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please let us know. books.• • • • • • • Welcome to Berlit Congratulations! effective... in your English studies! We wish you the very best of success The . classes TM You have chosen the most and the most enjoyable To qet the most out of your Enqlish we urqe you to .:rn m· Siaff . attend all scheduled NGLISH the fastest. classes do all homework practice visit speaking assignments English at every opportunity English sites on the Internet magazines. We'll do we can to help you reach your qoal. and newspapers in English and better! more read English watch movies and news programs to speak better challenge If there yourself is anythinq we can do to make your learning successful everything and enjoyable. way to learn Enqlish.

U$uoitlty.. on. please. next to • Simple present tense • always. hIs.Contents CHAPTER/TITLE pAGES TOPICS OBJECTIVES GRAMMAR D Nice to meet you! . these. Menus and oroerfnq • Ordering in a restaurant • Requests with would liKe • Questions with What Iclnd ol . they • Possessive pronouns my.. want [J Review 30·35 • • • . • Numbers 0-10 • ThE' alphabet • Introducfnq yourself • Simple present to be • Subject pronouns I. ? • Indefinite articles: a. and weather • Making travel plans nice trip! • Present progressive tense (future meaning) • would like.000.5 lEI What do you do? 12-17 • Jobs • The office • Daily work activities • Numbers 101-1. he/she.. and dates • Seasons and weather • Talking about travel plans • Talking about the calendar. their • Possessive's • Saving where you're from • Giving your phone number and address • rntrodoctnc others yourself and • Spelling your name fJ I'd like the steak.·5 • Introductions • Countries and nationalities. your. our. you. 6-11 • Numbers 11-100 • Meals anO mealtimes . months. It we. • Talking about food and drinks • Telling lime • Qrdering a meal "n • • • • ! • Regular plurals: ·S. nrvrr EJ How much is it? '8·23 • Colors • Clothing • Sizes • Prices • Asking about a price • Talklnq about colors and clothes • Asking about sizes and prices • Present progressive tense • this. '. that. under. her. those • Which one? [I Have a 24-29 • Travel plans • Calendar: days of Ihe week. sometl~s.000 • Saying where you work • Talking about jobs • Describinq your office • Talkinq about what people do and where they work • in. seasons.

until. alter • th~re Is/there an III My I 42-47 • People • Family • Personal husband's name is Steve...0". 0.'. are • Givinq directions • Readinq a map I GRAMMAR • rmcerettves • then.'Q '0' . be • Simple past to • Simple past regular verbs ml ! Let's meet at S4-59 • Leisure activities • Inviting someone out 6:30! I 60-65 I • The week's schedule • Talking about your favorite activities • Making plans to go out • Past tense: irregular verbs • anythlnq. lor. aqa/n.q. nothlnq m What's the III • Illness and ailments • Parts 01 the body • Medicines remedies and • Asking about scmecoe's health • Talkinq about health • Showing concern • Askinq lor advice • should • Object pronouns • Past progressive tense matter? • Concern and advice Review Homework Answer key Audio script 66-71 72-91 92-98 99-105 Verb conjugations Map of world CO-ROMinstructions About Berlitz English 106-107 108-109 110-111 112-113 .0 to. • halle cescnot ions • TalklnQ about yoursell and others III What can you do? • Work skills and abilities • Job experience • Company organization • Talkinq about your job • Talking about your company and your work experience • Talkinq about skills and past work experiences • from .• • • • • • • " · CHAPTER/TITLE pAGES TOPICS OBJECTIVES D How do I get there? 36-41 • Places in a city • Directions • Locations • A. • Savinq where place .. 48-53 • Talklnq about your family • Describlnq oeoote -trrecutar plurals. somethlnq.k. e."..

thlY Possessive pronouns my. your. we. Shl.Nice to meet you! Introductions Counlries and nationalities Numbers 0-10 The alphabel • • Inlroduclng yourself Sayinq where you'. It. he. you. our.e from Giving your phone number and address Inlroducing and olhers Spelling your name yourself Simple present to be Subject pronouns I. . his. her. their Possessive's I'm from Boston.

