ART of Seeing


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54....Thomas Wiewandt 56....David E. Durbak 57....Dana Grover 58....John Snyder 60....Harold Davis 62....Frank Rapp 64....Jack Ramsdale 66....Peter B. Steele 68....Niobe Burden 70....Clark James Mishler 71....Lyn Smith 72....Kevin Barry 74....Greg DeBre 76....Debra Maddox 77....Sara Shoemaker Lind 78....Treve Johnson 79....Don Johnston 80....Kathleen Norris Cook 82....Gary Crabbe 84....Joseph Holmes 86....Tom Kirkendall 88....Scott McGee 90....Mari Minegishi 92....Nevada Wier 94....Bernard Wolf 96....Joel Salcido 98....Paul Swen 100....Janet Horton 101....Susanne Weissenberger 102....Steven Barger 104....Deborah Whitney Prince 106....Shoshannah White

6....Stuart Westmorland 8....Linda Bartlett 10....Jeff Carter 12....Paul B. Goode 14....Lucille Khornak 15....Doug Beasley 16....Jamie Rector 17....Scott E Sawyer 18....Mark Francis Gamba 20....Barbara White 22....John F. Hill 24....Sara Jorde 26....Gerry McIntyre 28....Mark Maziarz 30....Matt Lit 32....Thomas M. Barwick 34....Robert Hall 35....Rusty Leffel 36....John Welsh 37....Scott Markewitz 38....Janet Century 40....Peter Miller 42....Laura Dwight 43....John Dean 44....Ric Moore 46....Woods Wheatcroft 48....Bill Sumner 50....Gary Wilson 52....Bill Pielsticker 53....Paul A. Teolis

107....William B. Folsom 108....Dan Neuberger 110....Doug Landreth 112....Chip Hedgcock 113....Ken & Lois Wilder 114....Tom Kumpf 116....Kim Kauffman 118....Larry Hamill 120....Douglas J. Hoffman 121....Greg Smith 122....Brandon Cole 124....Cary Cleaver 126....Clive Champion 128....David Lubarsky 129....Melissa Ireland 130....Wilton S. Tifft 132....Drake Sorey 134....Mary Heller 135....Anne Howson 136....Mark Schafer 138....Donna R. Strathy 140....Frank DiMarco 141....Elis. Flynn-Chapman 142....Mike McMullen 144....Marc Longwood 146....Mike Kear 148....Susan G. Hammond 149....Kevin Galvin 150....Richard J. Levy 152....Sheridan Vincent 154....Brad Feinknopf 156....John Peters

158....Mike Fizer 160....Park Street 162....Michael Spain-Smith 164....Ken Ross 166....Paul Pierlott 168....Eric Smith 170....Bill McAllen 172....Nick Nacca 174....Jeff Downie 175....Craig Brown 176....David Hagen 177....Mike Wasserman 178....Jackson Hill 180....Denton Rbt. Tillman 182....Olof Wahlund 184....John Still 186....Donna Callighan 188....David Underwood 190....Max Hilaire 192....Don Carlson 194....Peter Treiber 196....David Lee Thompson 198....Arthur Levy 200....Ric Peterson 202....Thaine Manske 204....Phillip Spears 206....George H.H. Huey 208....Gabe Palmer 210....Craig Stocks 212....Thomas R. Fletcher 213....Fred Lee Emmert 214....John Gregory

216....Tom Jelen 217....Bernard Friel 218....Carl R. Battreall 219....Russ Bishop 220....Sid Hoeltzell 222....Paul Wiles 223....Jim Yuskavitch 224....Yiorgos Konstantinidis 226....Stephen G. Weaver 227....Vida Ward 228....Frederick Charles 230....Lewis Kemper 232....Kevin Laubacher 234....John De Mello 235....Margaret Lord 236....Michael Hart 238....Jeffrey R Klug 240....Noel Greene 242....Bart Harris 244....Michael Snively 246....Michael E. Haritan 248....Alastair Orpen Finlay 250....Vickie Lancaster 252....David Halpern



The Art of Seeing
A famous photographer was once asked why he practiced photography. His somewhat enigmatic answer was “to see what things look like when photographed.” This is more than a glib response. For many photographers it lies at the center of their personal quest for self-expression through photography. When I have a camera in my hand the world shifts. I am no longer just passing though. I am an active participant. Colors are more distinct, reality more sharply etched. I am more aware of both the immediate environment and the actions of people around me. It also makes me a voyeur. Being able to isolate and visually dissect my surroundings removes me from being a participant and turns me into an observer. This creates a cognitive dissonance. On one hand, being a part of, while on the other, being removed from. Maybe this lies at the center of what it means to be a photographer; to live in a “no-mans-land” where the moment is constantly slipping past, and yet where we have the power to fix it forever, a time as well as place. Do we photograph for ourselves, or for others? If you were the last person left on earth, would you practice photography?

Don't answer too quickly. Yes, most photographers seek recognition. We need an audience. The feedback we receive becomes part of our raison d'etre. Just the fact our images exist out in the world in more than just one copy somehow enhances their reality and provides a form of permanence to the art that we have created. But now remove that audience, as desirable as it might be. Does our work still have purpose? Would we still do it? The answer to this will vary with the individual. For some, knowing that our work has reached a wider audience than just friends and family provides satisfaction. For others, exposure to a wide audience is intended to lead to either commercial or artistic recognition and success. For many photographers though, it may simply be enough to see what things look like when photographed. But the sharing of these images with others—discovering how others might respond to what we have captured and shown them—provides a satisfaction that cannot be denied. There is still magic in photography, the sharing as well as the doing.

Michael Reichmann January, 2008

Stuart Westmorland 6 ICELAND HANDSTANDS. A serendipitous moment in an exotic location . PREGNANT GRACE & BEAUTY. A study of light. and beauty 7 .5733 www.stuartwestmorland.Mill Creek. motion.225. WA • 425.

IRELAND . I am still fascinated by the people 8 PADDY AND PAUDIE.Linda Bartlett "After thousands of miles traveled and countless images taken.

I have met. In their faces and expressions—every untouched wrinkle and line—is the truest beauty.” Washington.4777 MAIRE KAVANAGH. DC 202.362. IRELAND 9 .

Selenium-toned silver gelatin print . recording in words and pictures the lives of working class people— 10 THE DROVER'S WIFE.Jeff Carter “Since the late 1940s I have traveled Australia wide.

