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Scientists can accurately compute the course of the rocket.

The organizers of the exhibition were ably assisted by a team of volunteers. I've told you what the situation is; you must act accordingly. His health was adversely affected by the climate. I am acutely aware of the difficulties we face. As Oscar Wilde so aptly remarked... We could take the train or alternatively go by car. The plan, admittedly, is not without its difficulties. He can barely read or write. She apologized belatedly. broadly speaking, I agree with you. It was a blatantly unfair decision. Jane walked boldly up to the platform without faltering. Technology today can work at a blindingly fast speed. He was busily employed in cleaning his shoes. It's bitterly cold outside today. He paused briefly before continuing. The gap between the two parties has narrowed considerably. The government is chiefly concerned with controlling inflation. The favourite won the race comfortably. She glanced casually at the note. Our team was comprehensively defeated. He couldn't conceivably have intended this to happen. They felt that she could manage a business capably. It is crucially important that we keep together at all times. His father was comparatively wealthy. They're paid fairly decently.

She said it deliberately to provoke me. She didn't answer directly but sat silently for a few moments. He claimed that he had not acted deceitfully. They suffered dreadfully during the war. Her training has equipped her to act decisively in a crisis. I feel decidedly unwell this morning. He has travelled extensively in Europe. It's easily the best film I've seen for a while. The movement was essentially a political one. She seems eminently suitable for the job. His age effectively ruled him out as a possible candidate. This special offer has been exclusively designed for readers of `Home' magazine. We must try to think about what is best for him; equally, we must consider what he himself wants to do. He searched exhaustively through the old records. The President evidently assumes that he will still be in power next year. I followed the instructions faithfully. He looked forlornly down at his feet. We fervently hope they will succeed. He was fiercely competitive. I freely admit that I made a mistake. Our request was flatly rejected. The match was finely balanced. He worked frantically to finish on time. Our prices compare very favourably with those of our competitors. It is now firmly established as one of the leading brands in the country. He was harshly treated while he was there. Please give generously.

Press reports have been grossly exaggerated. We're handily placed for the shopping centre. Flu is highly infectious. I'm so tired I can hardly stay awake. I'm heartily sick of this wet weather. I would never knowingly lie to you.

plainly, my presence was unwelcome. He looked pointedly at the door, suggesting I should leave. She's very practically minded. ordinarily, I find this job easy, but today I'm having problems. She wanted a cake, preferably one with chocolate icing. Spare parts are readily available.

ideally, everyone should be given equal opportunities. She has doubts about him, but I believe in him implicitly. He brought back her keys which he had inadvertently put in his pocket. We can't sit idly by and let the countryside by destroyed. This wine is infinitely preferable to the others. The public can, quite justifiably, demand an explanation. incidentally, whatever became of Jenkins? I haven't heard of him for years. The task seems immeasurably difficult. Involvement in the conflict is not to be undertaken lightly. He narrowly avoided a collision. Local schools were only marginally affected by the strike. When the plane finally landed, the passengers were mightily relieved. Idioms usually cannot be translated literally in another language. Crime is a complex phenomenon, to put it mildly (ie it is extremely complex). I want to talk today about a major threat facing our society, namely AIDS. The play is loosely based on a local legend. The play was very bad, but mercifully it was also short! oddly enough, we were just talking about the same thing. Though badly frightened, she remained outwardly calm. The road was partially blocked by a fallen tree.

regrettably, the experiment ended in failure. If I remember rightly the party starts at 8 pm. I am reliably informed that he's about to resign. Julie Wilson and Mark Thomas, aged 17 and 19 respectively. She was richly rewarded for her trouble. The essay is not even remotely relevant to the topic. relatively speaking, this matter is unimportant. She has become reasonably proficient at her job. remarkably, his only injury was a bruised elbow. I shall be in touch with you again shortly. He also questioned whether it was solely the lorry driver's fault. He'll be sorely missed. He has been soundly defeated at chess. She scrupulously avoided any mention of his ex-wife. They decided, quite sensibly, to postpone the broadcast for a few months. I stared at her, scarcely able to believe my eyes. The temperature fell sharply in the night. Though seriously ill, he still clings tenaciously to life. There was, thankfully, no real damage done. Slice the cucumber thinly. The work had not been done very thoroughly.

I distinctly remember you promising to phone me.

The pickpocket ran off, hotly pursued by the police.

