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U2- Sunday Bloody Sunday- Worksheet

U2- Sunday Bloody Sunday- Worksheet

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Study English Using Music. EFL and ESL music lessons. ELL speaking exercises.

Study English Using Music. EFL and ESL music lessons. ELL speaking exercises.

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EFL Lessons Using Music U2- Sunday Bloody Sunday Part One – Vocabulary With your group, discuss and

write one sentence for each of the following words and idioms:


1. Broken 4. Across 7. Against 10. Immune

2. News 5. Away 8. begun 11. fiction Part Two - Listening

3. Battle 6. Trench 9. Torn 12. bloody


Close your eyes and listen to the song without writing anything. As you listen, think about this question: What does “back up against the wall” mean? After you've listened, compare your answer to this question with your group.


Now, listen again. This time fill in one word per space.

U2- Sunday Bloody Sunday Yes... I can't believe the ______________ today Oh, I can't close my eyes And make it go ________________ How long... How long must we _______________ this song? How long? How long... 'cause tonight...we ______________ be as one Tonight... _____________ bottles under children's feet Bodies strewn _______________ the dead end street http://www.supremeducation.org

org 2 .. wipe your tears away (Sunday.. children. Bloody Sunday) http://www. Bloody _______________ Sunday. Bloody Sunday _______________the tears from your eyes Wipe your tears away Oh. but tell me who has won The _______________ is dug within our hearts And mothers. wipe your blood shot _______________ (Sunday. 'cause ______________ . Bloody Sunday Sunday..supremeducation. wipe your tears ________________ Oh. Bloody Sunday Sunday..EFL Lessons Using Music But I won't heed the battle call It puts my back up Puts my back up _____________ the wall Sunday. How _____________ must we sing this song? How long? How long. Bloody Sunday) Oh. sisters _____________ apart Sunday. _______________ Sunday And the ______________ just begun There's many lost.tonight. brothers.we can be as one Tonight.. Bloody Sunday _______________ .. Bloody Sunday How long... Sunday...

Bloody Sunday) And it's true we are _______________ When fact is _____________ and TV reality And today the millions cry We eat and drink ______________ tomorrow they die (Sunday. Part Three – Sing the Song I will play the song while we all sing together..supremeducation. 3 Compare your answers with your group.org . Note: I did not say you must understand every word. Bloody Sunday (Sunday. Part Four – Translate the Song/Discuss Meaning For this section. Bloody Sunday (Sunday. Let’s sing the song twice (or more if you want!).. Sunday Bloody Sunday Sunday Bloody Sunday. just understand the big picture.. we will read the lyrics together to make sure you understand a majority of the words.EFL Lessons Using Music Sunday. Bloody Sunday) The real battle just ______________ To claim the victory Jesus won On. Bloody Sunday) Sunday. Ask your teacher to play the song again if you can't agree on certain lines.. http://www.

what could you do? 3. Why would he sing this song? Is there a reason he would have to say “how long”? 2.supremeducation.org . Any other questions? http://www.EFL Lessons Using Music Part Five . If you could not speak words to express your feelings. Do you think it is easy to claim a victory? 4.Discussion Discuss these questions with your group: 4 1.

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