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Amagi Presentation

Amagi Presentation

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Published by: Nawaz Ahmed on Feb 25, 2011
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Targeted Advertisements on TV

Who are we

Amagi enables local/regional advertisers to leverage TV for targeted advertising

Amagi proprietary & confidential


co-founders of Impulsesoft ‡ Baskar S ‡ Srinivasan KA ‡ Srividhya S ‡ Director & Investor . Zee & ex-President TOI Amagi proprietary & confidential 3 . NS Raghavan ‡ Infosys co-founder & ex-CMD ‡ Advisor ± Mr. Pradeep Guha ± Ex CEO.Background ‡ Co-founders ± Serial entrepreneurs.Mr.

Amagi targeted advertisements News on national channel Your Ad National ± Channel Promo Your ad in Ahmedabad Local ad in Hyderabad Local ad in Bangalore Geograp hic targeting 4 Same ad spot used by different regional advertisers in different regions .

Roll-out plan Hyderabad Ahmedabad Available Bangalore Kolkata Available Indore Patna Nagpur Q2 2010 Amagi proprietary & confidential 5 .

Amagi bouquet Channel Bouquet Aaj Tak Channels in Bangalore Headlines Today Star News Aaj Tak Headlines Today Available in Hyderabad & Ahmedabad Amagi proprietary & confidential 6 .

Why advertise with news? ‡ Reaching the bread-winner of the family ± Reaches hard-to-reach SEC AB Male 25+ audience ‡ Most trust-worthy channels across all TV genres ‡ Share of revenues nearly double of share of viewership ± highest across all genres ± Influences decision makers ‡ Magazine format ± specific programs in the day reaching women & youth ± Reality/serials news. cricket. Bollywood. fashion Amagi proprietary & confidential 7 .

Why Amagi Bouquet? ‡ Aaj Tak & Star News ± Consistently on top across all news channels in India ± Most trusted source of news* ‡ more trusted than DD or any other news paper ± Most watched by Affluent Indians ‡ Source: Nielsen UMAR survey 2009 ‡ English News ± Headlines Today ± Target SEC A+ households ± Establishes premium brand image ± Strong Youth target *Source: BBC/Reuters Media center worldwide poll 2006 Amagi proprietary & confidential 8 .

Reliance) Amagi proprietary & confidential 9 . Siticable) Viewers Media Networks (Aaj Tak. Media planning Agencies Ads Script Advertisers (Pepsi.Traditional Media Content Flow TV Operators (Hathway. Star News) Ad.

Media flow:geographic targeting Content spliced with regional ads in MSO headend Cable MSOs Viewers in region2 Viewers in region1 Regional ads Media Networks Ad headend Ad. media planning Agencies Regional ads Amagi proprietary & confidential Script Regional advertisers 10 .

Targeted Advertising Amagi proprietary & confidential 11 .

Advertising More Effective Less Effective Television Radio OOH Print Internet Mails SMS Source:Retail chain survey study µ09 Amagi proprietary & confidential 12 .

TV advertising Rich audio visual ‡ Multi-sensory involvement ‡ Most memorable ‡ Richer messaging Better reach Ideal for brand building ‡ Mass media ‡ Family experience ‡ Longer exposure ‡ Media multiplier effect ‡ Strong brand image by associativity Amagi proprietary & confidential 13 .

com 14 .Targeted Advertising More Targeted Less Targeted Television Radio OOH Print Internet Mails SMS Amagi proprietary & confidential Source: Nextcenturymedia.

National TV ads: drawbacks High spillage & wastage Amagi proprietary & confidential Very expensive 15 .

Highly targeted TV advertising Target specific cities only Amagi proprietary & confidential 16 .

Stand out from the clutter Amagi proprietary & confidential 17 .Why advertise with Amagi? Be seen with the top brands in India Be perceived as a national brand Reach SEC AB/A+ target audience Minimize wastage/spilllage ± ensure every rupee counts Run one month campaign on premium TV for the cost of one print ad Be the Leader .

conversions and loyalty Niche product targeted at high-end consumers Amagi proprietary & confidential 18 .Who is this best suited for? Regional business looking to build a lasting brand Regional business looking to reach premium audience Regional dealer looking to do a promotion Real estate brand looking to build strong image and generate response Retail brand looking to increase customer footfalls.

Who has advertised with Amagi? A few customers on Amagi platform« Mahavir auto Amagi proprietary & confidential 19 .

Amagi Bouquet Rank 1 2 3 4 5 Latest Week Top 5 Programmes of HINDI NEWS Saas Bahu Aur Saazish-ky Elesh Ki Hui Rakhi Swayamvar Ke 7 Suspence Suspence Bhari Maang Khas Mulakat Genre Channel Presentation/Promotion Reality Shows Reality Shows Reality Shows Interviews/Portraits/Discuss ions Channel Star News Aaj Tak Aaj Tak Aaj Tak Aaj Tak TVRs 000's 333 309 307 302 302 Previoust Week Rank 1 3 5 6 7 Top 5 Programmes of Saas Bahu Aur Saazish-ky Vishesh-rakhi Shaadi Nahi Kare Saas Bahoo Aur Betiya (tv) Special Report-reality Me Cast 24 Ghante Reporter Genre Channel Presentation/Promotion Reality Shows Reviews/Reports Reviews/Reports News Bulletin Channel Star News Aaj Tak Aaj Tak Aaj Tak Star News TVRs 000's 378 348 297 290 285 Amagi Bouquet: Always on top Amagi proprietary & confidential 20 .

000 people in Bangalore Amagi proprietary & confidential 21 .00.What about coverage? ~58.

What about monitoring? Telecast certificate (automatically generated from system) Archival of all ads telecasted (with pre-roll and post-roll) available with date/time stamp on request Amagi proprietary & confidential 22 .

Targeted advertising Cost-effective Low spillage Richer messaging Amagi proprietary & confidential 23 .

24 Amagi proprietary & confidential 24 .

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