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1lit: 11lillll stepped fiurwarrci.!!he ][ect).rnl'/.glflv.rUii tI.e~ .e . he could ee it was a Techpriest who confronted him." he announced. ec-homg oIT etched runes and J\.e. bringing forth a wax s..t the walls of the decrepit M'e.IIH: urUl1lO\! metal slrlodfeetpoumhDig §). From m:iHng trubes and the SC1lI~. . H~ couLd see why such a device was m::ceSSEL1'Y .haped crystal.e-flung open iilld s.hejudge.fl. \Vil:h 11lumel'ldous bang.'· Wilt figures appeared oul {if the fire with thcir gl eaming irnes !J..~ls.ea! from 11i~ waistcoot_ "Do itIQ'I cannot:. ~trR'l'ige!}' minted ~lit. A targeting laser sprung to life.our and.-e lucid whit:elie~ at' its surface. breaking inlu a rainbow of colours that glowed [mill withln. !hI.lgh the 0p>C1l punal.immediately! ~~.cab les to its surface. Keronsraeothed II voh'el-. the eyes themselves.lu.PI. behind him. behind !rim we-r. two into hi~ rllOulih and om: over each eye.isiwr· K O/'i(m. and as KuwII 's ey.or. its [II~'ta]~ tones rcverberan Ilg off the hi~JJ walls of the chamber.p~cillg into Ihe light that now streamed th:rol!./ir)rlry. go unputl.'5topened .1~mmerlllgairu. of the god 1~ Komll saw that the voice emanated from a circle of speakers implanted in tile torso.h.:d! Even with thisalie:n you eannoe def ile ·the contmDLi[l:<ltion!"ne "]":ecnpr. '.of many surgeries. benceits arhtkial ring.t's T the steel-clad wa. trying to Ii'oe[jg\ue silhouetted in the doQ[W~y." 'I'. e:1t 11:1 'this treaS'OrLOUS ooh!i''1 i.'TIe!tlt.'lechMicus i tile Tecbpricst mised h ls right arm. Tall ng a deep bteati. regarded Koran with. f aee t. dillt£iSte.:~:tlpi!'~e.. clicking ir iruo place amidst the tangle of hundreds of coiled wires _A~ he bcgfm artachlng tthe prol:J.ies.l!med slowl}'.ter ofsilver. wnich Karon saw had been cannon. lc !!'i!''''''III!IK. its wbire Ime began 00 sh .: jIilllPoillt of wed tile 'ugfu! st . marvl:lliDg at I!b.. 'lake like II klaxon bellowed. "Cea.sethis heresy .cll!llliclls temple.d hand over tile surface of the egg.st·~ face Wail impaled OJ' four pipes. 'un~. the double cloon. he placed it inw 'tru: socket atjhe centre of the psi-constrictor.


it is hIghly rewarding and this book ' provide yOH with all the.. This is because Tnquisitor is II narrative wargame.Armolliry section is next. I({' '1f:!:i'i:l1lill charru. more.en shadews of'tbe g. but . It may seem scary to be the (1M fit first.md}'.axy hithe dark future' of \Varl!lammer 4o.dred~ of possihl~ secnarios and cmmtltss different charnctel'S. hundred dm'etr-ent w~Qptons iilldp'iece~ nf "'''11!~"~'lml from the 1lUIlible lasgun to extravagant psychic-familiars sucb the psyber-eagle.c:ltaractel'l<lin . The .isitm it is the task OF one of the players to c'hoo~e .. Worlk~llop game yon may have played previously.es to aclliev.l .CVCI'W distihct The first pan is the Core ~ules which details the basic u. part of the con. wi~h for over <I.~' is also a scenario. other players may not be..~ because Ih. and is al ways IIWHr. rules. the main aim of the playeJ!i is to use the.I Warhamme) 40.. Throughout these mles. rules there As III SiO rules fa§ various special abilities and psychic powers characters may possess. only K) rise ag:ainst the odds and will throLlgh~ hjs i.e of \vhat Is going on even ' the. Heis the narf. decides the chances of success am:! fail me of a actions.ad.th~ fames ~J1dwork. 100: an impartlal referee. M(}Sl impori. wiU find references m the GMlllakin.0(10.LljU."" of pl. often than nat.ayillg a game of IIICjIl:isillOr. In Inq.There lID: hll~~.aigll~. of power and responssbillty. help you need to get started.alaxy. because will1 tnqu. As y~1!l can imagiae..J>igningthe hardest characters possible. wlDlcil )'011 maj lik:e ~CI use: ill j'OW' games. With Illquisitor it :is po~sible to make allconquerli'ng heroes who cannot be d1eslToyed.~OO..qu~it!)r.or eachpJay.j wondrous . tlilis pla)'er has [:! rOI.of the elljoymelilt of playing the. some 1f:X. ~~".ly. To get ycm go:ing.ar. with advice 011 creating characters and scenados.gome' that a][ows you to .arrativ1e w. While un Tnquisi lpr players do have objccLi". Throughout ·1] book are sl:lort section ~ tit:icLic(lled [. and is known as tlie. A large part of tills book is given over to showing a n.e and there can be wieners and losers. The rules that follow anow you to tJbe biUer struggles Fought aU acrossthe gaJ. devising.mo\re and 6g)1t over a tabletop batUefield.lind! so on.yer is responsible iCJ!~ devisi. rnight meet. Whcre tsthe fun in a cemic or movie character who is invincible? Even Superman is susceptible to kryptooire. broken and battered. 110t to wln the game simply by de-. and one '!he ·'P]!:I~er lIdjudlieate~ how these are resolved. alerting the pla}'e~ in difh:rellt options or hazards Hl1:d on. As noted above. the Garncsmaster is (he player who runs the I Sometimes the Gamcsmaster (or OM lor short) has cnaracrers: control in the game but. out what tiley 0II1"e tr}']ng to achieve in game. rules and] minlamres to create cli::rr. the G~'1 is an arljudkat:CJ!r and umpire.~ Welcome to the dark world of In.auempt in play Inqulsuor from just a compeutrve s1andpoill't. The GM niay control hiddetil.(>r.0 helping budding players OMs gel started.cliets of the 4 W 8~ Included in this secnon are fifteen characterswe have .ng a scenario for everymn: ~IJ' pby Utsrng the Inq uisitet re ~e~. But Ilhat is net tlIicpoint of pla.U!isit.. and works cOIlsiderabi)' dlffe[endy to garne~ such as Wa['hamme:r and Put sjmply. played a tabletop game 'before. There are whole ections dedicated to characters and devi~i[lg scenaries later il'l this book.echaUellge of Inquisitor is tn create th:iskind of e:tdting ~wry. and warrior bands which are fall' superior to .the grune to try to do ju st . which uses a selection . but you should! be warned that Inquisnor is qujte unlike any Hames.Being a G~J is mom than an adruimseramrthouga.y1ng Jnquislror.g declslons about L.and rOl'guu. Tae r1l1QjI:l~ sitnrrules allow t. High '~.about allytb. story on the tabloetop.he . This is a n. If "on . or tJ('1 ~er\'e inspiration fOiTcharacters of your 0' .OOIIS.ampJesof which are gllo'en later.. Do we [Jot enjoy seeing nUT action heroes on the 'brink of defeat. You will nN find any arm:y lists or points values ill Iuquishor. f'j>.LLI'i".PIII Many of yuu reading th~s-book will have. it carries a 101 responsibili'ty.Ll'rS and a.aJlythiIlg the. running camp. whoare represented by miin~atureslha. This pLa.'ng. Oam..er controls one or more eharacters.at{Dri[l a way" the pla)"ers~hrough the story that unfolds as they move and with tFleir characters on the tabletop. game will be lost. Ire will 00 additional player.n 'tlile i . and makes sure that the players keep up witlh the keeping necessary for tim game . you will find thElt much . The Inquisitor rulebookis divided into /i. the strange tll~.~smastelf . whicb hupchllly provide someguidance and ideas for budding GMs. and forces. GM w['i~e~ the~1:cIlario and helps create the characters players will be using" and ensures t!lal the game they have ~-~'__ runs srnootlh.~ay tile of a bold hero nreruel viUailu hi the' horrifying universe of the 4lst FOmeJi1nllltl1~batUh1~g.

:]""dlfuo]y a pencil end mser) to' make notes duri~llg the game.P~illt~li1g and ModeUlnJ!:. andreference section.ildillgs nd vegetatlon. and you \I. Perhaps most importantly. which they can place OIl top of B t~bLe W extend their play lng area. You wlll elso as need some orUiillill)' six -sided dice and some ten-sided dice. Some players mru a special gaming beard from chipboard or horne slmibr material.lble during play and when looking lip we.I). level surface will do.llit:c !II. characters and It battlefield there area few other things ~'Ol.ap. There is.r in tlJe game seeds a cha.cllaral:ters included in this hook. with a selection of miniatures to represent their characters. fund a.llrilng dt"icc (sUL:h . Far a start. which YOLI canphotocopy and liLl iii with detillil~ myo:u-r own TIlqlI~Riklr and his warrior band. There is also a characterrefereece a sheet we have prepared. such as a tabletopor an area of Boor most kitchen tables will do tine! It's a good idea to lise all old shed or blankN 10 proteca the [able from scratche and chips. you wll I need two or more players. m fences. YOUI will also need a battlel'ield to fight over. ruulle<l i:l1. A~ ""'ell as players. Each chanrulc. section later Oil. You cal] find OU!~more a abuul churaeters and the battlefield ill lhe.~l1 find Garnes Worhho:p'~ special Scatter dice useful for den:mlloins random directions. These Include at Ieasi one IneaS1.lwill need. retractable tape measure 01' ruler).m~ter 8hee~ to be filled in (see ~he section Oli! Creating Chsl:tCters hue!!' all) <In{j you'll need a pen ([lIr pre1i'{.l. Any fi rrn. at the back:of this voh.l. such as hins.so youmay blllldy.onJl nd abilities.me is an extensi ve index. wblch will pmve invruu. bir ofmalhs involved with Inquisitor •. also ql. On thij s surface you pllLCt e' t:emltlDIOl!IJ1rl which the battle 18 fought. cakulator .

~. or 4 ="2 and a 5 or 6:= 3. so tliial w:ith a 2Do roll. DIO respectively). .. The second score COUl1t. rounding up. Throughout tIli~ book. or Distanoes: Ali distances . you can achieve a si. 3Dm adds togeilier the scores of three dice form total of 3 to 30.ef rq]! a 60 un n D100.times ll. All fractions are mathemalticaU.• the arrow shows ill which clireL'tiojlj Ill. but all ' dice rolls are balved.. giving a range of l:Iet'iv'~lil :5 to 30. and wllell rolled as a DI n this counts as. a]. the shot scatters in the direction indicated by tile dock. You mOl}' alse be {!.. such a~ 2[)6+5 givm]}g a score between '7 and ~7.ly l1Iescore of [:I dice by 8 eenain amount. games we play generally usc a ground scele of 1 inch ly~ud. searce of rhe . seere bet weeu 1 and U)J). two dice a!oE~roUed and are added togetl"n.~. i. This method isu' l quire as randomas a Scatter dice hut win mlla p€!focntage dice as well (a DHlIl).r[)1O-2. or 3D6-3 which will total (I to 15. use the following method for detennining a seore betweeu 1 andS. For example. and when rolled together they will giw yOliJ (I. means a worse result than the flrst.rnilalJ'resl. !uLd so on.or has a. rcll of !I '7 on 'un]tli' dice gives a score of 5]•whHemHs of 00and '9 respeetiJvely win go vc a some of 9. For example a roU of a 5 (or 50) 01:1 'the 'tens' dice find . Place the scatter di agram uppCI"site next to where· shot was supposed to lallld and roll a IJlfi..er or f II score oJ between 2 and 1.rick up the dice you wis.on sides with a special 'Hit" symbol..mctLO'~~ Jess than half are rounded down to nearest whole number. This is nmed as 1)6 or D 10 plus ormlnus a. players can adopt whichever groundscale they feel suitable.fth. distance DO the nearest yard Of half yard . RoU 8 D6 and halve the score.e shor deviated. A roll of two zeroesis a score of IIJO when rolling !I DWO. Thus •. giving a total between :3 and 8.~ with 11 re-roll. regardless of the... such as D6+ 1 . is 30. which are rotlcd tr. appl}'ing mociflers of 1m)' kind.. D6x5 means roll a dice and m ulLipJ)' the score by 5-.a score of 10.equeotly the gameto determine lihe success of a player's actions. suffice in mOSI circum stances . For example. he.plyin:g '-1I. face. We alse feel it i~ convenient to measure all fractiml1.odiflier!l: Unless specifkally stased otherwise. ay for determining random direction. a 106 roM of 3..20.O. dice me 1 me Sometimes Y01ll win need to modify the result of the dice roll. numbe».ons or subtractions. a p~l:I. 3D 10 and so on. Ap[.etl'he final result. l!'ractiIilBs. A DlO i~~ tl~1iI8Uy lllar1i. Ron tche indicarte. etc.. . 3 and a 3 are added ~o§elhei to score 8... Therefore.uses two types of dice. etc. multiplying or .d number of dice and add the scores together.e. a number of basic COIiV'f"JUiOI1S are Som. then add the .. you need two D lOs of different To celours.>. while fractions of halt" or more rounded up.~11Inqui itof are given in yards..:id!ed dice snd add 2.l~twith a D6. combil1ation of these methods may be used. arrow rm the Hit dete·rmilile the direction. ur om: marked 00. and no single dice can re-rolled more tnalil once. lD6+2 means roll a six:s.Y rounded off. means that f. You don't need a lOO~ sided dice tl'iIOlII. Roll tile dice and add or subtract '[he nurabcr 1[0 the score to g.ed with a '0' on one face. Also note that there is a small. Although we recommend a Scatter lli'i the best .+W modifier toa dice ron.. before.flrnesituations rue 1'\i11e~llow yuu 21 • re-rol I' of tile dice .8 1 <Of 2 = I. and . t hich Is VII:i'Ii~tenas 2D6. Simply 'ro~l the Scatter dice' the tar-get point . Scatter dice is marked 011 four sides with an arrow. In :!i. this means the [mal scote is :IletuaUy ~~oo hal 'feu.o.2. random events.~ . a is exacrly as it sounds . Alluther method someumes used is to mu~tip. to the score. In a few rare circamstanees you may be told to roll 3 D3.. These are a normal six-sided dice and 11 ten-sided dke (referred to as a D6 and a. As mo~l of [he Inquisiter game system is basoo 011 per-centage chalJlDes. One LS ilie 'teas' dice ami the other is the 'uaits' dice. example. ' .a. modlfiers are applred betimc al\ldili. even . Since ihere's IlQ ~1!lchiliitIg as a three-sided dice.lId!o ~oll a number of dice to~ethcr. players will one·II need to Inquisitor A ilm:!1ilghollt )'HU few weapons are fairly random in their to ron the Seatter dice to determine accuracy ruul where they land.ing hal vcd)..h to re-roll roll them] again.gh! mil II D WI]..

bit unheroic.eJ~ .'. bur has to Ie.ant would make M oT extra cffen. Rllwl~d.!M't:J~un?. aim al Scrgeurtt Stone and rhen fire I his 5uJbl!ier on semi aLUto as many times 111. ROlly"1 \1i<11t'redhls laspistol etlc1 up? determ{1Jes a r{.~wl be doesn't know what'S going on outside yet.e.f€l.modjfier~ ·for thal. rd'lIham:: Li~blen"l~tei..Mailic.!ndon~ dirt'(. G. {Rowland rolls his dice ami ill the eo'em ·!rl. are h~.Wn.5AM!IFiL!E:INt:lU'ISITr:U7I'· TUR.::..k.1 OrJ wings (1f pre 1 fly!' he.iclltemt.lm~ 8101tt. •••• _.et.ng around in the Opi. giU~s Rowlmd...i!!li:t (jilla' ROII!Iw.n.{Jh' oj shots off of l.ough to CQve~11tt'disUmce.:I"ion. but he's h<lngi.I- while: Phi/looks up some ddails Oil l.. ~tJrr~ .~hooti.1fto ('Ui'l'!:J']']"IiI. tum. Dill~'rrl. so walli. 'Gli"abam: Barbaretra has the nc~l ltighest Speed. GiI"abam: Right. foRt") w. om 10 aim. Phil'~· 1I1(~Iji.l:iiilg.hkfj sends .. on the ~pm.~ •• '~'-.j[lwlalnd: Ghaustos is goung to kill her with hts psychic lx)'wern unless ~lic does something real QUick.rnp. Phil: 0 !I]' Phil ~ I'm lempted OCI leave RUWW3[1d:Malic<lll[ wants 10 gel over !here an4_]ClIO!) them up wioh !lis Eviscernltm! Bwwhng <For [JereEmp~m.I~j(m l!'apped Veriewn lh~~ pkzr.ID" and is. .H mnmeea ti wrJ.lr of the characters: R'J'rch ]11.hlziing pasttn a cool manner. r.1 don' t ~llrrera·ny I.'.! Phil rolis some 1)(j_~}. Tb:IJ. spurred with stich fiery zeal.trif:~· to uu tekpglhy {(I' CU.f Sfr[f.JT!f(!r Tyrus. leayin~ you three shootill~ actions.rrd {'MI.__ OM GtllMfII h.~ge-mtJle on the WQdd {.ilOr 31m.muwr I've. so she only manages to lIiIII ar her foe this time areund. Del'(Jtf:~ Maliearl' and Enj(uH?1' Harbaretia.~~ . Eichrensteu». hb« crashing tv the.fJ-!1sistin. 00 he "II 1:11II. ~'i' •• ' '_ _.Rowlarid CJ.ill's Illluweil five fli. He does erwugh damage to tafc..rlg up ti1l'Ol.rjlll!l!ilh each shot.?{JTI#)' behind Dimitri J..and the Daerncnhost. R.e altilac.~l continue preceded Devotee Mwi'latll lhror~gh 1he miUrt8s and skittered (:1ilmg the J. She's only gOI: one 1I1.. :z._ .MWld wJace Wl1'ard ~he target j. Wejoill them 'LV M£j/icam has fired fJ)'l Dimitri while &rgerJm Sfflne. kgs ii along the g'alillry lilld then tries to le. klWCKing him om j. made three p~5~t:~.l.rminiI1:g lh111 Liclu·ensl·ein il"(.1I. Sen'itor·Rfirrior Gry« l. and then two sho~ Ior sel"Ol auto . l. I believe. (Phil resolves HMIf< .il(IllB.id!~ellnei1f .. it Phil: Good sl!Qotillg! Gribam~ Okay.~r behim! om' oll'hl!. so she can go now.N ~*"". . aim.m In!!: laspt. w _·.1"(Ntario [ar .s'ly t)[i me: rai.I· hit hiJi !1lf1]fl ill tn.le.l~. Let's :say tllat he just about makes Ihe jll.:1S ""rfmm (] ..l:lil.j' Karis C~phaum.te.gat~w.ilion: Pldl.e:n.rU' ~~ifhall' an.I. Phil? is lurn chanting. this Gr.d]lum She's slowed doW!'!from the Blooo[~l.i>. wge" YOlllr first run to hi t then. IHe llIrn.y wrgec. but I think 1\1 betQ.. S lle'll aim her combat sllOt~lm at h i.luenJ't~in dltl:rauer ~h~~etl. !?owlmrd's ~.k.he can. D~!iV. Make your A.l th~> Daemorriwst Ghi1uSlr!I t Rowland rolls ~:um~more dice a1ul IYrus ends his I~jm ju.::. .]gh the rooms leading towards LkblcnsteillJ .er 00 something about.ction ITIH~.rlg _frum Ille Adept'~s chtm~ue.bl the fastest character .llt Stone. who's U'f::U? G~m 21 ..iicmU c. Grllham: M~e range to the jump ja.~miIIin.. wlm~ do you want him to do.~/.s th~ charClf·ter Il. because Lichtenstein 111:l.-lion tJjJd teUs the.~iiar.Iri. .oi. with ni. The aim MilliS will carry over to next tum if Ghaustos ~W}" UIIsighit tnmlg.m tor one action and then spend three aetlons frr~[lg. It'~ Magos IJ.'t)ut ~ action}."Ilmor ~]lui.I.\.l'~ OIl~ action to turn..." A .. 1'1'1 (! jo.\ followers Mago.~ Rock Ste~d}' Aim. jl"OQr bt:m'mh.cil'rll rt([p. ili& g:Il)' who just blasted al Iii m.r en. ~r~'rusis next. a hit of aliieas.1rPOIv·eJ' ro wherethe M.aticam1. He'sstill in ilie fight for now.arg.: I ne'li jlli.mlngJa:IVn Phn ':~ charactr.rd tIlm: !Pie did mlZlmg!l! irl roil" ill.gllming the bllllet~ v.agos ami 1I1QI. IPhlll'oll:s ttl I. Graham:. ~'ho fails to hi! bi.~·ff!chl1nicus are aJ1rmptin.~ the ".at"~ he up' to.VlAT/ace.We M. go of hls pisroland ~$ cH[lg~l1Ig pr~~·~iou. t CI'ah{Qn Pbiil!: 11I01t'~ iii. i...e chest (lJ'!if dght lett. doors to rhi' or~t:ruip:f.·aham: I lhililk.has jU. ~tJ.h.. That gives me the mrn.~ suspect.: [Graham J'./amJ YI'udes /)i~ anion rolls]. de.

Ieoks tne same. Special abilities.L"'U"It:"" . Every chasactcr in (he game has i:I profile. ill variou~ areas. Special . II'l~t'i .abilities sometimes allow a character to bend the rules in 'certain ways.lIS how good at shooting he is or how brave he . another character who. 011 the face ofit. Each uf our characters has a physica] and mental prcflle or ".IIC~~~1lI' characteristics aIT (frequeatly ebbreviated . Between them . 1I characteri sties. These show the limits of II human character. cbarac~e:F pr. shows their ability toperform various tasks. win! their OWl} strengths ana special talents. withstand ~. are tricks ant] talents that a character rna)' have which makes him slightly ditfcrcnt to...These mtique qualifies Me represented in '[WO ways: by the. and ~o pos slble for characters who are mot human 0[' superhuman The nine capabilities they to exceed thi~.. on the other band... . w. . are a~ described on the nest W the letters shownin ~._. and 100..ith 1 being the worst and 100 : tile besr.ClUJ be.es section (pllge 54) but for now we will concentrste 011profiles.ofi~ean d hjs s~eda~ :allllj~lities_ 's A eharaeter's profile shows stich things .these define a charaeter's nn''')'' . AU characleristics aTe lionmilly rated willi score between I.Every characterjs shghtly different. anda basic knowledge of what the various numbers represent is necessary to understand the Inquisjtor g!l!me system.I W etc _ Aprofiie is made lip of nve physi cal and four 1... so the)' Me examined IIJt the end of the Co~eRul.

To make [his test. as an)' actions he tries to perform with ni.it goes down dr~e ~:(ji. and My special skills or psychic ro'we~ tliley rna)' havc.s off-·hand! will be a linlc bit harder (f. keep calm in stressful sltuatloas. It lIifc~!: hm mudt dllllIlagt~ is !June w1l1:11 using certain weapons such as ~wor{ls and fists.aliuail ki tile character"s Tniti ati ve divided by 2fI. or to tes. Firstly. Particularly hefty weapens require a mimtmum S'lTelll. lnitilltil'c cbara-cteristk U). marksman Nen'e {Nv): Nerve is the Chaf'dCter's abilil)' to.rained soldier 50 W 6(1.ess: Most characters will be rlghr or le-ft handed. Speed: Bach cbaraetcr has a Speed value.ljpmellt (in:ch:r:ding ammenieion len and wfual typels of srmour they are wea_ring). while a s. It is used when a character wishes to ignore t. ]1· is. ]t ls a co 1m hi nation of malTY factors. but t!h ere a re a couple of other factors that need In be known about a character. including his capaciry to ignore painas well ail hi~ physical hardinees.d): Leadership l>l:rvC'!> two-fold purpose. III essence. An average rnpeda II ~l)ldleF would have a Leacicrshlp of abollt 70..:e M. etc. II. Mo:. W1Upolnr (WPI}: This is the character's strength of mind. [nitiati ve is probah l}' themo~l important ill [n~llsitor. his Leadership comes . lllal1ldedu. highet'. :ita)' in a.. A fit human c (such as il SQldie'l".!!gllt.gthe eharsctee's reaction time.ologicaHy enh.lI'l'ihip (f. h . ltis importaru to know which hand your cha racter favours.'h~ha vc a Leadership uf lip to 100. close. of lIlings such as Sapclty (Sg): This.An Qrdi. mostl}' used to unleash and reslst psychic power~.whlle a Space Marine woald have a Thughne.~ to see ifhe ducks behindcover when shor at. l1'IIitlllJQ]ve a measure is a character's. Nerve of 2:0 or less. a t. illS wen as a character" ~ chance ~ of smw. . if it is. education and powers of prn'bkm. . ~M. it is.A Tech-adept or military commander might nave a Sagacity of 80 or more.ve a WmlJl'OW~l' even ill i gher than th is.:1I~1) shows the charaetcr's ability 'lu command others. trained Imperial Guardsmaa would be in the 40 to 00 runge. III door.: recei val.Im and how quickly.:.naractcrislit: score Lest is passed. etc. a it represents a character's own discipline.e.-t1J tn U~. chaladcristie test for one of their characters.Weapon stm (WS): The character's ability when tlglllii1g at (who are quite few and far bet . A character shoot. A character's speed can change qu1te a 1m diurrng a .. and therefore his abitlity to follow orders. de.theul1jU!ri~s they hill"'!.id\.t educated humans of the 41st millenaium their weapous and eql. A powerful Inquisitor would most likely ha. or The eh aracterisdes show the basi c make-up ~)JIII character. which determines when they can act 'in a ~l. whilst a bi. is given ]M.iililger find coutiuue with a task. whilst a character 111 aehemically-induced h~ a Nerve value of ~20 or more. h3!\'e a OS twice tlilis. Qulte arlen over 100. butt is occasionally caned into play when trying to' iIltimidiate all en-emy.!soh.li!arne~most u ~lIaHy. Speed is .~would be Strength 5fl. 'een~) would have a Sagacity of 50 1:0 6(t .g it' he ability 0 perlbrm any pnyslcal acrivity. whilst ill super-fast assassin might have alllllli[iadve of 100 or more.hing duwl]. hances of hittiug will be reduced.l')' writing vdth your off-hand arid you'Il sec \\i!ml :ill difference it makes').~ of well.uill e Captaill mi g. while a hardel1ed leader would have a V!'111power of 8f1 orr more...4~1".ancedArco-flage:Jlam may have up' Eo Streng~h 200~ Leade. When faced with a lock code to decipber. general used for deteI'll'Unin.nary' Imperial citizen would have a. A normal human would! hm an Initiative of 30 to 40.p'a. a player includln. frenzy Slnugllb (8):: This shows how physically :strung a character is. A normal human might have a Toughness of 40 to 50. chaeactcristic beirn.5).ss (f): This is tile character 's abl 1itl' to withstaad damage. his observaeiena I ahi Ililiie~ and general dexterity flJiajjl agiliqy.er lor you to photocopy and use for your games (see page 181).plm l . r Tougilne. wilen a character 's Nerve 'fails. ~he phlyer rolls a D 1ClI)and cempares it to the tested. tIT lin IIIIJ[arnili::!. and if a eharact~r 'i~ not ~roJlg e:J1ough"litls. n is also can react to a sudden mrear and how nimble he is III pertOlim1i!lg physical activ Hies. is me character's intelligence. such <IS jumping and dodgillg. h' the roll is equal [Q or lower dum the then me upon to make a. For ex!l!mplc a character with llnitiative ':loG has Speed 5 (7(it2(h. Willpower of lI'Ound 35 (fairly weak-willed)..ost orqj]inm'Yfolks would! have a. For each cbarnc~ yO!! also need tokeep W. MOSi. while an expert swordsruan may ha v-e a WS of SO or mille. 11Jecharacter's Sagacity that ""'illbe used. humans though a dedicated would have a B S.g .. Ballistic Skm (SS): This is the character's innate skill when (If might well !iring ~ rnnged weapon.uno effect. thetest is failed.'i:ng.T WCHPUII.rljl]rie~. l~ is used to determine how quickly a character CfU!I act and bow much he can do.quarter~ with all enemy _A competent hnmal! 's WS would be between 50 and 60. __ • oc1w~'e1il3{) lIJ!u40. . effecti vel y.