What from? (ity sre you .I'm Japanese._ . 818-555-8550.Where are you from? . nationalities n . .• • • 11 Countries.What's your phone number? . • EJ .What's your first name? .My first name is Liz. .What country are M%i@illi. you from? . .I'm from l!t_asbillQ19J'!.What's your address? City .What nationality are you? . cities. Chapter 1 .What's your las! name? .j. .It's 100 Universal Plaza.I'm Irom Rio de Janeiro.I'm from England. . 0 zero 6 six lone 7 seven 2 two 8 eight 3 three 9 nine 4 four 10 ten 5 five • • IC Phone number and address . .It'.My last name is Henderson.

----~ Mary and Peter are from Boston. Cifelli. ----------We are from Los Angeles.I'm American. ..His first name is Toshio. Latour French? .Is Willem from Amsterdam? . . Paul's last name is Johnson.Yes. .. His phone number is 213-554-3220.We're from Ireland. You are . -- Gina's last name is.What nationality are you? .r: not youaren't he isn't she isn't it isn't we aren't they aren't not he's not she's not it's not we're they're not • • • • • • • [I Possessives I am. Are they I'm you're he's she's u's we're you're they're not. ------You and Mark are from Boston. Tanaka's first name? .Her last name is Campos.What is Mr. it is.What is Sonia's last name? .Are you fram England or Ireland? . you are.And what's your phone number? .What's your name. . I am. please? .My name is. we are.1P1 ¥'r::. Our address is 613 Basset Drive. he is.~ Subject Am I Are you Is he Is she Is It Are we Are you pronouns + be am. No. they are. she is.Are you from New York? . Her last name is Cifelli. . too. . .My phone number is.. Their address is 225 Walnut Ave..No.. and Ms. .Yes. ----------This is Gina. Your phone number is 617-228-5969. . you are. he is. ----------This is Paul. I from Rome? Yes. . -------------~ __ My name is Your name 'IS. And you? _SYl.. they're not.Are Mr. 2 Chapter I .

Nice to meet you. .Mr.Hi! My name's Janet. Teresa. Mr.' \ ~.Pleased to meet you. Mr.Hello.Pleased to meet you. Mr.Hi. ~sed to meet . . 1" kiss Chapte-r 1 shake hands bow 3 . . meet you. . Pierce. Tanaka. . too. I'm John Roberts. ._ JT I P! 6'. Roberts.Hello. [] CULTURE CORNER . . this is Frank. . My name is Toshio Tanaka.Pleased to meet you. Pierce.I'm Sonia Nice to meet you you Nice to meet you.Teresa. too. Burton.. = Nice to • • • . . Mr. . Burton. Frank! Nice to meet you. this is Mr.

• • Jim's message is. TRUE FALSE 3.!+enderson 100 Un l versoJ CL t\' Plo. cA 91G08 • • • i -------- • m ON THE PHONE Please leave a messaqe. 908-555-7784... Linda's number is. 1. UnLverso.Z..l Cety.z-o. for Mr. Mr. Tanaka's phone number is 312-555-8607. TRUE FALSE 4 Chapter' .D Spellinq your name ALPHABET ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefqhijklmnopqrstuvwxyz I: II!] What's your phone number? Name Address Phone Number I. Tanaka. TRUE FALSE 2.

.• Now you can . f] Introduce yourself and others • • [] Say where you are from • B Spell your name and give your address and phone number What's How your name? that? number? • • • do you spell your your phone What's What's address? Chapter I 5 ..

s Mrs. please. sir? I'd like the chicken with rice. Rlqht away. Questions with What kind of•••? Indefinite Regular articles: plurals: ·s. Miller would like a hamburger.sts with would Ilk. And lor you. Miller are at a cafe. Mr. a. 3. Numbers 11. Miller would like the chicken with rice. and Mrs.100 Meals and mealtimes Menus and ordering Ordering •• In a restaurant Talking about lood and drinks Telling time Ordering a meal • • • Requ. 6 Chll'ttr Z . T 2. Mrs. please.Chapter 2 I'd like the steak. an -. please. Miller: Waiter: I'd like the steak. Miller: Wa'ller: Mr. T t. (true) or F (Ialse) Mr.

