06 p.m.~ a C8:dillac mlrehi:n_g the

description of R1CE.~ a personal esr arrived at Maje"stic.. The driver went in t:o the mop. At 5: 14 a .. , l~

p.m., a black BMW'" beUewd to be driven by hoffiJIA.amved at Majesdc.pxk'ed out: m:~nt\ 'f

the elgimlerururing ,.d ente.redite business. iWommDil!ilte:s later:, ·fWO ~di'ridul!1:St be~ieved to be:

RJCiE .. d MORENlO, eam~ out ,of the shop ,and. g0t into' Ute Mad:: BMW ~ wMch left Majemi.e. The black BMW renmled at ~ ;27 pm and me individual believedkl' be RfC:E gotm w, the CadHlac and d!rove aw~ •

. ~ 58. BofA. lioooI,d!sref]ec~ that.a!t abo<ut .5: 22 p·.m ..• $300 was Mthdr!.WR from. the

Majes~i:ca:eeoutltan A TM ] at the Roya& E!l!Im ste'le at 79501 flll,aslU mgh.wa"

159. According to BofAreooms, Jennwne Rice ~ived at least om:: cbeck from.

Majes,tic 'Oll Sep:emlba;r 4~ :2O·~ 0 in. the ,amol.l:lrt 10lf $300. The w01ld ~1w1sn is 'Writmfl on.fue meme .line (!lithe ehsek and. is endersed •• ·the DlmItlofJ<ermalne Rice,

)16·0. Leo,ne~RlODRJ!GUBZ1'o:rres~iS empl,oy,ed as.a.ctive duty police o,fficew with the BP:Dt ,assiped 1~ )J'atro~ in'llie Nodh.eas~Dis,mct

~ 6 J • Accord]n,g;~o' ~e CAD, on November 25, 21(H 0- ataPJml'x~mately 10:22 p.m .• a .BPD 'offilCiGT (hewei~afte([ referred to as '~O:fficer 1 ~) was dispatohed to a veJhi!cle aoo.ide.~t in the

- --- ---- -.",., ..... _--- - ---- - ... ~.- ---- ------ .... "'.

11 0662PWu\ 110655PWG 11 0656PWG

area 0,(1,130 ,lEas,t O~1!d S,rlmg Lane in Bw~more City. AlSD ~rdimgto 1ile CAD:! Officer ~ arrived on dle s.cene at 10:2.3 p.M. Officer ~ oom,letedJ the MAARSre:po:n,.fo]' the~ncident.

162. At approx~rna~y lO;3S P .. m., MORENO calted RonlUOUEZ, RODFUGUEZ

passed, <tbe ph~lle t~8fen:u~me~, who idenltifiedhetsemf as ."1vUss [name ~~tedr (here~naiter uMiss 1I."'1. MissH.advised MORBNO~n~lt sffiae brad b~c.m in an aocldent and tha~beli' c-at~ad su.s:tained danliage. Miss' H. stated that Officer. 1 gave her MORENO~ s name andn:umber (oldie body liVodtMORENO asked Miss .H., ~f the vemc~e ''WaS, em.veabte. Miss H. repUeddla.t ~he vemde wWHilriveabh!:Md ~bed it as B 20015 Che,V'JO~et Uplander. Miss H. tllite.n told MORENO was: damag.e along 'til,e' passenger Slide rear door· and that the door wo~.d,I;Di open. MOruElN"O asked how much M~sg H.'s deductible was and she replled that hwas either $250.00 or $500.00. MOlRENO told Miss H.thEim mewouhl not have to p~ the ded'uctib~e; to hils bod1 shop. MORENO a1iSOI advised that he w(luld hel.p be.roDwn a fenmJi 'CW' if she had ooverag:e fbroae. M~ss that she d~d liiIotneed a rental ear, as, she hadai second (\811'. MOlENO t:o~d her that he could meet m:t.h her tonight C:rWMOITOW morning at her house Cif the shop. MORENO 8ai~d tliwat he ~uh:il Msist her witffilf:i1ing ,an, insurance ,claim. andfl:ciJ1. he g8Ye her djr«1j@n~; ~O: the 'bod)ysnop. Ml55 H. sWiddlat sllilie. WiQU]d.·m.J.k Mthher hUisband ami die ins:- ... ee compuy, and then she would eallhim back in. the mc~ing; MORENO reminded n,er that he would help hew with tile deduc.nb~e.