'his actkms untll II lower Speed value ls cillJied Oli. they are rolling more dice and so mm'e 1] ke 1y to succeed.'~ In. g "-"". altnough characters with a Speed of 7 O( higher em still perform six actions per tum. he can ""''I''i!1r'.eti. leaping over a wall..:.cm roll may be moddied up dow II due to Ii character's special ablltties and other factors. the characters act in order of their Iniuartjve..aUcmpl in the course of a game.The .'011 declare Speed! 1 th ~8 is tile last T chance :fOii8Ji:iy ebaraeter to act th. For this reason a game of inquisitor is broken down into rums during w hich the characters move and fight. Characters whoarc quicker on the uptake and physically faster eM do more 11:1 tum thalli a slower adversary . or lower is called out. s.aUthe other actions tlmt mi.number of actions. equalto attempt Once a character has completed rus actions. then proceed to thebetween toms segment and then the mext turn starts.g· what to do. OIlt:C these 'between turn' e vents are resolved tile next turns. Each tum represents roughly len seconds of "I'e~1 time'. flo try and playa game like this would be extremely difficult. It's a goad idea fur the OM to check at the end of tile mrn to ensure find all the characters have had the opportunity to iK~l. The 'then. rolls a number or D6 equal to [he character's current Thls is called an Ad~iDn F'oU.. Once ).1 two or for 1Tli(}'11e dhllr.1 it is actions and reacrlens '[hail happen in a sequence. while others react lnstantly and quicJJ)'. This. tUIT1il etc.at). II character ClIILllOl attempt more than six actions turn.lig C]U1JUI. Once every character has had o:ppm1:iLlDlity to act. a particular activity will take.he leIl or so seconds a takes. much 0.hoo! at . ity Although mIlCh of a corsbat appears IO happen at me same time. When . ~l1.o . Wlrhin I.mth the basic ndes sys:t. A character can only be 'aCtiV3J)OO'once :per turn. Spud! down .IISUlJiW tiring a weapon.ove around the bsttlefleld. In these rules. from. regardless of what hi ~ Speed ~8. hesitatillg audchangiug their mind.. climbing II lliddm hundreds of other thlit\gs. et injured aud perform .::IJt tum.acll. ln the order were declared.. h much of it almost strnuhaneously. However. Note lnat nbc player mils a number of dice equal to tile ch:nactfl.emsandmecbani. a each! character has 11 Speed'o"all!le. '!iVhe!'lII character's Speed. many examples . areal-life combat a lot can happen in a . U opposingplayers '!li~~. which shows how soon they can !lct and how much they can do.p~oe of time.1 more charaeter performs UJJe of the declared actions. ort . startiIlg with the mllghest Speed character and wOIling down again. it is assumed that each action is I'W'O or seconds of acti vity which is a good guide for bow many . some characters will spend a 101 of the time workin.(a character carl choose 1. me In tl.it comes 'to 8 character's chance to act. working {Jut additional damage on burni. This could be walking a certain (l. The characters' diffedllg reflect this.tnr. The required A. in. means . The number of actions a character may attempt to perform Ills current Speed.t3!rti:llg with the 11 s igilest Speed characier. lugllest 10 ~OWCS't (roU a D6 each if there is s1. from higbeM to IOweAA. Once ev. the !lighest scoring plilyer can go first).u.cstbat enable you to play g:amJf~ h1l. whik Speed eharacters will ditl:ter around and perform Pt'()po.e:ry character has had the OPif'l'LY.ghtliappeoin bttteiJr clese-quarter . sh{li~ld woik om between . ~tarts . There is a tidying up' period at tile end of every turn for things.ckTS. character will want t. so tbat hi g:her Speed characters to do more iII a turn than lower Speed However. A character 'with a high Speed acts quic kly decisively and so can do quite a lut timing the turn.ela.:r to :±tijlldi<''Jlte how 11llmy actions if take. Illwillkh case it is task of the Grul1e&1lI8S~I..'iJuisit~)1!'. The player declares all of the actions the character wants attempt that him.entivt:peupk and are bound to want characters to do things not covered here. not the number of actions attempted. H(~W'Ie:·~ players are i..To represent this.Tilltile reference section at the back: of this book js 3 list of tl:ning~ that you..othe1i'.f'iIiIJJ!'! to move and fight then the turn ends.iUa tie.he can .rti(}Il<ltcil fewer actions.s.0 . For each D6 ~1)()I1'e of 4 (1. During the rum. such as recovering from injuries.. of [hie clift'e:rem 3ctlUru. continue with the other characters who can aCI 3( that Speed and then move on to Ute .tctecs to act at tile same time.iiU fmd oat how eharacters .foUlTIlwing sections deal.c order fhey wi ll be performed.nexi... theplayers count down the Speed! values of the characters. of' Here youw.1is book are many. Speed.

tbis instance the chaeacter would move before the plJmJi! gun e~plodc!».and ~tl on. character drop.l::main weapons use highly unstable mergy sourceswhich might el>1lllooe.g before firing a plasma weapon). thml!lgh.'ers.ffuGwr drops the grenade'.. Generally a cbaraeter can .g·.l!lormal1y takes OIlC action to change what the chllrncler i~ ho:Wiilg or \1s·illlg.The grenade f!'xptudes in rhe character 's hand. If a ch!l. 5~ Oth~r thitllgs. Th« gt.ti:J ilal1{1~ ttl held.x.~tr-oye{l. or IIse to fill]]] efl'oct.ye.n lhe character.lg is dealt within the next section.can). s The character falls flat OTi his face ~The character snmood for the rest of the tum.tc possible for a character re comb. lIind so forth. N umially a character has two hands r some alien ~ m!l)i ha ..(l The gre:natTe g:Ot:~ orr premamrelyl 1M Roll a DEI: 1·2 34 R. character has Ioulcd up'. l!. which you should note on the character's playsheet.el1ade is a dud and does not e:xpiat:ie.xploding. as noted intheir description.c~m 'be tngelhcu.uui jUfl1!pingT or ope-rung II door Wli!ill~l s~[ldiin. sU:p'pe.hiro actklll)~here is no addiriaoo] aOlWllside .t}' lee. etc.f ~11(mldadjudiciite whether OJ! character worlildbe capable of performing the combined acliO:Il. the physically ter's 111ai only hm: If II cnaraCIC[ is perfermlug normal actions betore the Risky action (~ull:h as IllO'.lilayilappen such as 11 characrer burning out tne circui~ 011 an cl.. Obviously only oe:rt9Jinactions . TIle Wf!'llIpOfl is 100 110'1' W be picked up for f) W turns. me .i::e'.re-etion.C'Pon and dimwge to Ms firing liI1tl.S(lI"'f~damage and injuries ill the rwmw{ wa)".: SpriDliblg a~t1JMt"l~hlilrue.r doesn't pass enough Action mils to reach the Risky action (eg.y 3-4 m is esn S-6 OVerJuull. they succeed with two Acrion rolls. A charaerer CaJi'I. then these lIIctium. Critical tl1iledtMt'.. ~ucll as shooting ..O!l. while wounded cha. it scaU€~rs D 1{) }'mrls ill u random df.Wt E:rpfDdiJ-r.]mply performs the nnmlber of nmmalacnons allowed. if the pia.g a g:relluld. Gt\..ye!l' m~]s more is Some actions are more tIIanhe does 6swhen a character is anempting W perform a Risky action. frn-(. Some [terus bs:tctI later in the Ammury require oot.nlt:Lcr is .r The cnaracter r.the chiaU"L-:~r ~. 80mB examples include.~ chluilce~ uf success arelrnal ved if be tries tt whil~t as combined pew'f'O'mlung.~ the Wt.'1n. Firing ill plas-ma weapon The V.lf pla.ccnrollic Iock he ls trying to break.e more.' firing arm. It is qui. obvio~51y enough.e Gamesmester till point out if a character is auemptlug a Risky actlnn. or a character stumbling whilst jumping througb a windowis he jumps. from the charecter hf'jm-:IZ e. and rnls ls noted in the descrjptton of the item. l..-e~PPIi ~t8stropbjCllllly c ~ (Jut will eeds and III i~ pron.Rnl! II D6: D6 1·1 . The character drops: the weapon.ample. Performing such all action or using well all item carries 11I1 element of risk.LiCk. as aRiS:k~' :1IcUom. !heir Risky action is the l.lrni. wap w hich ". R(.reapO:Il~ are in which hand as part of~his aeti 0'111. dehFis. perhaps ~O.g II telepathic message. It is up to tn. Somcperticular weapons or wargeaa may require more than this. The.e and i~fir-e~..Lik~ly to go disastrously wron~ thalli l:IliIen. The piClSm(l weapil'm is de. and so is known. then the.Performing aaemer action ""lhi]~t mm']r.may have less). a character using Iii!> bands to climb a ladder cannel reload a gun at the same 'time.anollhcr aeuon. Throwiii.ille actiolls together. Th~ d·u. As usual.mCi!.. som·tilling]11 each haad.~(is. are cO'rupi]el:ed successfully before tihe ~{j8ky IICtion fails (in .I!!lult .combining <lin action wbicbreqnires some kind {If te~t. R(·::solve its effeds centred {J.nU as shooting himJ'df ird !iJe.$2'D6 ower iltel. hilit.

..l~ W1Q11·'t happen as .gplaj'er~ change their characters' anions teo ou.f.rnlher than rely 011 A character can pause for breath as many rimes as they like. he declares all of his actions shooting a particular target.eti. GMs should be wary him ]cUin.Pause for breallih isa slJIXial. a lion.1U.for r.~. pause for ~a:ib ilgai!J]and! then execute another action. ill effect using a pause for breath action to declare a suesequent aetien as apause for breath. No matter how Sometsues t~in.actions are declared. Thecharacter must: au Initiative test and. In these circumstances tin: GM allow the characrer to change.ik:dy to have tilt: spare actions atthe end their turn. O'ieir Ilargel knocked out of sIght. perform another action..U1~f'1t. tnany . then the suddenturn of.. etc.tlolls. if s uccesslul. the Action roll w~tlit one dlee ref point of the character's determine how Immy actions wiU be available that Obviollillily. The player does not need. Each pau~e for breath allows the player to suspend nominating any remainingactions for that turn. whricb then knocked out of sight. lit: can re-deelare an y riot yet spent this turn.character expected gUll jams. and so on. ' nU~]iImJX1. the player stOll . character tn C3ITV Oil wid'D their declared a. If itis ta] 1ed. A character could therefore perform M. but muat spend hi ~ next actl Oil as a Ior breath action . to declare any scnons [hat the character will pertorm afterthe pause fur breath. players should learn ttl plan forthe cOl1lseqr~Jenoesof rheu .~~ andhis turn ends. type: of action that represents the character pausing tor a moment to look around and take stock (If what is going 011 heron: proceeding. until all of tile pveoceding actions have been resolved.. pause fOF breath. his actions. theirgrenede goe off next to titem. !)aU:)il1g for breath i mu~l useful rOT higher characters who are I. On occasion it will be ridicufous . the goodwill of the GM~ .


ll across.Tlle Q)'iIlftfrMcaUy pm. ac].However. and how fast. Actiou roll m~.. For eXflIInpJe.u~ lO theeorner of aparticular MO\l\t". just because the: miniatures cannot do th:i~. This means that !lormall}.le. wlll face Slml...d!e.k. lie w]ll end up facing in. a character caa decide what stance 1i. spedfk:aUy in the states .laru character Is going to sr.c:ml!lchllingor prene. The character then contiaues with arry other doc·bred ~p to the number of actions allowed byhts Action roll.formed as pfdiIDt of II combined action witlil. Once [jhe character's havebeen . rotherth<!1l.to change stance.~[lthe and A character Call roc in Ollie of ~hree .yolli may dD[. It takes one a. using the movement raecsgiven o"p(l~he. rather thansaying :lH:ci(1lm~ he will walk: f'm declared it i~. actions.. For eXflmp.jilll[ac~e.tty actions he will ~dQrmi~1gtte mcvement.me:rnllt Of . o:f each action. measure how 1"11[ <O).()~~itions:stalldi.hnrncler's ilCliJ(](Im~.t1l. or The next turn tlbe charaeter could other combul<l!tion. the direction he moves jn unle.lady.th£:'y cWnIlot dilll::k behind! wa]l~. tile character win end up prone at me ~1TId! ()f the ac~"i01il. andjbis may be freelyper...~oes IlQ~ peevent our characters d doilJJg so! acl:imrs dlfferemly to because the player declares where be wantsthe character to to.how m~.sthe IPbyel! stpecificll~ly states that he ~~g(li~g ~(I SlOp lllt the end OF the lIcl"iQlnl and turn around .r shootirng at someone direction he flred lOward. jump down from 11 ledge.• many of rue .~ un less thepleyer otherwise.l!uaeUmtgt.~ character is ill <It tllJ.fllqnisitorml!illiat:ll. ±f aplsyer declares mal his chsracteris going to sprint ro a wa[J snd dive ~o tne grOUlld.lres weuse to represent mOV>O:mIfl:~M ol!Jrcharacters arenot cap3~]e o:f tile tull rasge O.1P. lean out of a.ng. wiJooow.t of th~t a real person has . a room. the movement hag up.d.oo . A character !I can obviously only face in one direction at a time.clrlmll.e 'eJil. SCiI:lle Mand up Il!l1Gsheet.ri. no peLta]ty to the chances of tile other action. etc .I~ how destiuanon and. ·tlI~. If character moves.

wLing. ~m'o.w]ing h very slow.viou.lly aware ufwha! 's directly ill froDI of him. I' takes (HIC A cbru:actel' evades to avoid incoming shots.Wg Thc normal method of moviIlg. Add! 50t:.lbblle cover. I'or example lJ! Strength SO character whospends an action ~prii'ilii1g before the jamp call therefore go 4+2". running c<ln cress the ground! qui.ul1ilJbly aware of what's going OIl.mabie pace. he would only j ump 3 yardsun~tea!. a Risky actiolil and ]f the action A chsracter can jump nori. and still remain re:tI!. a character wno is. and presents a difficllTllMget even when in the open.. For d~!1gcrolls when ~ryiing to jump over a Il. and is very a WlI!re of Ilis. character whl) is sprinting. A character who is dm~:ging something along the ground will ob. Space Marine ]u his power arruearis a 1m harder than puilling a robed :!IJdc:pt]!UO cover.sly be bent over or crouched • and so may not be S('''e:1I (or be able to see) if behind a wall 0.t:kly. For J pleasant evening stroll! A characte aclJOn lu walk 4 yards.:wTllaUy a nsniber of yard!s eYliJ.!he is nOl lllll1 A character can drag a prom: character or heavy object I yard per action.'el)' deep drop!).110 are m trying to drag an object whils.. to avoid dctectiou by the ellem~' and maximise tile aVJ.. (l'~her ()b~taclle. position wi!] be important.g and spnnung. and makes little use of cover aloIlg [he W·E1Y. He is aware of hls imm~d.ggingII Somewhere between walki. Nmm. so characters ~.r-acIteJ"stum.i if the action before the jum~' was Spe!liIt sprinting. if the character messed !LIp jump and then mlku 4&% tile 18 fai led. Also the character 's m . ]§ two or ~nm\echaracters are drngg. ducking and jioking til throw off the enemy's aim. snrroundin g:s.. 1lii1y one' time. for example). the character will b~ beard and seen ~s if w~!king tlJo<rrnaHy. looking for usefu I.' ailable cover .6 yards. A ipriDll'l1gcheracter moves 10 yards per action and cannot ctlInbine this movement with any other aC'liolil (see oomIJim::dactions later). around is dealt within more detail in the Awareness section I~[t:r (J(!lge 52). but the character can make lite most 11 se of whatever cover is around. Walk.tCfer Jdruls of jumping get~ down on his belly a!ld! wriggJes like a make l (ro. . H cakes one action to section overleaf. A running character IlSIl.i1Ltt surroIln~i ngs. sec the Terrelu Crawling TIle cnar. Jumpingis a Risky actiou and if it is i"umMed the character only jumps a distance equal to a percentage roll or the maximum distance they 'DOul{l achieve.. one action [()if 6yard!~ covered. SJlc!lk:ing i:. is only rea. Nom [he character will malkc use of a.:OSt8 oue actioll to move 5 yards when evading The GM may want to increase or decrease the distaace an ohject can be dnig. cover OIind ~o~mies"hut is concelWa[ing on being tIJ hard target rather !han ""'batelse is hapllening amllnd him.g~i.r.ally a maximum of three characscrs can drag. ][I. then all the characters move in each ch. tbcchasacrer proceeds at a ffiIIlM. Sprinting The charaeterputs his head down and legs irl A. prune (cr<r.n. on a D URI.S. l _ yards. A sncalling cllim~cler!:ales one action to cover e·very 2 yards.. 31i1ther words) o carl o-nly [nove lf2 yard per actien.A dJaract:eJican try aad move qui etll).l of 6 YI!!fJs(potelltiaUy\. . an object al.alto his Strength divided by 20. Sneaking . PoLlowillg the previeus example.l depending stunned on its size and weighf (dl":J.p onto and off of (hings.i Ilg the SillllC object.

Combats kinds


take plsce over flat featuseless Terrain can seriously


and so your Inquisttor
of obstacles

bl:iI.'rUet'idd rs !.ikeI), to be littered with all
and terrain,

movement, Inn provides DC)V,er and, when used well, win greatly extend the hfe expectancy of your cheracter, There are all .... of om pieces of'teerain. the, most cernmon examples of which are covered below, As you mlght expect, it is the GM who must dednewhat differellt ,t:Jl'ecl:Slihe terrain has 011.movement, and must en ... arre that the playersare IIware {If this at the starr of tile.

D1ff1cuU ground is 8 term whlch covers all tincts of rough terrain n:lltaamay ~low movement. Thl~ ~Ildlldes scrub. rocky scree. steep

slopes, weeds

~!I1lJ undergrowth. With the excepuon of crawling, reduce all movement rates by 1 yarn pN action when a character is moving tliroLig;h difficult terrain, Also, remember [hat sprinting across or th.rough difficult terrain is 11 Risky action and the

character will faB over jf they hodge it,

Distinct vertical features such as wa lls, fences ,roek faces, wrecks are known as obstacles. it takes one action to jump low obstacle (up to 2. yards high). U takes two actions ~O· over a nigh obstacle (LIp to 4 yards tall) - one action to get on of the obstacle am.! anothee to drop down. Crossing these Siort!\ obstacles are Risky actions and the character will fall prone side they starred from if they mess it up.
A character may jump UO~VIl a nlllx.irnum of 4 yards, T~i5 ill Risky acuen. If compldru successfully then the character 011 his feet and lakes no damage .Jf the Ri~ky action is messed then character must UC8'l for fELIlillg damage as if he nad knocked off. I ump~ng 110wI1 further than this will cause see the T njuries ~DCliO'I1 on page - 6.

present 010 diffj.[~uhy OF oa.ng,er to characters down them, but steer s~ope;s, 00; another matter entirely, f\'~a rough guide, a. ~.Iope at ~. 3V' angle Of steeper h considered to be Sleep, A steer s lope IHt.l",~S. movement rates all gO]l1g up the slope, except crawling, Ii a character attempts to move down a 'steep slope at an)' faster than iii walk, this is considered to be II Risky acnon. Ifhe messes up the RJs,ky action, he falls over androlls to the bortorn of the slope, A character who falls down <II slope IS stunned for one tum, and an addltlonal turn lor I:m::ry tu 115 Y<lrds he tumbled. S~'ep" and stllli:tways are treated ;i7i steep slopes unless particularly saallow.
DllO",111,g up




Obstacles over 4yanl::; 111gb ruU'5J be climbed, at a rare of 2 per action. A character who Is dilnbing anything 'w'it!hour. rungs. or ,[I rope, i~ lilling ,tl Risky action and will fall tumbles his Action roll 0( or may not climb at all that rum if
the action on the ground), A character who is pinned whilst climbing caenct I1I1ov.e, still spend hi i s next available action recovering (see the S section Oil page 3'1 for details of plnni ng). A character who knockback Of i~ stunned whilst 'climbing \....ll fall and i

A slope thar is getting dose con sidered ~CI be an obstacle,

to vertical

[abuut i:lIO" r so) is o


damageas normal.

Mnvilig 'through a doorway takes 110 additirmal rime Winless it
closed or the character wishes to close the doer after he moved threugh. If thi s [sthe case ,. it take" one action lo close a door, CloobLn.g through fl window counts a~· across all obstacle, and! simi]ar~)' will take an extra action if character needs to open or dose ir, 1Il the case of~oek.c~ gates and windows. there are two options avai] ah le - fOf'-1C lock or attempt to p1ck:idec.odeit. Forcing a lock requma Strength tcsr, The smrdlness of a lock and tile door or gate represented by 3. negative modifier to the Strength test. example, an ordinary deadlock would ~e ·10 or -15, a barred ~25 to -35. while a reinforced bunker door would 00 up ill ~W to ml1lge l Forcing open such <1. feature is a Risky and if tailed tl'Je ell aracrer i;~snmned fur the re~t of tlil<!t [urn, Cl[)II~e, the eharacre I' could try to ::Il't8c.k.tihe door itself, using glveu later in the Grenades and Explosj\'es section on page,


modifrurs for the ccmplexiry

<l Sagaclty test, WJtlilappmpri81e of the lock, A~[raightf(l:rwaITI key lock would be, -20 or so, while a compJcxk.c:ypoo would tax the hardest brains ami would be -,1:1;0,

SimilHrly" picking a lockrequires


a S:~l1eUlgth or he loses hils fuo~.il1gand must swim, test

dir~fhllg !II~ dlescribed (take the test before declaring actions for the character), He: C<l!1 spend actions attempting to right himself, in v.i1Jicn case he must pass <illotl.ter Strenglfu le-s,t ro be saccessful.

Achal'ar:~ ~iIIn. jum,j) lhrougb <II closed window !I~ II. Risky action, .. H me;;;sedup!,the: cilllracter wi].] end up prone on the otherside of the "'':indow lmdl be: stun ned for D3 rums (he may a~~o sllffer cianmge from faUing depellding on how far upthe wiadow isl),

Water can ha vee,a who~e gam.lUlof effe(:t..<; n characters d.epellding o 011 how de<Ep is. whether it is flowing (Ii ke an ver) (II[' stil ~ (like it I pool}, IlIId so on, WilleT which is 11(1 deeper than 111l~f yardjs a treated just l]\e difficult ~n)lUnd,. Water that is IIp to ehest heigln (about a )'IIFd !linda halfrcan he waded across at a rate of 2 yards for each &_u.o[;e!ii~Jl!Ilaction, or it: may be SWain. Waocr Ilct:per than 1!lli must be !'i''''l!Irn across. A swimming characrer moves 3 yards per ac~ion, However, swimmiag is. a .R:isky action and if failed means Ihat ilie character !1ounde·]'s around for the nun and does

A character

often perform some other type of action whilst

A ci1<1fllcler who is pinned whllst swirnrnirlg or wadinlgus not knocl;ecl prune, bUL mUSl spend his next action recovering as normal. A character stunned whilst wading en swimming fiouooe]'s around on the· spot but sLlfferS no additiol1a~ iU effects. A cbillr.lcterwl'!1:i;jjlls unconscious whilst in. water is assumed to f float, bl.ll 5ee thepand on drowning below, A. sturmcd or uncooscio1JS char;a-cteFcan be fished out ef the' w<lIte'"using the oonm.al ru1e5for dragging etner characters _A character carmet be knocked back \,ihJilsl swirmillng, and wil] halve MI}' knockback

such as tiring a weapon, ioading a. wCflp.!:m, un~heal:hinig a sword. talkiiig on a comso-Iink.end so fonn_If ihe d'iarnCll!lr is trying to move other than <It a. ~lle:;tll:.. walk: or run, (eg, U'yi!~gk) l."r.!Iwl,jump, evade or perform some other movement 3clioll) then the normal rules fur cOJl1Ii)'i,ned actions apply - lhfiq ]8, all

pr::rcentage chances ot' performIng the other action are halve-d. If the character is sneaking, walking or' 11.11111ling, then ra~!her than being halved, the chances of perfOnrllllg the combined action arc reduced by 2% for every yar-d. already moved this him. Note that tlJi~ is based elll the total distance moved this rum. I1C1'~jUIS't during
the same actlon, so 1\ character who spent oae action wa1killg and tlilen another actl (Ill walking and! using a psych ic power would suffer -16% (8 yards I1w.'ed) ro hi s action.

dlstai"icesIf wading_
1lti\ ~S&U!~l~~ l:hat the ebaraetee is swimming across a pool. UF lake. A ~l!i"e3lmr river {or sewer effluent ounlow pipeperhapsl) o with a :;tnmg CI!LITcnt.W]1.I move ,;I swimming character D3 yards do\l,nstt'e<Jln at tnr: slHrt- of every turn (elF D6 yaros for rapidsand 0Iher raging ro-mmt'i)_ A chfmllC'~l' wading across, such a feature


Some weapons have, a hlgherrate
more l'lt:cILiJI1i.le at

of fire than normal, orhers are


.it; either

:s:mglle shot, SE'Jn!li·~lntlmm:atfc;

.Io.ng,range" while some need .tp bereloaded fr;eljU:B:rnt~y. Just as wl~h characters • these il:ldjvi;dl.lll~~aits mid cI:HII:ac:t.eri~tncs Iisted in a weapon's profile, The profile i:~ are
broken downjnte.

aJu®oilillllti~, A single shot weapon f~re;s once per shoctiug

1'YPE: There

A semi -~lIltultl.arljc shot fires the number of times given iln brackets in its (]t:~L"li.pliuII, Some semi -auto weapons I18Vg
numbers, di vided by a slash (eg, 216) which indicates minimum and maximum number oj' shots 'a....iilab]C whenI : semi-auto. Fully ~lIllUIIl:Hl~.t:shots ::m::: resol ved ~lighll)' d:i[£t:l"tn:lly 10 shouting and isdealt with ill the Special Wl:apml. Types lilt; end o[th~~ section, SOIDL:weapoIl~ have mHMiple firilIg modes, and the player state wbich modc js selected when declaring the actions for the turn 0( rm~rnewearnll$ i[ may require an 04,.-ti(l!n change the ~ettillg, as noted inthe lndividual descriptions). each shot fl red, remember ~(I m ark off a ~hot from the loaded ammiln itlOIl_

are till ree type~ of ranged wea!IXm: 'pi"l.~.I.btll!i:icand haavy. Pistol weapons are flred in Q''I<~ hand andmay be used in close comber, ]],ask weapon~ are norrnaHy fired twe-haaded bat eM be fired one-handed usually with less chance of hitting. Heavy we<rpcm~ weir;h ,s,o much theyrequire two hands to fire,

R.4NGJE:, TY~.lE, Each wespon ~~a!ia lwnge ty~e, used to deterrnlne how ace urare it is when [wing fIL £I. distance. Dltfereffilt
rrm.~e~pe.~ ha ve VaI)'l:iig chaF'd:cl(::ri~tics, SiU that certain weapons m~y suffer a CQlIiI~.u~~elilt loss of'aecuraey while others have a di:<:tlnatic drop In effectl veuess past a certain r,~m~.e_ Some, such as sru~per lines aad heavy weapons, ,can .ac~;ally be moreaccnrate

over long distances than close UiP, Certai riI weapons have 11. maximum [aLlge. ill whlcb case thlsi ~~i ven in brackets after tire range ~pe.


This isthe weapon's innate accuracy <lOO

improve or red uce tnecharaeter's

or hitting

the rotled if.

DAMAGE: Thss is the number of Damage target is .Ilit {see the Injuries section. later),

SRlO'fS: This is the: number of ~h(Jt~ theweapon can fire 'it needs re'l,oading.. F,CII' ex ample, a. how has one shot, bolter niey howe a ma~a'7.ineof 2() ,~h(!iir.~.


This is me nusnber ofactions

[lim must be

reloading the weapnn ,[f the number number of shotsthat mil)' be reloaded reload two combat 5ilotgU!11 shellsper number ]~ underlined. then ir needs to IIu~nber is ~he num ber of tW'IH tlin~tthe

.is in brackets, trns is per action (a (hru-ac[e<f action, fio! exam(p.le) .It reeharge, inwhich case weapol1 cannotbe used

However, rechal',gi~g normally happens automatically and does In.Ql require allY of the character 's actions ~(I

Reloadlillg actions can be s put





~xaII~~e ,most weapous require two actions to reload- one [t:III.U"'~ the magazine/pcwer pack and one more to ]!Il8ert .~, one, Tberefcre it is possible to spend one action in one reloading, find then flalsh the reload at <I. late .. palm if

WI-Iere l.I11sis impossible, it is noted ill the weapon's



C anuot

he reloaded,

an X is given


WEIGHT; This is how heavy a.weapon is. If a weapon'~'

is higher than the character's Srl\en:grn.ills chances of hitting
it~e reduced.

[11addition to this basic pm file , 11weapon may have

special rules. For eXl):I:rrp,le., serne weapolls may suffer IiIO " to their chauces of hiuililg dille to the character movillg, others may use d'ie Special Weaprm Types rules em page 31'"

there's a good chance lie won't be !IDl::X1.ti.nGn. [l. seethe section OlD.omlal rules at ~r must 71If nd will p/ww -get. a character call look around the comer of a building.ee if it has a line of sight_ If YOIll t:iln lee onl~rOi small pan ofthe enemy..askally. then the target cannot be ~elilr Much of the lime it will be obvious. llrrough III window IlDd so Oil wlthout exposing hi. Light c:lcm.l!:gt: 52..gillary line from the character to the tillJigel. then the character hss lim: off sight. then this isn't really eeough fo:r a Hru: of sight. 'be seen whilst do. IIId you 'shoIil1d. Om Inqu:i:SEtor characters don't have eyes in the back of their beads {well. mOilgo scmetimes it'll be necessary to get down and Ila.OlI blocks line of sigi'lt af'tef 4 yardlsHert! the blquisitnr can dt!arly be.draw fill hna. a degree of imagiIJJatiol'l and intcrprctation is required. is m.. If yOilCaJ1 see at. not mlllny do!) and ~t) arc restricted In what they can see and shoot at by the t1i:roctio<n tbe}. . AW<l!fen~. as dlseassed later.it may be elearthat a line CaJ] be drawn to a character over an illlervenillg wall.e rmal arbiter of any ded~ilfms regarding lioe of sign[ or a lackthereof. but !bowget wit! be Rawer' to hit (see Cover (lJ] page 47).Ill'."U.~' ('(Ill 'I: re'all}' be m 1tM - he J ~mlikely ro 1'1'111'1' GmUn if his swam he II WliS }jNlll! hiding behind Some terrain may obscure hm:: of si....er. then he CaJl110t shoot at it ~ Line of ~]glTIit is faiidy ~implcttl wm:k OLJ~. POll" exIIIIIple'. A character can tum and fire as part of the same ac~iol1w~lli!mrLpenalty.e of ~iglii totall Y er provide some kind of OO''I'CT to tae cllamCJt. though.gline L~f s]ght. ng commen action s.peno1llgh within a dusrer nfhushcs or a wood. The most common renr.ily terrain can be seen into up 00 8 yards. For more details about whlfll characters call and! can't see."'.n blocks line of sight after 6 yards: heavy density ferm. . As a1""'~ys. such terrain can be broken down iIlto three t~ pes of density: Light" mOOliuD1 and beavy.1I~ these as a guide for determ i. Similarly.:q. Remember. j3. I if 'the Inquisitor fhi. such ELS tip of a weapOI1. medtum density tenr. thalt since the miniatures we use ill Inquisltor Itt nOD capable of tbe same range of movement as the characters. seen.~ OIi1 p.iOIl~).gllt but not block it completely. Being able to See your target is CllUed Imving a liIDle@1S~Jllrl!t If a character does Iilot ha ve a line of sight to his tillJig'i!l. h:asl the whole of one hltlecation (set the Injllries section em page 46 fur details. are looking i 11_ This arc of vision extend's mit 45~ in the direction the eharaeaer is facing. On pagt: 47 ]11 !he InjUi-ic~section !lire a.:(Tf' all el'LceplioMl. bUl lILr. .:o. of hit IOC<lt.of diagra:m & wbich ~h{liw how mneh of a character can.. wLlec~klll. aUld <In)! targets mll~~ ]it: winhin tills arc. hut if the character is supposed to be crouching.vi]1 norma!:!)' either bJod l in. or the a foot po~dng arcand a building. if 111 target can be seen.rnself fully. or mOnllhan one biit iocation.the GM.:li:1J1 f this type are U"«:5 and o bushes which.'e a 'model's eye' view to s. If there 's ilnyd'l~llg blocking this line. Other types of terraill .etto ~Iloot at it! A . illtho. (l1aUy.l'g. may completely hide a character from view if he ils tlIcC'.. The most basic principle of shooting IS that you need to be able 10see j'oUlrta. some weapons dQJlJ'£.ughi.::::.m::li"rudually migh'l not cO'r'el'urp a character.

g chtIl1lcrer has wEl..there LS no such thing as a sure shot. more Lime over his shot.. as. any unmodified roll of 96-100 will always miss the Three Of more eiming actions showsthat the character Is the target over qu ite a period of time (in cemhat condirions.houldll't be more than about 4 yards. even tile space Mounds friendlych." he must make II a ·2H% penally if the 'lar-ge. he must pass a ...rt [Jf tile character. If there is iii closer enemy character within 5 yards.r as shuwn JIiI the weapon's p.e· Modifiers chart (~ page 36). the rIIllige.tion. yOI.~II~.:-" ·-_-t·_'\!'''""''ii··' In some cases.~..ifthe character is trri. me A~ well .g he a. read througb relennt modifiers to your cumulanve . find so 011.. done by spending actions aiming DeJ(I~e laking a shot fill mocr of actions spent aiming represents varying . there is 11 ·5% to hit penalty. help more tlil.ing action s. modifier for each addiuioll. yards as they arc sllooting will suffer 3 -210% hit.a.l. to Increase his chanees ofbttting . the charaeter may take a shot lIS soon as a rarg_et appears III are-a he is aiming ar. s. S!U if a character aims twice belcre shoo'til:l."05 always hits the t:trrget.imjllJljl actionsrcpreseatsthe character brill ging his lip alld then spending aeouple of seconds aImlng at lite 2 :~Au~malll ··tii.s the basic percentage chance of hitting iii target at range. Th[s IS often referred to as overwateh. and is accurate but CIIIl be dune (]JuickIy. The target's movement also affects the chances of hitting.: preparedness (111 rhe _PQ. A character call.~ treated in ali re~pcct~ as a shot. Cross-reference the range with the Range type. To represent this. It' h.&e>d. the character immediately enemy ill sight.:u. chance of . The mu~t~pecify w hieh area wi. orher Jashlon (he jumped for example) then the modifier is . him.ed there is a -12% modi. l'e.ng a lrlcavy weaptlll. modifier is determined by she target's last a . +40% bOll115 '10 h us to hit chance. a gap two buildings. if he roll or srrilllt. ten seconds is a long timel). Aiming gives a character a +2.such as a wlndow. eo -2% Ior every yard the target moved iii h~:slast action. Aiming GIrT)' over from rum to tum. mlltUil1g u ss a snap shot.act~r. and character is notaiming at ih<lt character.e walked.gacdlle~ of the type of movement modlfter is doubled . The firing proce-dnre (JPPOSIte shows 11 characterleosing off II withhls weapon without taking any pameulae ti me toicilD it.rofile.BS give. if he cUd move al all or mlly crawled In his 1a. a character can also to cover all area ofthe bahlefield. then there is rnlJd1fier. -:&9(.a:iru. 34 . the shot mlsses. ITf thcta6'g'et moved ill character successful To Hit ml. so the aiming does not grant an)' positive modifier liJ shot. 'regarrOle~s of the required score. When shooting.iIS aiming .el' and targd -this is.l.mn}''t!hing... on the other han 01. OweriiD~ fireJ~I'I/\envatcb fires 311 the Add or deduct the ACCUnll~)' iuoditle. must.~t action. a character walks <'I.allWl!).tevaded. been worked um.~. This shot i..the chance shot 11 itting is halved.. the firer ~uffcrs a.cnmt of -ill aiming lint] preparation. Once the modified To lbt roll has.aLDd?'ri. each 'j ard the liri. any unmodified To Hit ron of 01.erva 10 aim (Wit'll a • W~. across. Tills chance is modified as dt:tailed below. cumulasl ve.al enemy withinS yards). Two . waiting for an enemy to l1umelf.If a target in sight. given in dIe weapon's profile.5 .~ opposed no fl ring 'from the hip').l..' Iollow the normal rules for combined IIt:UOIiI:> .d~s~sl ~'. blind luck . Measure the distance between tile chann:t. Similarly._.. If covering an. (me .~ .~~ :.n. Ifthe mil is over the requited score.ade. and the chances of a placed shot are not 'jncrclilsec Placed Shots nil page 37).0% bOllus to his To Hit roll. The result is the motHfiel'lU your To !!-lit roll. target... the foUowingli$! and apply an AU penalties arul bon uses are if title test is failcd .Whenfiring IDiP&t of 11 combined aetien with movcment. son of hooting is oftenreferred to as a soap shot. sneaked or ran action.rtitlg. am.~r.For example.fier to hit him Being ~ble If 1:1 00 see a target doesn't necessarily mean YO[}'Uhit it! wants to hoot anorher uhru. on the Rflflg. however.tirn hIS line of siglll be is Tim area could be .lloW1>\the character raising his weapon to Ievc] befor-e shooting (. U' the character evaded 01' moved in any other way. ~ . mil equal to or less than til is score em II D 100 to hit.A charaeter's .