I'd like toast and_ .Talking about food and drinks: numbers: telling time • EJ Food and drinks • • I • EJ . It's 1:45. take I'd like your a order? .What would you like? . n_am_b_u_r:_q_e_~. Numbers from 11to 100 11 eleven 19 nineteen 12 twelve 20 twenty 55 fifty-five 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 22 twenty-two 70 seventy 15 fifteen 30 thirty 80 eighty 16 sixteen 33 thirty-three 17 seventeen 40 forty 99 ninety-nine 18 eighteen • eEl e 21 twenty-one 60 sixty 44 forty-four 50 filly 90 ninety 100 one hundred Telling time It's 9:15. It's 11:25.I'd like chicken. It's 12 o'clock. for dinner? .Yes.What would you like c_o_f_f_e_e.May' . Chapter 2 7 . please. please.

. .We'd like some ice cream. a sereo a cnccotate cake? [] One salad or two salads? one oranqe --one napkin --one sandwich ---.How many qlasses of wine would you like? . a salad.[I What would you like? a qtass of oranq€' juice. I'd like a hamburqer. They would like .Yes. 8 Chapter Z . • • • • • • • D An apple or a banana? an apple an Italian restaurant . I'd like He'd like.. .Three.What would you like? [! What kind of ". one q'as~ ----~ one cherry one knife ---~ .? Would you like apple pie? -----~. two oranges . cream pie. thank you. a qlas s 01 water.. two small pizzas. two napkin~. He She w. please. What kind of pie would you like? ---~ Would you like some juice? -----~ What kind of juice would you like? --No.. I'd like chocolate Ves. thanks. two sandwiches two glasses two cherries two knives . Sne'd like . We'd liKe . please.Would you like an eqq sandwich? .No.. fish and chips. They'd like. .Would you like a cup of tea? ..Would you like a piece of cake? . please. . thank you. I'd like some apple juice.No.

pancakes. and a turkey sandwich. _tea. Chapter 2 9 . a hamburger.[[!] May I take your order? What would A: She'd like _ _ _ _ they like? orange juice. scrambled coffee. eggs. • • _milk.• Waitress: Customer: May I lake your order? Yes. _toast. B: He'd like _ _ _ _ toast. orange juice. We'd like a chicken salad sandwich. _tea. eggs. scrambled coffee. _64Jr.P' ~I~er I Waitress: What would you like? .

m.00 18.50 FRENCH FRIES VEGETABLES [D CULTURE CORNER Times for eating meals in different USA. Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner: 7-8 a.00 "" • • • • countries # 15.m.m.. 12-1 p.00 12.00 17..50 10.95 2. 7-Sp.00 1. 6-7 p.00 9.m.m.m..00 3.m. 2-} p. appetizers GARLIC BREAD TOMATO SALAD VEGETABLE salads FRESH FRUIT PLAnER CAESAR SALAD CAESAR SALAD WITH CHICKEN GARDEN SALAD entrees ROAST CHICKEN GRILLED SALMON SIRLOIN STEAK EGGPLANT side PARMIGIANA SOUP MOO.m 12-1 p. 1.50 2.00 6.00 dishes 2. Mexico 7-8 a. • • ~------~~~~~~------------------ . 9-10 p.rn. 10 Chapter 2 UK 7-8 a.m Are you ready to order? JOHNNY'S LUNCH AND DINNER.

~. 5 -Ill e-s _____..• Q C) • • Now you can .e . ._ '.7 (. time rJ Tell '10 a -~ 3- . What time is it? [] Talk about food and drinks • B What would you like for What would you like for lunch? What would you like for dinner? breakfast? Order a meal • • • Chapte-r 2 11 . .! .e .. 8"".'·· "10 r: J -~ ._ "I' e·""' .r • e ~.7 .

r 3 . sometImes.. on.What do you do? Jobs The ollice Daily work activities Numbers 101 . n•• t to Simple present tense alwavs. - In.DDD. undflr.I. never 12 Chapt. usually.DDD • Saying where you work Talking about jobs Describing your office Talking about what people do and where they work .