Selenium-toned silver gelatin print 11 . one-man FSA-type project— resulting in an archive of some 100.jeffcarterphotos.342.489 www.” Gerringong.000 images. Australia • TIME OUT.02.42.a self-inspired.

Goode “A portrait session is a telepathic dance between the photographer 12 DENISE TEPER IN MY STUDIO .Paul B.

” New York. An emotional bond is formed that can never be broken.0713 AMITY HALL: PALISADES PARK.and model. NJ 13 . NY • 212.paulbgoode.

Lucille Khornak New York. NY • 14 SISTERLY LOVE.lucillekhornak. An unposed moment captures a momentary spat .0933 www.593.

2007 15 .Doug Beasley St. MN • 651.644. Trade River. Wisconsin. SARA.1400 www.douglasbeasley.

com 16 THE WRITER .587.Jamie Rector Los Angeles. CA • 562.jamierector.0979 www.

226. Sawyer Flagstaff.illuminatedvisions. Exploring nature with human perspective 17 .Scott E. ARIZONA.0404 STORM WALK. AZ • 928.

Mark Francis Gamba “This is part of an ongoing project exploring the emotional relationship 18 WOULDN’T YOU RATHER HAVE AN ARTICHOKE? Archival giclée .

markgamba." Milwaukie.people have with food—the depth and intensity which often supersedes the WHO’S MOMMY’S LITTLE CHICKEN? Archival giclée 19 .9111 www. OR • 503. particularly among women.

Barbara White "My work is about getting to know a Third World area well. 20 MONKS AT ATTENTION. BURMA. Color pigment print .

" Laguna Beach.and finding the beauty that lives there in the midst of hardship. Color pigment print 21 .494.2479 www. MALI. CA • DOGON BABIES TOUCHING.

John F. Hill "I work to reveal the beauty in the world around us. By showing what might not be 22 RITUAL BEAUTY. Pigment on archival paper .

545. Pigment on archival paper 23 .johnfhill." Easton. and by sharing visions from across the world.seen. CT • BOUNTY OF THE MONSOON.6069 www. photographic art enriches our lives.

Tibet .Sara Jorde 24 POTALA AT SUNRISE. Lhasa.

Ganden Monastery.Minneapolis.6923 www.jorde. Tibet 25 .com WOMAN SELLING BARLEY.338. MN • 612.

Gerry McIntyre "Both these images were taken in early 2007 while 26 JUAN PEREZ. An organic farmer near Salinas practices sustainable agriculture .

CA • 916.640." JULIA OROSCO.8888 www.working on the project Steps to a Healthier Salinas. A church volunteer takes blood pressure readings 27 .

Mark Maziarz 28 LAUREN .

649.maziarzpeople.0002 CHRISTOPHER 29 .Park City. UT • 435.

Matt Lit “The decisive moment is the key to my work. Holga series . whether capturing it with a Holga toy camera or the latest digital 30 OUR FATHERS . New Mexico.FESTIVAL Santa Fe Plaza.

com OUR FATHERS . Colorado. The Holga adds a dream-like glimpse of our childhoods—a refreshing memory in our fast-paced lives. Denver.” Dillon.litfoto. CO • 970.2006 www.COORS FIELD. Holga series 31

Digital capture .Thomas M. Barwick 32 STACY.

Digital capture 33 . WA • AUSTIN.Seattle.4380 www.285.

com 34 SENSE OF SELF. UT • 801.roberthall.4510 www.673. Images of feminine self-perception from the Mill Series .Robert Hall Lehi.

9727 www. BROOKLYN.Rusty Leffel Mission Hills.artistsregister. Street photography 35 .com MAGICAL BUS. KS • 913.362.

357.9076 www. PA • 36 DANCING WITH FIRE.johnwelshphotography. Fire performer in Philadelphia .John Welsh Jenkintown. HAND PLANT. UT • 801. BRITISH COLUMBIA.0606 www.scottmarkewitz. Pushing the boundaries of athletic expression 37 .Scott Markewitz Salt Lake City.

Silver gelatin print .Janet Century “The challenge is to capture what lies beneath the surface while photographing only the surface. 38 EMBRACE.

721. and composition all define the chosen moment. Silver gelatin print 39 DUDE.” Cleveland. I am moved to capture the connection that binds us all.4501 www. OH • 216. light.janetcentury.

Toned giclée print .Peter Miller “One of my on-going projects is documenting rural American 40 HILARY AND ALAN'S MAPLE.

5339 www. Giclée print 41 . Vermont People.244.icons. VT • 802. These images first appeared in my book.petermillerphotography.” WILL AND ROWENA.

NY • 212.Laura Dwight New 42 STARTING WITH A.8416 laura@lauradwightphoto. Lifespan development photography .663.

243.8357 www. FOUNDER AND KEY HAN. MD • 410.John Dean Baltimore.johndeanphoto. DDMOTION. People on location 43 .

Versailles . Portrait of Jo in the Marble Trianon.Ric Moore "I like to invite people into my indulgence of symmetry. 44 NEXT MOVE.

" Dallas.ricmoore. Twilight on the beach at Cannes 45 .beauty. and the feeling of all the time in the world.358. TX • THE ART OF FENCING.4701 www.

I use what I see. If it's there.Woods Wheatcroft “Light is my catalyst. If it's 46 CALIFORNIA NIGHT #3 .

255. ID • 208.9412 www. CALIFORNIA #1 47 . BAJA. I create what I need for an inspiring FISHING DOCK.woodswheatcroft.absent.” Sandpoint.

I realized 48 LEAVES .Bill Sumner “When photographing in Vermont last fall.

com POND 49 .that what is behind things often matters most.994. FL • 305.billsumner.3241 www.” Miami.

I enjoy the exploration of the seen world through 50 ENVELOPED CITY .Gary Wilson “Like many photographers.

infrared photography.garywilsonphoto. OR • 503. where it can become a visually transformed and serene REFLECTED 51 .” Portland.3205 www.236.

com 52 PLUNGE POOL.4718 www.Bill Pielsticker Lodi. fresh perspectives . WI • 608.pielstickerphotos.592. Intimate landscapes.

Antarctica 53 .0149 www. Ontario.Paul A. Deception Island.fieldandscreen. Teolis Toronto. Canada • PENGUIN GRAFFITI.

graphic design. 54 ANTICIPATION. Flora collection .Thomas Wiewandt "I blend art and science. focusing on extraordinary light.