~.63. Ala~'xiKlaleruy 10:51 p',m'1 RODRIGUEZ crdled MORENO. RODRJGUEZ told MORENO tMittile vanis a good one. ROIDRilGUEZ ,explained in MOMNOthat adler o:fficetS reports differently by firs,t Viirlt~filgthe repGrt andfhen wO the:

Icmriveil'S. RO[):RlGUBZ saidtffitart hel\alk:ed. ro me drihf,ersfirst before wnlting ·the.replJ1,so that MOREN'Owool'd hav'e timero, g~~ mere. MORENO men ~o,~d R()DRlGlJEZlmt the' car door would not epen, and~there:fore~ 'lie car was: notdriveable. MORENO ,said that he did nOi! have the woman Js 't.e~ep.t1one number. RODRl,OUEZ iostlutted MORENOrol call Officer 1 wI!log.aVle her MORENO',snumber and. tllat Officeii' 1, wotilld tert~d inft'!mlatio.n.~o MORENO. Later that

'gh·.t .,-..w: - - 11 .. em ".frO, • 1~t::.'l!!,IO - 'Iext meSSili-' "~Im 'M,'. i s ':H" II'S 'i"""nlaiet ~~I'"O:' 1'- t·'o'

mi .1' v~~,~ce:r I "'. __ ,!.V:~ ~l'!! a _.' _' .. t1~' ... L__ _ JiL, __ ...... _ .. ' _, J..Ul,!.'_.fN!/l I" n.

1.64.. The fOUOl\Ving day ~ ,on N ovember 26. 20~ 0.. at 1O;~ ]a.m.~ ~O'DRJjGUEZ called .MORENO and asked whe~e[C th,e worm_with 'the, Uplander had cal 1:00., MOrtEN'Os~dlhat she hMl! :n{!lt ealled, MQRENOth.en asked ROO'RJiGUEZ whether he 'was: com~n:g; by. RODRIQUEZ respoliided, yes, he was ,eomim1lg dO'\"IAa:nd. asked if MORENO was alone. MORENO fe.spqnded,. no, MORENO smtOOtliat h.e needed to go' todi1e bank _dd1lat he \NUlC! be back in IOta].5 minutes, RODRlIOUEZ M~ed wlhe1her tile bank 'WlliS en G@llde:IiliRing,. and] MOMNO responded, yes. RODRIGUEZtllel1l started. "Wen~ i.f you .Ire going tQ tfue hant :Myway* get :me my .•. ~'O sa1'e time." ROD.ruOUEZ stated that he'd meet him there.

·~6:S. Atlpproxlmatefy 10:'.~3 ,aJ.m.~ MORENO 'cal1ed Miss H~lllut tbe caillwent!o voice mail. MORENO' h~fta message i:Qd~caltin:g that be was ca]lklg Miss H back.lIegaMin,g her car accident last night. MORENO ~d that. he ,had talked her last night) .. d then be asked. her ~o call him back.


11 0662PWa.l1 0655PWG 11 Ub56PWG

1,66. At ¥Pl'oximltely ~ 0:26 a.m .• , MORENO~mte; text mesS'age to RODRIGUEZ, Sl!a!ting ~ I am already here. I have been wMun~; for ~ou for <me hour."

167~ At '~O:28 p.m.~ RODRIOUEZ call:edMORENO but MORENO did not answer.

Then. MORENO CIIled ROORlOUEZbut: RODIUOUE.z did. n.ot answer.

1 ,68 .8orf'A A TM S1JXVieU lance video :sho,ws, fuat at 10: 30:0 1 a.m. on Nerve.ber 26. 2010~ an il'd~viduamthat ap!pe'Ms to be MORENO ,condiucted a transaction. at the Golden Ring rl~ A TM~ which is 2.4 mUesfrom Mojestic.,EJiofA reeords confirm. tnat, $30.Qrwaswithdrawn frem tffilIaMajemc eeeeunt in. tmlart trWlsacliolD.