Where do you work? .What do you do? .Where's my cell phone? .• • • • • • • EJ What do you do? .Where are the pencils? . Chapter 3 13 .It's on the table.It's next to the printer.Where's the lJ_e_~_s_p_a_p_e_e .wner e's the p'riN~r? . . .I work at T_he Daj£y Times. .It's under the 9~?_k. -~JTIP! ~a~ do you do? = What's.I'm a reporter. your job? . .They're in the cup.

read The Financial Times.speak Enqlish and Japanese. . .Yes. lives in New York.live in Kyoto. / No. he does.live in Amsterdam. .work in an office building. I sometimes speak Enqlish at work.Yes. I do. .Yes.speak Dutch. I don't.QOO one million . . --~ -- Do you always work at the offi'ce? My boss sometimes writes reports. she does. he doesn't speak Spanish. she doesn't. speaks German. . uses a laptop. [J How often do you speak English? always usually sometimes never 1000/0 • ~ 0% --~ I always speak Enqlish at school. Does Michael speak Spanish? . I No.read Newsweek. I never speak Enqlish at home. Does Cindy speak German? . Do you speak french? .use cell phones. writes newspaper articles. 'I don't speak French.Yes.work at Sony. . I No.use a computer.000. works at The Wall Street Journal. / No. They Enqlish? Do you speak Japanese? . Richard.OOO ten thousand 1. ~ What do Carlos. ill Numbers 101 to 1 million 500 five hundred 1.. I never useemy cell phone in a restaurant. and Jan do? • • • • • • • Carlos - speaks Spanish. I usually speak English at . .000 101 alone hundred and one 14 Chapter 3 alone thousand to. . .El Simple present He She Who speaks You We speak Japanese. --. I do. Richard and Jan .

.'0' T .. a reporter Where do they work? • A . Really? Where do you work? I work at Birch Consulting.nscrHurJ' Wur!dwlclt: HR .~'WA98Ili19777 Weyerhaeuser G.2678 Ciba fWer~'.o\lJ5{)P'""".gm Marcia Calloway ~. a teacher a.<. )l. a housewife c.". a doctor c. Theresa is __ 4.C. Chapter 3 15 .'IUI!: IJoIoBI.nm:w nr.u"nM. a. a programmer c.[] • Where do they work? Jim.op-.-LI1\.·~ -". a reporter c. 9SIJ~-J7(j6U\" D. Beatriz is .l). meet I usually use a computer. Brian is 3..h:) Pn. I never write reports..2.. .mJ<">S('. Marco is b.JT(1:40SS16·$Ot-2 F..-.NCZ1Z61. J 70 \'>. ~.fDTMrI~7h'i PO 8<>. a teacher a.tt.lm». Monika? I'm a marketinq manager.618 Iio9hPoonI..I(aOO):tl81S42 F~~1924571l!l leI!253j!l242111 MoldS~fGI2BS POBw. Monika: Jim: Monika: Jim: Monika: What do you do..:. That sounds exciting! What do they do? 1. . I sometimes with clients. an engineer b.'~~C!Wl NancyN.IW"" • • • Crscc Svcreme...gc'I' .. I".: 408 $16·K{I6:'. What company do you work for? I • !l!l _fijJyIP! ~re do you work?-~ Who do you work for?-~ 1 work at Birch Consulting."Jm m What do you do? read e-mail books maoeztnes newspapers write e-mail reports memos letters meet with clients co-workers my boss use a computer a cell phone the internet I a_lways read e-mail.kol. ..o. I work for Birch Consulting.. a doctor b. Kuehnoet E"""".-RelocalOlS1lf'.lhupp@\.\-!<)v. a bank manager a. an engineer b. work for Austrian Airlines. a programmer 2.

uk .ON THE PHONE Clerk: Caller: Clerk: Caller: Clerk: caner: Clerk: Caller: Good afternoon.qov .co.berlitz.7383 Stereos Speakers CD players DVD players Madison St itJ MEDIA MIX Internet sites and e-mail addresses www. Peachtree Computer Service. Bye. Do you sell laptops? Yes. Can I help you? Yes.com .com scampos@sterlinq. What's your address? 6210 Main Street. Great! What are your hours? We're open from 9 to 6.orq commercial company (in Britain) organization government educational institution [El Do you sell TVs? AUDIO RERFORMANCE We sell only top quality: • • • • Open 10 108. we do. • • • • . Thanks a lot.edu • • • 16 Chapter 3 .com .

• • • Now you can . rJ Say where you work • [J Describe your office Where- are my pencils? Where's the printer? • • • 13 Talk about what people do at work What do you write? Who do you meet? What do you us.e? What do you read? Chapter 3 17 ...