” Tucson. My website features a searchable image library. Weather collection 55 . and the sensuous.4551 www. AZ • 520.743.the SHOWDOWN.

com 56 SPIDER MUM.271.0706 david@durbak. Lauderdale. Durbak Ft. FL • 561. Triptych .David E.

Dana Grover San Jose. CA • 408.287.4686 ROSES IN THE RAIN 57 .

France . composition.John Snyder "Looking for extraordinary light. Versailles. and 'moment' anywhere in the world—the 58 GARDENS OF THE PALACE.

Western New York 59 ." Moscow.elements of surprise and chance that can only be captured photographically.johnsnyderphoto. ID SUNBURST.

Harold Davis 60 ALONE I STAND. Post-processed digital photo .

9977 www.528.digitalfieldguide.Berkeley. CA • YOSEMITE DREAMS. Post-processed digital photo 61 .

Frank Rapp "These images are from a body of work shot with a 4x5 62 LONE SAILBOAT. Inkjet print . AQUINNAH TWILIGHT.” Dover.542. Inkjet print 63 . digitally output on watercolor paper.4462 pinhole camera. MA • 617.


8840 john@ramsdale.236. PA • MIGRATION 65 .Philadelphia.

Silver gelatin print .Peter B. Steele 66 BEDFORD OAK.

Silver gelatin print 67 .870.Lafayette.steelephoto. CO • 303.1819 CRACKED WILLOW ICE.

68 TAHOE VOLCANIC SANDS.Niobe Burden “Drawn to the dramatic times of daylight. I seek unique perspectives that may not be readily apparent in a scene. Limited edition archival digital print .

583. emotional images that convey a feeling of calmness and serenity. Limited edition archival digital print 69 .com MYSTIC WATERS.” Lake Tahoe. CA • 530.niobeburden.9000 www.My visual interpretations are meant to be simple.

mishlerphotos.279.8847 70 YOUNG HUNTER WITH SKIN BOAT .Clark James Mishler Anchorage. AK • 907.

Lyn Smith

Dubois, WY • 307.455.2204

SHOT UP RUSTY CAR. Found color patterns of an old car rusting in the salt air


Kevin Barry



West Park, FL • 954.987.9564



Greg DeBré



Miami Lakes, FL • 305.826.1099



Surreal juxtapositions blur lines between painting & photography .Debra Maddox Mill Valley.4065 www. CA • 76 MERMAID WITH KOI.debramaddoxfineart.383.

CA • 310. SAN FRANCISCO.Sara Shoemaker Lind San PEPPERS. Glorious natural colors can always surprise the senses 77 .5334 www.617.

com 78 KILLARNEY NATIONAL PARK .841.0905 www.treve.Treve Johnson Berkeley. CA • 510.

Don Johnston Lively. ONTARIO 79 .donjohnstonphotos. Canada • 705. HUSHED SNOWFALL.3901 www.

my library of imagery includes panoramas.Kathleen Norris Cook "As a landscape photographer. Maine . 80 WINTER DAWN. aerials. Pemaquid Lighthouse.

com DAWN. calendars. and the environment as it applies to France 81 .325.kathleennorriscook. CO • 970.0700 www." Ouray. and fine art. books. Michel. Le Mont St.

Gary Crabbe "Offering images that highlight magical moments when light and landscape combine to reveal the depth of 82 STORMY SPRING SUNSET AT BRIONES .

1461 www.enlightphoto." Pleasant Hill. CA • 925. COYOTE BUTTES 83 . and that promote the awe-inspiring desire to connect ourselves with something larger.nature's SANDSTONE AND REFLECTION.288.

San Benito County. in the hope of helping 84 HILLS. California 1986 .Joseph Holmes "I look for the quintessential faces of North America's natural places.

My work is available in fine print form and for publication. White Mountains. CA • MAPLES AND BIRCHES." create a sustainable future for us all.526.josephholmes. New Hampshire 1985 85 .4145 www.

Tom Kirkendall "Hand-crafted silver gelatin landscape 86 OAK TREE. Los Padres National Forest .

775." Edmonds. Los Osos Oak Reserve 87 . WA • 425.kirkendall-spring.images that let you catch your OAK FOREST.3569 www.

CLEARING STORM. Juneau icefield.Scott McGee "The true and lasting value of Nature lies in its ability to inspire and revitalize the soul. 88 AFTER THE STORM. Alaska .

4705 www. I hope to inspire others to seek the value and wonder of nature all around us.338. Juneau PURPLE MOUNTAIN MAJESTY." Anchorage. AK • 907. Alaska 89 .Through photography.alaskaphotos. CRESCENT MOON AT SUNSET.

Tasmania.Mari Minegishi “Through capturing fugacious yet evocative moments in nature. Australia 2007. Digital media . I discover the subject 90 GATHERING.

” Vancouver. Canada • 604. Australia 2007. A journey into the unnoticed. BC.of my photography.marifotografia. unspoken.715. hidden.4605 www. UNVEILED. Digital media 91 .

I have no 92 CHINDWIN RIVER FOG .Nevada Wier "I am interested in ethnic groups that inhabit the more remote regions within countries.

nevadawier.0877 www. Diptych 93 . but to celebrate the individual spirit of people within their traditions." Santa Fe. NM • 505.desire to mythologize their Myanmar 2005.982.

Bernard Wolf "I love photographing tree and plant life at night and the effect created during long exposures under available light. 94 NOCTURNAL BOTANICA 1. Lightjet print on Fuji crystal archive paper .

bernardwolf.6803 www. Lightjet print on Fuji crystal archive paper 95 ." Santa Monica. CA • 310.399. defining an unusual vision of nature in an urban environment.No supplemental lighting or filters were NOCTURNAL BOTANICA 2.

96 TAURUS.Joel Salcido "My photography depicts a Spain of soulful traditions that include fiestas and brave bulls. both visually poetic and elegant. Archival pigment print on rag paper .

TX • 512. TORO OBSCURO. May Spain remain forever odd.291. and precious. Archival pigment print on rag paper 97 .These images were meant to be painted but instead became photos." Austin.9961 www.