'Slick. tlicre should I:J. Targets bigger or srualler than tills shouldbe adjudicated by the GM. Note that this dJrl!E~ mean a character nut can atle·mpt to aim a( a specific location em an cnC1i1JY character aad ~l!ffer the 's. or does anything oilier man aim or i Fe a singl6 shot at [he target. more than one action outside the abning ihrur~dN's view. Tf !!he target spends.'w tIrrou~hthe gap.\'dght of fire! iii semi-auto shot suffer's a to hit modifier equal to -lO%t:olf every ~hrlt ta]. :35. be decided.~hili! 1iC'. ~f tile weight is higher.fxtlmpIe: In ale photo abn'l>'t:'.. 'SUd •.ghl}1 10-5.sth 1:a!l]t:1 Ulues not spend more than one action o\u of ~iew. such as a doorway or the Delmer uf II build]Il. of fire· from a s.tS modifier {al: yon wiUee. this is onen more than made up fnr by UtI: ·I. tlntU or W!)rlhi. 0:. when firing sem. then his weapon no longer counts <IS bel ng rested at Ule end of the action. Losing your ~im AsSI:>IJIlIlS Ihe aiming character Il1!WeS.. As a rule of thumb. T8. halve the character's St[. by the OM. Note lh<l~ as long :J.hmCompare irs weight with the Stl1:~lhl of the character. . and so ls Ie~~accurate mall 11 single.log with their off-hand: they suffer a . weaJJl'Dmili~ended to be used Dlilbo!:hh8Jlds can be quite heavy).if U:uc)'do ~IJ.e 11 ·3n% to bit modifier.. as soon a" Dl!::lmien 14'27 moves int» vi.crru-amornajic!>ilm canproduce a lot of recoi]. targets.e characiers will want to shoot shou]u.IiIUll ]os~.g.tTJ(. When firing witlll Ul1~~W:J. over 50% bigger man a human alFC essie'! to hit with a +30% modifier. charncreT" can fire a weapon in each ham] as pan of a .-a.0[' other lhiRgs '[I:i. they suffer an 8.i.. due to enemy rnovemem {. changes weapon orfires arl)r~hing other than Q single shot. photo below. Nme th at this may be a horizontal surface such as <II wi udow sill Or crate" I:mt call easil y be a vertical edge all well. shot.0% of the size of a Iillmmn.'HlJ! the opposil. OF fails a Nerve rest.ddjtlonaJ -20'tf.aimil:lg ~~. aU four shots suffer a ·40%: chance of ruttung .. It'th. For ex~mple.e character js lin. tUmidg CITt'l!mtg Obviously. A. tile chsracter suffers -1 % for each additional point of weigl'll. H nwevcr. A WCilp01]'~ weight can also lIffeci the accuracy of II :5. shooting a barn dour is easter than trying 10 pick off a fly.flJJH10llgI1 an]' ' mo\'ement will incur the usual to hit penalties lor tile distance mO\'fi:lj. A character mflY spelJld one !lJcL]on resting hi s weapon against a suitable surface..' uperls fire .. and the size of the target will aiTccl fI character's chances ot' hitting.maU 'target modifier' llIl'i.0% chance of hitting.. The bellefit. If the character moves at all. Conversely. if the target is nm.. In lltP.e side of the street. A character with h ls weapon rested gains 11+ 10% chance to hit.'tI1}. chance of hi~til"lgwith buili weaposs. is hit b~'an . [he benefits of aiming are ]OSf.:cII.d.ellgtli whell working out t!\r.I]et modifieT~ for specific creatures .i The burst. However . we'll -placed shot. any aiming bonuses are lost.~ of resting a we<lpon can be combined with aiming.2. .ur~o (4).' Del'hm opa to aim at the ga.!>inglt: action.

of movement except crawling _..d~d last a~tioo For every yall:d moved if oth.5 .".arget e'llJI. _..cr ..- A B () c D 0 0 -w -.::.Ilyp(.Shootlngl TID :hlt T3l:"get raJlllor sprill~ed.laS1actkil1 1>...

nr deduct up lu lU% from the' Hit Location equal to the semi-auto value . his targetbefore ~hoHt~ng..ul aiming bonuses arelost afler any the first semi -sutomenc shoming actien. 37 . Note th at a character who can Dilly hit willi the millimum 5% chance detailed above (because oormally he wnuld need tess Ihan :5 %) caanot make p 1aced shots. The following rules cover weaJiXlIl'. you rnay elect to fire at. SOo characters. and they must he .~. if a character has a 66% ~hmi:E ~lf h]tt~Iig. ~ftile urget U 25 yards away.. rhea ally mil of 30IJt orless (75-2..a chaeacrers must spend their next SltCCessful action recovering from pi.g ripin a pretty random fashion.mcliI me player weapon suffers a ~30% chance ofhiulliIg}. cempensetc I'm.1]n~.lIIomim:l!:c a l~el groap.'ery different way to nQITI1a~. this chance is increased. The shooting rules presented standard Semi -eutomenc weap. ~he rlc~ye. This com he seen ill the diagram below: a chamctJe!r is furedl at b~i' eni&Jl1Y shoeting. hl which case line empty space cnunts IllS another character in the target group.mlling. TIley may decide nov. 01. A character scores a plAt:md slml if hi~ 10 Hit roll was equal to or less than one temh of the To Hil IIlimber required. ha ve made the HIt Location IO]} and found mn where the shotlanded (this is very useful for hitting dmract~'TSbcbi!ld lots of cover'). WGlh a Nerve value of ]00 Oil' more will never be pinned u nless other modifiers I Ever:' tim~ Nef\/~ tCSI rube SPACE :li:trA:'e~ is2 ym:ds from target A. lhe c:ILances of a. but overall the massed dl&l call be more effective at close range. laying dnW1ll a hail of fire.c!ld uf 11Hml.by cover for example. A. the ta!!'ge~group' must be within 2: yards of aaother character in the group.Un1s from target c. a cila![llctt.. This is c~led a p~ll£ed sbot.t where they tl mes wanted it. :lIi]J.ShI:U:Jtjng A player can normally opt for a character III autemaucally fail a Pin l1ing test . and tho ~ earmet be rombined witbany other action . altlmLlgli characrers under tile inlluence of certaill psychic.o red (3) sOO! (M. placed shot then becomes the 'Io Hit number required minus the range to the target.!he weapon fires 3 number of is II chance thou a character lands <I hit jm. roll (~C:C before fll"illg on semi -al!J. frflCIJiJIX rhe targltt group as 4 characters imteod oj 3.'JI. pi aced shot. the spaDe cannot be hil. if you wish. [00 represent il~ particuler advantages and dis. The rules fflr placed shots apply to semi-nato aimed allld snap shots as normel...shots agaiTlst it an: wasted. Nole that the. 'spaces'. fJ 1b include C i11 the u:rrgl!.ing Un: !rigger and ]ettln.. player musr declare how man)' &11015are fired when it comes to shootiag action (tiley don't baveto declare me me the exact number al H!lestart off the character's ~Ulm)."]"'~ odds of making a placed me ~ 1-iring on fn ll auto means ~uocz. a. b shot after aiming is gJ·eat1y lnereascd. wsth a bigher rate of fire.owards the nearest cover (if ill the open) ani! fall prone. semi -aut.w. Later actions ill themm they rew~er must be a. In ~c.al]nw the character to flre II burst of ~fum~ ill rapid succession. that fire explosive IlUllUtiolF.md the ']'0 Hit number is 759'(:.. The recoil from such shooUing is harder to. "to fire 001]]full auto .le.simply missed). A enameler elm aim page 4(i ill tlle ]njl!lricl>section). If the weapon has a spread of semi-auto rates. If [he shot faded w hit tile character (was Dlod. Fur ex~np.. When firing on semi-automatic. there is a. or . oJ To Hit tlUlIlt!er hoeing..Jiid\'atlilages. Some o[ these weapon types alter tllc way 'that saootlng is resolved.ed. Note that there ]8 DOButofll~l.:.il placed shot may add.ot 11 {so a. OlwiotlSly..'»)indicates a pl<lced shot 1n addith:m.hout jn some Oilier exotic manner. when the ~!JifllCkr basaimed at least once al. (mel 4 . charaeteris pinoed OIl his chuacter sheeL f'iilne..in whidi case they wi II.] so individual senti -autnmatic shuts are 1e5~ accurate than a single shot.W fin! ar lhe 'space' between. ithin the character's arc [If fire. B and C.firing. act as if they !lad failed thei r Nerve test. Each shot suffers a -10% m hut penalty for every sl1..any 1'0 Hit r-o:tl of 7 % or le ss is 11 placed a character scores .icfailure for P'inning tests..arred wI tlIe5tart as normal.. . and an~. Thi ~work:s in II .'t groIJP. A character who is pillned will dive D6 yardls t. he must pass pruned.. apply. poweffi and psychological effects may be nut be a110\\o-oOO tltis option.' much to add or deduct af!l:r the). This ]8 noted in the relevant descsiptions.r Cal! efe~:1.H characters in.~:JIl. up until now have been fur fairly weapons that fin: a single shot.'IO=7). Fm exampl e. +2:fY* modifier totheir Nerve value for the tc: L The Pinning rest is laken after: the effects of the Ii1 it nave been rcsol ved.

FuU auto shots never make placed shots. ill that a single shooting action can be used to group oreeemies.ac~e:r heet. me Ammunition is oount. which gout liYumi.PACE !laft~U auto (1(}) weapon 1. The To Hit roll needed is equal to the firer's BS divided by . These work in a slightly different fashion from firing . whUe the SpaCff wid character C would be shot {It twice each. These show how big anddevastating an explosion make. Roll to hit as normal. as it's more i. Due totheir nature. mil to hit against cadi character in the target group.:m explosion w]tn a Blast weapons have two additional value of 6 would suffer 6-3". plus 1 yard rO"r e. of hit. it . . PI.. If II characte. t.81.~gmr. rolls ith hit location and injury. A Ill' characterwithin III gmllp must test fur pinning.ed off for 'each burst of fire. s ml: any hits have been determined.Qt thi. regardless ot rheir to the. A character firing tI. Some weapons.. Bach weapon has a full auto value in brackets. 11characters wiihirn me area of effect blil:. tv it fan Is.ngincendiary rue]. it is higll1y lnadvisahle m fire flame weapuas quickly... characteristics: area and value . Roll location and damage each rut as normal. the Flame WeapoUlS chart belew. po. though some rarer ones may fi re clouds of acid. which is tbe number of shots fired in a full auto action.' of 1O%T that the characrer failed therr Th Hit mll by. instead of firing a projectile ~~pray a founrain 0$ bolt of 'energy" common launchers.mportant In know where all exploding has 11IIU:kd if il missed its.verefired . The most pol Fit. a terrain piece or even an of empty ground. being brave doesn't Dome into it! weapon are . A lUj' character within lhe blast autematicajly suffers a number of hits equal to the blast minus the character's distance from the centre of the blast. as determine . b.v·ery W%. ' character 3 yards from the centre of . 111Id characters who wereilO£ bit do not gain the normal +200% fOJ Once Some weapons tire explosive shots. such. examples Oif these are fl arners.armet~ Designate the tllrge!. Relflocatiem darnagc fOT eachhit individu ally. Any character nil aCUJailly tales II number ot hits the sheet of flaDlb.ll value or ~IiY other special rules . The.. as grenades and mmil:ifier to thelr Nerve.Y fue and noted 011 with the closest character.. coin or some other This target point can be a character.au~omaticany pinned.. All characrers in the target group lII!uM take a Pi lining test when Iiredat by a full auto weapOJl ~the spray of fire would make anyone nearby duck nor covert). gas or other substances . and characters who are not hit gain normal +20% modifier 00 their Nerve. flameweapon cannot maike shoes! S. starting Flame weapons are worked out in a similar fashion to full weapons..Sheeting Once the target gruup has been established.d or tile number of inflieted. The nambcr ot· shots mn st be di \' ided as evenly as possible between the cbaracters (and spaces) in the I:arget grmIp. and so wbilstmovlng Ihey may only he fired as part ef a combined action i f the chasaeter is walking.~·hey arc thrown so violently. and isnot on the number uf characters laJ'gete.inL character is aiming: for with a counter. good idea to note their fulJ auto To 1'0 lli n the netcs bux ui" their d~aJr.J.5" with I1D other :mooiJiers. but only 1'oOU to hit each potential.has a fu U ante we!!!P'l)[l. AU of the same restrictions on target apply. characters A aM B would be fired at three timeseach.e o-r cloud of toxijn~. The area i~ the distance from theaiming polar that grenade's blast ex tends. target once. The total number of hit~ hal ved If the character is prone. H the weapon hits. 'fine cannotscatter by more than ene quarter of the range to the 'Of liquid OVCT an area.3 hits.ting are equal to one quarter of the firer's BS wilh no modifiers.. proceed asnormal .a random direction DW yards.if s . blast explodes centred on tile' target P'O'i I1It.jj1.

weight in yards.n!!l a grenade is 11 Risky action.eri stl c (such as. thrown weapon usc it themse]v'es.. small alien mammals) rhen Ihe lI:. ]f (chai!':':. au show where it hes ended LIp. if the r~igkyacti{)n tdaill.c. difference of 22.ly scatters 0010-3 yarID:. mark a spot D6 ylIrls away in . this 1~ ~. the 010 '1101! for every WCfl.Roll a Dfi: g D6 1-2 J4 than zero a~ no.. ReB.takes them U cr jruerveuiug terrain. and deduct ·. ...l ~ p<tts. this is greater than l1e cbaraeters maximam range with rhe grenade (half his Strength mlnc sthe grenade's Weigj]U. or pan that the To Hit rol. b scauers JJf() ill {~ (al'lldortj direction from the cbaracrer bejrmt e~p'l'vdin~.known ·as.vith the C xception thm a ~t~r can dr.e case.madeoes off prematurely ~ . 1 Treat totals of less Orcruide~. so the shot on. }"{JrJ. [brown weOlpcim have a IIIIIImUlliI range equal to half of the character's Strength minus ~ \Ii"eap<1Il li weight. the !!1. For example if you need a 76% whit an{l ro II a 54.e rnay throw them a diua nee up to no more than half Lheir 'strength minus the grenade·. [11.l. Add +1 to me [) 10 roll for every 10% or part thal the To Hit roll is failed by.lf ]( misses.:tl with illes. In addinon. the throw 1I1llollulillcaUy ralsses. (A weapoll " with\I".U[the'l'·ranges the attack I..t] by. Assuming the target poim is ill mnge.0 draw and prime ..'1. If characters wish 00 throw other things aiming for as you would with ether blao. (or in~) the targcl. allowing the ch araeter to fire at po i I1t~ outside their line of ~lght.t grenade" and one aetiun to tbmw iL Throwd.5. scatter. E or J).'cigllt 10 thrown by a cllaraeter with S'treng~h 50 would therefore 1'1 a ve l'I max imurn I1IIge af 51)/2·10".t we~piJns.rugh the 41 st millennann ha~ gi yen rise' to mally a weseme "elLpon~ of destRlctio.rect ..thrown b'lflst we~poD~.hm. often a wel] pl. ·t~iil!pmlS'al1 be fired or lobbed at 11trajectory I. This is the range al \vhiJch they have • reasonable chance at hittlng. move the aimiIlg pClill~direc~ly bat:k towards the throwing character unu I. flu:.en~_d!e.I hcn:::Jl:iing Assuming tilm tile character doesa't blownimself sky-higlil with Iili~ own g.1 from.Sc{'. Characters equipp.mark the· ~Mgel POtDlt which the character is Althl.liw aI¥l. S uch wespons are said to be capable ofirnldi. The grenade then scaners 2D 10 yanls from tills point.olw~irs effects centred on lhe ckaraeter. an A.n charges find similar weapons are a '~'flril'lm of bl~~t we~JXln~.9 random directiun.a~c(] throwing <1!Xe caT1I end adt~'iant's he~es)' as sLirely as a plasma gunl Thrown weapons are ft:9Uhed ~xacdy ]ike m:het shooting . Some \.deilloliho.de explodes in the character ~~hand. Indaect fire is resolved as 1I0ITllallh]ilSI weapon t1re q or thrown blast weapon fire).ll. It tUI:S!JDC IIClioD1.\·1should give b Ihem a ~\'eilght characterlstlc and probably a hefty accuracy penalry aJlrl a pnm R:mgc chrutlc~.·i. tlJi~ case. Re$~f:i Tlw grena. yards). arrels. at fl._~ character drops the grenade.u1eally misses. or lhcy can be reco vered by their original If rlllisis til. a thrown weapon whlca b it~ is assumed 10 be lyillg next to.]5. GMs may \\o"aDl characters lu be able eo pi ck up a.IItOm:. 1[ i~ in range. throw such weapons with a free hand as part [If a single action. then measure me range. except that the shot automatically scatters D 10 yards. follow the normal ro hit procedure for hllatl'it weapons given aoove. S-6 The greoode is a dudand does nm explod«..

illle ffie . roUtJhe character' s Action dice asnnrmal tn ~0~ 11mn).Ilge.. In .~me·ror cetaits offigil. Wa:lTior~dUI1' [jusl. f llaiima:gt: Th~$. A characrer which is in dose combat does not have to of his actions at the stan of his turn. U!I 2 y1l!I(]sto their left or righl. npposirre). !chaiin·.eJu]ly inin. instead he may declare action after The last action has beea .rryh"lg a successful enemy mtack.elil!lI~~. Tile ral"il'Y penalty of :I weapon reduces a character'a enanees 01 pa. as sbownin the 1'0 Hit m(K!iHers given Nolle that theattack must 00 made ~'LS another actien. Thismeans dlfLl1lClet who declares a charge as an action while t.<!.em!emyand fight. 1:It anu'~ ~ength (see :Step Bad.n~tl['.resolved. w1th.can within striking w. or from 1:J. tncr'c 1I!I'C far fewer options character. A character who circles May be moved. At the start (If a tum in which a character I~ l1~n:al1)' in enel1l1j' anacb comeer.I!. rhe harder it is foran enemy with <I shorter wcapoate defend against it..<)in~~ a + 10% chrmce of hitting. character closes in 2Y<l:rds on tihedefend:er and may make attac!k as part of a single action with no penalty.axes and piistols.y ther actions fm o nan j~st ye[. pan (Jf the ]Il:~l run action. though a may devise something new all. even if they nniy ~. character is closecembat weapon in each ha[i)~.c:k sldier. The CU:~![Ib!ll~ rue 1i0 longer m arm's length . }'am~of their . is the ]:lumber alild!type of Damage di ce rolled if thet:il!trge~ J s h~tSome wealrnll~ are better desi gned for bkd:ing and lauI!"chillga eounter-atrack.gy are ItO be in ChR co. theaction s. character W~Hl is t!lling his actions is known while tile utill'::[ character ~.~ Ithe dtlll'e.Whenh....hnlugh aturn does not. as 110~ed below. NOle:~haltilui~~ ~~~ like amy other n.m.he may attack w]th lDmb part of one action.inltel'e~tillg whieh he wm~Id.have to declare a~~. but IDll) not move further :away· Dr do!>er to his c[!Ie[llY.I1lin. of yards away from their tsrget. one of them wiUpLJrpo.tart 11couple .1ID 'CD wield.cik llilc. t!t. a u eharacter cam!elect to male a special i:hrugt: action. mase attacks with weapons with neaied as runTl~!!gin all T·e. 1'011dv gettoattack as pan of a circleaction .1I1 lICl]mlJ [11 close combat. seetlen deals wirth such close .nq isiter..eqnenoe is altered slj~Jnly.ck:.h guns and gI'eTl!acfJ.gcounter-attack . It is easier to bit tli:ieenemy when from tile side orrear.~.jhough his chances of h1U)ng are reduced explained inthe section on 00 bit modifiers.s.~arc ruted by a series of cnaracteri sties: Keach: This is an Indication of how long the weaponll is. A d'lRmclcr Wfll) and 11Ie charac ter i~ arm's Jength may only or mere.u. As. h~gil:dydestructive :r. and ill fact g. A character who il~art arm's ].hy a MUleI' :f'atle-to·face struggl.aog. a hl'ry p.arr~oilis o:f the 41st mmelilnh!l. The longera weapon's reach. of a chnrge action s:woro for exarsple) b-ut W he does so he loses the ~M change weapons as The cb!ftn:lc~r sidesteps qUI:icl1y to f:ltm. must get within l yard of their 'C:i1crny.Reach 4 OJ! more may be used to a~E:lq. actions he caa perferni that turn.e with swards.fighting. :ru UII.~armed with a \I\!e1l!poL1l1 Reach 4 orgreater of can stop olilcethey are wirhin ::.spect.ni~~g at arm's ktlgth). Characterswithout such a weaponll.CIDJ'. which (he GM shouldadjudicataas normal.e~gtl~. in order 10 ~lIIitillle a close combat. nopenalty for being a combined action.e~dv(:lnDe5 and artacks.(JwFRT away the character can make 1(s arrack.~t. Wflll~e[ lllto dose combat with each other. rh:n1ll1gII charge. then Ilhe second and resolve its effects. length {see Slepb. Then dDClarehis action and resolve it.. A character who is {:h!l!rgi:ngITLHke~ nm actions IJ!rnti tih:ey are w:ithirn mrnge of the declared enemy. 40 . A charactercan (drawing 1:1 +10% charge bonus. fLlld Ifl1ll11:c.mbat _ 'Once a character is engaged combar.e~. A ebaracter who ~. 11m] I then makes one closecorn b1l!~attack :l!O.COM bat.1 [0 attempt.close combat weapt)I]. the 'free" !ltt4l. The most straighrforward closecombat simply attemptsto hh his opponear: If Q action . Weapom..edweapons.ved.ct when the cOJnl'Ya~flntsare at mn's When hvi[')· characters arcwithin 1 yrurl of each other. The most common are Iisted below. w.tile. a vt'itI o:henbereSJol.: exposed sidle 0[·' of their t::1l.1'lbo!!lgillthew.



If this break off move is used 10 take the character

within I ysrdl

of another enemy (or 3 yards. if armed with a Reach 4 or greater The character takes a couple of steps bac k [(I pill a ]i ttlc more dislance between him and his adversary, This is usually prior w raring EI pl~d oru-ylmg te break from combat , 'When a character elo::ls,~ step back, he is moved 2 yards thn~cUy away from the d!:r~:nclet. Also, 8 character may dodge when being attacked .. in
weapon), it is treated 8S a charge and be may maike an snack agaim;.t thi ~ fresh foo;:j LIst as if he had charged.

If [he ~e,51s failed. the character fails to find an oppcrnmky to ge i a WII)' ani! the action is wasted. In addirion breaking (rom comhat can sometimes .iTi>,]tt: d;i;5a:5:t~r, the character ~cnreR more thW:L [f

whi~helise th.e ·combatlll~Qswill end up, more



apart, In

Ibis situation, the characters are still engaged in close combat, but are t.10 far ap'J/J1 ttl Ilill.!lcl each other exce pt with pisto) s and Yel)' km~'W'ilap(]IlS, They arc said to be fi~hting 'at arm's length'. Steppinghack doesn't Iinisa a close combat - tile onl}'\"'llY to end
close comhat is tu make: a

doubl e hi ~ Initiative Ior the rest, he fails as described and the enemy gets a free action, just as of he had made a eounter-attack. A defender cau always elect to. allow the attacker to break. from combat without a test once the opposing player has annnum .. x.'1l their intentiolils.

specific break from

combat action. as

de~ribedlater. You t::::mnul si.mply step back and then step back !!laill. lithe charaeters arc at arm's length, lht:: attacker may elther break from combat, circle, fire ~ pistol, attack with ~ weapon of Re.ac.b 4 or' more, m' ad V1IIlCe and at a:at: k , The atta.t:'kcr can lUi,~orn.atk:ally tum jn face his oproneU!l.t as pM of an action, wilhuurl any penalty, A defender will turn to tace the character who last anaeked him, after the attack To Hit run is
made, A character who is prune must spend all action getting m his feet before he can make an y attach, A character who is prone at arm's len gth may still fire a pistol.

Pistuls,ILIliy only be fired at the enemy in close combat when the l combatanlS 8!re lit ann's length, Firing a pi~tolin sud] c:lmc confiot$) requires a cool he'ad more than aceuracy. and se the

atta.ckcrrolls tu

I.ls1ng his WS rmher dmn BoS. Other than this. IDfR II.I1! no modifiers, Tile defender may ollly pan,' using a dOOge', and .Ili:~ moves 2 yards [0 the lefr or right (chosen hy tlile defending playeir) i:llsk';~dl f away from [he attacker (beeause they o 1ft! ~lread}'at .ll!ITII.\ length), The defender gains the +20% dodge bonLlS to his parry (see 1P'~gc43). but no, other modifiers are IWlioo for WeapoIllS, higher ground, etc. There are no placed SbDl~when filing a. pistol iII close combat.


A clla.mCIe r manpend an action brea:!k.ingoff fmm combat. To do t1ili he mL:lstPI:lSSa1l1nitiative test and add» +20% to hi.~ Initiative illhr: comM~ns ru'e at arm's. length. ]f tbe character pa~,~~, he 1IllIke~ one runsetion cut of the combat, ina dlrection nominated b) tbcaHad:.i.tlg player but not taking h um past hi ~ foes unless this

D CMbt.'TW:is.e impossible.


h i~ to Ili.t ehance, A dmrac'ter who is at least 112 yardl til an the defender bencflrs from a + 10% to hit modi fier,

A character may make one close cornba; attack for each action he spends. He. can runI]' make attacks within the 45'° arc of vision to
his front A chasacter holding a cloae combas weapon


nand can make orne (lJttact with each weapon as part of 8. single aiftacl action; with tile penalty L1I(m~d be.low. The basic percentage
chance of a close combat attack bilUillg is equal to the character's

Note that 11 character does not al so galn '[be higher advaFl,tage IIg:.tiust a prone. opponent. Remember, un ~ess he 1{each 4' weapon, a character csanot attack from a dis.1i:an(.'"e than 1 yard away,

WS. This to hit chance Is modified as shown be 1ow.If the: aUad::er roJJs equal (IT less than the required !>Cl(lI'C he has scored a. hit,

Drily the most skilled fighter» can fight effecti veJ y with ' weapons, Of with a weapon In their off-band. '[:0 represent character altac'kiIlg with hi. off-hruu:l Stiffen a -20% cbanee hitting, and suffers a -2V% hit modifier if he artacks with

As wuh SilO{)bng,thL::"Ce'salways some luck illlvuh'e4 iII Il.iuing you r enemy in close combat. regardless of 110\" skiU,ed you are.


weapon as


of l!i. sh~g[e. anlliik


Anv unmodified cjosc combat To Hit roll of m -05 lIiwaj'~ hits, regardless of the score needed, and one of 906·100 always misses,

.A~ you can qmagiue, the larger your enc;rll)' is, the easier it i&

The shock and sheer illlpch.1S gained when charging lnto an enemy allows 8 character to literally bow) his enemy over, giving him ~ disnnct advantage. A chfJra.etcr's chanceto hit is improved by 10% if the artack. rs psrt of a charge action and he did [lot draw


sword into him. Similnrly, smaller foes are harder



a-weapon as part of his dtar-ge actiol'J.

modifler» for specrfic creorares or other things characters w L'II want to bit should be decided em by the GM. rule of rnnmh. if Ule target ls mu~ld)' U}-50% of the ~ire human, there should be a -3G% to hit mcdlfier, ' targets over 50% bi;gger man ahuman ace easier to hit, +$0% Iliodifi,er. Targets bigger or smaller than lhil> should ,adj udicated by the aM. Note that this does not mean :iI earn attempt to a i rn at a specific location on 1111 enemy and suffer the smaf target modif1er~

It is, e~~ie-r to YOIU encmy if tile weapon you are usmgis longer than tileir"~. For every poinL of Reach which rue atr,a.c~e.r·:;weapon


has overthe defender. he gains

3. ;I- IO%

chance to .Wtting,

0['. for

every poilltiowel'.ll.c suffers a -10% to hi'Lpenalty, For example, a weapon with Read'! 2 agaill; t a. weapon witJl Reach :l suffers a



.rut modifier.


Ul:::inghigher ,thaI! your ~uh'er!o;HI)' a distinct advantage in dos-e is eombat, especially if YoOut pponem i!\ lyiilg on the ground. If the o defender :is prone, the aHa.eiking chara 'tee ga.im a + '20St bonus to

There i~ chan IT that a close cembat anack wi" strike hOTIN a particularly deru:li~y force, amd this is known as a crUieEl~ hi!" chanceof acritical hit is one tenth of theattacker's ' To Hit number, Fur example. if a character mas a 55'SIl.' chance hitting, any To 1ii~roll of 6,*, or less inflicts a critical. hit .h.lt~ tiD double damage. doubled after an~,' dice are rolled modifications for Strellgth and weapon are made, but before deductions for armeer, etc. Charactersthar can only SCOI'e with the minimum 5 % chance canner inflict critical hils,

A character can elect to. dodge as pan of a parry, in which case uht: procedure for parrying is followed as normal except lh:!l! 11111;,: defender does not usc the parry penalry of hi~ \V'eapolil :il1il(] gt:us a +20% modifier tohis chance of SIICC-e.. So,

A charaeter who dodges is moved 2 yard» di:rocLly away from his attacker and may ROf m<I.lkea couraer-attack. If lhe defender is Afigllterdoo5..t!i'[srIlll.d idty by while a fr,othing berserker aHc.IIl!p!l~ prrme, he rolls. 1 yard to the ~e1ft or ri ghl ,. (cmltroUil'lg player' 5 10lop bis!imbs off with 3. chain-axe ~To repeeseet ~his, !I. cilaract(':'r choice). If a character dodges while at ann's ].elilg~h(~ce atw:lve) hit by a d(l~ combat .'ltffiCk hiflJS a chance to parry i~_The chence he iSllH)V,edi 2. yards to the leFE or right i n stead, boLUt u~[. n:::main m

of parrying

an at~.ekus equal to



WS for'

the first


3 j'ardl'l (If the attacker. takes place whether the defender avoids the

1£1 1iUrJJ.. The defender's basic \\1S is men. halved again for B em::b suceessive paJi'l1' in one tum, SlO thet the second parry is 8& IIIlfbil>WS.lhethird Is OI!~ a quarter of his \'11'5,and so on. Tlliis. is further modified as shown below, If the defender rolls equal to or b llula the requil'ed! number then the close combat arrack is pmicd .l1ld bas 110 effect.


aUm:k Or not.If a character successfully dodges, he does notcount as parrying the attack tim example, against power weapons which can destroy wellpon~ which parry tnem).