00. these. Taylor: Salesperson: £195.t.How much is it? Colors Clothing • Sizes Prices . 18 Chapter 4 . Asking about • price Talking about colors and clothes Asking about sizes and prices Present progressive tense this. th. those Which one? Salesperson: Ms. ..

• I:l A pair of . Chapter 4 19 ..:rice.p. He's asking tJ.tULs_weate[ to his wife.\~_. He's qivinq !.oranqe yellow belq~ qreen blue purple white qray • • EJ What are they wearing? She's wearinq a red suit. Monroe is tooktnq for a qreeQ sweate~.. Monroe doing? • • • Mr. shoes socks qloves shorts pants earrtnqs What is Mr. He's weertnq qray pants.

she isn't.No.Which gloves are expensive? .A cheap one. The cheap ones. Are you paying with a credit card? What are they wearing? .Which shoes would you like. The black one.11 Present I proqressive am What is Mr.No..The black ones. [] ~ leather cotton wool • • • 20 Chapter 4 ._ that one • • • Is this briefcase old? Are those gloves red? What color is this briefcase? D What kind of? What kind of briefcase? Which briefcase? A leather one.He's shopping.. You are He is She is We are You are They are rl this a nd that this one these blouses -those blouses __. .They're wearing shorts. .What kind of briefcase would you like? . the black ones or the brown ones? .The beige ones. I'm paying cash. these those this blouse _ that blouse _______. . Monroe doing? Is Melissa buying a shirt? buylnq a suit.. . What kind of gloves? Which gloves? Cotton ones. . . .

thank you.Twenty-five dollars.It's a (size) 6. This one is $89 . How much is this necklace? $275.. 1 dollar ($) 100 pence (p) $5. Just looking! Chaptf?r 4 21 . . five ninety-five fifteen eighty or fifteen pounds eighty pence [l!l I'll take it.80 = 1 pound ([) or five dollars and ninety-five cents.95 £15..May I help you? :: Can I help you? . I'll take it! • Jf!. a PRONUNCIATION Saying Prices PLUS • • • 100 cents (C) . Salesperson: Customer: Salesperson: Customer: Salesperson: Customer: Salesperson: Customer: May I help you? Yes.No.TIPI . thanks..How much is it? . How about that one? This one? Yes.00 . it's very nice.. Would you like to try it on? Yes.What size is it? . Let's see . Oh.

She's qtvinq 5. ala comfort and srrerch... . and MasterCard. a sweater a. cash 22 Chapter 4 . Visa.\'. UkJrs". Rq. a. Land's End a.3-01100% ((>I(on knit lnci banded bouom lhill I~\s yuu wear it like ~ !W~1!5hir{.J1g . her address b. Almeida is calling 2. a small size a.~ ribbed 100. her phone number a. a True Red skirt b..m Orderinq over the phone f!ew. Gives rou the sponv mock look.}C46 . She's ordering 4. along with ~ h(C~rr)' 10.Do you accept American . Sorry.'. !t..2.American • • • LEl ON THE PHONE Mrs. M~n'. Machine ..$-XL 7.Yes. She would like 3. Imported.ul>l M·XXL 1X·"omc-n·.' Drop-needle Mock IS one heartwarming holiday g{fi.. ror -inler. we do. a large size b. for CXl~ leo<lur(C...00 "0 • • • Express? Express.}.Do you take credit cards? . by credit card b.00 }2.Rr-gull. -ash.. a sweater company b. "3 or m!).vr. She's paying ~_. P~TfC"(1 .17·1010 7J97..~"tri("..

• I'J Talk about colors and clothes • • [] What are they wearing? Ask about sizes and prices • 131 Order over the phone • • • cbacter 4 23 .Now you can ...