The child gripped her mother's hand tightly. The answer seemed transparently obvious. typically, she had forgotten her keys again. He stepped tentatively into the water. He's widely regarded as one of our best young writers. I hope I'm not being unduly pessimistic. He was vainly trying to find the keyhole in the dark. ultimately, you'll have to make the decision yourself. The price of houses has virtually doubled over the past few years. The risks are vastly outweighed by the potential benefits. The motion was passed unanimously. I didn't have to ask them to leave; they went voluntarily. I'm not wholly convinced by your argument. The practice was not uniformly adopted until the late 19th century.\ accordingly – stosownie, odpowiednio

barely – ledwo blatantly – rażąco, jawnie it’s bitterly cold jest przejmująco zimno comprehensively - fully crucially important o zasadniczym znaczeniu chiefly – przede wszystkim comfortably – z łatwością conceivably considerably - znacznie comparatively - stosunkowo capably – kompeteęnie, sprawnie, umiejętnie casually – mimochodem, od niechcenia distinctly – wyrażnie, dokładnie decisively – stanowczo, zdecydowanie decidedly – zdecydowanie, wyrażnie dreadfully – okropnie, strasznie decently - przyzwoicie deceitfully - nieuczciwie

finely balanced [decision, argument] wyważony; [votes, game] bardzo wyrównany flatly - kategorycznie to hope fervently mieć głęboką nadzieję faithfully - wiernie

it is not a decision I have taken lightly niełatwo mi było podjąć taką decyzję literally – słowo w słowo oddly enough, ... dziwna rzecz, .. practically – roztropnie, z sensem ordinarily – zwykle, zazwyczaj

to compare favourably with sth wypadać lepiej w porównaniu z czymś fiercely - zaciekle forlornly – ze smutkiem harshly – surowo, szorstko hardly - ledwie please, give generously prosimy o hojne datki; hotly – zawzięcie, z żarem grossly - grubo I’m heartily sick of it! infml mam tego serdecznie dosyć! - bardzo handily – wygodnie, w dogodnym miejscu highly - bardzo incidentally – a propos idly - bezczynnie ideally - najlepiej immeasurably - niezmiernie

partially - częściowo preferably - najlepiej pointedly - znacząco outwardly – na zewnątrz plainly – najwyrażniej remotely related events luźno ze sobą powiązane wydarzenia reasonably - dość regrettably - niestety relatively speaking... z zachowaniem wszelkich proporcji, ... readily - łatwo to be reliably informed that... mieć informację z wiarygodnego źródła, że.. rightly - prawidłowo richly - sowicie remarkably – niezwykle, niesamowicie respectively - odpowiednio

admittedly – wprawdzie, co prawda deliberately – celowo, umyślnie alternatively - eventualnie directly – at once, od razu aptly - trafnie extensively - wiele to affect or influence sb/sth adversely wpłynąć na kogoś/coś źle or niekorzystnie ably – mądrze, kompetętnie I am acutely aware of – doskonale zdaję sobie sprawę, że accurately - dokładnie belatedly - poniewczasie briefly – na krótko busily- pracowicie, skrzętnie blindingly – oślepiająco, olśniewająco boldly – śmiało to walk without faltering iść pewnym krokiem broadly speaking mówiąc najogólniej exhaustively – drobiazgowo, dogłębnie exclusively – wyłącznie, jedynie evidently – widocznie, wyrażnie essentially – w gruncie rzeczy equally - jednocześnie eminently – wyjątkowo, nadzwyczaj effectively - skutecznie easily – z pewnością, nie wątpliwie firmly – stanowczo, zdecydowanie frantically – gorączkowo, jak oszalały freely - chętnie infinitely - nieskończenie

sensibly – rozsądnie, sensownie inadvertently – nieumyślnie, przez nieuwagę implicitly - bezgranicznie justifiably – słusznie, nie bez powodu knowingly - świadomie narrowly - ledwie namely - mianowicie mightily - niezmiernie marginally - nieznacznie to put it mildly delikatnie mówiąc mercifully – na szczęście the film is loosely based on the novel film jest swobodną adaptacją powieści shortly - wkrótce scrupulously - skrupulatnie solely – całkowicie, wyłącznie scarcely - ledwie our team was soundly beaten or defeated przegraliśmy z kretesem infml sharply - gwałtownie sorely - gorzko thoroughly – gruntownie, dokładnie tenaciously - nieustępliwie thankfully – na szczęcie tentatively - niepewnie

thinly - cienko terribly tightly - mocno transparently obvious absolutnie oczywisty; typically – jak zwykle wholly – całkowicie, w pełni vainly – na prózno, na daremnie unanimously - jednomyślnie voluntarily – dobrowolnie, na ochotnika vastly – ogromnie, całkowicie virtually – praktycznie, w zasadzie he is widely regarded as an expert in the field jest powszechnie uważana za eksperta w tej dziedzinie uniformly - jednakowo ultimately – ostatecznie, w końcu unduly – przesadnie

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