H~9. mn. adJdl~~Ol'J, BafAreoo:ros: reflect that RODlUGURZ l1e(;cived at least l~ ,tlnccb froM Majestic in 20 lOas fOUO:W8:






April 8,2101 Or


June 1, 2tHO



June II., 2j]H 0


June 16. 2010


J~e22, 2010

July l2~ 20~O


August 20. 20 H)




11 0662PWG,· 1J 0655PWG 11 065bPWG

O. MaruI FemandoJJIENA

170. ACQI)ftting to the CAD, on December 24,201.0 at 2:21 p.m.~ URENA was dJispllched to an. :Eliumm.ohUeaot:i.deM, at, ilem!tersecnonofHfilem, Avenue ad Eivusl,ey Street in B!!iItim,Qfe City.: At 2::15 p.m. :.'11 at 2:42pJiI., URENA N_q~, •. NCFG cmtleck fm: {H'two dri.vers ~RVDhr'ed, Y~G. and S. W. At J :O'l.p.m.~ UR.EN1A did WlEXt!umge 'of IM'onnati.onmm im1ead olfa MAARS ~epmt.

'~7t At 3:01 p.m, URENA attempted to cml MORENO~, fh.e call went to y,o~cemT.Ian+ All 3:0.3 p.m .• , URENA tested .MOEmNO ,and smd, "Listen, call these l1N'O wDm.en •. ~' MORENO . Iles,poondedby text, u,dl~d Y'DU caU;ine'?!I URJENA~en rent atext m.essage. tD MORENO 'With fue names Y.'G.amd S.W.tlii:at \Vefe LIm!'Vollve:d in the aoc~dent" wj,iI Uleir phone; nlUlRlibers a:nd~e:!:ie~ of tke ,cm they were, ,.;m.vilg. MORENO feSJl'Onded that he would ca~ldlefn.

~n. At 3~12 p.m., S.W. called MORENO and. left a"messagfJ. In the messsgeshe stated. that omcer URENA had gjven her his phone number in reference 'to getting her ear fixed .. At 3;10'p.Il.~ MORENO c.alled S. W. MORENO told S. W. not to, make Hle;~ claim untH a:ie:r she ,spoke to him S1) that she would -not, .bs\lie ~o pay ~er Ideductib.le. They agreed to' meet .ar~ . the: sb.op the n.ex.t d!!iy at noo.o.

113. A~ 4:40p'.m., URENA sent MORENDa. text .mt5sa,ge askWngMJe&erhe had ta}ked to the women. MORENO responded iliat he: hadspo~en to one 'With tffile Honda an"tlIat she was coming ro the shop tomorrow Mel thait he ~eft am:essage for the ofller one, URJENA responded ok.

174. On Dec;:m:ber2S~ 2010, MORENO ,eatlled Y.G.and.made pm.SID mee~ widl her ,aoou,!her !tarM: weU.

175.. OJ.! December 26~ 2010 at 1: 11 p.m ... ~ URENA sent a text mestSllgeto MORENO inquirlngwhethew he got e~thef of the twe cars. MORENO responded tllat he had talked to them both mad they were ccm~ng 'dle n~xt day.

176. G.nDecember27" 2010 at 12;1.4 p.,m •• URENA called MOlR.ENO. MORENO

mmvered ,mdro~d. URENA to give him a mi!~I!lW' beealJi&e l:1e '\V3iSWOi!1kirngwith the l~dy on her claim on the CRY. URENA said he '!WOuld C~[] him ~ater, A,t 3:06 ,'.m.,. MORENO sent 2.t'ext message to URENA stadng>I~I have one OfyOUfS. At this tim.c"file Honda. does rtot hsve full 'o@ive.rage,."

177. A~ ,5:03p.m., TJREN1A ealled MORENO. MORENO' told URENA.ftat DIU,'! of1h.e ,can did D.O~ m'Yie full Cionmg,ebut Ulat ~e , car Ohe CRV) Silaiyed .. MORENOro~d URENA 10 oomflby 'llie shop romouo'w. URENARSiPo~ded that he w(luld be in New York mlu1 Friday (Decembe.r 310:>, MORENOres:ponded U\lat he was not sw:ewAether he needed it. lJRENA :sme! that he wotdd waitto settle up on fridlay. MORENO said! he would still wod:. on the Honda,



11 0655PWG- 11 0656PWG

11,8,. At 1 ;57 J.un. on .lr:tul~ II' 2(j111~ URBNJ\sclltakOO, message to MOR.BNO

smtin& uHappyNew Yea:r~ are yoo WoikMg:kldayT~ MORENO [~nded, nHappy New Year _and tis 2011 you seMI mu:y cW'S,ulJRENA Rspond~~m 'au mouth to' Ood~1 ears h~b;e-be'l ,ate you working'r~_ MORENO re,spond~ ~As a1lways,n At 2:38 p,.m.~ URENA. lieSJlDlded~ ul can com,e: llynow. ,. MORENO respondedUmt ilie ,snap WlliS cJos.edbut mat he 'was in Wki.t:e: Marsh ifM!_ytbin:~ came in. URENA ,asked. him to .~e:t him DOW ",hen he em come (l'ver.