A character with two close combat wC8Jporm~ has a choke of dufl'e\rellt waysto parry, He may parry with ooth at the ~a:me R.U[ile.
case roll to parry 011100, but with ::I. 4- 2(}% chance of parrying. Use the best reach and parry penalty for dererminmg (he parry chance, a!lldithe best counter-auack chaace (see overleaf for details of'counter-anacking). Alternatively, me cha_ra:emrmay usc one weapon at a time, in which case he maes a nOl'm,a! pan)" However, in this case, you ceunt Ihe number of pariies. made oy each 'weapon ill the tura, rather than tile character, to determine what proportion of the defellder's WS is used. For examp]e, a character with a sworn and shon sword who parries w]Hi.lhe sb:on sW(.)lfd '(:1I:n still LU~e his, full WS w parry thenext llJtrnck wiilil. Ute ~w~n-ti,'Ihe second PfI:lT}' with each weapon would be at half WS,
III which and so on,

Some We31pGIlS are iniltrinsic.a:llyhetter or worse fur parrying willi. For example, me' 101lg. bOl!lan~ed blade. nf a sword is excellent for wanling off enemy blows .wlille a heavy, clumsy axe us much moredi:fikull to wield defel1~i.vely,To represeusthis, all weaprms ha\'e ~ '['l'!ll1Y penalty which is appbed ~o all aUet~~1.pts p<lit)''I,I,' ith to d1: weapolil,

ro parry w i,tl1one w~lPon against one attack. a.gaifls;t the next att at:k , both weapons count ,a.. being used the same aumber of times that nnn, using. tile highest
Jf a. character elects

andboth weapons

nlllllPer of times, Followl ng the above example, if the character
parried with the ShOIt swoiid and then wiih two weapons, both the short sword Mel the swordcount as haviIlg already been used oace that turn.


\\iIei;ltlulil's.~ar6.' peuJII'll! Defender 011 hlgher ground.

A ~h.1nl,cter to

before parrying is !u a severe

disW\'rultllge, and will be hard-pressed to stop a surprise blow, A chamct~ wl:m ]8 Jttad;:ed ol]t~ide oif an arc 901"to his fruniJt llili.5i. 1um ~oface his attacker if he wishes to parTY_ n the character has til um, he suffers J -207l- chance of parry ~ng. while if he has to 111m Ilver 90~"he suffers an addliti onal -10%: chance, fur a total


modifier of -40%,


tno weapon penalues)

.[11 pause fur breath actien.'7. 011 a 4"'6.. any s of the character's actions thaJ rum and .ting roll a [}6.(fJ2.. OJ..m dose combat weapon can 'be at a rca! (Ii~advantage properly armed opponent.I':"'·:'" .nus the weapon's pany penalty.. SiD you can attack. If you elect to attack... perform actions as normal. and 00 on. a~ r\. At the start of tile nextturn.<1 cflar. The couster-artack dues not have to be w itch the same W(. if fighting more than one opponeurat arms' length. 00 a 1-1: the other character is hit.D~llting dodge hack: and forth and get mixed I. ' ~ solid oblecthas who is carrying a basic ·\'!t·Ca:POIl or other an improvised weapon .1III 'be done even iftihe cbaraeter has already used all of thei r actions for tha'l (lim. break from COIUOOlt... A character who is not hQ]ding kind of weapon. yards fur example). --~~~. a characee r could parry with a sword in... 3-6: the other character i~struck. following the normal rules for' Unle". for exrunpJe. Hecan either end the combat as described or he CIIJI chance to counter-attack I:lim~elf.andomise which r of 'the combarants have actually been struck... if the combatants end (because of knockback his nextaction 1. So. fire a pistol (if ar amI~·lellJgth. on the roll of a 1-2 target is hit on a 3 -4 enemy 1 is hit.~close combait and hi. A character with an imorovised weapon has <1' of J and a-30% parry penalty.I._ . just Like a part)'. eerlier. :. For example.. randomise which opponeut is hit 011 a me roll of5 016. I"'OJ'eza mple.. If fighting llit arm's length there is only a ene-ln-three chance of tile WfOlllg target being hit.. unarmed attackshave Reach '0_ Unarmed characters can paJl'l)' armed attacks (including improvised attacks) with a A character counter-attack..he can attack with 'enemy with a chair..T7FAE-K5~~ } ~ ~~"-A-. . al1d! so on.:.I. II'~ the characters t. if there !I!fC lwo characters figh. etc).. of the characters w ire f prone there is less chance of hirtlng him 510 this mil becomes ]·-2: the prone character is hit.e. The chance of a eoueser-atrack is equal to the Pa:rryroi~ which is rcqaircd mi.. \Vhell a ends and a character has aetious ]eft that rum.has attackif character armed wi!h !Ill axe ([ifLrrY 55% chance of parrying... .-. -1.L. +-_. the attacker has a above.i . i~a free anion and does ilm use up.. hitthe . so a roll of 1-4 mean s that the target is hit: Oil. the characters are at close quarters (within 1 yard of each. . T one. their adversary. a characternet armed wutl'a .'1'0 ways..0 . etc. -'!-'_~~DiDN'T."""_~~ ". a chance to parry. A counterattack. : .at he make an opening for a counter-attack.u. 'WlmCDl.-. "'1JLiJ!ll"'~1_'1 Firimg uuo II close combat 1S a ri sky business. step bad . 5-6.-. with ~hree eombatants all at close quarters. ·~~~~.:. . the enemy get.ter can deelare lip more than 3.~. TItis can he adjusted in a number of ways delJlellding on how mall}' characters arefighting and bow dose they are to thetarget. roll to hlt as normal. other) there is 1I!J1 even chance for every character invo Ived. tile character's action must be spent as .~~A._-~ :. (because normally he would need less than 5%) cannot make counter-attacks. who .: tbe tril!rgCt takes the shot.[11]1 ebaracier with a weapon of Reach 4 Qr higher who is not: at 's length lind this is not the rust round of a combat having an improvised wespon (they cam only use the haft.1ck: w Irh an axe in the other as a 8 has charge. . or a character is defeated. batt of his rifle. If a character fires ~nf:('I.qKlIl that made the ]pWI)'. There are no placed shots when fidng into close combar. one hand run:'! att._:. is considered to be unarmed.~'- II 41. enemy 2 is hit.pwitb each other. advance and attack.. <I There are ['.· . ~ .~ s~~ally (mimed... on a 5-0.. him. couruer-enack is warted out just [ike an ordinary close cornball action. I h is !)OS>lihle thal II character \~'iI:Ipan)' so well th. NOle ~hat a character who can only parrywith the minimurn 5% chence detal led above..in which a close corebat will end: II breaks from combat.).""'tE·~. Additionally... to dedare My other unused actions fur the turn..~. Thi s then' . a penalty -15%). or just a pistol. will counterhe rolls 40% or less on his rarll'}i mil {55· 15-40).

ats llaippeni ng ill tlIe 5.liIgall divide hi ~ actions between any (If c it is possible to swamp enamCler!.1.ies.h~combarl.ehe very hillro for your ellemy who would to hit 11llcln~~ combat.arik:~]aJr opponent. hut unfortunately. and so 011. thh is known as a m1Llti. A dlarac[er wooi ~ lIIJ:ta[.thin.t way of dealing ~'ith a rnultlple combat is to v ilew it 3. It also means that he counts tile number of parries that turn for working out Ius parry chance. This. not the Humber of parries fIIg. ~ mller wmbatalilt~. will probably want to jump on lUI enemy with more than 0111! clilrrilcter aI a ti me _Whcll more than two characters are figntingcaeh other.p.ru1I1e· place. h is important to remember th at an attacker faces towards the characrer he last attacked.a.airL~t 1. M 1'00 might. t set of o.vi!i. expect. 11le eal. 311 o~hen. Similarly. carIn}. a defelilld!crfollows all of timenormal rules.Life wOI1!d be a 1m more si tnp. However. means that he can only parry OF xiuuter-auaek if he is the target. he can attack 811 enemy at arm's length with a weapon of Reach 4 or more even if he is within 1 yard of another opponens. ::1m] '0 might choose to at!:a. p. t 45 .!mtlb.ki.gs !ibmild hopefully go smoothly.ck one enemy with his 1ks~ Bctioll and then another with the second. a character masr be more llil.r~ 1 y8!rtl away from all the enemies he i!> fighting. a degree of imprevisation or m~erp!l'et<ltnon OD the part af me GM may be necessary now an{! then. when belng attacked by more t!ian one character.le fO"l" the OM if all of tile characters off one-agamst-one. This rneaas that below. butif you touow fhe guidelines p111)£I It! a gBiillequared s 1'0 count as bellllg at ann's Ieugth.<.ro1 nary dose I. a.MUltipk: combats cen get quite mlxed up.

..LO£atinB Tab. and soadds +2W.::LVl~ been hit and what damage [hl~Yhave suffered. make the If without modification. Once the amount of damage has beea deduct the Armour value of [he location from th1s to find OlJ~ number of Damage points Hurt have acrually penetrated the armourto hut the character.. I . Unarmed close combat attacks inflict D3+ [ damage for additionaJ Strength as noted above. A blow ma.. :~ •.__:. the defender is at a higher leve I..~Elhl' ~..:.. H~:_'/ Ilb[:...n1lic~a glaaelng hit Of Ltmay be a sclidImpact which causes considerable damage.": Few warriors go into battle without some form of Armour offers some measure nf this to a location rhar it lL[IJ the protection it orfers Is represented by its value.~""+. these vagaries by giving weapons a.Being shot ill the ann and beillg shot ill tile head Me two very dlfferenttfnngs. call mean the difference between life and death! '''''nen a target is hit YOil must determinewhere they Il. and il... R ~... To determine the hu locadon. .--.'only i. unless otnel"!'1l se noted.:. specified in their prof lc asa aumber of dice to 1'011.5 lbglltLeg LHlbg Groin tfi~3D . a Strength 80 character would do. Inqu i sitor represents..~ points of S1:ITn~th over 50 the ch araeter 0 has. The.:11 gain this ~o SU-ellgtJh bonus. _ -. II "':"::-'_.If the defender is at a lower lev. the AmKmT value on a location..el.e J -1. • .random Damage value.. Throwu weapons such as daggers and speaes . theless damage win be if ~hat l{lcall011!~ hit.'''' I • ~_ ~- ~ . roll aD100 and consult the Hit Location table below.-. Ie.'_"iB"If. 1'011 the number of dice indicased to determine h[JW much damage has been inflicted on POW(lI'@d' tile character. + . However.at._ at. Uit. add a further IO% 10 the dice 1'1011. Shield {)4\e:IJ" j1~ Closed hel met Mosl close cnmbM weapoTl~ nave: a Damage value such as guns.:"_"':--=-.'~ . an amount of damage equal to abe weapon's damage value plus 3. . __ i!J- O~E<3 . '__. ~:~ . do D3+2 damage. Improvised weapon:. plas tlile Strength bones.. . an additional point of damage is dum: for every fu~l .Once you have determinedwhere the target ha been hit..~ to the Location r-011.-- I A character who hUt~ opponent in dose combat is more likely his Hit ron to strike blm in the upper body or head.-C:E ~ _..

pOIs.em'!. Type &:1' O~l'er \"'ooden fence Crate Barrel PI¥~el Armaplas N 47 . all categorl sed as lf thc location hit is behind some form of cover. Fmt:e fields us. and! works ill exactly the same' way.bil:hts gell8rared for every hit. are covered depends upon Hle character's. Tbese arc' tUoEIlt. btu have ~ random wt.. C over is essentially another layer of arrrtonr. The most common simauons are shown in.y. Some examples include: rcree rreldS.1 t ke ". iellglh.'lUi which ~tl prutcdils Some characters 8n:prmtcctcd by special warda. and the GM should decide w'lli:i.actly ~i armour. then the shot may he blocked! Of defl ected by the illilter'lre11lingfeature.dh lecations are covesed if lieces~my. WhJ~i ocanon s ~)d'iic shi~!d~ ami other clilergy defences. Not aJl IUmOUJT'uses physical means \1I. Simply ro]! rhe indicated namber of dice every time tile loc.li'lli below. the dliagrM.iJtiofi Md pOISe.".U]oll sakes a hit.mI€::l. and so provide no proiectlon ill close combat unless '[he charadel'S are at ami's.h.ua'lly extend several feel loom the character's lOOJ.

Location injury ls representative of ~he: amount uf ph~ical trauma suffered by each of the ebaracter's hit local:iml's.colJilfort. This value is cql. In addlnen. Divide the character's Toughness by .t pain and shock.fhe Location Injury tables . Tbe head! !liIldgJl". During this time he may perform no actfons ill SO[m: at half but may defend himself in close c. valae oi&.r). lulless the injury is recovered from (see Recnvering }3!lc. It is . A b].effuct~ on a character. each lccarlon ha~ a number of injury levels which may be ~.d~. etc.effects continue to affect rhe character for the rest of the game. He misses the rndicat'Drl number Of he has J:lo"t .:5. If do fI hit iIlflicts damage ufJ to the cheracrer's Base Injury value i't does nne level of damage.cllJt ef. cbaracrers vill reed ve 0.m.A stu nned immediate 1'j talls prone.eof health. This is system Sh6Ck and is the most lit. then ~his rum CULQnlS <IS the y tum missed).\g i111jured ~~~ a tiHmber of different . ouce applied..TIOLl. and is kllOWIl as IUs Ba~e ImJ~lln"Yli'lIlne. thai l1Iis docs !lot do addirional damage to the location •. The a mount of damage he call witi'ist.S i.mloi. ~ A c'har. Serious.acter 'can sustain a cenai n ammm:~ of injury to a location before his ab1l it~. 4B .e~~Uld Immediate effects are applied as soon as bur. ACUb: and CrippNed ( ~me. injury are ~plil into immooi:illt. Stunned characters do not Pinning tests (UIlt\otrI1lHltely for them sometimes). so a charn-cte[wi~b Toughnes 76 has a Base Illjury Some iajuryresults indicate maJ the character is bkedi.~lot of damage unconscious from 11ISl. are three other ways for i:oj1!lry to affect a character: Sysrem.ng. that is bleeding at the end of every t-urn.er<L1l ~M..he character's Touglmess divided hy W.l!l1 to !. clla!facte.oory .ocdffig character additional D3 Damage points to his injury total at tile end of rum.o<:k~m]rlJYstun a character . after deductions lor armeur. pain a1U] other general dli. his normal WS and III. Thlll representsaeavy blceciill. i. Whilc injury total rer~sc..8Yparry and dodge ss !lonna! may not make counter-attacks. These are split iut{) two main types: locadoD iilljur rand ililjury bJtam. 1.H.s. the individual Damage posrts lnfficted.lects.n. The resull System Shock value.g tluu could eventually kilt tile if allowed to carry on unchecked. if it inflicts <l1Jmage lip to twice theil' Base Injury value it do-e".cd. and so on. slaock More oft. blood toss. remainder (If the game.Belf.robillibly bleeding a long time ago. areimpaired.e'S. If he suffer.Ln the character was p.ely cause of a character .~Qre that only the pefiiistent effects from the current injury Ievelare <lppIi.njury level).llJ' levels llire caleulated from Damage points Inflicted from lndi V1duajh.!~ts hi S Q\r. N CIte that thi~is damage which is ' 10 his injury total.en "than nolo a eharac tel' suffering . casualty..0 test for system shock several time~ in the tum. As well as the effecrs given on . aJtll{)llgil in some cases the specific location mal' state that there 'is a cumulati ve effect on top of allY lesser injury results.uflicled: Ugbt .cr acted this turn.rwu levels of damage. Injl. The effects of local]On peFsis:t.juries or atta.. W!ten deJerrr:ding. after rolls t:01' recovery are made (see Recovery 'Iater}. me injury is infhded P:<!['Sistcnt. for a.. herefore ili~ only the injury lc vel which needs T to bereeordeu ona location. from one hit equal to or greater than his System Shock must pass a Toughness test or be takell out of action . are not applied aga ~n. due to receiving muilipie hits or injury results. a number of Damage ..nin not have a Se.a'nd is based upon M8 'Icughaess.omibar.3 damage from each and every .

This amomatic recovery hJS no effect on lmtiOIl injury' effects. fallfng unconscious or by suffering :lJUlOmil."hen a. test represents the cuaracter's raw fortitude test. IItbough hisposltloll may be pertinent and so the miniature be feft lying llilplace where the character fell. executed or otherwise ~ufferimmense mischief at band~offthe enemy. PO! in$~1noe.'l. character's dOWII. location he does not suffer allY immediate effects again."OV'i:F. the character recovers damage from his injury total 1ISdetailed above. Tooghn~Mi\ii.llue. c vcn if nmned or otherwise unable to perform ani). To lqIRl!.s value. remo\'ed fmmni_o.emp[ to recover at the.p~y die'. lID injured character' IMllay take a Tauglme-c~s . ILOO so on).his rnang] ed COIJ}. Instant D~at:ll Sometillil:e~. representing him u~iTIill improvised b1lBld1lging. a character will suffer so much injury thar he will sim.t:lcr who is recovering to a lightlnelld wound wo:ult1 liIollbc immediatt:ly stunned for D3 turns. Iflhe character 's iI~ury total cxa:cds his Conseiousness vallle. trying to recover first and] t1hen make I Toughness test. dLII!rnl':ter:.s weapon _ III dm samc vein. then he passes owt and is !liken out of action.iMry!e~·el he bas recovered to..way as noted in lite Mo\remenl sectioa. test. chance. IIId deterrnination .. so be careful _Re:l.nemil€r that sometimes is better t'Cl run aw. 49 .. get ::I. he ~tays downt \VhellOl character recovers an InJl1!"}' from a damagerl AlthOll~ a character may injured. A charactee cannot !lormdy ~erlillcea roca~iol1's i'njllry le·~el by more than two v fromthe worst i!'ljury suffered to that loc<ltiotl so. A dlJl._<. . fur during the game.e]]t this.hl~ Toogtmes. U rilcss otherwise noted. Toughness then be is dead.. sooner or later pain and lo~_~ blood wi]l cause a character to black lJut .is. or just gritting his teeth and ignoring the painl You II1II51iipecify a locatiOOI he. W(. and. D3 Damage points arc.e 1).by Iaifing a System Shock. end of tile rrurm.. This happen in a number of Will'S. testirnony In his stubbornness to glve in. betweea 00-69 recovers D3 'I Damage poi ntx. some milJyoc or he may recsi ve medical treatmens to aid him. Til additioa. once a iOCaf]OIl hall been injured W Acute level. to rOCOV£F hom their injurie.dlisregarding his suffering to get OIl w~tlil the fighting) If he passes this Recoveryjest. he does nOl have to test for dropping hi. of persistent effects dro-ps to that given for tile illl.ourniq uet t w1th a belt. tyiIlg 11. if a cberacter recovers from a Scriml's arm injury W It Heavy arm injllIY.. If this test is passed. if l!lotliliJg else' If a character's injury total 1sever greater maJil his.ay help an iLnjureclc:Jimr<lcter to recover try spending actions <IS above.. This. A character out of action who is anacked in close combat is rut nutooaatically in a locauon chosen by the c()unting every bit as a critical hit.It:.if he of CDllWluesto be illjU"l'ea_ A chamdeT's Consclul!L'tDIMIS vall!le is equal [0 hall . his Level. actions.ay and flj!llu another day! A dwacier who is mit of action can be dragged a. Add + I to this score for ever). A character is om of action is at tlJe :merey of other characters. full 10 points hls Toughness value is over 501 (a character with a llmipilri:ll)'.l'llcrermay also spend aericns cndca vouring to.onlliljil!lry_ eharacter who ill out of action A CIIInot nomlaUy recover 1Iml plays I10 furtherpart in the game. For examp. with no chance of tmwery at am Wh~ a ~haract~rral:t~ easualty he is said re be om of action. a eneracrer can always mt. the specified IDead [In is healed hack one illjury level. the bell~ it'll ever get rnt!ha~ game is a Heavy wound" OdJercharacters m.(omciousnesll Bven if he does liIot succ umb tu sy skm shock.hc sy~lem shock of a l{]Cam. At 'the end! of e~'ery tum.iIlji:UY total. An om of achon cbaracter does 1101 t1:onnaLly get to recover. and can capllued. a ciJi!!rn.. a character ~'dtlla Toughness value between 70-79 remeves D3-1'2 pointJ.

as are halved "llJ'1 value: and when using this arm om)" it is one quarter (rather than half) ..A~ Heavy.Character's \VS and when using the injured arm (eilht::r on ill~own or with the other arm. which means dial when using beth hands. Also add +D3 damage Ltl lrni s hlljmy total. PersisfiCm . His Strength for Ilh.ers uf its UUUI ...immediate . the character's S~reng~b is three quart.is ann is halved.


chest abdomen). For example • a character behind a wall is flirting his legs HO%).0 a character will also affect how easlly he· seen. actions y. A character is automatically . b) The amount of cover II chsracrer is ill wilJ derermine h.35 ~ to spot him (2: x aJ11l. ai ming.S.· coverucarbj in forth.1 total modifier of -20~ to spot only bis head were poking over the wan this would .'aif-e·nes~that players fotgtl>t Iis the most basic OIlC - does this character knowwhere else i '! Por example. a character who is erouched sti n behind a would he harder Ie see than a character running through woods. (me of the most difficult th ing$ to write rules for.IP~11H or Dot•. Add 2% d) The raage 1.ng 'tllile seen or heard.) for . However. he will be aware of ch<!. suspicion s. depending on how' milch otbercharacrer is moving and whether he is looking around. or pO'u ndil'lg over rockrctc.'. The.m!. in thls respect.'... but i. 2 x. A character can spend aile 0[' more " specifically looking around.eye more than ::tnytb:il!l to a character's chance of spotting someone !"ur yard the other character moved this Ilii m (01" 1as-t tum if hasn't acted yet thi s tum).ip~e ben~J1dtihB.aracters can be 3".~ awareness rulesis that players suould not move and perform actioas with The.. but who is not in the ope).. '. groln. other's 11(1". best st!l1il.r his anentiou.ar.of them and what fhey are Kore that tbis applie to fl'iel'ld~ycharacters as well.able to see everything that is gQ'irlg on all across the tabJelqp. in essence. c) The speed acharacter is moving at will make him more or visible . most common aspect of av..aracter hi-elden behind cover.t is still easy to get carried away in the neat of h<altl:~e and start reacting as a player rather than from a character 's point of vie w.at an enemy is chargi_ng around ahill to the right. in which case he call take Initiative test.InJJ"' . a person callionlyreact 10 things which fie is aware of. he would feml(nl ~(} be.. a gamer h omniscicm and omnipresem . lie is to spot A good rule uf thumb is to apply a -5%'to the enemy's Initiative test for every locatlon a dD.As weU as icha:r:gm. groin (-5%) abdomen (-5f. pril1c.:'l. 1'1lds secuom . as rbeir charactera wRieh draws upon their knowledge. apply a modi licr tu the chance of spot!t~liiIg character. The more actions the character spends looking. more likely he is to set: someone. a . Overall. someone across a slate roof.!. a player may know tll..de'aJs wi.'tb JliO\lfd!l.l'!lCter:. total of . U 3J) A character may be aware of acharaeter that is. For every full 10 yards over 20 l' ard s .e O'f each. Tf the Initiative ' passed. if he heard.)3karound. as a player ffilheithlll'! what the character would reasonably knDw" Good m~e:nHOtl s are the.• Awareness is. He may see some characters and not otllc:rs example. within ~ight. tr3'. legs.assumed 'to GO Ill': pan of apause for breOlltn action . I A character will be aware of everything ill the open 8'00. your characters may want to SJu.movement catches the . a character shouldn't do anything concerning characters unless he is aware . has a line of sighr to" unless he is shooting. but does the character is it reasonaole that hEl weuld decideto go 011 overwatch case a mad berserker comes charging arouud jhe Probably nut 01'1 the other hand.' ith their O'. the OM must be strict ahout how players perform.gabout with pns blazing. : close cnrubat or otherwise engaged ill some activity which require 1111..

• duringheavy rain. and should be u uLlim:J by the G M ar the start of me game .Dep>e'llding 011 the severity of weather conditions. Similarly.a:~. -]5% ro <lilY closed helm rhis increases S 10 -25% to any vi.nm.. and II raging I:lumderstoml qUaJdruplc. Ie. I1igho.) Acbaractcr who i~ aimi. [:[c _Some example effects are: ~1i~1dtune .. tripled or evea qlladrupte:d..iii chsraeter Iilng 41gun 011 fuL] aulo is un like loy to hear someone running behind him.<lrdoft:1te enemy w]tIwm them becoming aware i~ to saeak. with normal rolls for damage. jusr as with a. bur remember that hls chances of seeing anyone will he halved beeause it is a combined acuou (or reduced hy 2% fn!' every yanl.e· only way a character c:!m get within] y. Because th.. light rain is double range.lng will male. In game te. . For examp le. helmets do have their downsides DIm.. !refiiling i~. range modifiers can be doubled. the boody. badly W lIJId. As v.ate a close combat. in a. Thisis IIIc rao~ at whieh he can determine the apprm:.U that :us to backstab. a eharacter can only baeksiab an .erground cataeem b.is the same fur both closed and open n . However.. helmets cham "!.i.inc'livel) but thisjs Imlikely to be used very often.eg. They restrict II character's field of \' ision. there is (mil other wily m anack a in close combat.pO[oes. a c. a particular feature has an nJc1.u. . rile. Acharacrer can bear other characters up to certein rlinges. in . aruJ so across metal died.~ed rests. wi:thinhis line of $gg~l. so that p]. ChfirdClt. IC:. if set M."IS.ction or into a certain piece of terrainhas more chance of spottlng someone hitDdeIl there. a lhuildl::rswrrn wi]l halve all of (!lese ranges.d or deduct Up' to 2[1% from their Hit Locanon roll.afliected 011. target. comm-Iink or similar device).jhe range at which he by 50% . hich Calle they can make other characters aware of thmgs lnat ~lhey can see and hear. A character in an upen helm suffers an additional vision-based awarene: .. \\'e:aUiel'" . 8ivoiidiing the 'my character's .accoming to cendlrions.'itll spend actions listening. with a ch arge acuon. Normally character a character can only iruli.' other modiiliers).the third uorey "Jthe . A character lCkiki:i1_@.ayers ha"'. This . tests.~l wilh tj missile lOUtlCh. deduct one quaner (rounding to the nearest half yard) to all hearing distances. Fur 'these reasnns .riIlg~b!ll. unless tht' firer is firing a We<lJl'Oll fitl'<:dwi:th a flash ~uppreswr 11)[ similru. Tilis is increased to -35 % for eharac en. SIIt:ltk:il1g or running) .enemy by ~~neaking into close combat with them (rom QulsiJl: tbeir arc of vision. em bw something is increased IDCJI'e by other factors . while il weald require two actions to say "There'« a c~lti. the cbaracter can make <I spcc:i!i!l baekstab attack.T10t be parried! U' the defender survi ves the b<ad::slaib all£] is sliU~rundillg (!rucky them!) they immediait.cksmb anacks Crdil1l.All 1..0\ eharactsr immediately n tID target or with in 2 yllrd~ of his helms. placed &Il0l in shm)~-irtg (in addJiri. M.ut 'one around can be combined like other actinn ~.ra!king. GM~ ~lllOll!d be careful with this though.i?F drmb'ing up the 'adder to .ecol"ldlsof speeeh. If the rot! is missed. through a snow drift. they auromatically ]nJlid aeriticel hit (double dallilage) anul Call ad.not l~.ely turn to face their lI~tIK:'locr and normal close com bat ensues. om~ action miglilt allow "There ~~ one up 0'11 tIll!.wei II f as ][l~]TIiIlg' sound sothat enemies mJt of slgfrt c.ingthe auacker's WS as normal.r~(lifj.. nlO'ved if \'/.ng is only aware of things between him IlJld ill illI open helm s utfers -2. AI with vlslon. a character with a helmet un win only hear a pistol shot up to 75 yards llway rather than lOU yards. aJ!l£l ~u on.rower.11I1:: sight i~ (Jf reduced ~:o(lite tenth of the eharllcl{:["~ Initiati VI:: . a character can _ be lakes alii ]]]iti ativctest. Characters may also &mt:U er [eel other characters (an Ork upwind is very disi." die aeise's origin _He may well be sble to hear rrhis no i se ~.i'lamt:lcr running noise limn one sneaking 1Dakio~ around. g) Distances at which ether characters can be seen var)' . tothe most vital area on. but will be unable [0 at longer detcrmi ne from whlea d irection it came from. ilil close combat are only aware of their u.' haeacter wino c fires. Also. B<'!. in wnich J f (lI&~sed ..ea good reason for their characters search ung somewhere pMlkUkl1'. with closed helms.cc:essfulJy hits."unn-·billled awarenes awareness resrs. imate lncati on of Otlile:r types of awareness Characters can call to 01ilC another (or use a.l. If'the saeek action is successful and [he enemy remems unaware.cr'lj abilities: have.ol11to anJ. The G M should at1j udicate wben such circumstances are " appropriate.lOwer}". Ron to hit lI. becomes aware of ani:. many characters forego the prerectien of a helmet in favour ofbelllg more able to respond to the movemcms of the enemy. foillowillg etfects Oil ill ffier 110'1\'1 :still ner? dillS bme J'lhcr Jing. the character still hits.but with no modifiers. If the attad:er slll. Each action spent C'l1mmIJJI~cliJtili1g sue h 11fasi:JJiou would allow the eharaceer about ill l wo to throe ~<. e) A ChaTdder looking iln a speelflc dire. lor example. making it hllfii!er to ~~.p'poIlemM.device. " If they are wearing A character 11.5 % to all hell."Imo~ be· heill'd .~tiul1ai +20% chance jl& ohpoltillg anyone inside or behind it Although they offer added protection o Looking ho. 53 .~ 10 louk closety iJJlv those woods with the IfJqjj'isflor in' rouune. heavy rain triple range.

14 make it deadlie. DEADEYE Sl101' The ehameler is an expert. A character who lands on his feet is norsumned. sknLs and. so he may aJ:d 01' deduct up to 30% from the Hit Locauolll mil.tIS.lng precision. The character rolls to rut as normal..:fne 'fo invent their own. A cannot deflect a deftccted snor! 1 w~n acnon with his off-hand (in fact. yards away. 'Il.6 !e~s.S attacking or parrying with knives he couats and an bits COllmt as critical h~K as DODG1E The. and may jump over other characters. rebound the shot A character can anempt to number uf shooting hits pel' tum equal w Ilis Speed. A dlaract. 2.wilh fiII::I:!IT. If he rolls .s possessed b~' character which are truly amazing and bizarre.L A. A deadeye shot can . rather than prone. Declare diat character i~trying to dodge before the enemy makes a To Hil roll. a roll of 55 or less will deflect lile shot If dcllecting chamc~er can 1'011l'! 1Ol.ouge~ into the .J()l1L. A.mned with a power weapon or force if the character is hh h)' enemy shooting. he. For example. sword..c~ who i~ able HJ [us: dr.he oppcsite side of bis opponent.' ebaracter adds another D6 yards when j umping. tbe character has . . other c:apaliliUWiesa. if the cpposing rolls 56 to hit. If the character succeeds ill making a placed shot this is cumulatlee. A character who has baltl dodge and deflec: shot mUSI. having a Reach 4 weapon CATFA r. Th~eHts arc skills whk:h the character may have been born with.m."perfecreJ the art of deceiving his "(.h or less of the enemy's Tn roll.(. doesn't have an off-hand he's so goodl).JJlUm:"" close cQmOOL with a mixture OTbody language and fHke Once jJ'BI" turn the character may make 11 feint instead of close combat action.cking out enemies from behind cover or targeting weak pomtsm their . "lipp. oar hils leamed through experience alld tr<lililillg. th.cti(lll tum ~all of the shots from a single action: _ If the character P3SSSIl Inltiari vc test.e resuh as a peocemage is the: amouut of damage actually taten (eg. A b{a!kmaster can dart in and .ellemy .~~but GMs should fee•. the amount he passes by is a ne. This seettou :iinclud. the jf!inl hit.)' ck_flrtcr sho: 'when .. cutting. character can throw him self out oft]l e [lath of laser bolts bullets. at the firer who is uns~aJl To follow tneprevlous example. charactB'f with this talent I. performing somersaults and otherastounding feats _ An TIle character acrobati€. t.he.es many examples of difJ)ere~ll abiUtle. In-Of III ay be used again Sl pis tol shots in dose lnstcad of dodging. and is able to fire a shot with start]. po. learnt.r them a.er wlth this talent may also jump over his opponens as a close combat action (like fill extravagant circle move) .aw may ready and fire a one action. character' who can mljall is adept at twisting and turning to land 'on his feet. able to do thing» with a blade 1R.l~ with equal effecnveeess and so suffe'rs no extra penalty for performing ail uses hili-extremely filSl reflexes to deflect fire with a patty f1 0m his weapon _ A character call olill. [U1Y Deflect roll 01'. cannot try to use both against lire shot.oui!: f combat with astounding speed. FEINT The characterlla.Special a bUiti'fS.'! TIle character is highly agile and is able to leap a startlingly far distance.p'nnri There are th!ree 'basic categories of spt:{:]al abilities. or strange mLttatioll.XTROUS "[he character ClUJ use his leHatildrighE h!:lru. FAST DRAW his character's hand moves as a rapid blur. bur not agiail1~t shooriug hits from outside close combat. the shot is rebounded straight had. or is able ta roll 10 reduce damllge when he hits the ground. eq uai to h~s Initiative charaeterisuc.illg a piswl hls hoi ster ami loosing off a shot ill the blink] ng of an charn.MBIDF. A/dill mao not be parried or In adlditioll1. for characters 'they have created for a.l1ro. character may~ whi'cb cannot be fe:Jlected :iinlids prefile.LJ:~ ability or 'the other.e one enemy shooting ~. deep' o g.a percentage chance of hmding on his feel.~it issuccessfu l. abilities are inaere gift.gative modifier to the fi rer 's chances of hitting..dwlI)'s add or deduct up to 11]% from a shooting Hit Location roll. He m ay attempt to dodg.~u damage is done but a feint means that the enemy counts as havDng mtempt. ]I . the deflected and has no effect. The character carl leap di rectly upwards D3+" yards and reduces the percentage chance of an action comblned wirh a jump hy a quarterrather than by half.ed additional rarries thatturn. Psychic abilities are spec i al powers of the mimi which a cbaracrer can usc .50 then he only takes half damage). shaw lnrrate talents. he cantry 10 If he can roll under the enemy's 1:0 Hit ron on H D HJO.place him on. A character with (at/all rolls a DUlO when be takes falling damage. DefleCf llLADEMASTER The character has superb Ktliie-fighting skills..

