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italian barn loft

sienna [ italy ] 1,490 sq-ft.

transparent space. allowing for diffusion of the senses. the simple refraction and effect of light. filtering through invisible layers. catching the smooth surface. submerged.



[high tech high quality l o f t high design]

living room

master suite
crystal space. settled in a smooth stillness. sleek components providing a true freshness. and glazed purity. meant to be touched. glossy.

italian barn loft
[ ancient roman gardens ] - - - the presence of water - - water being essential to life and living . a home is built around the presence of water . straight lines, clear elements. translucence. and the delicate refraction of light. changes in levels. seamless finishes. the effortless flow of water. the liquid depths.

[section c’-c]

[section a’-a]

[ the atrium ] - - - symmetry, measured regularity - - - enclosed by the house, columns surrounding the impluvium & conpluvium system for the collection of rain water outdoor living and the connection of indoor and outdoor space. controlled versus wild.




l o f t

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