11U. That same night at 6:.49 p.m., URENA :!len:! a tex.t~oMORENO ask.ring '~m

whetbew he ]e,ft yet. MORENOreSiponded at 6:52 p.m., "I'm flere~ URENA responded at 6:52p.m., fhO!t he was en m:s way.

\.hJ.£O -

I 82. ~u:rveillan.c:e shows Oult at 7:06 p.m,.~13j man appearing to be URENA

arrived. at Maj~ed imide. At 7:4] appeminO to be URENA and. MORENO came out 'llIlfMajestic. Th.ey goltt into tile b~Q,CkBMW ad left: Maje:mc. U'RENA's aI' fe~dJlUiked at Mejdtic.

P. Os,w'ldlo VALENTINE

185. Osvaldo VALENTINE is employed as an aetive duty poliee 'officer with the BPD. ass~ped to patm'ol.~n the Nonmeu~, D~strie1.

186. According to lhe CADt en :Dere:mber I 5, 10We~ 4:22 p.m",,8 call was di,spa~Clhed :for a sro~enyemc[elf1mt had just crashed ultc, a polein (hear:eft,of Lakes.tde A:venueand Loch

Raven Boulevard in Baltimore City. -


11 0662"PWG 11 0655 PWG

J 87. At .approximately 41::58, p.m .. ~ V A..LaNTINE camled MORENO's, ceU

hu,t d~d! not leave a message. Abolt. one mhl!1W later, MORENO caned V ALENllNE, VALElfllNErold :MORENO l:uuhc had. a Ni~suM""D and Ilequesleddilat MORENO ,come talk to,the guy. MORBN'O askN if heeml~d jugt'oo:.epick up the ,car. VALENTINE respondoo the ear was drlveable and that MORENO s'ho .. dd., come ,over to Lakeside ilInd Loon. RaVen., AOObliM'€nzy minutes leter~ MORJThIO ClUed VALENTINE"again. bI addinon t()giv~ng

:!~=,~~=~"':.I:.,';"t:i::!,'::: ~~~~:=011~~~~~O 11>01 mOGS " "~

,':' . u i .. ' ."'-,"~ U~J~'--' "'-:"'. ~-""' '. ".. ",' : .. ' '.'.'. .-' '-- --,' " , '.' .,' '.. . . 11'" ,

l88.~~eH1an~e reflects mat M 8:35 ai.m. ~e next day, MORENO' drove a .... U~~Q ...• mltc.·.'.hin.g the descrip" .. r tl1eJt ... crash.' ~ .. at Lakc.- .. !i.i.deand Lo:n .. Raven :.

,o:nJto me MaJemc let. The l\1AA.RS repo~, prepared by V ALENiTINE" SUlEs tthart the NIJ,ss& .

M'W:8flo~ while, puk:e~ l1:ad beenhi,t by a sWIen vehlcle.d that the Niss •. Mman.owas removed

b, uo\Wer,'"

189.Ait approximarety 1 :46, p.m, the same dJay, MORENO c~ned VALENTINE"

V A~EN1Dffi. told MORENO tllilarthe was. go~g to come over tothe shop. VAI.EN'f]NE also

llid that DIGGS ~i::,a t:ext 10 V ALENTIlNE smtin,g tha~ be [DIGOS] wanted bis pm1 tee, ~

~ 9'{1'. • .... smveiUance, :sno'ws mat at ,appl'OlI(immely2.:230 pm, a ,dla!rk SUV

m.alcbin.1 the description of V A1:EN11NE'spernonaJ vehicle azrived. 8it Maj,emc. An indiYiduWi matcrung the description of VA.LEl'l~E got out of the veh~c]e and went intoo the shop. At 2:27 ~ two individuals eo:me om of fue :mop' and Move ,away indle dark SUV. At 2 :38 p.m ..• the: SUV l\etmDoo. ud dropped offtJhepasse~era!t the shop be~ drivhilg :a:wa,.