A character with quickload takes half as lIlany actions as nnrmal. wlilichmeans he will batde to his last breath.Ifhe does thiishcluses the normal +]1)% To Hit bonus. oj wm~s immuae to !he effects w~e-d by fearsome.hatacteJ! with ~~lIrr..1.tui.e 1S character attempts 111 recovery action on JnOlber character. even in the most intenl>e: and dangesous simarions. The m 1lI11lt the re-roll. A Leader dillS! use !heir own Nerve. if any to [lof the Qn~eJ'situations listed it! the Shooting section arise (fail. stubborn and determined.~trikecall draw ::mil sU'ik.tasks fum would leaveDlli'!tl!al rnnrtals quivering un fear.mpt 10 recover even .l~ required_ 'ibHhM'.ferociO'u.'! wlfb .l'EE. a combat situation and comeup with the best COUf8e of a(:riOIl ill' mnrncnts A c.~ a. m~leill.areful aim.e: or one from hls hen and sllam if imo place in one easy action..lI. If (I). wltl1 a blade ill '* ~(]]oothsnack._ UGHTNING .UEGRIT A character with true gru has enormous reserves of courage and an indomirab' e constitution.. good advice or ol!ltright Ibreats. He rna)' ready alildlattack with . lie' is assumed fa emly have a maximum of one 'level' of aiming (ie.ilg speed.U:teT i. able to assess.ips!wml1'lg ~ nol s. ROCK AIM. A herair: character may It·roll a s. then ron for recovery all llm.jf he passes out due to hismjury total passing thusConsciousness level. a ~20% to hit) n:gardles~ of how [I1. An other illjury resl1lts and effects remain the same.m during tlile 111m before declaring an)' sabsequent actioas. Tbr harll.harnCl.ntl still 11lOVCa~a waH: (no Jasier and no jumplag or crawling) .t still declare whe~ l'le'II'be using this free acuon <lit the start of th.a m ag1l!Zim~ fuel cell from 111 gun. unleashing a tonn of wild blows upon the coe:my_ dlZlIilcter w-jUl. the firsl 1 may be re-rolled. willing to brav·e.dy aim can keep h ilRwcapen aimed a. srsxnv II 1llllllntl hero.dt cal! make two attacks A in close eombat for every attack he. A ch. A .<:r wil~h m~egrit cun atte.~..mg even if be changed weapons during the: charge. eealdnerm 01. Both weapons must he fired at the same target.uffer . <1ind still gairulthe +I 0% to h it bemus for dlarF.'1T is able tel in~]}ire courage m those around h1m. m The dlMacrer ]s adepr ai firilllg on tile move. A cbaracter with h. The charnCk:r can keep a . wging them 011.JIilY actions he spent aiming before moving_ He also does not lose his Him fOJ firing Oil semi-auto but the above limit of 2001"(.fir. For example. He will still lose his aim.I~ The character i~ cOlIlplel.l1).rnh1ne. 11Ik.. although norillal modifiers for l!1sing 3 weapon in hi~ nrf-hllnd! s. for example). and U!rf'(/)'i.e!lfJIes ge1!:s. Obviously.ng a til his 'llli'l!et with mmbLoed !:111OVemeIlt and shoodn g action.e turn.MEI!)IC characlt.ll'rer can ]ilunch hhnse!f into close combat with startling speed ::mil ferocity.REFLEXES A cheraeter wi~hlI Ughmi'~K l'efle:m~ thinks on hi s ke~ with OlIt~I:III11l. GL"NFIlGH'fER A cbarru:tei who is a gu nfi. W reload ~.jngle 'I. (he churacter m ay add + I I) to hi s TOIlil:hlleS~ fur rnetest_ NERVES OF S. in a additionla his l10mlal actions.my sflooting to hit penalties for moving d. If his inj ury total pas ses below hi ~ Consdollsiless Jevel then he regains consciousness and can carry em from the start of the next men. weapon_ With weapous that load a C{~rmill1 number of shots per action (like a shotgun) the charOlct:er may [oad twice as rua n)' shots per action than normal.from his. SimUllrl)" aIlY mend~}' character COllllti> as bi3.rngr.a close combat 'IIUpOD as one action. the character mal' draw and ~ t\7.1Il'llcter with J~H"iCe.fler going om of action. test by daoger. able to d:i<lw <Ii head unerring accuracy. IlS with other fIlIFC fur breath actiO"[l~.pistols as one aClioll.llY other friendly cheracter within 6 yards of a Leader !Dll~ use the Luulf!r tsLeade~hip vaiue in stead of ~belf own Nerve characteristic when tabngPillnillg and similar Nerve based teses.. injury total. He·may fire lWO weapons at mice wDtlwUl penalty.ng opponents (see pages 62 and 63 m !ht: Exot1c abilities sectl on) am] au tomOitica. applies.1 y make when he dwrges..till apply.c: of each end turn as normal. aDle to face down foes IIId ereaaires trlail: would rum normal meu insanc or fleeing in trrQr.1 he recovers his wits and may act Ilom~any from the foUow'in~ tum.\'ing a Leadership within 6. with brimallt speeches.dwith PHI drav«. even if it i~ another 1 . if the charocle-r ils two is and a ('. If co..e.clerrs i TR. yJrd~ of a Leader equal to the: Leader 's. LEADER Th: cnarack. He mu.glilterhas great cocrdinauon ani! ~e~~s.sw. free of A character with nen'e's QmCKLOAU can phld-. A character with rock .' wlled Oil h i~ Action dice. If he uses this skill.~k:r wise in the ways of Iirst ald and healisg. this skill hasna t:.• ~ the final score'. then make a Recovery test as normal.ely unperturbed rnol!lghk~ ccncerning his personal oJ sieid will never take a Pinning The: ctULr.ll. hi. free pause for breath action every tum. one hi eaehhimd. but. diJHi'ilc'tel'is~icfor Pinning and other Nm-c'WSt.ilJg a Nerve rest. ]1f he w~I1l out (If action due to system shock. The c:llarID!..~te'Ci.~t.·passes any safety. .!Ject(111 w espons which need (0 recharge. Tbis character IIIcl1 tf::. except mat 011 a successful test he does not regain any points .11£cea W<l~t until tlil:td poi.'(1 .

Each action spent OOi1celllnllli1g adds . A~ s-oonas a psyker is taken nut of action.id. be done. already used up all his for the rum. Psychic abilities s call by the energies of another psyker . He t~ Wil~p(!iwewtest and. This test does notuse Ill" the psyker' 50 actions in wa)'.Any enemy pS).dy . as noted ill their individual descri ptions.llt~tlil!HlDn Caaractcrs CII:ll.These represent the man.. Ranged Most psychic powers can work over a distance. Powerswhlch are described as ranged suffer a -1 % penalty for every yard between the psyker anti the target.If the ability has to be at a target within line of slght. otherwise deduct tiJle difflculty of the power From the ch ances of SHOceSS. IlLIllCIi like aiming befor-e a shooting action. rather than being instantaneously. is pinned or stunned.gbt U is easier to target a psychk power m an cnil:my you can actually !>OO_ If 11 character has nile of sight tohis tergct. the .r of 75 rolls 56. this motli.{}j always succeeds.er.. mlileasil . At the sUITt of every subsequent turn. Thls g s represented by the psychic power having II difiiiculty rating_ Some have " rating of O. blltliis concenaadon is lost as soon as he performs any other action. arc harder to channel or difficult W control once summened. Any unmodifled roll of (I] . TII-I:nullifyillg psyker rakes 8 Wil]pow. Cnllce.rwith Wll:lpowe. autorneticaljy 1mm~di.ntly has iii! effect are. and varied powers of lfue milia wh ich a characrer Cali ILLS£ by tappl ng into the power of As with shooting and dose combat. the Iurthcr from Ol target the c.sfully employ a ps.accllfllidy. Thls chance is increased and decreased as [oLlows_ Many psychic abiLitiesha V(~additional modifiers.er test. eoneentrste before using a psychic power.m.m~L stop enemy character from taking any further actions that turn and mmcuu J'3Jtmg Some powers require more energy from the warp. Tb is is a free action and so does . class of special abilities caned psychic abilities.. the ability immediatelj ceases 00 function.~ img m psychic ability.l'si. If the test is failed then the power's effects immediately. For example . 11 test is required to ~I!lcces. if be is successful. regardless 01.ycmcability_ The basic percentage chance of an ability working is based UPOll the character' s Willpo'~'. and the psyker i~ free to perform any other actions the turn.ykL"I D.L These rnaye coatiaulng effect from turn to turn. but. 10% to the character's chance of success.There is a. he has anextra 20li chance of usingthe power successlujly.. this is a negative modifier of ~19 to enemy psyker's Willpower roll.' the psyker's Wi]lpowcr and modiflcatlons. while a ]mlLhmll roll of 96-100 211 ways fails_ An enemy psyker may spend actions attempting to nu!liIy persistent powers which are currently ill effect. or psychic ~ow. or does anything else other Hum cnncensrare. amount hepasses the test by is a negatl ve modiJicr In the chan res of II sing his power. must pass fLI1 unmodi lied wmrower rest takecp the working. even from turn ttl turn.elOllIIT-!.~j'k€.cr is to is.er~.if 11 p'. in which case Ihcrc j s no modifier. Llne o. even if tile psyker hat. or Some psychic abiliries are described Wi perMsb.hai!'actcr the harder the psychic POiW. A character can concentrate for several acrioas.. . The other player must declare that be is !lltcmptill~ n l1l1ify the power WI1t"::il y'DU declare that your pS.flC-I does not apply. filly persistent which n. Nullifying a power has the ri sk of psychic overload (see above) as using a p~ychie power.'kier may aUemp nullify the power.

one location healed one lev€.ATE .mind. rnakiIlg him fccl weak and incarabl£:.g huo the very cells of the recipnent.2~D(!. rarp]dly II(Ccekratmg ~he tHrgefs pIIl.J. This is a persissem power.In tire most spectacular successes.e~ help to [heme a.the' 1nJlJ. The lI11louml!he pSYK. he counts an improvlsed wcapen alld] his Strength .+4 - WARP STRENGTH .DifficJulty: .~~. ThL~ fflllg'..Diificl!lhy: 5 The character uses his iIlrult.Dcilfficu]ly: 1/2 taFget'~ TOllghliess Th~Bjomanoer drains tbe vigour from h is victim.10 Dark bolts of energy spring from the p8).their l'1lemies. sUen.DiUicu1ty: 5 ENFEf£DLE.k£r's eyes.me di~lplin.ltilile p. A character may 01l1y use tlililspersisters power OIl himself. t Characters.pt.e kl1[]wle!:ig. Pick :3i11 enerey chllrllCI.HAND . 0 immJ.rmlCf. the recipient coums as.d aild persistem power. The character 1s imlilediaidy aware of everyone wUlhill 2.b~raclt:r (or .~uluy: 111 target's Tnughness With II ~imp]l: gesture. GAZE OF' nEATH .I-]eavy wound to the chest and an Heal')" wOllnd to the head 1 DifficlIIhy: Int. Far ~:\_lIillple.r's psych ic abilities and stlouldn'l be S~Tl as constraints if you want to create a more mixed chl!:f'dcter. if the test was passed by 12%.]~nd D3 from hi~.tlillng Special Kng Mioo'e AJ1"C.of psykers of several are mallY and varied. The GM !illolilM bear th u~ 1JE'TECnON. the characters wishes Detection to cover.j. they disciplines. IL-\1\o[l\ofER.DitTicu]tj':.::ial:ise in Ollie type.lhl~ victim is a~. Wilen tile· character makes an lJlla.::difrte!y. Psykcrs usually spe.~. character he wishes to cast regenerate 'on.if the l:Uomaiflcer passed by 33%. well.' _.Qts Re'lood Wei~]d 10 full ante (~) .~ ith the power oj their. scything through the enemy.o his enemy's h{)dy with his mmd. 20 Readuu.argcf~ BLoonnOIL- !. jumping frum enemy to ene-my. The victim ]~ stuaned fur D6lllms.nd pinches tight Olil the enemy's wllndpipe.e. hut can learn powers from other categories ill. STORM OF LIGHTNING . CIIOKE .06 yards. by 32%.is doubled. some are cemmenly found amongst psykers of aU differei'i~ backgrouods and skil].oweI ]~ lluWfied.Diffil. and so ml]st be within I y3'Irl (or use it on hlmsell).sc.rmOO attack. OT The psyker ili\f~gOrn!LCS tlretargc[ w](hplSycluc energy. a.'. to Strcngtl.ed power.glneIlling the tendons and muscles la lili:s arms. Gaze of Deathjs a psycbic holt with ID'f. . hut shouldn' l be bourndby it . DlJim Sb.e in manipulatillg hiological enr!rg}' and proH~S&e. If I]~~ successfully.DifficlIlty:. ~·e·l]donsand bones.. mlnd '>Ii ben creating <I .thc:r flesh and I:lind~ weunds w]th his mental (JQ'Ncr~The psyker must touch the.barden the flesh allll skill of ills filSt.a ~~I'I8:1"io.iJ recovery action (ie.5 Armour arnd. Th.daU!. tables .elf passes Ills PSYChic test by is the amount iblu(. following profile: '[~'"Pe RJilJIi: Mode' Gaze 00 TJ-caLl!lJ Spoc.if 'the psykerpa~~.and pushiIlg his Mood pressure HJ aear lethal lelr·e·ls.ll by l:I value eqU!SJI . force fields have' no effect on hlo()(i boil.e. Nut ail psychic abillties can be placed within a ~iTlgle discipline. letring the power of the warp . t:harncre. dloking him of breath. & Bitmumrer.o is within igln of the psyke . fingertjps. REGENER.l!lrm 01 l:il:. .eI wlil. Stann of UghmiJW Is a psychic bolt with the following profile: 1)'pe Si.~l 5· Au ll~m 2D6+3 ShotJl l!IJ~lood W~i~M - ~~lmi(5) . If the Is.est was passed by. 8UCCCS. timerecipient iIlcreasesrus Strength b}' U 2 whiht the power lasts. addling +$ to the DiffioCul!:ylevel for every extra D6 yards. the pliy&icai form of themseive: 01.cs.sfli_J. TItis is a range.leclrical e·nergy leap fromthe psykerts.1!Jf..Foi' example..Ji" reaehes mt. tess 'col lapse uaconscieus n . This can bcillcreasoo. the victim's heart and brain esplodes] This is a mllged ability.e victim suffers injury to tile head and chest equal to one ]evd on the Damage tBb~s for e\'("ry 2.a Jlumm of tums rolled is greater than the vicnm's Toughness di"ided hy IO then he fans I!lnC()illSc1fllllS for tile remainder of the battle. .flow l1uongil muscles. ha'o']i'lgjrl(!S.wo on tbi: Head and Chest damage. this w(lIlM be leve] t. If til is is used successlully.Difficulty: (I The character scans his SllrfOUildings fOIi"rne merua] slgnemre of his enemies. giving him amazing strength.to . For ~~lITIlp!e. me recipient increases Ills Srn::ngt. Bons of bio.~ the alnouill!~tlJe Psychic t.tedruom the victum 's Strength while tile power affeocts him.h.13 Srn:ngd._. This allows tluml to w cnWlge or inj1.lIS Toughncss The psykf.Ising psyker kniUi loge.0% or part that the tes~ is passed by. the psyker reaches out whh hL~ powers a.[yMa~}. reduced.l made a.

y ker reaches into the mLlld of .S being stunned for one turn. discovering his intended course of action. hut does character fur the psi-tracker to focus on.". U he rolls more than d1o:ubl~ Willpower then he collspses and become a casualty.fo. camp. Note that it can CUll)' detect creatures w[1II living mind. This is a p. the psyker doubles his chances of pMryil1g close com bat anacks by the character unti! the end of thenext rum _in snrne scenarios a successful V1tind sc. he is stunned fur one rum for 10% (OF part) that he fwlsby.eth. 1t1ESJ\lEJiUSIltI .Dilficulty: bartle.cinw:acl'CT..."'.When psi-frock is used.. When Dnla.lbhim wudildttoug. create emotion in their 1(jf"Re(~· Of" reud rhe thouglus oj their adversaries.. target must take a Nerve test immediately all if he was OOIJfu:)lilttll hiy a ~'e.Difficul ty: 10 The psykcr places image .en •. tracking down one iII . loses contact with other characters n 1.l':ntpower..causing hill! to flee in terror. The enemy [IW8t a Willpower test. if he fails. When using piaced H~rjdfI'lR. 'tothe the test was paS!.". thepsyker's control a..modifier to ULe test.Difficulty: ~5 The character can LIse his rue.l"gef5perceptions. The psyker mu..UCOe.. PSI·TRA. performed previously (ie.". In addition.ilt! to l the amount the Psychic test was passed by.enl thepsi-tracker location and actions.jhe victim counts as being on [he same side the psyker . causing: him to see something in the shadows and distracting him from the 8. the psykcr tries to manlpulste aetioss of his victim. 112 target'sWillpower The psyker uses mental prompting to force an enemy ro pertorm a simple fiction agains t hi~ .~)'chic rnes.wirh a negative mooiiiL':"H:'(jual to the success of rbe test.~is victim and .. Whilst un er l psyker's control. aware of all the characters currently on tile includm g those who fire hidden. he"]l know where he has been he has done) _He.ft N erve l!:~.'t'{l_~et!ding is a ranged ability roLd successful. (he psi' ker may cemmun icate a message he normally be able. tile raage of the me-ssage 3s a number of yaros qual. telepath picks out an Individual and transmits his luent. addition tire psykel· may do ll'lJthi!ll~ else whilst u~·ililg master. such asrevealing the llo]ding.enemy character and is a ranged ability. overload ing his senses and system.n.5{) to its Nerve characteristic.mo the enemy's tho LIghts.mges. and will also tell him if the character is ~~mcUl[cl psyker or has psychic equipment (such as a force d aemonblade).ing that would dirccUy kill or iiijure tile t. This character adds +.' character. Whilst 1l. the psyker sends om a general signal call be picked up by everyone wlthiu range. and if he ·falIs is partially taken over by the psyker.er~the powell' of 1'11. The victim IllU8~ take a Wd~power test. ntis power is a ranged and per. He may attempt tu break free of ENFOR~et"wmLL .....J power. until the end of the next tum. This is a mllged power. !l.teiet)(l/lis ate psyker-s whose expertise lies .a1-25% from any rolls required to perform actions under the influence of [lie psykcr.UND SCAN .arget ell aracter. illJ7ue!'lCit.Difficulty: 110 Th:epl'iylcer reaches i.~M.I~. friendl:. 'ter into view or drop hls weapon. just as if he: had been hi t with . such as shooting himscl f or ~t.ilst thepower i~ censtantl y aware of tile targeted and also becomes aware of any . Usi[~g his Incredible empathic abilities. location of a secret entrance to the enemy TIre psyker Call place messages directly into the minds of around him _ There are tWQ ways to Wile telqmth..s. player may specify a maximam range before the test is tak.01 shooting lU££Ir. EMBOU1JE:N TIw psyker [(I The psyker interfer-es with his t<l.5 bohter_"lhe courage of a nearby character by i:Ilsti. .k.u. hing his mental powers to entrance the enemy. the start of every suesequent turn and will succeed if he COI!!lpMS a Willpower te r. with anadditional negative modifier to his erve value t:ll. rwlfW.e-ry subsequen. They ('U/l SCll(1 p.. place of a prisoner. [)EMORAL. if the Psyc hie t!e~[ i s 5.~~ Ierecd action cannot be wm. Th.~t. ne the targeted character rna)' do t:Iotiting at all and counts as being stunned (he does not fall prone).t: the enemy charJt~ter to imrnediasely perform one action. However. He may attempt to tree of the psyke r's control at the start of CY. of the target's worst nightmare unto mind.. The psyker cnuuts as ha ving the {wage speeial .em maJ' reveal i nforrnation relevant to the psyker's objective. TERRIFY . This is a ranged ability.eg.DO by . _ (ie. . P!ippet· master is a pe. this incurs an addlnonal -1O(~.. The psyker may not declare himself as [he target for til is power.. hilt it could force him to fire on his cnmrades. This power i~ used on a ~ingle. he' lk be una ware of any actions performed sllhsequ.IL"l:m:J section lOT suggestiore of how much call be said in an When broadcasting.rtifyins character {soc the Exoti c abilities section. tile character becomes.~ tlu' ·hh minds of others. Aph.Difficulty: U the p. the control is nnt complere. The victDm must pass .· in a ~lbilgle action (see the i\'oI{.y sending and bmadcastmg.aI to him aed him alone. 6:'\}.eea controlled character deducts I from hi s Speed and has addition.IS·f~.'CK. t!w psy ker lIlil)' fO'!t. This is a persistent power and the player must aomlnae D1STR.os would •hear' the message.ID:: power j ~ in effect..ACHON .lling images of heroic action into his Illilld. Psychic slJrfeki~ a ruaged power.5 mind and then into the enemy '. etc.(l!CQj.y . to sa:. Choose -ilL a . if the Willpower tesl wa~ passed 3~.lilhiJily against any shoQring attacks made by the target.SSti.Difficulry: PIWPET MASTER Difficulty: 20 Reaching out with his mind.lus of panic and fear. others nearby .Difficuhy: t. TELEPATHY - Difficlllty: ..r:fi!iishmJfL:Ild ranged ability_ Pick 3. OIl tint: t::!ll=l' character within t~ of sight of the psyker. lI'~ingthe power]. The victim counts not faH prone.~ bral n.Difficulty: 20 Thepsyker reaches into the mind of the victim.L or be pinned.d_w:·n. Thi ~ i~.m t:~le]u.e·pril'lgoff a cl iff. Wh.ntal powers 110trace the min. everyone within 381'aJr. and will succeed iif he call pass a \VillpouwCIest.t abi~i(}' which can be used.


. the I.which the GMmJes 00 weigh 60. For every part that the Psychic test i' ~.'{ll parts. The can be moved 8 (Iis:ranc--ep to a number of yards equal 'li(] u psyk. the perm.urling them nt.SIS . the 'lJbj~~t be hurled through tile air.. Rules sectlon on page 180 for detai ~~of I:IO\V knockback . in which case use the rules for " weapons in the Shooting M:1. anythingbet ween 20fLl1l(]50.D6+J damage. an object the ~ilr..r.M'acnj"rw em~th}' can also be m open or lock mechanical doors. as this affects how difficuh i [0 move. using the .fJes.ed HURd.g. [lor eKampl . PSYCH1fC SIUE..·f must decide how nmcb object to be picked up weighs. The Gr.malfunction.Ditl1culty: ]) The psyker summons psykercountsas . electrical and electronic nd systems. aru:!so en.I..<J. Madline . This is a (.DifficlIJty:. 00 any incomiag shots and blows. point of the object and the psyker's \Vil1power instead oi Str-ength. If the psyker's t.ipufare tI!e mwen:ul Imi~erse·. with a S~~ellgth damage using his Willpower (+~ for every full 10 points over 50). from those who call bur! vehicles about. of 88 hits' with a mrowu crate . and so on.et 2D 10 }'ard~ of knockhack and falls pmne (see the . P~yker. The rSj'ker as ha \r~:ng an extra 1Dfi i"cIrcelie M 'lJ"F:. :2.ght on the chart below.uempt:ed .• endy affected.r!l1iJXithy allows 'the psyker re use his binD to tamper wid! mechanical. Object's weight Thecharaeter call move physical objects around with 'the of bis mlnd.(UI!fed ability. l'r'IAClUNEE 1PATHY .LD .l' ~~1ujan: adepr at leleki. Tille ~noot CmnmOlll use U~to cause enemies' we~poom to . The powers of telekinetic psyker~' ~'tlry irernt'ndous'£y. The complex the activ Itya.!tit locations.~ A psychic power often associated with tile machine-mentors of the Adeptns Mechallic!i~.:'li!!lI"I on page 39.'Jof phy.5'.is are able (0 fflt:lfJ.isiror uses fill abstract Weight value for but the ''''ieigJ!lt Eor other objects can be f ound by OOlIl.get bject Is o totally useless forthat many turns. ttl Ii the ground. the t.Difficulty: l!lrIDOl.~ks to move themselves and other obiects around.. moving them aside or h. 0 The psyker uses it powerful telekinetic pesh lu fling the nm. .Difficulty: 10 The psyker shields himself in a psychic aura that deflects e[[t:'ml'~ anacks. if someone with a W~Hpowe.QIfl.. So a Ul~"ll"""'. breakirtg. Alternatively. operate machinery . Such an object that hus someone does damage to its wei. This is <I persistent having an extra IDW force field armour :~SYCHIC WARJ) .. Machine empl1lhy is a 1'(11lgeJ power.P<lrII them with weapons of ail t>qlliva~erU size. tthlll can be used within li ne uf sight The targ. Tile weight .. a corona of p-sychic: power to ward pclower. weapon or piece of equipment a~ the tsrget.at the GM'sd~scretkll1.:: rifle.LRKlNfi. ICJ psykers who have Ihe focus and comrol to jam gun triggers anti other small mn'hcmi(. the grea~er the modifier 'he Gh'l should impose on the Psycbic test.Diffi cuky: .er's Willpower divided by 10. it .l1qll. This is ~i'mlg~eenemy character . PSYCIUC ll\ifPEL . This is II persistent power.e~l is IfWth or Ie~~~harn the required score. item i~ the Difficulty level for modifier purposes.l!r on an locations."J object would be around about U) to ~.BOO emplaced weapons.

c[ equal to ·he arnOl!. is knocked to the ont. as tlile resultant back-nows of warp energy would tear him a. I!lIQUfit target lo~ing a random INSTABIU1'Y . ~..-..must pass a wmpower test If failed.R. back to me BllYJlisnmrml is.~. Any Daemoni. kne ked prone). .:ght DW .Uln<iom direction.. \{jl'!ex ~fCI!OO!i is OJ! Fllnged power.lyiIllo ~pru.. ci:l1liblitlig i m to. A character trapped by the \tmex of Chews has a ]0% chance of bcililg ripped apart :!lin£! destroyed.. is a ranged ability. to' r. w ho has a.yard far every 1U~fl).t •• ~. he DJ.an(.Jl as '~''C.DHficnlty: 2_. Mark.~xp.-.&i. with a mouifi.he(].. itb wit~lArerdJ:.Di.ile ".f~arF is a persistent power. :lhililt)"If slIccessful1ly l!ISediit has following affects on tIlrget Dacmcnic creatures must pass a Wi np'n.iioo...ilitje~ whilst unstable. the source of tile bliltilill. . ded\ll.mry at the eml of a ram ~uffe:1liD3 additional POIDI:S in. oithe psychiC' albilily.e'i··S \Vil. equalto toile the te~t was passed by... r pan o of.. and is stunned for D6 turns.:aJ~m'<l'iBl'affecr the unstable psyker as normal. than double tile mH required he is hanD~. to be ~l him. AIilYdaemonic creature within !he raage of Sancn.Di.Difficulry: 20 daemonelogist opens up a temporary tfl portal [0 t.yke·rwith a radius equal to the' pSylr.t.D. if the test is failed.foml o.101 yards . even oilier characters.. This is a p yehic bon ..lIm SbolS lil!eDoaljjJ ~illlliil W 3()O+L flosh (not including tine psykcr) mil t pass alii Initiative .OIi1er part of the battle'fleld. An uTlstab]e psyker gloVl"S sbghUy. fur a distance [II ~. the wgef isteleported ill a random dirrectioll from hi ~eurrent position.lilrl HI(: h·llrge-t. dlil1rOl:crer.IlliunUlHlte enough.ctl from the chsnce efsuccess for evCT)' half yard tine character wants to move the target However. power. Line of sigh~.[rum the caster and stunned for the rest of the turn. it creates an 3!ieil around Hac p.ipaS800le remi.t: . creatiiiJg a swirhng vortex that sucks iii. hy which the test was missed.Difticully: 10 "The p""yker ('lIC~j&C~ zone of power around h~rn which can repel a daemonic creatures. blinding anyone I. and volume} tom.. pflrfiaUy withlll llle area of effect must pass II en Strength test (lIOns of 96+ a'liwmati.p to displace l'Iimself or another person {or all i~animat(~ object up to man-sized in weigh~._ SANCTIJARY .\. If tll]~ would re!1uUin rhe t<lrget fmishing in iIr. Th us is a h Dtr. a successfully invoked.r divided fu~ 10'.. He mil)' move til rough obp:: . If . inferlilo to C8JUS<illg 11 raging t.f FirehaU.de edge of the zone away . and B!a.-. operate machinery or communicate with other characters. The unstable psyker cannot lase any either psychic ab.lode arol.tamly. "0 TELEPOR'fADON - DiffuclJl]ty :w Ibtwarp m!i.away iII II .. everything m the swooulllding area.errianICl:E~I:9Y''-~ _ _ . tne daemonlc character amornaticaHy add). FirchaU is a psychic boll and ha~the foUowing profile: 'fype Illilg C l'I·fode Aee ~ill. psyker summons up hi~ mentel cluergy and releases it in a of power..~ret"te~t.~ ean 'phase' the mo~ecl!lles of his body slignt. the psyker does not interact till! physicill world in any wily at all. friend or foe. D3 to his iojury total for ever).~isJ!'Jtt Title psyker uses the power of the wru:. .l~aUy fail) or be sucked in.~le U.t:way between thereat world and warp space.c creature Inside the zone or tryn ng ill enter iI. the vortex extends DlH yards out from thar point. Pick a point anywhere within Lineof sight of too ru. fii1d cannot be hit by shootmg or other rnormai Elttacks. to poin£~ or part he f<li!ecl the test by. S.yarp will dmw power from psykers and banish dacmonic beasts the sluff o.t tbe enemy. This is a ranged nbillty.5 and has the following p'rofille: Fii:'~s1!Qorill 'I)'pe Rng SpeL:i~ B Mode Si ngl~ . In addil.lm the Psychic test was passed If failed.e]f.·... ilil]ru')' total..a. he is rntally unable to attack hims. lo row'! their eyes or be ~tilnlled for D3 i:Ul'I'IS (note '[hat he is. This.f cbaoll tfuey sprasg from..fficuUy.lpowe. VORTEX OF CHAOS .eload lVei.g flash.ee .-. Whills[ unstable.p'.. the rarset point. which he can hurl a..Di:l1:icnlty: 20 The ps)'k.!y: 10 This DS 11 more spectacular .n (such a. However.nme<liaJlely arids D3 to his injury totaJI.fficI11. An)' character e .. If he more. addlng+20% to the chances of any c:bamcter ~pmti:rtghim. Psychic attacks and weapons {SUA..he S~lI!] FUlESTORM . pass through solid olbjec~s..:.Againsl a psyker mere is a chance. The psyker opens ijp 11 g:lIJt. otherwise he 18 deposited back unto the tabletop 20..ft'EH.lrt.EJitUL .inside fl solidi ooj()cO it is destroyed outright.) The p~yker's lumdS are ~!lguUed with writh ing narnes. Drun SimiL~ ..