- seasons. • • Seasons and weather Talking about travel plans Talking about the calendar.nt Carla: Peter: Carta: 1. She's going on a business Irip. and dates . Carla is at the office.r !5 . . months. T T T F F Peter: F 24 Chlpt. and weather Making travel plans Present progressive tense (future melning) would like.Have a nice trip! Travel plans Calendar: days of the week. She's going to Spain. w.

iD_q· like today? .E!.I always go in the summer. OCTOBER S M T W T F S NOVEMBER SMTWTFS 1 2 3 DECEMBER SMTWTFS 1 3 10 4 11 5 1213 6 7 H 8 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23242526272829 30 1 2 3 .. March llnd 17 23 30 24 31 \5 22 29 16 23 30 17 24 18 25 19 26 20 27 : 21 28 MAY S M T W T F S AUGUST 12 6769 13 14 15 16 20 21 22 23 27 28 29 30 345 10 11 12 17 18 19 24 25 26 31 SEPTEMBER T W T F S . January 1st T ::: Tuesday W = Wednesday EJ What'. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 4 5 6 -.When do you qo on vacation? .• • • EI Calendar FEBRUARY MARCH F SSM APRIL F 5 ~ Thursda.What's the weather .It's C. the weather like? • • • . 3910 22 XI 23 'Ul 24 3" 5 6 7 21 8 22 111213""51617 18 19 20 21 25262728 S = 101112131415 16 17 18 19 20 ?:i?<1?"?fI?7?1'I?Q Sunday T F S Thursday Friday Saturday M = Monday • What day is it today? .Today is Monday.o. Chapter 5 25 .i.y.

III would like. We are caming back an June 8th. by plane walking 3rd third 15th fifteenth 5th fifth 20th twentieth 11th eleventh 30th thirtieth D What's the date? tst first 12th twelfth 2nd second 13th thirteenth We are leaving on June 4th. m How are you qoinq to New York? I'm going . by train I'm.. .. want ---. next month.I'm going to work. 26 • • • Chapter 5 . . I would like Some coffee.. in February.What are you doing tomorrow? . Jerry wants to go to London. -I want some coffee. in New York qotnq to Brazil buyinq a new coat seiling her computer going to the bank leavlnq the office on.. tomorrow at 3:00.Ie Present lam You are He Is She Is We are They are progressive worklnq (future meaning) next week.. • • • • by bus Jerry would like to go to London. drlvinq /t. in the afternoon.Monday.

-J~JTIP! ~ ~ go on vacation go on holiday IJ Where are they going? He's qcinq on a business trip. I don't know. I go • • • • • • Surni: Paul: Sumi: Paul: Sumi: Paul: Sumi: to a warm country. That's not a bad idea. what about Rio? Hrnm. it's hot and rainy. like hot weather.Paul: Where are you nolnq on vacation. Chapter 5 27 . They're qolnq on vacation. I'd like to How about Thailand? What's the weather like in Thailand? In the summer. but I don't like rain! Well. Suml? Oh.

..rC¥.- .t.""""'" ""'"' ~r. Around the Wortd yesterday \2 ""'"' ""'_29"-> c.[[!] Travel specials Great Fares lor Where do you want to go on vacation? How would you like to travel? How much is the trip? m Mr. Webster leaving? What's the flight number? • • • • TlllOOlOPeamIfT l!lll!lO<1He<tltllOw [Fa MEDIA MIX ) IT'S TIME TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY Britain Today 1M.. """'" ~""""21C1ouO-i ..m 6:25a...HY IOfMr..................m When is Mr.adil dtp arr LClOIkInlieolllllow TO-l()11la Pearsca In Tra vel ItifWI.... . A&-... ~ ..."""'" .. ."" tl s.. Europe Today _ 4°_ IMax) 6° ::-14" -lifi'wl _ ~_10-4°1 -L~'" [_... ~ ll~ '2C11ufy '2C-. ~ 28:srISFti* . 'II~ ...:IF...- .. Webster's travel plans Sn lIbea London-Toronto oeparture-July29 FliDITt84t·A..-'". 28 • • • Chapter 5 .... Paul Webster Return· aSSam l20pm I1tp MI rnohl 85ti-Au August Cooi!la 11 6lSp.~8"1 -I&gol .....mv """ Haolgl(ongli"- '2ao._ iF_ ~ ...IM Iokyo ._ .