Adolescent Western Lowland gorilla. Gabon .Paul Swen "My main goal as an artist is to communicate with the audience by 98 OUR HANDS.

com SILVER BACK ALPHA MALE. TX • 713.paulswen.4448 www.” Houston.667. Gabon 99 .sharing brief moments in time that stand as symbols for our shared experiences. Western Lowland gorilla.

313. WA • 425.3060 www.agpix. WASHINGTON .com/janethorton 100 MALE PILEATED WOODPECKER.Janet Horton Issaquah.

Susanne Weissenberger Half Moon PROUD PEACOCK. CA • 650. Colors of Nature: Blue 101 .whitemountainphotography.773.2847 www.

Kokerboom tree at sunset.Steven Barger "My images showcase the beauty found in nature. Namibia . from striking landscapes such as 102 FIERY SKY.

6091 www. Bald eagles in flight. Alaska 103 ." AERIAL BALLET.the mosaic color of an African sunset to the graceful ballet of eagles in flight.bargernaturephotography. Homer. OH • 513.460.

Monument Valley. Transparency print .Deborah Whitney Prince "Sharing moments and a deep connection to nature 104 SPIRIT DANCER.

com FLEETING TRANSFORMATION. Northern California.often brings out a sense of ethereal power only a lens can reveal.528." Santa Rosa. CA • 707.9057 www. Digital media 105 .dwprincephoto.

and oil paint . Photographic print on watercolor paper.6048 www. encaustic. ME • 207.shoshannahwhite.Shoshannah White 106 MOTH.332. wax.

com GRAY HAIRSTREAK.wfolsom. VA • 571.213.8696 www. Folsom McLean.William B. Sun on my wings. sun at my feet 107 .

Dan Neuberger "Santorini is so breathtakingly beautiful even a chimpanzee could come up with 108 SANTORINI CAT .

482. Perhaps I had!" Rochester. I thought I had died and gone to paradise.1976 www.great SANTORINI TERRACE 109 .imagecityphotographygallery. NY • 585.

Digital pigment print .Doug Landreth “I have always loved the patina of aging and so I meticulously composite 110 NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. BLUE ULYSSES.douglandreth. Digital pigment print 111 .photographs of textures with scenes or objects to create a more expressionistic collage. WA • 206.” Seattle.7118 www.

charleshedgcock.325. Finding jewel-like.Charles Hedgcock Tucson. sculptural beauty in nature .com 112 CENTIPEDE. AZ • 520.4241 www.

wilderimagesonline. Harbinger of Spring in black and white harmony 113 . CT • 203.Ken & Lois Wilder TULIP QUINTET.1090 www.267.

Tom Kumpf "Our world is full of constantly changing images. I see. Because of this. Ireland. the shutter 114 BURREN PONY. County Clare. Silver gelatin print .

com CUBA SI. and understanding is created. Cuba. beauty.clicks. Havana. CO • 303." Boulder. Silver gelatin print 115 .tomkumpf.0378 www. and something of strength.926. truth.

Photo collage from multiple scans of original objects .Kim Kauffman "My photo collages are inspired by my love of gardening and associated reverence for the 116 MANTRA.

They study forms nature repeats across all living things and we humans mimic in our NATIVE DANCER.synecdochestudio. MI • 517.2815 www. Photo collage from multiple scans of original objects 117 .321." Lansing.natural world.

Larry Hamill “Laying tiles. offers a way 118 MY EYE . one at a time digitally.

com HORNBILL 119 .of seeing via one of the oldest art forms—mosaic.2798 www.444.larryhamill. OH • 614.” Columbus.

0260 www.Douglas 120 ENLIGHTENMENT.douglasjhoffman. Black and white portraits reflect the beauty and mystery of the sea . HI • 808. Hoffman Kihei.879.

com PEOPLE WATCHING IN A MAY RIVER MARSH.6557 www.imediasmith. Pictures with stories—naturally 121 .757.Gregory Wrenn Smith Bluffton. SC • 843.

Brandon Cole 122 PARROTFISH .

3489 HUMPBACK WHALE BREACHING 123 . WA • 509.Spokane Valley.535.

Silver gelatin print . an intersection of form and light.Cary Cleaver “My images capture a moment in time. MICHEL. Applying oil 124 VIEW FROM MONT ST.

carycleaver. MICHEL.colors by hand imbues a mood and invites the viewer into the photograph.” Atlanta.949. Hand-colored silver gelatin print 125 .com VIEW FROM MONT ST.5351 www. GA • 770.

Clive Champion "These recent images are from the series The Botanical Palace. Madrid . They were inspired by 126 MID-DAY FOUNTAIN. Parque del Retiro.

Madrid 127 .7304 www. Canada • 416. PASSAGE TO PARAGUAY." Toronto. Parque del Retiro.the elegance of 18th and 19th century gardens and garden architecture in the UK and Spain.championphoto.532.

505. NY • 212. Digitally-enhanced cell phone camera image .1720 www.David Lubarsky New York. 128 STORMY COMMUTE.davidlubarsky. CT.

577. NM • 505.3255 RELIGIOUS NATURE 129 .Melissa Ireland Cerrillos.

Wilton S. Tifft 130 FOG AND CHAIR. Ellis Island registry room .

com STAIRWELL.596.4940 www. University of Chernivtsi-Ukraine 131 .tifft.East Smithfield. PA • 570.

North Dakota . Minot.Drake Sorey 132 MINOT FOOD.

7575 www.drakesorey.534. VA • 703.McLean. New Mexico 133 .com OLD TRUCK.

Mary Heller New York. An expression of loneliness and mystery .737. NY • 134 BULGARIAN COURTYARD.maryheller.6039 www.

com WENDY'S MEADOW. CA • 415.1112 funston@aol.409. Looking towards what is possible 135 .Anne Howson San Francisco.

Mark Schafer 136 MALIBU PIER. California .

NY • 30 ROCKEFELLER CENTER.markschafer.691.9034 www.New York. New York 137 .

Donna R. ITALY . not contrive them— photographing what is significant to me in 138 LUNCH IN VERONA. Strathy “I prefer to find images.

the real world.” Seattle. WA • 206.366. ITALY 139 . Discovering and distilling meaningful moments in life directs my photographic approach.strathyphoto.8151 A STREET IN FLORENCE.

Frank DiMarco 140 COFFEE IN THE RAIN . OR • 503.358.8119 www.dimarcogallery.

Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman Richmond. VA • PATTERNS IN WOOD AND STONE. The ordinary as an aesthetic abstraction 141 .7747 chapflyn@aol.

What 142 CLASSIC MEETS MODERN.Mike McMullen “My images are the product of light. Kansas City. and traditional darkroom techniques. Nelson-Atkins Museum. film. Missouri .

KS • 816.” Shawnee Mission. Montezuma. shapes. Kansas 143 .the camera sees is refined to convey the unique textures.3506 www. and shadows of the WIND AND WHEAT.

Marc Longwood "Color. scattered 144 SILLAS DE GUGGENHEIM. Spain 2006. light. shape. Digital media . I seek out these elements of art. Bilbao. form.. texture. scale..

Digital media 145 .0652 www. California 2006. CA • CASA DE ZORRO. Anza Borrego. such that I might see into the trees within the forest.longwoodpro.635." Sacramento.secretly about in daily life.

Inkjet print on aluminum. 7' x 7’ . enabling the 146 MAN MO TEMPLE. often playing with scale and humor. HONG KONG.Mike Kear "My fine art urban landscapes have an emphasis on structure and form.

UK • 44(0)7753. I undertake large-scale international commissions.930. 7' x 7’ 147 .com EMPIRE STATE THROUGH THE MANHATTAN BRIDGE.mikekear." London. Inkjet print on aluminum.678 www.viewer to experience the subject from a new perspective.

A head created with 148 TYLER'S HEAD.4204 www. sits stoically in the cement landscape .852. Hammond Hackettstown. NJ • 908.Susan G.

6001 www. Paris.Kevin Galvin South Wellfleet. Found images from Europe 149 .com QUIET NIGHT.349.kevingalvin. The Latin Quarter. MA • 508.

Levy. AIA. circa 1936. I create 150 MERV GRIFFIN THEATER (now Schwabs). Hollywood. California . award-winning.Richard J. architectural photographer. APA “I am a fine art.

circa 1963.250. historic form found in the landscape for corporate fine art and commercial use.images of structural.archphotodesign.0100 www. California 151 . CA • 213.” Los HOTEL PADRE. Red Mountain.

Sheridan Vincent “It is my pleasure to capture an image. and ultimately produce 152 SYMMETRIC ANGLES. Kodak Endura Metallic print . manage it to print.

Kodak Endura Metallic print 153 .sheridanvincentphotography. NY • 585.2005 www.a desirable print to share what I saw. What a wonderful time to be a photographer!” REFLECTED ANGLES.

CENTER FOR SCIENCE AND COMPUTATION BUILDING . both 154 BARD COLLEGE.Brad Feinknopf "My work deals with how a piece of architecture evolves and changes.

com BARD COLLEGE. throughout different times of day.0414 www.feinknopf." Columbus.225. and even season. CENTER FOR SCIENCE AND COMPUTATION BUILDING 155 . OH • 614. weather.interiors and exteriors.

John Peters 156 CREAM .

961.0857 ICE CREAM 157 .Buffalo. NY 716.

Mike Fizer "As an aviation specialist over the last twenty years. I never stop appreciating 158 EMBRAER ERJ 145 OVER SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA .

nor how function influences BOMBARDIER LEARJET 60 OVER THE SALTON SEA. CALIFORNIA 159 .1022 http://mikefizer. KS • 316.832.the combination of grace and power of aircraft." Wichita.

Park Street "I create art to match my client’s need. with twenty years of experience providing 160 WATERSTREET 1 .

and architectural clients." Austin.3572 www. TX • 512.imagination to corporate. WATERSTREET 2 161 .parkstreets.

Michael Spain-Smith 162 UNTITLED .

755. NY • 917. PA • 215.1500 UNTITLED 163 .New York.michaelspainsmith.7500 www.840.494. FL • 251.4500 Philadelphia.

Papua. 164 TRIBAL CHIEF. New Guinea .Ken Ross “I offer travel and location photography. Eastern Highlands.

319.2974 kenrossphotography.with stock images from eighty-seven BLUE CROSS.” Scottsdale. Black Day. New Mexico 165 . AZ • 602.

Paul Pierlott

"Factories panoramic: pipes, valves, wires, huge rooms of iron mysteries, the unseeable made seen. Bacteria on



a pin, E. coli on a seed, portraits and events to recall. Yet we still see the soft smile and the ragweed wall."

Philadelphia, PA • 215.836.2717



Eric Smith

“Photographs of real life are moments gone as soon as they happen. A compelling image is when


SPONGE BOB. New York 2006

all of the elements come into balance and one’s response to the image is immediate and visceral.”

Huntington Wood, MI • 248.705.1035

MACY’S PARADE. New York 2006


Bill McAllen

"I enjoy shooting environmental portraits. I am producing a book



com DUFF GOLDMAN AT MOUNT VERNON SQUARE 171 ." Baltimore. MD • 410.mcallenphotography.4131 www.featuring citizens of Baltimore in their favorite spaces and places.499.

Blending.Nick Nacca "For me it’s all about the light. and sculpting with light is at the 172 OIL & GLASS . shaping.

center of my process, creating images that stand out in a world of clutter.”

San Diego, CA • 619.280.9900



Jeff Downie

Cleveland, OH • 216.426.9090



Craig Brown

Cleveland, OH • 216.426.9090



David Hagen

Cleveland, OH • 216.426.9090



Mike Wasserman

Cleveland, OH • 216.426.9090



Jackson Hill “These photographs are from a post-Katrina series taken entirely 178 TWO DREAMS: THE SECRET OF LIFE .

” New Orleans.524.and literally from images revealed in two dreams. LA • THE DEATH OF PHOTOGRAPHY 179 .0200 www.southernlights.

Denton Robertson Tillman 180 THE PAINTER .

New York.dennytillman.255.2977 RIVA'S BRUSHES 181 . NY • 212.

Olof Wahlund 182 FERNS. Pigment print . ROCKSCAPE ONE.olofwahlund. NY • 212. Pigment print 183 .9067 www.New York.

Digital multiple exposure .John Still "I use digital and analog capture and compositing in my still-life works to 184 EASY AS.

MA • 617.9911 www." Newton. Digital photo composite 185 .johnstill.527. and synchronicity. motion.explore and connect themes of time. DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT.

186 BUBBLES #273 . Weeds. Seeds. Trees.Donna Callighan “Series of work includes Foggy Florals.

S.. and Earth Balls.348.donna-terra. CT • 203.” FROM WHICH WE GROW 187 .O.7997 www. I am currently working on The Language of Trees.S.