lIl. Their Mood i£ Irozen in thelrvelns. Inc stands rooted to the spot fur the rest of tum.'!! injury levels below the worst illJury 011 a location . character w ith fr:em:}' must al ways move as rapidly as towards rue closest visible enemy and attack him in close He can onlv attack III ckrse combat (OJi step forward ana auact..ven below. counting spit as having a Reach (If 4 (so it mil be used at arm's length) . weaknesses. il1tliividl13h jlO'" essed 10)'a dacmongaln some of their powers. .~' aCfkll'n.of every rum he is still conscious {see Reca'ie:r:l' ill the Injuries secti on on P8gt: 49}. 11m tile material reahn. The' attack. thev reduce theirWS by 20 fm the remainder of the c haracter who is f~a.cr. It call be dndged hut norparried _ Roll for hit Iocation in the ~a~ way as other close combat attacks...glily De~istallt to normal auacks. FRENZY Frenzy i s not lioid·chtll: Some daernonic creatures possess a characteristic which has been described as ·tJ:H~' icy chill of the void". so at the end of every tum . A ]SO.Cepl aglljll~t silver and/or ho.rsome . or :'. and .hat Ihe character h 'i If! direct daylight. Such creatures do lIIot show up on heat-dctectien anspexes and sights.eiTlg ba nished) tile character is snmaed for Do and permanently loses any associated abillties.1it}' as a ps yc hologi cal. plasma an!.10 points added to their ~ujrJ!D. are easily hun by heat-based weaponry such be as flamer'S. and treats terrifying characters (SiX a~ if they were fears(mJ".eri~g the familiar otherwise does nothing that tum.illltaclcTS have one or more examples of which are gi.2 them in close com hat must P" t a Toughness test at the end of every tum or add D6 to his injury ~otal from frmtbit:e.fter any deductions fur armour. his Toughness Is halved . A character with a clouk uf darkness g.light alii.eqlLl!::::nU.. silver and/or blessed anacks alwa)'s do all extra level of location lnjtlii)' ami M additional D10 points am addedtn the character's injury total. the character Can never suffer mere than one level of damage from any one hit . and ~t) can command it. These daemonically cold creatures.it is possible for 0lJ' location to go from being crippled! tn undamaged ! SPO'ACID The characterproduces toxic and corrosive saliva. A character with .. bird of prey or CYIJ>eiQD~ll~a1 augmeraed or mechanical creature.he same lime .ing. has more than iI. a. and vice versa. character will net at half Speed IlIMHan enemy can be seen.le gets a free kll:::afion reee .illas a close comber acnon. If they are '110 longer possessed for any fC!I!iDIl the daemon lJ. Some examples. 11there lire 11. Ro.~a Nerve test. hen v working mit damage ~o these locations. The character is linked with the familiar. used to attack opponents.drling ml!1. as combat drugs.ill[]e~ that would lea\~ ord~tiIary mortals crippledand together. at the end . a character -with tegeIWfGte is nnt ll 1111 [ted to healing himself to a maximum oH".! melta weapons. and pyromancy psychic out REGENERATION The character themselves can heal wounds and iJl. necessary) -and must continue to fight ui1ti~his opponent has taken of action. Characters charged by tI fearsome adversary. Impf!1ViouCo~:' The character is h:i. UOCS an amount of damage equal to Do.S Imvi!Dlg D6 force field armour 011.[illy chsraeter fl. being partly present ill the warp and real space at t. Invu{nembk.: The character is almost impervious toharm except from blows to the heart or head.arJome characters. and the air is misty and freezing nearby. E:l'. [ie . other than the chest or head. etc.Y referred W by Inquisitors as a cloak of of darkness. either hill hideousappearance. against one at the start of a turn. power. The master is aware of everything T Daemonie C.gI:Il. Every time the suffers damage. feedback will hurt the m aster as well.k:s do all extra DW damage to tho creature. near impossible to SJXll in dark conditions. Similarly.Je to figh'lllgaimit.l1 [0 hit as normal.! nature.cil do not adhere 1.Daemons are creatures of I. given in the Armoury section later. and are bound to the flow and nux of Chaos. A character with ngener(}. dy. "(line The character ha. a Suength 81) character dees D6+4 damage). if tile jarniliaris injured.~rna. Ibm . which a character mill' suffer from for a variety of reasoru.f.~do A double damage.4R anribstes. must f:las. seeand through its senses :lnd use its powers. as mig!hr~ expected. every location ex cepr when against ps)'cl:iic IItl~\ck:~.ing possessed by an of Chaos. His flesh and hrme~aIl knit . daemonic FAMIL1.and never [amiliur is. An enemy ~harnctli!r wishes to ch arge a fearsome character must pass a1erve tesl do sn. a psychic-symbiote called a familiar.cry vulnerable to anacks from silver and/or holy weapons. !FEARSOME The character is immensely /eanol'.\'. plus the character's Slrcllg~h divided b-y 2iI. Theyare fantastical beasts wili.. If he fails. sanlight harms him.('1 enemies within sight. and even in ordinary .some of their Some characters gain tbi s ability by be.Ipil add can U~ lh. psychic attack or mental ccmditiolllillg. However. n'. ImU. Photon flash nares o::nun as frag grenades againsl characters witil thi ~ ah i~it]'.>. he addis D6 pol ntsto his inj ury total. a psychic projection or the sheer a dangerous menace that surrounds him.!)' artacks.Jtulo~!: Tne character is not wholly corporeal.0 the normal laws or physics am. often takes the form ofan :lIli]]l~l. Cloak af narklU!SS: The character is surrounded by a s. SI. The controlling character spend one action every tum ord. ll psychic attack.i~ f>k.%t half chance to see him. Such SiHiI!t:.ng gaping cuts am:lrL::!'Itming mantled attacks.fuewarp. Iimbs.is immune tn the effects of j'e. HOM:". The character counts double l'ougJ!n~~s when working out damage to allY locatkm. The character C(lUIUS ". SoC) uuurh a spcci al al'l. If fall. which L:lID l!..enemy are .ry Irurn a ~iJlgle total hit However.>eali. add +D3 to tbe main character's Injury tl}llll.

wr must pa.i.be blessings .ung a Wyr<l power is uot a Risky action O4iI~d the Wyrd C'fl. gwifight:er !I!!1di OJrJ:bidr!:xmn.ce~. filled w~thfit~ry p 1l1ld. cxamp]es scetion ]!llc. You IIlllllSt specify which p~ychic power{~) [he Wyrd benefits from. AHy who rolls double their modified Nerve value Of mme' we IIJU5.fair" draw. he !"ltt. Dat:moTlit: crc:llltLlIc~wh~ch hear lhe uj the Empe.'1cticms rea~hing the word of the Emperor.y have Wyru!.crmicm abil ~ty at the eed of arum in which he bias mede a successful ~'am.dospeaks as if with his voice.t~C~. 'felep~~thy _ Wyrd! pm. fleelug in th~s way can step n. pM of hi:sfirst ~:lrike skjll.t:(] to create v.lJg brea.(lITL A ~u{'.. All characrers w]tlil tI1.use this victim must be snmned or out of action.sJI!J.ke mld ..dy c'.:. hI:: can only use hi s rcgeN. AdtiitiuTI:±Ii bonuses !l!nd cl!I\lclIl~ can be pla<-~n1 special abilul.re.gh~in. EYeH wuHluut modiJicliliun.• a character may ha ve MftJpirism anld! !'e~ener:ation. Any t:m:my character within earshot ml!L~t ~N erve test or spend their ncx t successfulaction F!3D(l'Venng ~bejr 1l.]vanJIJ'h:-i_~m attack.t follow rules.md liturgies uf an.pfdsma~~a~k.d~l.ysicall COn. away from ~he 1&ITify. 1:0. AnCl~he.Hll(JUJ or t dtfen£os) anti d.ill'ru.r is wdl versed in ~11 I.or examp. i. Us. Clllil ~ut:h as !:I ..ll1101 SlIUe. SUning with hili next aCtlQIl.i~.E(I!.etrifyiJ~g characrers except that a~l . ]l:Ijl..le.u·htrT'~Tf·.or vice verSa . such as giving II gUlils]ingl1i1Jg bounty hunter hipi~ho(Jtl1ig.r'7.i can draw a weapon <lindm. adds fJ} Ih~ ~ictim"~. The character m:±ly .WYRB wor~t :.fu:sl :siri.. ~b5orblng their pliiycilic aura or ernerwise drawing energy _This Call only be done by ph.~ character II whohas !ll!lililll:atep~yclhuc power that they of de~ili <linddestruction.in~Q flee.ies. de!l~lJ"aticm. tests are takea with AA additienal -40% modifier.rv(}llSnc~~. m a ch:±lr8Cler which has ferodo.!tc[erclin leechpower from Willpower Oof 100. ideO! us fOf a character w ith a .~t\.a~~ a{(!int action: or whether . t1.D3 mars. character must make a sl!JJ::cess:rul unarmed close combat W Mucn luis Oppm1. can be fOllncliTl the Charud. .~with Emperor. However. Mum.errqIlW get.l!c~~ons:OT :J.r psychic overloads.te.l!ry m~!l. the Vampire's ]:nji!!lIJ' .'er:s function just asnermal psychic jJower~ except ~ha~~lhe Wyrd al w:I)-'s couets as having a h }' }' IT irnmedi:l!tely beg.~sauJI but om)' when he is fj.cJi!!l.cts the same from. They are peril mcarn ate.chas wheUler a cnsractes witll.5. ~ndu.T./wde1' whose abil.](with no d!edl.e.e t.llg froen combat if necessary.".T1g character G lhe ~ embodi rneut of YOllr AW)'rd i.mD~tiIlg ways to create new P(]Jwe.ding a~ 11]rnosl tllng i hlle A 1l2mfyi.1iFEROR Duff'erent speci a] abilities can be combined in iIll.A u!rT~f'Yinx dmIaCkt is ~ te the effects of other tur~ryili~ Or f~~rs()me characters ~II::1T'.IlJ only stl. a character [In<!. Fur example .he caa emIl' at~ack £1.]lf!')wcr check or they are OtheE <lIhilit:ies rure open to some ]ilterpretatiolil by the OM.e:ry skilled eharactens.in. . ex I!l.Xtcnds to 12 yMtI~.k.crs t'o:r.txruain t:omhinlllutms uf abi]i~it:s can DC !!._ particularty exotic 1Ibili:tics. s~.d.ing character as q uidJ)' be COl... This tlO~fi 't allowthe Vampire ~o have an Injury total (l and has tlo effec~: 001 iocarruml il!ljurie~_ 11]1<' 'FH~. for j'earsome can use almostar wil].'.~1< lit \Vi.f(miilim· to become subjecrto jrefUY should his ftlmdirdr be cJ!esuuyt"d•.l1king their . dl.mne.n. hi~ euemles by dri.hcm~cl by passing ~ ves testtmn a~: heend of every ~lIrn.



.1 :fP . singlei fif) '2 :2 2 2 (MP) Lasgun (NF) LQ8. Thirdly. 111 which case Ittakes one to 1.QI:l 'l'Jrpe Pistol Bask llilnge E C Mode A!ee D3Jnl.rat"'" /!f. d~3fraders. ii1.c~omple:tere!Olid~_There are tbree ways ill wbich APDI. a character with a combat shotgun ma.d:ividlJlal special rounds canbe loaded as 1II .ng. in which ca~c.M""4 P.fmJ~ l'niU1"I. They also benefit from heillg e!L"J recharge. ami .ey are in qf) Some weapons with sr~cial ammunition variants for circumsrances or targets. causing tis sue damage <mdi burning.equip1Ue1l!t are . Afl:bomJ)ghthe~UOlCfililig ltb.l\ij.m n thl:s.ar~ea!l" used in the' gal1all:. man as . a DewRare. and amsnanition shortage is rarely a problem. shot selector. part of Inquisitor yeu win find the rules imd profiles for a gr.gliIn B.y notethat me' and fifth munds in the chamber are Executioner round:•. For example. move me position of a special round as a reload action. Gl\1s should feel free ~u invfHt iilt"' va_fianb.w.ripth:rlls (If weapons. SeoQndly.06 _D6 2D6 5 single.iT1lg1e 50 60 4(J ]() (TP)'" l"o.NS LAS "''EAPONS Las weapons are the most common lyPL: of weaponry found ill the Imperium. w ~ bla~t of highly charged light which transformsinte heal and k ineric energy impact.r' - N".ism.I~ the shot selector and the player declares what type of ammunition from lnaded wi U be fired next.l ~g.asic Ba~ic Basic Heavy Heavy E E H semi (2/3) single ~. theplayer needs to note which shots in a magazine are special..rJtern .Trip/$!( P. can be pre-loaded into a magazine.e<al weapons lmd :items of w. Special anlim)n~ tio"iJisnormall y taken on a rmmCHlY"rtlll basis rather :rrnmlllulitloIDl can be used.12) single "10 3 6 Lascaneoa 4D1O 20 !ill' .~ro. ammunition so theywill be fired when arc reached. as are cheap to menufaeturc and easy to malnraln.l1'~fle DW 3DfI !\'lul~i·I~~1!' H semi (416) -10 full (.. L!:1!8 eapons wur-:kby .. Acharecter can. J~$.~e3Jp'i!lilils Las.way exhafllsD. Firstly.~wargear and armOllllr' types 1'011' spedli'ic seenarins and.e]oad actirm and the special ammunitlon is fired with the next shot. Shots 30 Rid 2 single 20'6 2.: may have rnultip le magazines and a.y of the 41 st MUIe:mnimu" desc.

it :l momen.. Inferno shells set '" character oti fire !..lE \VEAPONS Mer las weapons. I Type Range A l\"ode Au Dam 2Dfi Sbij~ 2{1 IUd.. b1U~. for them to acqllire rheir And SQ. til ese to.o.t. Arbites.llildarllll weajpons Aliltopms.4r'nr'1Dl!. Flechette munds hit 1)3 locations <liDd do 1)6 St.'.j'! ~'h: ~'Si L Executioner rounds are commolilly used by agents of the - clJ1noaJ:."'-I'IDARD PROJF." ~m.D11J 111 Executioner rounds Hand.lf1:v~l.1].!Jry' ST. 2 - 30 6 15 4U Pi ·to1 PistDl Heavy single single semi (2) {3} 2 F C C G A E stubbe ..Upon f]F]ng.ed~$ an impF(WrS.)pularr sidearm of'cheiceamongst Irnperial . Some put up with the nf ammunition and difficulties fOll the maintenence ~}·t:hflILJgical effect caused by the roar 01'battle they make when fired! Special am:mul:lilti{ln Fitchette . Wl 20 30 ]5 15 45 75 4U Pistol Bask slT1g1cl ~t:JI1i 22. comacr. 3D6 damage. .~(OppeT round an atlditi"mal D6 damage but has extra ·5% 1I0000niCY mod ifier..- * 1\ ). .arre more <lccurrak :!It longer have J S. 'C~flil:lOn semi (4/0)1 flllH (]D) 3D6 2DW 2 206+4 3 6 ASSlJiult Heavy Basic Pistol s-emi (6)! full (! 5) 'iJ:lg]e 45 1.m's nervous ~yH'Lem. They contain a till)' guidance system that allows to home in on their target. .. (4) ~ilngle! C semi (4)tfuli (10) E 2D5+2 21D6+2 2D6 . Autot.5.Cnn'laill.:r across th~~target.:d b)' armour.f~_. ammanidon does an extra damage if not 8toppt.''i'WnS ver}l~eUd 1Yl'r. flechette rounds. AnooJJli~tic combat shotgnn Bask single/ semi (2/3} singlet semi (2C) 3 .unU Pistol Basjc Basic BaKl.0 6 2 Hunting riDe Naval pis~ol '" (2) (I) single -5 +10 2D6+4 2D6 25 20 30 Dneffilim:Jg pistlil Shu.These bullets contain Ilffect the vkti.l~!l b4' us. provide bullets are Pump IlIcltioD E C made from denser materials thaa bullet.un Revnl~'er Stubber H~\r).C . A men. fragment into jagged shards thilt iplim:o. combat slllOtg:uwn.".ing a phosphorous gel igni~s 0.singLe smgle ~ilng1le (2) (1) E A 2D6+2 -IQ 2D~2 2D6+_ 2D6+2 8 20 0) (2) 25 3:5 40 r - Shaped penetration.Ising the rules fOT a hand flamer (see .P0. ervants and! outlaws alike. bullet or shell-firing W~apt~ll~ are the most lJi..lll1tlij.tgllln** S3Jwn·mfl' liI(lItg..M wetl.CTT.

. Each bolt is propelled and explodes imide tile target.~O:Iin occasionally be found in the hands of other I servants.. lrlj'erno . Inferno shells do 2D 10 damage.-53). would be able to maintain OJ bolter or bolt pistol. and does D W damage. etc. BoU w~...a flamer hlt (see page 70). Hellfire holt rounds do an extra D 1(I dattU:lgc if stopped by armour. . before making deductions from damage inflicted. 2D In damage.apon.'·.~ BQm~!i'{Mk U 1)pe Basic D F F F M(ld~ Ace Dam 2DIO+4 Shots Wd 2.e value of allY location hit by a.cl.fi. SpeciaJ bolt 9!I:1.. Met. Stalker do..ing1e. cover.Containing a solid adamantiurn tip... krokeu shell.Stalker shells replace their explosive charge wiib a powered ignition.. u~nd Inferno she Its. Ahnost exclusively used 'by the shock troops Legio"lle~Astartes > bolters \.D10+4 2DI£l+4 4 2 3 "2 J F E I single/ semi (2) semi (2/4) 2m 0+4 2DHl+4 30 20 40 3 2 4 D'O!lt . rel"letTatOlrWu. Hellfire shells do 2D 10 damage. singJei' ~eml (4) 2D1O+4 3D1O . Halve th.. Stalker silenced shel! .lJliblnle H'oo.··u".'.. and targets hit may eatehflre as with . trag detonates Ii. Boh amJ1!1:lnilo{')n is fairly mrfC. hut do nm reveal (he lilt: firer's locauon (st:t: the scetirm Aviiironess. showering the target 'with A metal storm round hits [) 3 locations on the target. making them silent and removing any muzzle flare. and only a criminal with good .. the.Imi~mjti:IIm KrakclI Penetrator round . Hel(lfl'e shell .~ucdamage.~ designed to punch through eW_TI [he toughest armour with ease .:lm honendous ti. few yards ITom impact.Rather than exploding inside its target.BOLT WEAPONS Bolt weapons launch a lijjoj~rile with a mass-reactive warhead. single/ is 30 20 40 12· stmigntmag) :8~1~erMk IU ( lieJt feed}* B~J:1'lel' (Mk IV slekle mag) Bolter (1_\[kIV druOl malll)* Boft p~~ii)l SW<rm buller Pistol Ha~ic s-emi (2) AaJii: Basic Basic ~iTlglL:i semi (2/4) single/ semi t2) smgle1 semi (2) 2010+4 .nd.al Stom: frag shell .Hellfire is the name for a variety of tQ:li:icacids that C.vy bolter Basic Heavy s..ignite 011 detonation. pages 52.c distinctive crackil1lg detonation. causing considerable dama .

Ic..we built in to evaeaate e cess hearod_ gases.dirf1ooll tQ.p_n a S1It..i. but arc immensely destruetive at shott range. gel few tbotli and Me difficult to reload.a.1: ~2.These WeOllplmSme a magnetic conraiament beam to create Ill]crowave acgimtloM which'.a~C they fire ar semi.. They arc inaccurate.<fIl:Is"~ considerable to an Ul:latm-crl...". For ewnple.doe.re:~e1LtI~' m. If'~ goes .t. (2) weapollii can be UlW. Mdla w~porns lese 1D 10 of damage fO"I"" every fun 10 y.. and therefore does :2010 damage. arnlt"dlagum. _ to · andj.sll"t eitplode. \\'hicb am i..w+5 J. In ..iltlt.l. 1 1 5'5· A 1: ~ 25 6·0 Basic B single 'lill~Mp111l~ store JiligjJ]y lItlst. act.-. suIt the 189 . Q{)eS 5DIO damage. OOIl setting.vlHch. Ar 32 yards . They ale .l'apoW'isesthe tluget in a blast of intense heal.t loses 3DIO..~Sone acti up-to shangethe this c.alHed . roli a D6 and balow. .ion.!5 31J 10+5 3D1O 3D. b R llik. ut do 0 W less' dltIllage. T:rpe BaK1C ~st'o] Rimge Mode Arc -5 DaHl Shots 5 3 5 IUd fl w~ 4~ J 25 7~ 45 J E A B single silllgie SDIO 4010 7010 -10 -5 4 8- Heavy Basic: single sil:lg]c 4010 1 4 Basic Pis. f mng.red tTh.$eni~g~ aDd have $.~ unleashed ~ dev~tt3Jting <hia"lt~~fene-flY.ard~· lO the ta<gN.ble energised phm:ohyd!:pgclJ J. firing aplilsma weapon is a ~ is.to] I) single ~img!e -10 -15 .al!fllllt:ti(l!I~ E"~njf m!!' .onling ..yeapc:m.manufadul'e! aroUOTJ..er.

and me Ii. Each action putting tile fire. sC:lLingit . Held absorbs all the damage 1T~lm flamer weapon.quid chemieal Ithey can adhere to the target. In addition.FLAME. (mhave 11 25% chance of putting each Iire nut. Flamers arc a name weapon. tl'l(!j". A burning character may do nothing else except put tile fire out. ]f a force.lds). with the usual deductions aT'ffloU!!' (but no! fcree fie. then the location suffers damage again ('U:~~ DiIDlagoevalue of llIe weapon that set theru alight). out has a 25% chance of succeeding. each locati nn h it by a flamer weapon it ~~{I% chance of being SJet on fire.lrn:in:gincendiary fuel. In addition.e i$ a 2. At rhe end] of every tum..g to smother before rolling any dice Bar the success of the Other characters within I yard may 11180 spend actions. If it does mOL. there is 1110 chance of the target catching fire.tl(l[1 character is tryi. to help the burning and 'tiDe}.n. douslng Lhc~F targets in while-hat They <I!. the character flails arou nd).RWEAMNS Flamers gO'I!H III tn.:5 chance that the location stops burnmg % before recovery).I-e useful for tlLJshing enemies OLJ'l of cover.iligllt. Specify the LoclI. ~ Mode HaudnameJr Flmncr Jle~vy tlanuer Hame eannoa E "te:nnin8!ool' Pistol l!aaic Heavy (15) (25) AL"t: Dam Shots 4 6 Wd fl !!I flame 206 2Dfit4 flame fJ!am~ flame flame {35) (30) (2S) 306+4 3D6 r: 4 8 X X Basic * 2D6++ . there i-~a 25 %chaDce that the flre to another random locarlon (it can he imagined that the fire can leap al'TI~~~ the as.

.1+2 303 20'3+1 D6 Shots 1 IUd 2 Wt 15 Bow' CrOS!ibow • Basic F B A slagle single single -s -.'[lhomatlraCdllg the autholities' l'I[len£ion." crude OIlS they may seem.imgk ~5 2D6 D6 cter.THR{!IWING\~rEA PON So Des.a well-thrown k~lr~ Cart be just as effecti ve.un 2D3 20.cion: many Imperial d. :£011 the • for nrowmg 'lbmwiillg wea]lollc'Sl aA'll I 1)'Pe Thrown I Rang~ E M~de A..gstar Judirl3 Bola I Thrown Thrown Thrown E E A.5l W eads lady s 20 20 senti Thrown \VEAPON"S (2'1 pent the tion.c:c:hll.Basic Basic Pistol 25 50 -10 -10 -15 E J single ~iDlJglc 3 25 5 Bask 71 .t. t.able8illda:re hard to maintain..'url{]'~ so are frequently carried by Indlviduals who must on occasion operate and ". k[liit'!: Thro\l>i11.i~ticOji~etl weapons such as plasma gu. Such weapons aronse little ~u~~p~. PRlrtUnVE . and the crossbow replaces the bolter. CM ~·rin dangerous in tile right hands . the lasgun is replaced hy the bow.ogy has almost been completely lost. and when caught in a tig:bt ~pfi.0C -10 :Dam DIO D6 ])3+] Sl1uts RJd \Vt 15 single single si[lglc/ Thr()wiog. and nielta weapons arc rim always avail. be Primillve weapons I TYP'-e Rang~· Mode Ace D. fire has ma S()pb. these weapons.ns. single t:. In theseplaces. 4 E -w On malty worlds of the Imperium. A.ol.5 ..n "..

c +5 Dam 2D6 Shols fi 6 6 RlId N.XO]'lC W. Basic Basic (25) (0) 4 3 Web pi8to~ X Ej. except the character will not lose an)' additional Damage points.' unpredicraole effect.ngled and rendered uselcsss (lTC.:04)."rl"l'l maya! so spend actions trying to pull W!~bbingrre>e. At the end of .gll.m {~)rr~tnmgler~ a~ they are 'known In ~nmc ITg:inn~) fim~a rnaxs of fi. and many prefer the surety of a definite kill to this .. 96-100 always fail). Gr:aviton g!un field technology to create a ~nca1i ed anom al yin the s HeM. a Strength '75 character who rolls 112on l~ stunned for four tum.'TOi rIJ can cause ~rj. If thistest is failed. See the section on gases and toxins on page 89..eedle rifte Needle pistol SD'l1Ig1c E C 4 4 Basic Basic single 2D6 X X GF.arget which delivers a paralysing or lethal toxin.. ""m'l Hit.'> (l2-8.kl flash whatsoever.ethough.CJ damage each D6 the head. chest. sliver into the I. 72 . abdomen and . WClbguns We~ f.[.ln a -25 (rolls of 01-05 always succeed.the mere the filaments contract. rendering the paralysed or dead ill a matter of seconds.)!vit6'n Webber gUll single flame flame ~ 3 2. contains a toxin or vi nil agent.es. which Db'liilOnlS LOP'to of points of armour. Other ". 50% chance of damage.c Mode Basic At:. A character can spend actions in an attempt to tear the web in which case he must pass a Strength test wi. . ignoring up tu 4 puinls of aTTIlOhlT. ill add.rl'lhnnai from asphyxiation and censrriction. Insteadneedle weapons fire a . USiilg sophisticated A character hit by a gravlton gun su ffers no damage . ~liIreli~bJ.. the webbing reacts and does 06 damege the lncatinn. as they are silent and gi ve off no rn U11.a[ as crippled. and doesn't have to test for system shock). NCl:ille arnmuaitior. after deductions fOT armour and so thenhe must test to see if he is affected by the toxin.""". ami thei r Noodle' weajpl)ns These weapons are the preferred choice of snipers. linn 'to any normal effects.However. The more the strugg~.EX:Il'ti. ill graviton gun pins the firer's target to the ground..7. If a target slIne·rs Damage points from a. he counts as stunned for <l number of turns equal to 3D1O minus one-tenth of ills Strength. These weapons are '. This is reduced to 25% if character bas any type of force field on the location.every such webbed locatlen bas a. tightening their grip.h. Any arm or leg that i~ hit by a webber or web pi~tnl has a 75% cilance becoming c:li:ta. minimum of one turn. l1.~ill:g same rules as above." f. needle shot (ie.lrun-el'usthat rapidly expand to entangle rbeir target. FOT example.liAPO:'lolS The following are a selection of mlscellaneous weapons which C<IJl occasionally be found in the hands of Inq II isilion agen ts enemies.

double di<UIIa.Mode Acx [)am. . me ooget i~knocked prosre. pedal ammunltioa.) t l~gs. a is named pSYC<lImOIli <lJte. against psyker«.echaracter's WUlpower.ce.:l~as tests from the same sho . a psycannon uses am a ntiv p s y c hj c .. s~E1g modified bolter irs technology. etc. . firer to takf:! an enemy in alive for qlUclllimullg. Olher locations are not eatangled.: of this w~(lQn. resonant wa\'l. If it. after deductions. Tbis damage ignores up ~o 4 points of BITIloUl'. the neural shrmdder p. for affil01. the tests ace taken sequentially .who male the wMlest IUS(.l'IJ on a neural shredder.~~. Wlllpower. [1' fa]led trolls of 96+ always fail) the target loses 4D]Q WiHpower andSagacity (roll separdtely fcr eacb) am12DlO Initiative (remember that thIs may reduce his Speed}. Much lib grenade S... Armour has no 1. lll""""V' used . the bolas causes an.1' hit by a neural shredder must Jil\liS~ a Willpower test for every hlI~. a bolas laundll:r . Som~timescalled a neuro-disruptor.mt!~.'lmagc at the end of f~cryrum (befor!:: re-covery) due [0 dlOk:i.~ electromagnetism tl1at i~ of pitched to scramble the e li::ctrical signals of the tilrget'l'! rain. although they take damage asnormal from fue~hit.Type Ran e . that ann cannot be us-ed" If the head i.s emaagled. It lake~one action to' dlsentan gle a bolas.5 30 X 3 Basic P. and .enaible. ransom or n:wlII'd.bowwin fiir. Shol'$ IUd Wt 15 Pisrul Billas launcher E A ~jl1gle single 2D3+2 Db X 21)10+4 2 6 . his reduced Wi llpower i8 used for sub~c4qjent ar.".for the daemon-hurrting Ordo MilUeu:~.J'I". if me target loses. QUilt: often a hand. by law enforcement agents lind bounty hunters alike.r psyk-out . ubstaace (some SlI'I it i~ a by·product of the Golden Throne tbat sustalns the Ernperorjto cawe serious injury to targets of a psychic disposition" It is almost a ba~~t: of (lm. tile handbow is fnvoured by many assassinsbecause itis easy to cnnceal ali separme components before being assembled. it bas a 75% chance of cJ1Lumg]~I1ghe lecation..rojects a. Incapacitarlng or even killing him outrjght.epooisonous [n explcslve-tipped qu am l~.sthe..stol Ba81(: 25 25 45 (20) F i:1ame Sel1D (2/4) tlFsmall crossbow. A target 'who ls reduced to 0 Willpower 0]" less is re~dLJredi uneenscious . but lhe amcunt r(Jilled for force: fields cct a bones to d'J.J. If a bolas hits jtq target. c. b Atarget that . additional D6 {I.OD . If it target IS hit more than once by II Wiglesbol (because it is a flame weapon).ntangle.in other . If it entangless an arm. PsYCo:Ili1n. A p~ycanfWtI causes ~I:iple damage against daemonlc ereatures..lg.

All of the hits 01'1 a character from death-arc combine their together against II single loc<niollonce for lQc.ttiol1. roll all of the and then make deductions ie 3 causes 3D1O damage against a location}, Rld3Jr Rih:uri,kenc:lItapuU, The ancient Bldar race are masters mJIlY forms of technology, One (If more eommun Elder sidearms ~nlurn ill the hands of anarms dealer is shuriken cetapult. It flres El rapidhail razor-sharp discs alai slice flesh. its magazine. containing ~()licl ammunition, good far several burst, fire,


Range D

single single single

Aoc -10

DaJilil 2DU



Wt 45

5 1


Basic Basic



35 45






serm (418) full ( 16)


6 3


Digital they weapons, or digi -weapons commonly knowa.





the 01'00 Xenos

Nerrontyr galls' na,l"~1" Little is known about the ancient race of the Neernntyr except that they are trrigl'lly advanced. The gauss flayer appe [Irs, to operate by atomic disimegration, srri pri ng lIwa.)' armour and flesh iII molecule-thick layers until the target is. wholly atomised, A.gmlss, flayer call 'es permanent and irreversible damage. The first points of damage inflicted 011 a location \'i ill rem ove poirus of armour, <IS if it were ablative armour (see page 84 of the Armour section}. Any klCahuil injury. and Damage point» on a character's injury ioeal caused by a gau S5 flayer CaJIDot be recovered or healed e xcept by characters- who can regenerate _ X<enareh death-sl"lc

haired \~rc--~ lkc al it::ijl!i Jokaero .• whose creasions ,are after across the Iruperiu m.. Yo u can get J igi- VCI'~ inns of fl arners, inferno pistols, las pistols needle pistols. However, their ch aracteri "hcs are halved and cannot be reloaded. A character can. wear up to one weapon pel' finger (not thumbs], they call be fired even ir the chsractat ho 1([1ng something el sc in the' hand _The Weight is equ al to 4 fer dlgi-weapon on that hand, plus else being carried, For example, character with three digi-weapons and bolt pistol would fire allY of w,eapollSwith a Weight of (25+4+4+4). A character may only one digi-weapon per action. Other th is, they foHow all of the normal fUf pistols and so can be used in combat. etc.

