How to Automate Tests using TestLink and Hudson

Belgium Testing Days 2011 Bruno P. Kinoshita ² ²

About the author
‡ Bruno P. Kinoshita, Brazilian, Software Quality Engineer. ‡ Developed some software (corporative and oss). ‡ Wrote some articles. ‡ Got some certifications. ‡ Currently writing his Master thesis. ‡ ‡

Introducing the tools
‡ TestLink ² Open Source Test Management tool (PHP) ² ‡ Hudson ² Open Source (?) Continuous Integration Server (Java) ² ‡ Jenkins ² Open Source Continuous Integrationg Server (Java) ²

Integrating TestLink and Hudson
‡ Enable xml-rcp external API in TestLink ‡ Generate a devkey ‡ Install the plug-in ‡ Configure the plug-in ‡ Create and configure a job ‡ Have fun!

Pros and Cons
‡ Easy integration with CI ‡ No need to train users on a new Test Management tool ‡ Keep using your existing automated tests ‡ Works only with TestLink and Hudson ‡ Better results if you are using TAP ‡ Requires some technical knowledge

The objectives of this presentation

‡ How to manage your automated tests with TestLink and Hudson? ‡ What is TestLink Hudson Plug-in? ‡ What is TAP? ‡ What is the future of the plug-in? ‡ What is legal?


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