19'1. TW'O minutes later, alt about 2;40 p.m.!, VALEN'IlNEcwled MORENO.duked

bow mroob MOltENO was, 10 .DIGGS. MORENO responded ~idThree,t! VALENTINE smtOO "AlI~ ,ok. I saw two packages.'~

~ 92. AoooniLJig to Bom. recows:,. at 2:32:52 p.m .. and 2::.n~So p .. n:l .. on December Ui~, 2010,. $400 and $20D~l\espcctiv,efYJ were lYi.tMrawn iro]D.Ui ATM .Iocarmd at~e Roy,;j Fmn store at ,64.3:5 PUlaski HisJlway.

~ 93.. madditiont Bo,m reooros ret1loot that V ALENI1iN'E moe~ved at least 26 cheeks from Majes:ticm 2!lHQ totaIDing $14,400 ·IS· foUows:




Janmmy 11,.2010







11 0662PW(S 11 0655PWG 11 0656PWG


February.2] ~ 2010

MaKih 24. 20] 0

Aprl[ 23~ 20NJI

Aprl128, 20~O

May 22, ,21010

May 3.1,2[1]0








. Relear

, RefeMS.


J~y I., 20W.O S6UIJI


July IS, '2,0 Ul $300

luIy 26. 201 0 $300

Ju;ly 30" 20U) s:mo

August 16. 2010 $:30101

August 27, 2~H 0$300



,."Q'ri,=' ~~!


194. Hemy YAMBO is employed as an active dUity poliee offioorwiththe BP.D.

usrgned tQ patrol ~n die Northeast .D~smct. . - .


• - - -- -- -- -- ------ ----- ~ •• ,-- .---- -- - , .... - - -- --- ---r .... , _

11 0662 PW~ n 065SPWG <11 0656PWG

195. AceordiDg to: 'the CAD, 'OIn JanlW')f 31, 2~1 '( ,at 4:3,9 'P.,niI., Y AMBO was dispatched, for -p, ,au,tcmobile aooidelitlt .in the2-tm) bJock of Be:~air Road. Accordlngro thel CAD, Y AlMBO ''W8,:S m rouwro the 9~ene at 4:39 p.m .. and cleared the, scene at S~04p.m. Y AM)iO did. , not pJiepaI\e a, MAARSn:poFl: for fMs ~mlcident

196. An 5:m p.m .. ~ Y AMBO called MORENO'. Y AMBO ~'o~d MORENO~at h~

wOI!iI!d put tli.ew.oman en. the phone and! that it we Iili 2003 Toy-om ClUm)'. After disc-ussing cUler Itar8~ YAMBOlSked MORENO' the .mCP,'Wa:s o,pen 8lnd.MORENO sWdyes. VAfo4BO ubd!, "then I can le11 the: girl to 'SCI ~eN today1J! MORENO responded. yes. Y AMBO theD asked MORENO~ether he would be able to. get her a renlal em' and MORENO ·feSpond.ed. yeS.'

, YMfBO said fuart iswbatt be would teU her then, and when she 'carn.e over" he wm.dd let :s:peakwitil MORENO. Y,~BO then ~O'ldMORENO that tmie.[le was n.o [iep~rt.M.d. MORENO said for YAM130 ro eall him wlllen she got~ere.,YAMBO .en passed the pbCiueto the wom_" l¥ho .spoke directly ~o MORENO. The woman to[d MORBNO th~t she was jnvolved~n an. ,a~ld.e.D!t that was· the other pe:rnoo.·s fault. Site agreed to came down to Majestic In an hour ..

~ 91. AI! 5: 14 :p.m.~YMmO sent MQRENO a ~exl message iliat asked MOR.m'r!lUw, call him ~f' "she goes. Do you .lmowwbat time )'CUT mend "WiiU eome?" A~ 5; 11 p, m. MORENO rlespon.ded. ~'I told you ~nonehow we see,"

11 '8. Ali 6,:38 p',m'l MORENO' se~nm a: ~ex.t .message "0 YAMBO 5tating. "I got ur

rlcli:et",m geur cofre tomonowt Yambo resporu!!ed~ u'The 'first one camry?t! MORENO l\esponded. Yep .. I got ~e Heket .. we meet for coffecC,~" YAMBO f-esponded~ ·!Ok CIlbmn. "I

199. The next d.ay~ wr,cxdJangmng text messsges abo~t another woman, who did not Ieeve her car at the sbep, Y AMBO and MORlENO e~changed me foUo\¥ing text .messages between 16;05 p.rn.and 6:30 p.m.:

MORENO kiI YAMBO: _ I.t\lave not tilikenout th.e coffee.