The. !mperium has had little contact with
the shadowy Xenarch of the Northern Rim, but their electrical weapons are highly prized, utm sin g charge ceHs and capaeitors faT beyund I,mylhi.ng that the Adepms Mechanicu s can manufacture,

E!ppm)V~l ,iI~ilJ, On« . more His m.oi1~1 :sb~lI 8~U l!c U~llDT.illll:lip}" Hh lliv~ Will,-His g~al



S¢rii· '~D ~!: ,br'91i,glt TfHIL {m:ulj'i hiveD "'ad lie s~alJ tilt9'" ~WlI.Y'1u= ~d.l~ ,of '.he Goldi:D IhfcrD~ 8d ftC'll fonh ,[j'aC~ mere 1~ :t&ib. t~~ GtW C~II9!de t~ !Iuk~
bllm1Iit.:l\'lS fmt'Vl!il. ~


every 'tiring
]e, a
'and 3

f the 37 y fue "than

Blades and bludge.cllllogweapon s are cemenrm all across the Imperiusn. conflicts ,aff· peso bed using three feet of well-placed steel.


Chain weapons have a set of motorised biting teeth that saw and slash througb enemy, and a blow can cause terrible da.mage_ Reacl! D.amage D6 2 3 2 2

Short sword Sword


-]5% ·10% .'~:5%, -40%


2D6+2Oft+l Dlp ~ D6~ DIO+2 D6+2


-15% -15% -20% -15% -20%




2 3 2 2

F8~chrio.u •

3D6 300+2 2D6+2A ... unarmed +3
As unarmed +4

Gl'ieBJ1 a:xe .;
Gr:i:llI't bammeJ' ;
~!<ISfil:l:ld ""nl.rd.

·3S% -30% ·20%

Can be used either as a sword or falchion,

K:U'"U!clcle dlusmrs ArmolilJ1ed gallulUet I mpij'i)= lsed
(rH1~ bnu,



As unarmed



--(;halo,..3N,& .


2DiO+2 2D1O+2


i'npt.i. fi nr. e rery 'fIil {hai km.:~1 ira!! If a pO~'1erweapon i.e I 2DIO+5 2Dlll+4 4DlO 4 2 1 POWer b~li[berd ·flown IS fot a: J/1I..(J ~2tl'i{imffl!lifi~J".. shock. (~ ~30% '71jI.~ '[)oj 'UIS [or locatiol!/m" -50% . An tlhlt:tm-fliJU i1(W. SHOCK W·EAPONS parg(l{[with e Ileetric. Pow.l:· (lll eJfff.n}' Immof}Ua tdrge~. This is regardless of armour. thnt is amui11 Willl ·. regardless of number of hits in ili cted. a~ OflL:i11 a hadge of office for senior Imperial servants. sword Reaeh i}arn::)lge 3010 3D 10+4 P". Power. Daemon. er suceessfully makes OJ parry.1I Made w.Kparried.Wl:<l'~ns re a thruugh MlJFQtruded by UII.11 . Note that ~hi~ dne~ not appl 'luff" fhe target dodged.e~ is 4ft€.10 profile nf n{.II .. a disrup(.1 a!l'nl)1JI1" ~~. there is a 75% chance: 1bat the opponent's weapon is destroyed.f. tnntI ~ fl' !wither •..hanlil?iiC It can Dr! wiehkd ~!~8t(l-hmuJed wiUi ale (1 2D10+4 3D6 40. though this be prolonged indefinitely if the characl{_"J" continues l[ I be hit in subscqacnt turns.d~ (roU eqd! 'lii).s.These.t ! ·15% -20% -25% ·25% -20% ~25% .6 2D6.wm 4 1 D&+3 10.al energy these cause severe burns on impact and call disrupt 1be nervous ~ysiem. -20% .te. f.c:.lop off limbs with a single blow. power. but does not eecur if all of the damagcj» stopped hy a force f e1d. or force weapons WlIGtbe d:es~l'Oye-din [hi S W8i}'.h'f' OPl.(:hnrtrotl!' .:~O% 77 .rrj1 iilgfl{mt: ~Mp..hick.il!ldiuJ dQJ1ble. d does a~R pxwa JD6 Wl't:uJty 3 2 ] Power lINe Power r:i.'e force field Fhal allows [he user to slice and .f{jr 3 Rellt:h 2 ·20% tf!)._."t (rolls of 96+ always fail).iOff' ej grabb~fl'g tnd~' OI"P01'1n1. p'~l. All hits from shock weapons stun the target for one rum unless he passes a Toughne.20% dumce to kU~ . I.• rh~ ·wujil. They are highly • .t and cfusni'W them If he {)p~rto' do th~!..~]' ~CllpOIl1S Powe].s~ Chaiinfis. Nore that a target j S only IWJllJedonce per ttl rn in this W8Jy.mlal pt1~ ~'o~.

he..'Victin~s.'S.. " by demonic its ci\~'Jl Will~~lWeE.cr for h~tt 1e. ro lis (] 0 1-05 sn. i pon IS held.a It al'd~.1 the to (n$w~:apif~"Fl:.e ~ .ade will immeiJiately attempt to use [he "E i'a1i'iiilll1i. rhaJ.:'!'1']'. and call be WI':. and . " n:em1ilu~!.ce~.!y.fMr in 'ide the:bl.'ol'H>rl from his weapon.':'MI 'CQf11\liting J:dt slJJffered .£ a .ArrnlC!lLJrl..(1""!!~~~Il!.:l '.J Cill...ff"eC!5 lies. .!tLH:alline~~ltt~~r.:. .b= enemy wirh ~" eencern for ins own ~1:1'rvIVt'll''flle c-h~'g.}E.lOll. 70+ 2D ro for daemons. back to his hand fOI" the cost of one action.80+4D 10 for greater daemons flFiln . Once dra wn.j.P r. etc. a!1d~. T! e wielder is fi~lecl vi~th a .hIJ."il:. tD~tQ his ll)JIlI)' .m'l(l9rcl:I~mrl~*'t!l"ood.r will and WOIl't do under daemonlc influence) I n. ta.. the character must pas~' oi ' witti a :Ile. weap9t1l.llJI~. time wlthout using up any of their actions (it jumps [rom : aracter's hand. . he 1U11S( pass \iVlllpuwer 'lest or add C41'rlipter: Quenched in the oi le of a daemon and consecrated on an altar of '.ltnihll: hung. ' w.t s.: DaeJ'lWl1b(U~."PC'''''''' W.S~:ion on to~...e the w A m: .ams~rh~ special a]:llhtll:5 ." 'I~L'eqmliI to half tll. if the weapou ls dropped" lost.d lJaenumhtme: The daemon within the weapon Is extremely J_LL"". .thcrt i.fhe char' cter and cannot beparted w:i-e!dcr.?J (seep. daemon-influenced characters. t w.s hand by a thou.e . this daemon wc. r's \Vi 11rowel" drops 0010\0.es '):1 and ~L pectively): Th.".aIld}USing 'vJjl~Mle. tu~ ( 'ef$..ag.gi~g in~> I. If a takes an):: damage from lli~ weapeu (after deductiuns fc" .'1Q'"T~'"'''' prince win have four or five properties.~e m.l(. fd ~owing-aU of the rules given on page W in the . Wbio will act in a suitably fashion (see the psychic pow4r Enforce Will on page 58 .& ge tllhcrw~e.a~m spreads eU~lagitUl with every blow. 89(Qr ~.~ilf on '(hem.. For 'eilc!~ tum "". rolls of 96+ always fail). banish My other daemon s il comes into c$tact with...r".~n.U .f'l~~. test at the stall of every tum oCtr uccumb s to the daemon. [[re. Wi11po'W r.\~lm:.is OIl.!'l: The f weapon feels lighter than air.u::l:l'lUtc:te.~% modi fier ~n l~d:£} " . one with. ~bt and the char: acter lllil}' .IY'l'I. ·<". iMill. AllYl·. ' takrll'g damage from this (after deductions fur armour. to ~lue:dhe -~ ~ PI. characters.1 that of the bound daemon.~_L. agaiD'l. 'gases on £la.F'r:e~. a to six properti es. Daemonic weapons also have their is 50+ DW for daemonic beasts.{m1': ASS. etc! IDU!st make a mat he is infected: He n ust pass a Resistance tCl t a1 the start' of ~lub8eqtlell.:!..lw'f'~~~Jae'i~dt).

r. FkrJ' Blast: The: weapon draws upon energy from the warp and unleashes il as' a sheet o'f name. The weapon call be thrown like a throwing axe: nm. A character with a lashing . Anypsychic a channel 79 . oLd4UI}~. heron:.~d \\o'it1i'the . ~~lcat11ng thought from those whu look Ili.. remmi[lg: back to the wielder' ~band. [hell half of the TonghnessredLlc:tlon la'il~ for the rest of tile Entffl.Enfe.m. and rips andrend s those wh ich i strikes with thousands of ethereal fangs. minimum of ]0) for the rest of that tum (or until me close combat has ended if this is sooner). then his WS is reduced by an amount equal to ha. flying after its taryet. If failed..apC)il (after deductions for armour. close c()m03J[ wi(h the character with the . the warp. able to strike {Jut at caernies fHlmseveral yards away. and counts 118 Reach <If when used in this way. to the (tee page 71). The weapon can be hurrea -through [he air. &irral'lce blade must pass. except that i~retains its own Damage value.lIJil~ychi.Iieapml may UlSCit to Sitlad:: ill enemy at ann's length. it can' t be I!lsc-cI [he next in action). etc) takes all atkliliUl1a! D6 damag~. Magic Ab. i~ fI. drawing Olway ability (from a friend 011" 11 foe) cast (JI1il the character while the weapon is drawn has a 9l1% chance ot being instantly nLlllified withno effect at all.cenergies.it. GIIG'II".ge~ie i:I-iiliC'te~" as if afiiic.poon Any enemy fighting in.lce: The g]imrllering weapon catches the eye.~orpn~. Oru:-c per tum tile weapon may be used as a hand flamer (see JlIlg~ 70). The weapon b into. AIlY character taking damage fJ10m this we.ing: The daemon hungers for fl esh. If a character infhcts it critical hit with thl weapon. lmllinl1= The weapon wnlthc~ till: a "".eble psychic rmvcif {KCC p!l~e S711 ~ jg~aUy Jafits Uiitirl rhe end of tlte next rum.ffiS to tile ~haracter at the t::ndof the next action (ie.Lng snake.lf the daemon'~\Vinpnwell (tn :iI. H aut: )malicaH y Localion. OJ Willlpo\:~'ertest at lbc ~~l::lrl the combat andthe start ~O'f of every sebsequem tum.

The acce ssory's reacb dependant un tile length of the weapon (the minlature is the best gui.Wi~lpower lesL If the test is passed.!!lIla .Reach ..Alien weapoD. 0'14. 0[1 toxins and.. Agonisers are a type of shock weapon (see page 77). used by tile A combat acce ssory adds . and can only be used by psykcrs If used by a non-p iychic character they count as an ordinary weapon of their type.de for liii ) a good benchmark is: Pistol ~ Reach 2: lasiJ~.dti:ng (afte:r deductions for armour. W to the weight of the wc~rnn. Any leeation hit bya lacerator actually takes D3 lilts. etc) must test to see 'if the.. ehannel the mental energies of the wielder. G.5 B.acterhas a forcerod or ::.. .liporm~ they' ablete incapacitate a foe with tht sljghtest scratch.anUll1l.m 2 4D6 2D6 -2:5% -20% Laeerator 2D6+.+2 D644 mO+4 2D6+4 -10% -1.dthi~~ laeerater ReSl.eU!fiII!l ta1QB The' Scythians are a race of warrlor-monks.mli1ing a fist. dedicated to a peculiar form of rnartial ruts.ilr J 24 2 4 Nemeslsferee Rune axe :' Rune staff .'i% -25% ~.-Heavy FORCE WEAPONS These.taif.lm talon isloaded with a toxin or viral agent. Halve any range penalties DOl! psychic powers if the ~~I'lar. so that fanged attacks can be directed with better accuracy.Iith ma1:lj' razor-sharp blades that slice thrOllgh flesh willi ease. gases for details (pag~ '29) .1 ~1I[lJli)rd -15% ·20% -10% characters (after deductions daerneni c for armour). The dagger-like venom talon is one of the more basic w!. Force swor. andare quite of tell f ound else where .fIi AgoniseI' Venom'lat.d Force axe Force rod Force staff Foree I :l 2. Force weapons do double damage. . 2 4 2D6+4 D6 -3U% D10 D10. DlO Force rods and force staffs allow :3J psyker to channel his powers through them. OVtiil"1o. A psyker may choose to use the weapon in lhi. fire a:ffectc-d..Reaeh·l. If the target is hit by a force weapon the pil. [he weapon doe s all additional D 10 damage. a lacerator from the Gal thitc race of the Oenoriau hiller' is festooned \!.~ way when the ortack action is declared."S Bayonets and other combat attachments are frequently military forces.l..r:k ..l'lcf mal' take a. CO'MIlAT ACCK9S0RH!. Agufliser Ag~1niMTh are employed by the alien pirates commonly called Dark Eldar. causing physical tr:l!llma unlbearaNc pain. against . AIlY character t.jJthe ilt::rvnLlS ~y uern with shocks of energy. Scy~uv.aj'nnet Varies Varies Do 2D6 -20% only wne:n charging) Chernblade ALIEN WEAPONS n". A'ICTI{.

's discretion. The smoke the 'end of every turn.."ket ~3iuncher single..the way the JJni11t11ution 1. must The gOl. lind so on) until it _~~. :h is but take fum.'ilUe la.rs contain gases alia toxins to dl. In the 41st Ivhlleollimm.nJ higher than they can be thrown.uHcher X ! E 2 6 H +10 Heavy Heavy Heavy A . lannei1er' we break ~'L"~P'D'I1S 'FY'Pc Basic Kange Mode Ace • 'ill DaM Shots RJd (I) Wt dow il single shot dronll mag J J single into two parts . single -.: Grena. refer 10 pa.Ll'") +$O~.~' greu<J!de laundiler Mis. Mode and Aoeuracy of the launcher apply> rather Basic single/ semi (2.plant 1..ablethe enemy. LAUNCHERS.J Launehers Grenl'ld!e. fieki generators.. *. GRENAlJES. chamcte:rfll"ing lhro1J.$: 25 30 6 5 X 10 H.ly in cenaim conditions. "''hile otlle.m'~ E E E 4yd!s 4yd~ 4Jds '* ~ ** . deli vered and what effect it has. It the GM.'l'siles frag Super-fr. in the third turn ~harncters 11£1 +20% ve to their Ieughness test.lrther a.8 5 :8 Blast Grenade Grenade B X Blast GI:(~nade 6 *~.t::::: *~. AnI:i'~O!I]j'l 30 age.u se the profik for the grenade type. Rocket and missile lilUnchers fire more directly.ickly· or slowly illl certain conditions. II soot of a :subsequent Re.character has a grenade . .01. turn.ftll"Of e[feot. [he second turn it is a -40% to bit eIld 5..ang..5 5 Gmi Then: are many different kinds of tox ic ga~~s used rn the 4. and call "rU':D fire. <It .trgels. X A!l!1}jI:iIlJr.mmun!t:io"ll with a more de.A -5 65 00 !hanthat ~)fthegrenad.s~stancetest. than grenades. U he is filmg.e . If IDe..g a + W<:i Reslstancc rnudifler each lime (ie.e Area 3yds 6yd!li 2yd~ 1/2yd .s Smak.0 on) until it lnas tit) effect. .) sit1g~e single -w -L5 '" '" * "" * . smoke suffers 00. hUSSILES ANI) ROC KE'fS Themost common type of launcher is the gtreliade launcner. Rorket ~a.J gil. lZIulu.lst Miltcnulurn. Some contnin small.l/2yd Blast Dam Sbots IUd *·t. An~r character .I'l.undu:r Disposable NK.ArrnaUf""1L.h~1t then the Range.lfllstatililg effee. ** ** ot* 8 :5 g to ** *"1' These destro. *:::: Ga.a:~) r~3Jsmal Krak Super-krak ~ Anti'·pLant Type Grenade R. in." Wt Hon E X E 4 7 6 is 206 DlO 3DIli 2111fl 31)6 *.. (klS may disperse more tll.illl. a.~.ake placed shots. used to lob g?enades fl.. modifier· by 10% ew. Smoke may disperse mere quickly nr moreslnw.des!rni. til!. grenades and mi~silesdOTl'1 necessarily just explode II1ldshower shrapnel over the target.ge 89 forspecific effects. additional -50% in hit and -m. al the OM's uiscrerio[l.'.~ isperses at the end of every d tldd.~ ** .!! Grenade Grenade ..)r 111]1vegetatlon wiHlin their il.l'hey have no effect at all against non.10 -5 hey and flcd lIse.'Ullin a gas cloud when il is released 0'1' within its area of effec~ at the * ~ ~. a rocket or using a grenade.

--~e out the explosion :!K normal.alue shown. he" .ifieci ill turns.0:1. For .~ . automatically fall. .. re g~ a .-. ~[JrVo'jTi:tedov.Jnl ~ WiHpower te~r or forget a raedom ~y determinedpsychic f'O~~~rUY the rest of [he gsrne. '.iSl'>im{>. <aU~<ltld~imHiM Dem...Haywire PboO.1ay want to. 9.. ~ they are not knocked prone).* .. s~ p<l~e ..'.r wgef {tahlng nn~"~c~im~1-<Th~)' can only be <ltta~~a tOltm:~umat~~ objects _M.tolll f1!lIiSh Grenade E E iE 2yds ~ 3yds . dmrge The l'ltaXiI&~m l~ng'e_ it desnolitlon '_'h'(» CHarge J.. '" ** .b.oJiti!0D.you li1.. ~i ~J z ~i'eafu!Je walk through" .g. ~O.. or be stunned Psyk-out fOI" tn [urns L(mk~p the. ppep .do' On! (~iton their ~g~uwilh the Dal1lOige\'.uilge A!i'e~ E 4yd~ IILDst s ~.."~llo:\nll"l situated .~1'i~11.'.allJ.r.U to its ~njlll"1i' ttitanlfut~loc'finon Ifijury).L -~ U!nl'afJ~[ next. I . j .~arge enough for a \1i.be attached to tll!..rn) how li.oIetl1an donble '" ~.S Ai"FI'OU~1 .ies &e~ti~n. 'GreJruad~m.~ 8 ~* $8' "'. wpel'l'" . the relevant W.bmlifb Melw oo'mb15 cennot be thrown.large eMough fOt a Fmm~~ir~1 C~fUl(re.Sio'()n-:--'-At· the .¥nii:n the Inj~r. U' the. For eflc~ '!!iit. 'fJ):ev ' /' .. Stasis E E 2yds 2yWJ3yd.Sl_p.e. .])p~ iR.ir eft"ect of a psyk-our grenade lmmedlately adds 2m."~ t ..~6}..(l~i(~8. 'I'''' next game tum. Re~rneilllb! ro mark the point where the "'AII. fmd ...t "'O~ musr SC01"em. h@l. _.$ ~~ 5}:Je>C.t~ ~2 ]5 1:2 It takes (me actieu to set a tlm:l"r.find. pcint (not including the dlillwelp.8. ~hhv.J. So" it one turn e-~}iplod~f t the start of the next a two rulfllli fuseexplodes at !:he .Me~m.}' 12r .obje'ct'sAl'I'(w~r (some &J1am. .' a p~yke:r suffers from die grenade.".. Armour value..~ Strcl'Iglh . '.aTl e t"THwn I~~ equal OCt} a qjllil!rt:e~of th~tharapter'. starting with the bL::g~nni!ngof .~roIls i)f Y6f- o'bM:adB~.p~es. >t IDaM S~ruots IUd 8>1< *'>1< \\It :5 ~ * *' '[~ng~e:r:o!j'l.WIlure·d a ma.:ID!·-rhi:-·GM-\'\! here itis if your ClljMa~ Ally character. Any daemeuic character Cflllght \ltithj. >I< ** ~- ~~..l1II.~t:Irt of ~ 4\ 8 L'J.m!J..e!fm:e for _l1ri. )~. f d'fJ~)e lne obJfF~. rlrhoough. Uli8l5 ~~9'h.J.ong YOM set rn.T{l ~e~troy the Obl'l~j. . A~.(lUa b 1(j1J. friend or foe..e.b:~ 11aVe 1]0 blast area .era. mu~t.. :.n [be' area .gethliD . ltIuaek. 'fllie of sIgh:~to the greI'llMe'~.


eachintereonnected so tbat iFbd~ n.skeletal ana}' actu i1tOFS .. Mesh armour.AnlIGUj"~. BefI'~tJive Often called mi'~'ro-crystfl~s alild dissipate ]o:ne[lshy of Power armour increases a Strength by.faiCe·a*miiitii·r·:·-·ilrm(il:ur ~I.lJ..r~~~~~~~~r-~~~~ area to absorb and di s:.. plates rut: . Eg" a of armour.il· .rcflccbV(l &: of more than ODe ..t1I11e: 4 Unconnnon within the Imperium. J pts of '". . a fifth (this has no effect case all additional bionic arms) ...e P ower armour' .1I.C~H"jjlf.. It takes 7 pts of 1 pt through.:Or -scales. from meu • high-density plastics more exotiq substarrces such as f:lles.:' --..Uj {eg.'rmlo~:.. ~ 'the . .".AmwUJ' valll.L~< and plasteel. armour is made up of lots of smaU ... .~ipiJ..du. muscle-like. "U'U.e: JO Ii."'. The destroyed and the Carapace 4Tj11f1ourj s made up from solid outedlayer on top ef a .cl. uuderskln.. filbre power armour not only enables wearer to be: protected by henvy plating. h~t actually boosts strength. or a shot or blow 18 s:pread .•. ii Having all i eudo.. 6" Armour value. '1'..c.

. unless the player specifics ctherwlse. I them lu cuter and survive (such as solid cliff face: into empty space or aIllClllh. ShMd bash <. tb~ to a pl ace it is impossible foJ.cls Ilis head won't be able to see \'er. centred 0[1 the target cheracter (note ttl. a suppression shield cannot be damaged by parrying power weapons. ]ts reaction is equivalent to it photon flash flare going off. See page 82 in the section on grenades for details of plhu:ton . Since v the fieid 1s at some distance from the wearer.'ah~e: fi Sllil~Lns Shlt. ~I~e wearer us [deported .ic:2 Armo ur points Rein. 1f the nd.t'. . Some types of shields have additional properties: Supp:ressmOIii shield Suppression shi c Ids are a type of shock weapoV1 .~ditinn [0' any other effects.'i: 4 Atmom points Like ether types of armobJi.. .1t they are lmmune themselves). Obviously the locations covered must be adjacent: to each other )..Cli~p'l~t~~~tield wu[J not teleport Open helmet .i'much. special ~hi.An'l1our ~alue .I..t. cd-talfi This i. ad s() count as D 10 field arrnour attacks.aL~'~..lastic: 3 Armour poinus \1c:M or "rm:. force fields have a random Armour value whi ch is rolled each time the location i~ hot. Of perhaps ~~eri j ust one. shields may have exira pr-operties as :tli: ·ted below.ll1.c~r11'~LI!S -IIi l)~je]d __gain additiol'lal-arrnl}UT on.!!ttadl..l~s shields are: fnT WlJoded!/pl'a.$ Charact... he can protect hvo other locatlons instead (s~ch 018 the cnest and oilier arm) but this m. II' a ~~cte:.rial iSlng again.:k~~L'I-n''''\iri~.s Lhmugh and other ch aracters nl a~c. In addition.Jl!!I. against all types of hits.~ known as a Shield of Faith w b iell protects the wearer d aernons . St(orm shield A storm shield generates a 2D 10 force fi e I dI over the protected locatioas and can be used to. the shield will also cover the charactiS1"'~ chest and abdomen. and a characser who pmlc.Rt'''.i:J1J. but it i~ possible w have small force field generators ~fua~only cover a few body pam.'l.Arm. 00 ciders.iamage re lled. If the amount of damage absorbed.d whatsoever and the in. to thevisored plaqtcd helms of the Adeptu s Arbites.5 Cl(1se'a hdJml'. They may however pa.g~ at the same time.a chasacter hitis stunned for _.:a1'-mmmic ward hal yes hisW] 11 pnwc-r fur his PO.elJ bash Refractor refractor doubles ridd~ give DIO protection.. Note that force fields norm all y cover all locations.<Ij~.('llllldl test. by the field iK H poinu s or more.l!di ~prfl'tecJtion Characters j..l"'d!i These are a :~pceir:!illYpeof psychic f e1d somcti m[..tl!ll!'~:ed w~mdh~.!l.Helmet designs vat)' allover the IIII'~m·.llpl.DiIm icwaJrds These W:1rUS protect against auack.~ always the carrying arm. parr)' power we:_1pont..-ff'alfl-~he---€-rm:le···mofftalpot helmets of feudal worlds.~t. Couanon Armour vli!.d aeti .d A mirror shseld gives the character the Defiec: Shot abihty ag!lin~t all types of energy weapon (see page 54). wishes.a. wi thout ri sk.ligbdy and so me chances of any character combat. weapon.lIi''-h ~ll-fi~ ~ ~~ ChIfp~S.()U can't protect your head and k. A~ a shod.er_" willi a ~hield.e character's posi tion] and will stop them I yard short if tills would be the case.I!.u8t he dec larcd beforehand. Refractor ti~l. ~TJ~ t. Pe:otagraluwkw..o'Mr l. The field har: acti v6lting" w~th a bonus to this chance eq~al to the i.. locadoi"~. A nrotects thei carrying arm.o. A Held glows s. '\!'IiI"li'Of'slliiel. it does not protect from attacks made in hand-to-hand comb a t.. An)' daemon ic halves all of their characteristics Hex£lgra.jury is resolved as n0n11aI. The ward .. FORCE FIEU1S Al> noted ]T1 the Injuries section (see page 47). -to% parry penalty. .:'Iif..<. A psyker that is targeting character wirh he.. wearer TIle .

l:1 others.+2 tn all MOl'ement and climbing. Alrem.~y and tint 31:1 exact science iJl the lrnperiurn. The character's Stn~lligthin h~s other arm jll' therefore equal to his total Strength minus the Slrengdl of the bienic arm. Of course. many of them douse the user's bloodstream.--. Aava:n(. replaced w ith H bionic arm will therefore have a Strength L~. Bionic heads should be rated terms of addltlonal armour on the head location. rangin g fmm if. a blank leg rnay well ad. a character who has an ..mp~y improve to theirr abilities _ Biotiics include partial and full rep lacemcnts of bcdyparts.!ghbionic parts are not livi. A.CC. etc. where this makes a difference the lJinnic is rated as ernde. '2 armour fl. . This means that ~hcy suffer lujuries just Hike their file~h~lIl.am.l.e'd .+ 1 armour and add 1 yard to all Mov. their !lerl'e. 510 OMs creati ng characrers should feel free to mix and match abilities. bruiT! irnplants .:r ·1 yard IoO his Move·ment rate. except crawl in g lind climbing. but a bionic arm has jts own Strength. A..a. Crude ..dvanced .i .rnge . . For example. and so on." .d blood versions.No effect m A~erage.ed .'lc.:- . to +5 for a head totally covered in advanced hionics ..ng as such.+5% restsmlJ'lce Aver. Md. to gas weapons. except era Yo' liog and climtn ng by ~ yard . to gas to resistance Nom:mUy the Strength of one arm is equal W half a character's. average or .u2L1 Ann weapons.Reduce all Mevemeru rates ~o half his origina] Strength plus the bionic ann's Strength.llge +20% -+4l.+ 1 armour. For the Mike of ~p'l!.g. +2. ~~ Speed !lhd -1 (1% Toughness .~o the kg's Armour value.. rates exce-pt crawling Lungs Cr.:. in carnpai gns.h'3mH~ed.lff....Character has +20% to al} gas and toxin Resi . l}T ~i.:.d +1 toa charactcr'e armour in that lecation but may also came bim to ~I!l.Character suffers. Strength value. cybernetic weaponry and other devices. IUON1C ORGANS rumom and add 2 yards A"d"..:..No effect Adl'anclu.mil. de alt wl th separately.f)'.:. Advtu!ced wear(_m~- resistance gas Heart (:rnd~.T!dmay be used to parry when unermed .l % -.whilc the best can replicate or even improve apon theperformance of IDe original limb or organ. Smgle Le.Add yard to an Movement rates.1 for a head partially covered in crude bionics.~:. endings.Strength 700+. - BB . and inefficient macbines.g Crude .!lde. Ilead A bionic head is really just all armoured head unless the character abo has implants in his brain . Bionics is many are dum..orne bionics-may IDe crude in onerespect and advanced i. lBION1C P:ARTS AltJi:mQ.tanec rolls.Strength 20-:'{l and reduces WS and BS by 10Areroge ..ement rates except crawling and climbing..Stl~iiigth 30-60 and + Larmour.--Some characters may have artificial I]mbs and organs to repl ac~ diseased or damaged parts. Fair' of ~egs Crode .

llother handl).link-up between a eharacter .'YmIt Detection tests . Il\:lPI.ed (lI~suming they have <l. Average and udvaneod ej'e~ ma j' al ~~l inel ude one or M~C"i\. maintenance and research. Also.~ % chance of 81. _ any f~e.llt weapons can 'tbc reloaded during the C{JUIKeuf a normal game. gains character suffers no 110 benefits. helmet as autosenses. and does not always have: to fire one-nand. till use their oilier hand to help support the we-3jpUJI. However. The shoulder mount weapon is fired exactly ax normal. lij)j~~i1l~-~l'l<f'II glitch . UI.% to his chances of . unlike a gUl:ls]ght does not ha ve to <Ii III ttl UM. ]jf he has bionic eyes.woidiJ:lg being b!illd. the _~hmlldcr-moulll weapon is one (J:r the mast practical apr 1icati{.Character suffers. or multiple types of gunsight. B7 . trtore auspex type's as we.in weapons.. allewing the character to fsre a weapon whilst . although the GM may decide til:l!t cenatl] i.:::r-. the character has no hand and this will limit him with some actions. aml all mental characteristics..ll Some bionic eyes also have built. MIU S are used it! some types of vehicle particularly [he gigantic Titan s of the Adeprus Iechanicus. The character abogaillls a free improvised dose cornhar attack action once a tum.nENDRilTES M[:chade:nddtes is a catch-a]] name tha[ co vers 8J variety of tendril-like prosthetics used by the Adeptus Mechanicus to a~J them in consrructiou. Of these other uses.*'ic brain for the whole of that turn. A character with mec:hadel1drire~ adds +20%ro ~e~l" taken when trying to interact wi lh machinery.: eye. IMF'LAN'fS P:s~·boos1eif A psi -booster increases actl vity in the part of the brain respons ib lc for controlling psychic powers _A character with apsi-bcoster halves the "mge to his target when calculating tbe modlflers for II Psychic test. i_~a neural .and . Obviously. 'The character has +20% to ". MJU AMilld~mpulse . with a life of their own.mpla. plckinglocks. Each MlU ollily performs one operation. a character TtIS1Y. This i:s.OIS flXUlg something.]lL or MiU. so an <lidanced bi onic eye may incl ude the v equivalent of a single dlgi-weapon. The character adds +20. be implanted to replace a character's hand.-i I I Auto senses Any or aUoion ie senses can be incorporated jnto II. If thishappens the character: saffers the: penalties for a crude't'bii:.ed by photon flash flares and simi] ar attacks. such .k:eepinl. An fv1lTIJCJn also be used to control a familiar. Average and advanced bionic eyes may also incorporate any uf lhl: gunsights Iisted later.m~~. w S at the rum. basic or one-handed close combat weapon can. etc.ANT W~APONRY Any pistol..g both hands free. and are rarely used elsewhere. The we:ijllm functions exacdy as normel. lust if the helmet is [lot wern or is destroyed. allowing him to operate thernuchine wi th 'thought alone. TIley have small motors and acmaiors within their armoured tentacles and wave atmll~ the Techpriest slmos.fl piece of equipment.] Speed.