Composite stapled color and silver gelatin photograph . 188 CACTUS.David Underwood “My composite photographs expand the language of single-frame photography. AND DOORS. WINDOWS.

exploring varied possibilities of deconstruction. reconstruction.3572 PLEASE KEEP OFF LAWNS.471. editing. content. and presentation.” Jefferson City TN • 865. Composite stapled color and silver gelatin photograph 189 . printing.

Max Hilaire “My photography encompasses fine 190 CIRCLES .

953. and global images. NY • 212.1986 www.” New BLUE WALL 191 .maxhilaire. still-life.

Don Carlson


HEADS UP. Digital photograph

Richmond, CA • 510.410.7833

CHAIN LINKED. Digital photograph


Peter Treiber

"The art of steel-making is dramatic and beautiful, but it is also hot, dirty, and



extremely dangerous. It was twenty-four years of magic as I photographed this art in action."

Bethlehem, PA • 610.867.3303



David Lee Thompson

"I work with a variety of imaging processes to create emotionally


MOON FLIGHT. Digital capture with Adobe processing

evocative and moving images of the heart. FL • 813. Digital capture with Adobe processing 197 . mind. and soul." INTO THE FUTURE.902.9816 dltphoto@aol.

natural colors of an explosion of fall’s beauty . Vivid.Arthur Levy 198 ASPEN FIREWORKS.

8473 acg47@aol.443. First light of a hot summer day 199 .com HOT DAY.Boulder. CO • 303.

Ric Peterson 200 HULL #1 . TASHA 201 .Seattle. WA • 206.5308 www.

Thaine Manske "I search for artistic ways to create images that evoke strong emotions. incorporating 202 CATTLE ROUNDUP .

TX • 1945 SINGER SEWING MACHINE 203 .thainemanske." Houston.0615 www. texture.the subtle interaction of color. and movement with the simplicity of good design.

scale.Phillip Spears "This work is inspired by my affinity for the beauty. and achievement 204 COGEN 1 .

GA • 678.inherent in the industrial and man-made HERREKNECHT 1 205 .phillipspears.8842 www.481." Fayetteville.

Huey 206 WATER AND SANDSTONE.George H.H. Zion National Park. Utah .

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. the Big Island 207 .com LAVA DETAIL.6800 www.Prescott. AZ • 928.georgehhhuey.445.

Gabe Palmer “My vision is to reduce a scene or an object to its basic. or shape. Part of a continuing series exploring plants and flowers . graphic form. I do not 208 GRACE. the play of line. color.

Part of a continuing series exploring plants and flowers 209 .” SILENT PRAYER.1410 www. or many pictures. VT • 800.872.palmerkane.take many variations. but spend most of my time just observing before I record an image.

Digital capture and post-processing .Craig Stocks “I began my professional career in the 1970s in the 210 MOON FLOWER. of film.9684 www. minimal post-processing 211 .com JEKYLL ISLAND SUNRISE. IL • 309.” Delavan. Digital capture. but the digital world has set my creativity free.244.

226. Fletcher Cowen.Thomas R. West Virginia .com 212 SOLITUDE. WV • 304.5435 www.proseandphotos. Misty spring woodland.

Nature creates art.1700 www.Fred Lee Emmert Santa FOGGY WIG ROCK. but timing is everything 213 . CA • 714.airviews.

Great Smoky Mountains 2007. shadow.John Gregory "Landscape is about capturing light. Digital . and color that evokes the feelings of wonder. 214 TREE IN MEADOW.

johngregoryimages." Libertyville. Digital 215 .5421 RIPPLED HORIZON AT SUNSET.650. Color and texture explodes from an emerging sunrise and fades into the subtleties of dusk. and serenity. IL • 847. Great Smoky Mountains 2007.

287. IL • 216 MACKINAC ISLAND FLOWER GARDEN .Tom Jelen Village of Lakewood.tomjelenvirtuals.7936 www.

Winter’s contrasts 217 .wampy.Bernard Friel Mendota Heights.3655 RED BARN MINNESOTA. MN • 651.454.

com 218 GLOWING ICE AND STREAM.Carl R.battreallphoto.1075 www. Byron Glacier. AK • 907. Alaska . Battreall Anchorage.646.

CALIFORNIA.8056 www.Russ Bishop MONO LAKE. Natural imagery with a sense of detail and drama 219 . CA • 805.

captures turn digital.Sid Hoeltzell "Film transitioned. the eye remains 220 KOKI BEACH SUNRISE. Archival giclée limited edition . MAUI.

FL • 305. LEAF #064. and never satisfied until it is ink on paper..0175 www. MAUI ZEN SERIES.the same. Archival giclée limited edition 221 .always sharp." Miami.

paulwilesphotography.7304 www.Paul Wiles 222 WILD & SCENIC PORTION OF THE MCKENZIE RIVER.342. OREGON . OR • 541.

Jim Yuskavitch Sisters.8914 www.agpix. CALIFORNIA 223 . OR • DAWN.549. KLAMATH MARSH.

Limited edition print .Yiorgos Konstantinidis "My inspiration comes from my struggle to communicate with 224 AUTUMN CREEK. Mount Pieria. Greece.

Greece • 0030. witnessing all she has to offer. or a fierce sky. hidden under a leaf.6972776466 www." Thessaloniki. Greece. Limited edition print 225 KERKINI LAKE. a rock.Mother Nature.

Weaver Colorado Springs. CO • 719.Stephen G.earthsystemsimaging.6954 www. WYOMING .com 226 WILLOWS AND ASPEN.389.

pixelpoint-artistry. OR • 503.7622 www.Vida Ward Portland. Remarkable Rocks. Kangaroo SHELTER FROM THE STORM. Australia 227 .231.

228 THE SEASONS PROJECT: A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF AN ORCHARD .Frederick Charles “Exploring every nuance of weather. documenting the splendor of change.

674. forty-seven days of photography 229 .standing witness to the power of the earth’s natural cycle. NY • 914.” Dobbs Ferry.4044 One year.fcharles. one camera position. I was humbled before the sublime.

and nature all come together. form. I try to find 230 ERODED HILLS. DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK. Ultrachrome pigment print .Lewis Kemper “There is nothing better then when light. color.