¥" AMBO to MORENO: I neoo. mycmfetodalY I'm thirsty






n- I I 2" I P<W' 'G···· ~

I nnl r:: ~', II. J

Y ANffiO to MORENO:·


~. get you.' wherelf~U at In mee,t you bel ail; erdman

200 .. At 7:27 p.m., Y'AMBO cd1ed MORENO ~dtoid him ltathe was "in me dtstrict ri.,ght novt'b~lt that he was head~ng .l!!l Bel Air and &dman.. YAMBO told MORENO mat his plone was ,dio~~ to de. MORENO' 10Ld YAMBO te huny up'.

201. At7;37 p.Il., mlImWtO\oVJl. fe,mate called ~H lOOEn MORENOts 'OOHrulhv telephone.

Before the cal~er reached 911, Y AMBO can be heard inth.eback,:goound stating~~ls is not my mao n lbe female celler then ro.Ld me '9] 1 dispa!tcherdlat she needed~~,_other officer" to came m' the CVS (DiI1, Be~ All' and Brdman. oocause she had. just. 'been. Klibbed. by her ex..!ooymend.. The 911 dispatcher q~ue'Sit~(lned her about lIeedJ~ng ~imof:le:r)' offic~r,. De feMlale ea1~eif responded that there· w,ere officers .tl!.ere D1!J!ldlat "he said'" U:lat ~~tS lsn't hisarea, '" At this point in the call, a police radio can be heard playing in the bru:kgJ1l:nmd of the call, De 911 dlispalit,Cl}ler centinuad to ask ques~lons rdlout the alleged assault, but.·me ,caJ~ei b'l.m.g up ..

'202. .Accorolngto' 'file CAD related tolffil.e ial!lfiled ass3iU~t,. a :ftma1e called 9'] l ft,orw

MORENO's ceHular te!ephO'ne number. A~soa'WonUngto Ole CAnt YA~Owu in fOliJlle t,c' Ile scene at 7:45 p.m .. As of the thne offuc co:mpleti(m oftltis .Affi.davilt,. the poliee repert rel.&led to the allegedasmult wasnet yet a.vaHab]e f'Or rey.iew.

20.3. B,etween ~ ~ :07p~lm .. ,ad I. 1::3 8p .. m.~lilile fllUomng: ~~t messages we~ exchanged

between MORENO and y~O:






11 0662PWG 11 0655PWG 11 0656PWG

204. AcooMm:g to BofA :~ootdls~, Henry Yamoo rece.ivedat leut four c'Hcks, ~m MljleSilicas ro.uows:

, I



Se;puember 9. 2010

205. Based upon the aforementioAed facts~ you Affiant believeg, that HemWl Alex~8; MORENO Mejlia and Javier MEJIA haw 'enga,ged tmdare e.ngaging in I oon.:spiracyw . commit ,mom,on undwenlo!r of C,:ffiCjlal risht,-mvioladon of utI U.:S.C., § 19S'~.(a}~ 'With, tile foUowm,gBPU Officer.;:; Eddly AR.I.AS; m.e lv_ AYALA O~ive:m; R.odney CJlNiTRO'N;, .[h.OD S. CORONA; Michae~ Lee CROSS; Jeny EcIDwD DFGOS~ Jir.; 'Rafae1 Ooncepdon FBUClANO Jr.; Jaime bds LUCID Rivera; Kelvin MANRJCH; Iill1~s NUNEZ,; :SruwueJ. OCASIO; Davld RBEPING; Jerm.aine RICE; Leonet R;ODRlGUEZ Terres; Mm:'Oos Femando 'URENA~ OSvaJd0 V ALENTINJ3.jand Hewy Y AJdBO. Youra:ffiant J'e5pOO1fuUy requests, that a 'cminaJ cOJTlpl~nt


&Obert E. Guynn .

Special Agent, Federal Bureau ofhl.'VestigaJtl@R

feu] W.

Ch1efUni:ted. Stta~es Magistwa.te Jud~e