~ of the (win stem. The amount of . 'to .finciudi[lg those affected by..l:Jf rus characterisrles. peEillWJe. There .mental processes.m:neway. a stirnrn gland is permanently affeeted by the combat dirug.ug'b:t Di. nlll'l'age D.mphml A"IiI injector normally lakes one action to activate and win contlnne to have an effect until it is turned off with another action.IS b s well . '.mlsare de velepcd k) improve a cbarncteF's phpical M mental p~:rt"o. However. ·S]a. Spook _aYl. gtarut This.l:ct~·'~ody.lrtce in s..(f~ but halves their Willpower.Si~~ this gai ItS [he skill Lightning R. T and L However.}itl t\ch!U'ac~er wi tn '3. injector Sb~rt fur Onslaught. this is the name giveriJto a variety of stimms that work ou <lm.rm. lJ. the drugs).l'i variety of drugs which have difleril'lg benefits and shortcomings. unfortunately it also renders them. combat sli..oi!i1bat st1:rrul'ls if they passa Ioughness leshat t!he end of e vet")' tum.u-.ispcJJSf:r typ~s: lnjector In alt of lU AI nr to A w th A particularly TDa~ly stirnm generally not used on it voluntary basi s because of its horrcmlnus side effects. it drastically reduces one"$.ely w1tnolU a sld e effect and m ust be adnwustered carefully to l1il!ak:c best use Known colloquially InjectoRi' .f~h~'. U nfortlln ately t such stimms are r.h through sudden adrenal rushes.\. every tlInl it is eO~1MON S'FT\I~\fTYPES 'Sla.p. il:l~tl.et'tJPes.~ neural path s of the brain. 8. This is . Characters with glands "ave counteract! ve stabilisers and decontarninanrs in ttl eir bloodstream jo stave (vff the many dte~Jlit<ltiTi g effects ass: ~ciatc::d with with of them.rld StiUlftllm.i Ar as stimms.: inhaler. pili n resi stance und sensory aCu.i. permanent loss and cannot he recovered.. It cannot be turned off and win i~"t fo'!" the entire game.efte. .ily.il1g theinsrinctual ~CmIT:.!nser types: Inhaler..<I. like ':S laught..·Cbo<'. gland dispenser will ~ny IJcgaliJveside effects of their c. targets the l!i er's reaction ti Illes. stimmers or just combat drugs. 001 at the same time these functions are slowly destroyed by the drug~. 4 PS.ught adds +D3 Speed Inn [-eQlloes 1111mental characteristics by Di{\ (roll each separatel y) for the rest of Dispenser types. inhaler Thi s i~ used to gi vc a short-term boost to an individual's psychic potential A character under the influence ofttlis IS treated as though he were apsyker with one ps yc h ij c 1'0 w er.a ~~O"mbat stimm in !11Th injector is measured ill terms of tum s worth of use . gla. . A character on Barrage ucmbles 'theii'WS. determined by ro HiI!lg un the laMe below ' Spook: is used}.nUl~.as . It works b~' bombarding theu ser with a COCkJollil of chemicals that power muscle strength. S. highly susceptible to sugge ti(l£1 and psychic attack.G. iniector.u-.l. speeding I1p their .c ~e·eral ways of i'ntmd\lcil1g comba~ stimms into a c1:mH. ability ttl make rational S 6 ~cwttn~. IDIS'1ENSlEItS IGlaud A character Ret1ex Dispenser types: Inhaier. discussed below. Ps ychon works by boosting ~lTCngt.' Injector. A character l. he must deduct -10 from all .ti'Ug helgbtened awareness and reactidn time. used.

d'H"Y~ mean the character Is . ofi:e·[.ctBlisuffers the effects as.fied rons of 91()+.AGENTS In Ihe .~.-e. lest is passed the attack hus bad no effect. hn Millenelum. Some gas.]ven below. he fall s undergo a d. j GAS. lithe. of several ty~K_ AND VIRAL RESIS'][ Nefti: TIii:STS ADYcharact~r ex posed to n gas.(IlI] the Haflucinngen uaconseieus _ S~ill!l1J The character is. Ron a DW. If the test . Resistance test by_ 8:9 .indi\ridlla. a Toughness lest in the Recovery phase . A Resi~taJl:C. then the (han1. danger to themselves or thv~c nC8Jrb}1.isf<lHed.I maki ng them 81. toxin or viral weapons may combine the effects. [he c haracter if) stunned and!suffers an additional +Do In P')'.lher modifiers as appropriate from the chaeacter's equjpment (unmudi.mm:JJloc hall ucinatiou and sense of di sp! acemeur. described reluw. toxin or virus must take a Resistance test III se.I.tffected). unpleasant btualchemical weaponry is used by OJ variety 0.\SES..inogen Persons affected by Hallucinogea i~Klunned for the rest of and mu st pass an other Resistance test at the Man of each subsequent turn until the (est is passed. TOXlNS ANn V1RAW. lIaUue. stunned fo. is a 'Joughnesstest. TOXIN !EFFECTS Some examples of the effects of these types of weapons are g.. If the test is failed be is stunned (ur that tum as well _ If the character fails for fi ve turns in succession.e if he succumbs (0 ils effects.generally those with few ~CfIlplcs or HtHe concern abcut the uacontrnllable nature of such weapon s.G. The character the turn his Injury total in every subseqnent Re~~o\'ery phase.)S J!Uoodfu-e emil he can Choke.1l ne tum for o every 10% (or part of) that he fails his Effects [Olbiebelow. test with l.

and filter the ail' 'inhaled. ·th_. Re-breather 5..1IIl(l~e iCt.a ralilge·fi[lder halves tile range to hi targcr when working ()[It pell... Range . being armed with chalnblade combat acces~ory with hi s sight accurate Iy di ~phIY:.l1 male. m character with a laser sight increases his chances of making a placed shor and are small ta_rget$ (-30% to hill· They ha V'L: ~1I A:n1l1011r value of 8 but are destroyed if ~hey take any dam age.Tsmno pl]ugs~~ /<i ..u fly uver ohstac les. j?lni80Tl " to keep h is mouth AI\m·IGAS ANn v:muS!lEQ[JfP.in~ the belle . A character wifh .ilil!I. They are able t. infrascopc allows the user to see the heal auras g-iVCti off by other people. u~ by psykers to extend and channel their powers.mg. ucti ve . counts a.."FiU.lm:"j~ wtweell his Are-breather centai illS i. or U · gunsight If he has aimed find. through barriers.'harillr. The combat-skull C~.which renders it immune to mall}' kinds of psychic powers. It ~lltQ the nostrils. l:nrr.DSM~k I of cotoW'.l . ga.lJ'Ii!e::].1ro.kuU'5 l whirling blades arid iaceratillJ kn ives allow it rod art forwsrd and sl asb at the character's enemles.skilij~· Synskin This is an sprayed across a person's skin. be usee! in any .BER CNEA'fURE-S Servo-Skulls A serve-sku U is !:I.IS.finder CYBER. Pi.l\fEN1.d~:~b~~~HlIi: +5% t:n. H~we\ier.:I] i . de[o).. enabling Door ore accurate placement of S.beam uses to project a dot onto the target. 'B~. .ts.a.1ong¢dliNe ipan This is lll~ ~f cornJt.s.: fi'u.. and each is designed toperform a speci fie task.mriliar (see the Exotic abilities section on Psyher-eagles A ps l' ber-eagle predictos suffers reductions hi:sTo .~".. .The ser . . or similar obstruction.! a Iow-powered .: the distalilce to the target.in 1 yar. drug-filled syr:i.il~!!ilh~. some examples 0'..ngle:t_Rcsf.. .e~iS'..gs.a~snFbqJ.c[. A character using an infrascope can 1I1so 'see' a target with. The:Y are faid)-l effective --:H~ prove j ust as d. a mechanical brain. These. Motiun PrediiclJilll' This sophisticaied skull only has. dnmc.J:ik ~elllg die most TIla mask ~oveI'll' the d:uire fa[)c "lrIlU of aU.which are: Grm"lilcull.gaw[ gas Of toxin.e character suffers no penalties t~J detect or to hit other characters due to poor light andiru similar conditions. allowing the firer to s hOt~t at the right trajectory. air supply qjl and allows a person to ~~ v ive in the most hostile cnnditiuns.· and the elemenrf.IO' effect on .! 1& fitted with a battery ofdetectors to locart the character '8 enemies.n~.lj.Is:R.s ofthe other side of a wall. a pro[~li~v~ b. GuS'"R.c:. it has 1:"10 mind as such ."" . Dispe!lsers above.. They count as having Speed ~ (Initiative 10) hut always get one action. h can always make nne shooting . A by +10%..The sku I...from ... Reach 1 and WS 50.a~cope An.peJ~' A laser ~~igh. is 11 genetically <md cyberuetically enhanced familiar..d.a~tie.. They are fitted with small anti-gravity engines which enable them to float. me Vt':F passive) .e!JiiUUHCl: licmus: + 15% De-to". Tile psyber-eagle is a fr.. U. I 6as Rrn. H unter·skull .1ike device created by the Ade ptu s Meehan ~ cus from rhe ~kLI~J~ of pious Imperial servants.cn.tallce roll <I.ptsl'imm and.dmi. a dose combat attack actinn en enues ui contact character or at arm's lengjh... Each dl\lse de-fox aHds to a si. !~i5 ~upp 1 y ~s ]imited and I. mue~imes called· de -s. To Hi~ for ~hooting..These arc fi ned . only . When aiming wuh am iafraseope.~ 'ith small rnanipulati ve appendeges stitching and cauterising.!! L aware of. ANI} PSY. .flts from mo".. and se on .. and is available ill. gases and toxins.ra ctcr. s11. o-skuli i~ fitted with a small weapon..."ith a motinn Il~~ [10 servo-skull performs a si[lglc function. air passing into· the lungs.i1C1lS. per tum as its action {i'l i~ ays al.terremembers . TIle sbJ1l has om: or more of the . hlit. A character .l"Nta"ce bOn'U8! 4-25% --agaiost breathsble ~nxillls)_~ Ibng asthe 'l... n. provides complete protection .. G(. without having to mil.sku. a wide G. o.A ~~:TVO· detailed below and uses them.Ol. so that the}' may condnue to labour in [he Emperor's causeveven character it can sec. ~lfcd·libll. Laser slight SCrV(]-Nk u [l ~ always remain within 2 yards of tile character an d win move with him.e"J'I'G- gun sight has an internal metriculator which ealcul files the direction Sind movement of the large! and enables me character to eompeasatc f~)r Lht~. Combat-sku ...fl!~C.'Of U!."The combat.. listed earlier. equivalent to one of the pistol type". and can keep pace regardless nf liow fast the eharaetermoves. The M ed-s ku 11 can perform one action ODl th e character as if lr had I medi-pak.. detecting them in the darknc ss or after deadl..fhe character i~ aware of anyrhiag that the 5. They can be shotand attacked separately (they canruu parry).h~t.

r. Characters c Iuse to a lot of bio mass.et (-20% to hit in thl:s. If on passive. Her-ifiMfiff i~ stunned for tums d3 TaIig~t .'. tablet.e.~ctJ e dt1e v of auspexes. .las the psi-U"lu:kpsycb~c power (sec page 58.~tyre::ferred to In the lrnpcri um as. .h Soh'ent Web solvent is used to disin~f:..for example) are only detected on <I funnel' 50% chance (agajH.Uad.ltbat it ca"il Psi~fir.!' ~300%. The chance of detection is eq\l4I I. Roll a D!GO for the bie-scanner when you make a Detection test. Qn psychic power or I111]]if:Y alii opponent's psychic po~. sneaking. {UI~u:a. 'Call )ted -_-~f.lS of the within 10 character. ·Destro_'II~:d. which al . ~.. a motien trader detects. there ~s.aUj.xps. of ~rmmu and the Following dlttlla¥e.OWi] . . The possible cemmends are: Fetch:: The cyber-mastiff frenzied ..8oCkiu This 15 rIJ.::::sl~·s.cnse)L. A caaraeter with a medi-pak attempting ill.l. half range for 8ma]l:er animals.sdetaH~_d ia ~ilie auspcx rules below.:.r..'JI. and counts having a W. . the psyber-eagle ..t:s.. tile auspex and makes a Detection roll straight away.lI"C to be detected.Il. Melli-pink A medi~pak.l.X. of ta"nge..oUS Auspexes j 1'b~~ arc a variety of sc<\nne:r'-. The Willpower ].pojnts ..bp that is r!hh.:.1ti.:m!.and stay thi ~ clese if poss ible. ~lliS rn% II~~ "I.e. an action to activate .:'.ia Qr nt:JTthecium) contains drugs. th~ fol !flW~[lg modifiers: they :lety u/ll!i" Immediate: C\'ber~a'Stiff IS stunned for'one Persi siefll. razorfangs and rending:rovers.their master witltin 10 yarns. They have an in-built hUDillg and ". I J able te perform one or mnre of the following functions: Blo-seauner The :1IIl~pex detects the life signs of biological creatures..2) and must remain y. eSSe'Iil.llrcs(ie.i. ].urls 1 ..agk: has fI lougJJness of SQ_. It takes one action per location to use web sol vent. and lite faster a charaetcr is moving t tile more likely 81 mayre-roU flny attempts to..epsyber-c..fl1flstiJ!S nave l..on tracker As 3101:1 might expect.r.hic Ifoolil Apsy. but cannot detect any non-orgamc object. (hiding in a tree . double range for large monstrosities)..t. then js a -10% ~'illpower monJllfier . Jays used on passive. injury results: t T 70 40 mng ~y ()be:r-..:. 111! on aCli~e. Psy.fIIJ:.p. 're Crippled Psyber-eag le is destroyed.It I Cyber. ~arge'led separately and is a small targ.WeT )1. etc Is II nmnplg S:edou~ In'fmeditlte..'rJ'~Cloli~ I'\]0 et teet . Reduce or iacrease tiill.. SllJ)': 'The eyber-masnff win n(J~ move fromwl.\ detectjng the sou l~ ()f those nearby.masti ffs :pl'ofiJe-:~ WSRSS 60 0 Iro commanded.u~re ]l i~except to charge any eheraeter otherthan their master within 10 yards. Each 'do~e' of web solvent is enough to free one location.:te:. .5 III odi fier mer-eased to ~I 50%. adjusl I:hi)l aecmding to the We.•etc ~f!ot:. 8: l. test if it is failed the fir'l time.! eernmand ~o tile eyber-masnff.. bandages and other fi TS:t aid cq uipment. and fer fhe ling id a IU'S mg and file ose lust the .ll~1:S.. Target is waJklllg Target Tllrget is climbing. plus p8yoor-" eeglc must remaluwitmn . It can ~etect any living creeture.llifs Cybet:~milstiff is a generic termgi 'I..!'nJ Jetectms in use <lC1iOSS 'the ~mpcriurnt which are' known by the co]1.chk hoeduses OJ oomp]e.has_Jb~(.' g HelltJJ Serious will :my y]Is. constricting mass fired hy webbers. Obviously this is of use only to psykers 1 .. These can be given two settings: active and passive..1ge (l..uin.-10 turd Samd craw ling..e:rma y use the pSy'~~r-eagJe' s ~sitiO']]for the purposes.. en usmg a psyc JC~QI CT t te ~haract.:n'l..Hf~~_a.ydlic powe-rs of the wearer.esl.r(: &Ij' character other lJIan. the character nL c. in this way. psyber-e.IN!Pf. To make a Deteetion roll for the motion tracker..ge chance (If detecting a a]lly character or creature moving withill 50 yards. MISCELLANF.:k:er ]. pS. Cyber-mastlffs makeimprnvised attacks in close combat. checrystalline array to boost the pS.. ~il.·mfls. A character wearililg this usc [II md 5ed The}' win charf. and call only respond to the simplest of commands.. -:-". Thi s is the range in Y.~led 1:'". instinct.I.p'. etc" However. I~ "can ~1:ie.!.!i'g. movement.an fly (0 an• ethernointon the. the auspex makes a Detection 1"011 al t} e stan of every tum.rj.l1Itt:the sticky. but plUS.:uH detect any human- sized life f"orms. 1. WI1>ell l Cyber.I.Ieliil to a Dumber of different arti fi.u 50%.1U"d(:. "'ery <wcomedevice that eMil read ishifts in warrpRpace.). percenta. recovery action 011 themsel ves Of another . r.c]at attackt:{Illtitr!.h~: S:uperjkialf\10 Hea'll~ effect most orne i a.[power of 75 fOT Uli! Psychic [est (whicb is now it makes i's 'fs Detect-jon test). amount of ~. The y can be fitte-d with ~adili.. minus !he range. They are also commonly a vidJ known as kill-dogs .] 0 Initiative Ct't.l?J'*-~[.'"S""'heavy. pharmacopoe..J.i-t. a. An auspex mav be .eha:mctcrmay re-roll the Toughn. but reduces i[S Ct12Ulces of d~tcd]tm b._f.5 yards ofcbaracter. The character may spend an action is:.. line _ Dr sight.d.mge· :ac~"IJ"ding to the relati ve size of oilier ~reatll.in10 ~·"rd of [he ~<I's~~ (lharncl~r.m: As ~ea v y. becomes xes [Ice ays ner VO- Bell'i: The existing command is coumermanded illld the cyber -mastiff wil1 return to withiD '2 yan]s of the character . The P.when ~jUlj]emllg dlrnugh rhe. j~l 1\.



is hu ready to use" inclu>CI~ng~1isor he.~. We'vc tIJ~~u'ITIcdrll~l the GM .e:ru~~. a poorprofile Ask . 01' beable to take lots of (]!I.:lcter oown i!lltoiI!h:ree elements . If he i~ ~ good shot w ioll .'o'c[)'thing..ueless of course.1UKlspeci. as you mlght fiTl0Urna graphic novel or actlen movie. ... WiU they rely mainly on ~ool:ilrng or close oombaJ1 .kt~(.!U10f are rnhey slaves? Are Iittey a loy~u.aJre thoS-e\!.~~. .ise . a character's name l~ jUSl as ~IinjpQ'11an:l as their profile ~mj weaponry. ...on the (!Itll'ier hand.p:meml.om arc all a part of I1J.Ifn~ll.can decide what yOIL! want them itO be good at. .akn~SSle. t for players and G Ms who wat'!~ ~o C~eale a Ch03r..ipmm:J!t~ndI psychic powcr~ is a force 10 be reckoned Will]l. A cJnlI~crcf's profile sliloJW~ wh<1l he :is. be and.l. servll!m or It fugitive Fi1The&~de?ArB they rnlilmml..e's linIe point giriR.<: if! 't)lhen:.i ~lS~!lce. rm escaped CyhO!rg Ph Fighter migln be 11crnzcd 0PrDmcru in dU$~ cumbijf/~. Some eharacters ere mOIre ca(hllb~ema!llother:. l 79-1 B I.al is one of the most difficult Ih:ing~ theyhave to go through. erful you wane a character tube.' ~re kep~ lair and ~hM piUy~T5.[18 p'lIrtor ~he Chade.Cle[ rype ha:s II!mtIl1.l .if a psyker has powerful rn. but Inquis iln:r Tiberian Lazarus will! Oncelfo~l have decided tJOowpo .mg~l~. ea..c::m to tum them into II force sobeteckoned witn·~ AI~hnugh some characters CIlllOO pretty good at '[.r's 514 rail they w.~~ shoo~iIIg ~lid ~.:r'Woo . e~.tinga scenario and need specific characters for that gc:elllario. hlo. character. C.character's profile. bll~ IM~ no glm~. ~J~pering Foo~who'U mill at the firsl sIgn of trouble? 01' . Astartes m a pirate fm:m~he Colerlan AMCTOidBo.al mlet· of chanictm 'n~e~ cli!aracle~ a~e .. Ahem1lLively. e~COI1:1 ng m~ ilmpo:11am digft'l i1laty lhmillgh dar'l~emoltl~territnry. a character ((I andno akilb is definitelyat the C~ITIOIl Mar._iH:smtl equi.~hQW w~l. scsppered ifY'lD forgot tiluU one of H"iecnaracters iavol w>CIis a ~ie1e. writer wb. lu:. Fill~lly. the~e\ :!I "re~dy reckones' for judging how powesful a charaeteris . an Imperial Gu ard Vc'lerllil with unremarkable eh:amc:t~Ti!>h~~I~ cet1!:l!inlJ"[!..canllot lbe beaten.:tI~. ~heil you" li need 10 create •.fantastic names if YOUCllD..~ a heavy namer! hi combin~1 ion witheech other._ For example.!!i j eharacrera high WS. wll i le a Space w.fimlHy. ~.. to e~op IIJ) sooner Of later.. ~lIJw~.is he a hardened duem~t. These can be used to tum WIK1!1: cnuid otherw ise he a tatrly unremarkaele indiivirJiual loto a person wim depth of eharecrcrandlots of upportum:ity fm gtl!'.:m. acharactee's \veapmm lind equipment help define who they .agc?'Arc th~y a p:iykm? Do Ht~'Y rely on Ih!:1:r LiMyral abil itie-~.iJI. lJ se ilimmm... they have tcllve with theml YCI<lI should be invo] v ed in the [ll\DCeSS though.<iti'lg cillaracle~s .iate fOTtJI:L~lt ype of charracre[.llii}k.~:sWhoom S[I'eaK. he'll Ilave a ~e:ll~ol:lahly high ESruJlrl Nv ch::mlClc:risti.! wa_1ntile chamcler to be il'l the scenano .~Jed in ~he It1Ia-chLUlions of' the hlquhilklll_ SeD(ml!:l~y. Or sOIl:!dh~n..:11 :conUlms samr1epwliles which show lhe ~n<lira~l~ri:>lic v~h~ ~lppmpr.lot'> of €qu.lrnperii.all ava~l~Me mmiil!tlllIc~ rarnge. if the ~cei~ol!ri(l involves one player's warrier band.:.Eeeh typ~'16 broken dOW11 lmo three secuons. Uuless yoo have a specific rea<. FOT example. you . This . aJRd. In (Jut previoas example . wri~ ~ scenario where a character has lQ warnsomeone of am impending invas ion.~ltihQu:!lih hClpeh~llj' to inspire you to .ay wish toll' creete.r ith a r~j)dom w p:mfHe.K! gameplay.l.c Chm1l(... W make slll:e-i!h ill§.h? DQ ~ihey 'o'!Ii~~d lCnUhori~y w]thin the ..if YOIl. Om page{.r. a ~n ~per' c:ha:I. ]mlJ!u~simr 1:10'0 i~ not goi ng 'to i~'fIpre~~ atliyone.cs.tdb psyker would hmve a low Nv aJ1id L:I.g else? Theseare the ban: m ilanesffihaE YOLl'Uflesn out as you develop II.mate ehanu::~crs o.c1I Ch~:LITi.ole[h~llg could be.:: genel':a!tQ~..ic . HlIU c~m be u!:ioed 'oil • oc One way roloolk at til i~ of charact:er creilitian is ~o split [ihe ehae.t.lirng h~l> i..Cu..inolle Dr two IlJII.~lh.t1u el:lllra.tc~ie. or does the character have J!o~ of weaponsand 'Otl !JIirm.:ued. hlJ!~a respec:table Wp. For example. ~hO\:liIl0t'e vital to the ~mry they·1I.h7Are they ~.'no speci. e(lllipinen'~ . rhese should all complerrteill each mheil' where p08~lble.oUi~gto .m.i roe with charaeterisnes o..aJ. plus chmacredqi. 8km.diyou... also ~rve I!Ilquishm Jh>t: ~:f" .:. Ih~ core of who the ebamcter is.1k d g::une as part of wr~[illig the scenario. POW(}I\'S" b:: ~s IInli ke~y to carry a lascannon aroendl On the other hand. However. ave 0111 tJrueg~=. S Y'u~ ~ b<i'lal:'!olJl wher.his ChruRctcri!>tics. I'1)t eX~..:lcter will oblVhm.f YOlLlrown.. Lilmuely gooo art.liillld wh::tt specialpowen or tricks they might have. Over me follewing p~ge~ RIC presented (]ii'fcIel1!t character types to se I'Ve as examples Q1f~e k lnds of characters players l1].arethey a majo:r player or b~t ~~I!t? The more powerful Ihq tLI"I. h fooder el)d of the iine. dCHj'l come up wit!'! a ~~per-cil<liJ1!.. much of the time YOIM pl<:!yers Vi' i 11be using mi niatures they O'WI1 and as part of an ot\goi~g campaign it's not cmliireiy unreascaable 110 let ~hem design 'Ib~ character" they'Iluse .lihellffih.varied cbaraeters to use in yom skills ~rnd1~ib<ihtil.h~ digllli~a:ry character who tile player i~ protC:d:i!I1:g.ar1}.haracte. though later om experience will prove to be [Jlehest :\lJubJle ill ti1li~ respect. Similarly.~ Hl~!!IH:': !:e~l fLts imo the W!IJillflllil1.~ba. Howev~r.o-ing toearn miO~erespect if he h.nn to do otnerw lse.fmh a. tne wll.c:r 40. but tS lik. You alsuneed to consider how impuIit~n~ yO!.lI (teed to dl.sic idea of who Of WJl at [hey are.. bear in mind theabilitles and equipment of chaB<tc~ier~wl1eil writi~\g ca:l'llpaigt'l~ and scenarios . However.us wi 11 be dte bask concept.e~y to get his headpdeol off if the enemy man~ge ~o Il1!1!ke it i!llmo c~ose combat with him . . is he 11. me rnose ~ntei\e.ate too.l!atrncte:r COl1iicept .ly good .ICr concept.. bu~ h~~e w~. you wam a dedik8!ted kn ire flgl"lterl This is the initial idea. for .j:1I esign the: characters used in.{l!:Jih~e protecti fig hi Illselfi.. and coming up whh character names ls bound.~. Are tht:y a Space Mal'llne fiT the Adeprns. SJuperl:!ilJIlhl!Tl. These CIt' qUCll. ]f YOLlare \!I'FH. stiHs..'.~i(_l.~sthe c.entJolNpowerful you wnnt ~her'!Q be.laspistol.ti. fu~.c1e:r . the mnre impac~fue)'·. skills au! cqu:irrnen~ will define VI' ho they are ami whatthey can do.000 univcl:1lc alTld how they can be ent:llll.!![re[ all.t· need he. A c. er WO. . (JoT a TI1ix~U're bGI. they ('. various close combat skrllsand then only gh~TI~ them a kalfe .1III do . Th~ [IDI is some b~(.:kgroulld ~.

1<S I" are whu )ment ~dte a ndingf YOII ttype .er[ aveto :'Qp up ant as ucan.mUy.aH}'.3m :j.ng n 'the ! YOI!l .goi. . ers. re too. isiLur fl!llly 'wn.in.. .l~ illl the ~)'om .hlt ~.c.~s 1sarnl <!j. alaes srers l!:Iom ho Is u~es. they .!> you lemem ving a giv.?'Owen.r Bub i wil. . could n w.ing ~l!1t. be Ild.

.ICI within.. TI'k:}' ha¥.e authority. Us agents.-""""::-:--~·1r::~e Emperor and Man kind.1~.. crful u. the Imperium.. anorno one is are f follol track infes' In : unifc the 11 may .-=.itlion to give it ilS name... fuql1:isiton.The ~nquisitiol'l._..rg~mll>w. second mi~Y to himself... are me ultimate defenders . is the most po.. or the Holy Orders of Emperor's [nquis.

65-lf2DLO 5tH-2DI0 50+ 3D 10.ioPl uself. ill and th.ng the spoor ().zychic impd.. daemon. Inqaisitors have 1'10 sleeveless Some use even more Olilt1andis<h WealJQ!lICY. taken from their defeated. ~lllCb alien gum.ara. Inquisitms . persoll.:11i' huti. determined indivkumls Jedi:cxnM to purgilil~ perceived .ui. hm ethers bel ievethat tu defeat their enemies they musr tum their' OWII weaponry againsl them.0 Hellfire shells: bult pistel with reload & five Meta!l SfmID rounds. 0/ the PsyoebJii: PQweii'~: P. ion the of the the we the ~~u~loners.~~ .wiR.:li!mioU!s robes and syr. motion detec:tor.taIlY om .iO 7O+r4D10 SlO+20ti 9(1"1-2])6 55+20. he has access to sp'e~~fi('d.I.'wUlon. They [~ge' IIllige.:3D RlIIudtlm Inqui~it.~tllClli ICCIVlsnant lfl.heir' ~l'r as greaades . intra-contacts. distort shie:.::a!1. and the).etl falchions and melta p1stols.3D1O 65+4D1U S.:Ambfd{!xJrou~. cru'lLpaoe armour &: gluill..llimi cohort«.mic."all.xy. I:]ak. ill" the W~I'I needlers of Ordo Xenos. of sword and jJo ~W~. uncovering t secret ]).: Imperium tlley ope.CkiL~g the te ll-talc ~igns' of CI11E'I'o'S infestatlolJ end daemonic COtrUlpUfiil.. Foree . abdemeu \10rd lJ.:. I[] appearance. from elegaIJl sapiers and Ibolt pis.[he 'iII I are l{Jl()II1. s. 85 95 10+206 7S+:mU) :&Q.stnryinR the ooeitWn/lims created by hi:' less puril'a.l1ho]s or' n.. lfl additiml. Sp«:ial Abiil.(}+3DHI 70+2D6 fAlt4D. an in one ur tfuc to equipment task.uch as his ps)'t.Ike li"1quf.g."impILmltrnls of rerstrnint .1]u]eqLilipmem can tell a ' trained eye 11 lot abi:lul his elleglances and beliefs.3Dln 5S+3DU) OO+.roU!nd lTJa~ 'kt:cp ilielt refined <lind well-tailored cnats and shirts.. (hose from "Iloble back. Nerves of steel. Howe ve:r. '0mO\. to ace on. Coupled wi1!!hthe sty Ie uf their insignia and other~accOlltremenb. More puritanical lnquisitors ccuslder such equipment to be. to heavy ljnuble-1ill:ll1tl.I. wellr powered while rum}.lict [uqjui~itor's dress .. As an Orli. 5S+1[HO 5O+2D1O 5(lI. md eir loa fa ~'ul1ra cOinbjmu]o.A. cursed and heretical. 011 chest. andare well equipped to deal wi.1'1)15" roUO'\~. have become ~maged oyer decades specialised to raeir psycani'1on~ and !Ji5yk-out grenades of the Or{l~) MillC"dS.ll.I'are on. In'q.~U.'11 as witch-hunters.gaD. EqU/i!I1IJTlen~: Power fitlc:hioo {see rules for rEl)~t1blm:le}. foes - t:IDl) a.f arien infJu eaee and tril. such as the me of Goru. fj"npero'1". GtlrJ .'\N\akt~s a panicula« prAnt oj df!. BS 82 74 s 62 T [ Wp Sg 89 Ld 81 85 87 .th wherever tl/lreat they may fate. M]lJ·1:iIlked s:llli~dder mounted psycannoa: pump actiol1 combat sb:otgun with 20 sCililter shells and 2. torturers and deseriptiun worn lrlulec I nquis]tms iii often high I.j 85+3])6.rad and p:l1e]U-w~nter8". aremdeed these il:iJn:gs.ring the ~Quthern rim of the gala. photochrom atic filtration plugs. o use.r. {wm fiery yOUilg zealots to hoary the darkness fur D:Iitlllj" cen nmes. either to Ilnprove Ih~ir abmti~ or toreplac:e body parts w~:icIri.aemofl-huJU'ing eqw'pment'.il!:ie~.corwption wilh{n .l~s Jndi other exotic pieces of hardware.S.urs dun lICe pU!l.Ym1.ji. their sk ills as i[lvesh.h.mdl i~terri)gatiml. Currently CO'IC'enam is scou. He.d \'~lemns\'0'1101 foughtilil have :to !tch :illcgiance. FnqutsiklI'll who belong LJlJifoml are asvaried as dn: W0:I'1(11.possessed wespens.u MaUeus membEYr. the)1 earry all maooer of (Ii~ner ge8it..' decorated or tahard] or Goat. Limbs and Cll1:.rr:mmtT 'Of some force fields.lcter's Wp' A(!olyte '75 Sg 75 R5 'v Ld jj blQ]uisiw:r 85 95 15 85 95 95 65"1-3D6 7S'+3])t..sit:or' C.~ may have access digi~we!:lp(}I1s. Some wear' iJ!i!l.armollir on all other locations except Il.. and many have bionic 'eyes.ej2ect shot. Vi' ]de range of weapons and wlIf1§eay.10 m Inqu~s..qtlisiror Covenant is Olle of a new breed oj fiery. m(lS~ often it is...~ml many more.

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