CA • 916. Ultrachrome pigment print 231 .7200 www.” Sacramento.974.the extraordinary in the world around us and to share it with my audience. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL GHOST TREES.lewiskemper.

At times by placing 232 PARKING LOT SENTINEL .Kevin Laubacher "The serendipity of the moment has always been my mantra. FOREST SENTINELS 233 .together these singular impulses I can tell a broader story and tap into the deeper feelings of the viewer.kevinlaubacher.8845 www." Portland. OR • 503.

com 234 HALONA BEACH.521. HI • 808.3560 www.johndemello.John De Mello Honolulu. East O`ahu. Hawai`i .

Margaret Lord San Rafael. Polaroid transfer 235 . LOUISIANA. CA • MAISON GARDEN.8096 calilord@msn.

Michael Hart 236 EMERGENCE .

PAUL’S 237 . ST.8250 MILLENNIUM BRIDGE. TX • 713.hartphoto.Houston.271.

Jeffrey R. Klug “My photography is like nature— 238 MOON AT POINT LOBOS .

com LEAF ON ALGERS FALLS 239 .klugsphotoworld.1255 www.628.always and never the same.” Hubertus. WI • 262.

These types of images 240 GRAND CANAL.Noel Greene "I always try to capture the ‘other side’ of the image. VENICE .

7179842 noelgreene@gmail. VENICE 241 .67." Ferney-Voltaire. France • 0033.only present themselves for a mere second and in my view can never be REFLECTIONS AT LA FENICE OPERA HOUSE.

I referred to myself as 242 MICHIGAN AVENUE.Bart Harris "For the first forty of my more than fifty years in photography. #1 .

bartharris.975.a MILLENNIUM PARK. I finally consider myself an artist. With the advent of Photoshop and digital photography.” Chicago. IL • 773. #1 243 .0070 www.

Michael Snively "Light is my muse. Archival carbon pigment print . creating an expression of 244 TIDAL PASSAGE. the photograph my poem.

These images are from the Forgotten Dreams REST IN PEACE.7329 www.520. Archival carbon pigment print 245 . CO • 303.intimatemuse.timelessness and beauty." Littleton.

2007 .Michael E. McMurray. Pennsylvania. Haritan “This series pays homage to the similarity and beauty of the landscape and 246 PETERS LAKE PARK.

2007 247 . so does the human but for itself.” NAVEL ADORNMENT.bodyscape. As nature adorns itself for us.941.2002 michaelharitan@verizon. PA • 724.

New York .Alastair Orpen Finlay "My observation of my photography is a form of satire—a comment on a period 248 WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER. New York.

" New York. Time is a consequence.252. NY • 212. It can demean and love consecutively.of time. New York 249 . By which we are humbled in the DISPOSABLE.alastairfinlay.9667 www. Houston Street. New York.

British Columbia . Vancouver.Vickie Lancaster 250 FISHING BOAT.

vickielancaster.3684 MOUNT HOOD AT CHRISTMAS 251 . OR • 503.Portland.

Antelope 252 BEAR’S TOOTH CAVERN.8978 www. Arizona 2007 . OK • 918.742.David Halpern Tulsa.

OR 97212 Charles Cowles Gallery 537 W. Park. of Photographic Arts 200 N. GA 30324 Flatfile Gallery 217 North Carpenter Chicago. NY 10019 Charles Schwartz Ltd. NY 10128 Cichon Photography Gallery 133 Bent Street Taos. #2005 Long Island City. NM 87571 David Gallery 5797 Washington Blvd. IL 60610 Ctr. Tampa Street Tampa. CA 90232 Deborah Bell Photographs 511 W. Santa Monica. TX 75201 Alan Klotz Gallery 511 W. B-1 Atlanta. NY 10001 DSA Fine Arts P. College Avenue Fort Collins. NY 10022 Camera Obscura Gallery 1309 Bannock Street Denver. NW. 6th Avenue Tucson. CA 94108 . NY 15208 Edwynn Houk Gallery 745 Fifth Avenue New York. 25th Street #703 New York. and DEALERS Afterimage Gallery 2800 Routh Street #141 Dallas. CA 95389 Ariel Meyerowitz Gallery 4720 Center Blvd. Box 455 Yosemite N. AZ 85701 Fahey/Klein Gallery 148 N. 2nd Fl Chicago. 2801 Ocean Park Blvd. GA 30309 Barry Singer Gallery 7 Western Avenue Petaluma. NM 87501 Ansel Adams Gallery Village Mall. 57th Street New York. CENTERS. 21 E. Superior. 24th Street New York. for Fine Art Photography 201 S. 90th Street New York.GALLERIES.A. 25th Street #701 New York. La Brea Avenue Los Angeles. Culver City. NY 11109 Art Source L. CO 80206 Camerawork Gallery 515 Center Street Scranton. FL 33602 Fraenkel Gallery 49 Geary Street San Francisco. NY 10011 Charles Isaacs Photographs 25 W. CA 94952 Bonni Benrubi Gallery 41 E. NY 10151 Etherton Gallery 135 S. Box 1120 Beacon. NY 10536 Catherine Edelman Gallery 300 W. CO 80524 Charles Hartman Fine Art 2625 NE 26th Avenue Portland. 54th Street #5C New York. CA 90036 Fay Gold Gallery 764 Miami Circle Atlanta. IL 60607 FL Msm. NY 10001 Andrew Smith Gallery 203 W. PA 18503 Candace Dwan Gallery 27 Katonah Avenue Katonah.O. CA 90405 Atlanta Photography Group 75 Bennett Street. San Francisco Street Santa Fe.

Box 49227 Sarasota. 891 Park Avenue New York. 57th Street New York. FL 34230 Illustrated Light Gallery 1 Old Town Square #103 Fort Collins. Washington. NY 10012 Janet Lehr Inc. LA 70130 Gallery Luisotti 2525 Michigan Avenue A-2 Santa Monica. NY 10028 Lisa Sette Gallery 4142 N. Brookings Gallery 330 Commercial Street San Jose. TX 77098 John Stevenson Gallery 338 W. CA 95112 Jan Kesner Gallery 164 N. WA 98104 Gallery 19/21 9 Little Harbor Road Guilford. 86th Street New York. NY 10021 Laurence Miller Gallery 20 W. #200 Washington. TX 75201 Gitterman Gallery 170 E. CA 94108 . Kraus Jr. Washington Street Seattle. Los Angeles.J. CA 92037 Kathleen Ewing Gallery 1609 Connecticut Ave.O.. 3rd Fl New York. Hyman Avenue Aspen. CO 80211 Gary Edwards Gallery 1711 Connecticut Ave. NY 10022 Howard Schickler Fine Art P. La Brea Avenue Los Angeles. IN 46176 Lewis Lehr. 47 Railroad Street Great Barrington. N. CA 90036 Janet Borden Gallery 560 Broadway #601 New York. 75th Street New York. Inc. Gibson Gallery 300 S. DC 20009 Keith de Lellis Gallery 47 E. CO 81611 John Cleary Gallery 2635 Colquitt Houston. NY 10021 Hans P. CO 80524 Iris Gallery of Fine Photoghy. AZ 85251 Michael Dawson Gallery 535 N. NY 10011 Howard Greenberg Gallery 41 E. 68th Street New York. 57th Street New York. 350 North Shelbyville. NY 10028 Hasted Hunt Gallery 529 W. Marshall Way Scottsdale. MA 01230 J. CA 90404 Gallery Sink 2301 W. NY 10011 Joseph Bellows Gallery 7661 Girard Avenue La Jolla. CA 90004 Michael Shapiro Photographs 49 Geary Street #208 San Francisco. DC 20009 Gerald Peters Gallery 2913 Fairmont Dallas.W. NY 10021 Joel Soroka Gallery 400 E. Larchmont Blvd. 30th Street Denver. 23rd Street New York. 444 E. CT 06437 Gallery for Fine Photography 241 Chartres Street New Orleans.G. 962 Park Avenue New York. NY 10019 Lee Marks Fine Art 2208 E. Inc. 20th Street.

CA 90404 Photogenesis Gallery 100 E. NY 10013 Southeast Msm. IL 60605 Msm. 28th Street #1702 New York. 1632 S. CA 92101 Newspace Ctr for Photoghy. Los Angeles.O. NY 10022 Patricia Laligant 150 W. CA 94108 Silver Eye Photography Ctr. 112 Don Gaspar Santa Fe. of Contemp. 9th Fl New York. Center P. G-5 Santa Monica. 369 Montezuma #345 Santa Fe.Monroe Gallery of Photoghy. 02116 Robert Koch Gallery 49 Geary Street. 600 S. 520 Avenida Cesar Chavez Kansas City. CA 92101 Pace/MacGill Gallery 32 E. MO 64108 SOHO Photo 15 White Street New York. NY 10011 Society for Cont. MA. San Francisco Street Santa Fe. CA 94108 Robert Mann Gallery 210 Eleventh Avenue. Suite 1 Oakhurst. Inc. NM 87504 Scheinbaum Russek Ltd. NY 10001 Paul Kopeikin Gallery 6041 Wilshire Blvd. Michigan Avenue Chicago. CA 63644 . 5th Fl San Francisco. 1516 31st Street N. Box 2811 Daytona Beach. NM 87501 Msm. 57th Street.E. 10th Fl New York. NM 87501 Scott Nichols Gallery 49 Geary Street #415 San Francisco. 3rd Fl New York. of Photographic Arts 1649 El Prado San Diego. 4th Fl Boston. 10th Avenue Portland. CO 81301 Ordover Gallery 1788 El Prado San Diego. FL 32120 Staley-Wise Gallery 560 Broadway. CA 90048 Peter Fetterman Gallery 2525 Michigan Ave. NY 10708 Ralls Collection. Box 2483 Santa Fe. Second Avenue Durango.O. PA 15203 Silverstein Photography 535 W. NY 10001 Robert Miller Gallery 524 W. 26th Street New York. NY 10012 Stellar Gallery 40982 Highway 41. NM 87501 Photographs Do Not Bend 1202 Dragon Street #103 Dallas. 24th Street New York. Washington.W. of Photoghy P. OR 97214 Open Shutter Gallery 755 E. NY 10001 Rose Gallery 2525 Michigan Ave. A-7 Santa Monica. DC 20007 Robert Klein Gallery 38 Newbury Street. CA 90404 Sandra Berler Gallery 7002 Connecticut Avenue Chevy Chase. MD 20815 Santa Fe Photoghy. 1015 East Carson Street Pittsburgh. Photoghy. TX 75207 Prakapas Gallery 1 Northgate 6B Bronxville. Photoghy.

Box 655 Carmel. Art of Seeing offers a succinct way to reach creative buyers. TX 77098 Weinstein Gallery 908 W. Inc. 22nd Street New York. 25th Street New York. See our website for details. 23rd Street. 2nd Fl New York. IL 60610 Stephen L.644. 46th Street Minneapolis. ALCOVE BOOKS 930 Dwight Way #7 Berkeley. NY 11201 Weston Gallery.3534 . Ltd. KS 66208 Vernacular Photography 4718 Springfield Avenue Philadelphia. P. 4th Fl New York. NY 10011 TARTT/Washington 1711 Connecticut Avenue NW. CO 80524 Throckmorton Fine Art 145 E. NY 10011 Yossi Milo Gallery 525 W. OH 44012 Watermark Photography 3503 Lake Street Houston. TX 78703 Steven Kasher Gallery 521 510. NM 87501 Vintage Works. The submission deadline is November 1st.Stephen Daiter Gallery 311 W. CA 93921 William Floyd Photographs 16 E. 6th Street Austin. MN 55419 Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art 111 Front Street #200 Brooklyn. The publication date is May 1st. IL 60202 The Illustrated Light Gallery # 1 Old Town Square #103 Fort Collins. Superior Street #404 Chicago. 77th Street New York. Washington. 57th Street.O. PA 19143 Verve Gallery of Photography 219 East Marcy Street Santa Fe. NY 10021 Yancey Richard Gallery 535 W. 3rd Fl New York. 57th Street. NY 10022 ART of Seeing A working tool for American photographers. NY 10001 Zabriskie Gallery 41 E. DC 20009 The Collected Image 806 Monroe Street Evanston. stock houses. 258 Inverness Circle Chalfont. CA 94710 AlcoveBooks. Clark Gallery 1101 W. PA 18914 Wach Gallery 31860 Walker Road Avon Lake. photo galleries. NY 10022 Van Deusen Photography 6951 Tomahawk Road Prairie Village. and collectors.

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