12 6 13 7 14 8 15 9 16 MAY 3 10 17 11 18 s 5 12 19 JUNE W T F S s 1 3 I 5 6 7 8 2 9 " 2 9 J~LYT 3 10 17 .. !l Talk n 7 14 21 about the calendar M J:-N~~A~Y 2 9 16 23 F S FEBRUARY M T W 1 F S MARCH 2 16 .. APRIL r IV T 1 8 15 22 3 10 . 15 15 16 17 16 19 20 21 29 30 AUGUST 5 12 6 13 7 11 28 29 30 31 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 17181920212223 24 25 26 27 26 29 30 31 w.• • • • Now you can .J 5 26 6 4 11 1 J 17 J7 24 11 18 25 12 13 19 20 27 56/' 12 13 14 8910 15 34 10 11 5 12 6 13 7 8 9 18 1 S 22 2 9 23 3 10 24 " 1\ 25 56 12 26 13 27 i' 14 28 1<'. 1 s . 6 13 2D 4 11 5 12 10111213141516 " 8 16 "" at " s 7 . 10 17 1S 16 " 11 When are you leavlnq? [J Talk about the weather B Talk about the seasons How'S the weather? When is it sunny and hot? Chapter 5 29 .

Review o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Order a meal Tell time Order in a restaurant Spell your name Say where you're from Introduce yourself and others 6 30 Chapter Talk about the calendar. and weather Talk about travel plans • • • • • • Ask about sizes and prices Talk about colors and clothes Ask about a price Talk about what people do and where they work Describe your office Talk about jobs Say where you work Talk about food and drinks • o Give your phone number and address . seasons.

• • • • • • • You are In your office. My name is I'm from Nice to ~ are you from? ~ meet you (too). Someone is here to see you. Take the (US tomer's A eustomer wants to order order. Use some of the fof/owing language: Hello. Use some of the following language: Hello. At a Restaurant You are a walter J waitress In a restaurant. You sit down next to a person. You don't know them. There are other people there. Use some of the following languaqe: May I take your order? What would you like to drink? Would you like anything else? A Social Gathering A friend Invites you to his house. lunch. I'm Where are you trom? Doyouspeak What do you do? What company do you work for? ~. What's your name? ___ Chapter 6 31 . What city / country Here's my card. Introduce yourself and talk to the person about his I her work. Introduce yourself to him I her.

a sandwich. Give your I waitress. There are other people in the room. Use some of the followinq language: Hetlc. thank you.A First Meetinq You are qotnq Into Introduce yourself. Talk about yourself and then ask tne other person about hlm. please. _ I'd like No.J'm Where are you from? Nice to meet you (too). chicken with rice Yes.I herself. What nationality Here's my card. Use some of the following language: My name's What do you do? Where do you work? _ 32 Chapter 6 . the office of someone you don't know. Coke. You don't know them. You want to order lunch. A friend Invites you to his house. A person sits down next to you and Introduces him. are you? ~ • • • • • • • You are a customer order to the walter in a restaurant.I herself. Use some of the following language: coffee.

10. Your friend Is also planning a trip. qray cotton $120 You don't have dresses in sizes 8 and 12 In red and blue. Use some of the following lanquage: May I help you? What size would you like? What kind of Just a moment. 12 red. Use some of the following fanquaqe: Hi. How are you? Chapte-r 6 33 .• • • • • • • You work in a clothlnq store. This one is ". green wool $75 Sizes: Colors: Type: Price: 6. You are flying to Rome. black. A customer walks up to you. blue. I'm going on vacation! Where are you qoinq? When are you leaving? How's the weather in _ . then going by train to Florence and Venice. You see a friend. Ask the friend about his I her trip and tell the friend about your trip.(price) would you like? You are going on vacation to Italy next week. You have these items: (MEN'S) SWEATERS DRE:SSES Sizes: Colors: Type: Price: small. The weather In Italy is usually hot and sunny at this time. medium and large black. 8. Beqln the conversation. You are flying back In 10 days. blue.

You are leavinq on Monday. Use some of the folfow. The weather there Is hot and rainy now. Your friend Is also planning a trip. You are flying to Tokyo. Seoul. You see a friend. You are looklnq for these Items: 1. Ask the friend about his / her trip and tell the friend about your trip. I'm going on a business trip. Use some of the (oHowing I'm looking for How much is it / are they? How about that one? That's expensive. and Bangkok. I'll take it. If veu like them. Ask about the size and the price.ng fanquaqe: Hi. You are cominq back In two weeks. red or blue cotton dress. size 12 Go to a salesperson In the store. Buy them. Ask about the sweater and the dress. medium size 2.. fangudQe: ' • • • You are qolnq on a business trip next week.I \ You are a customer In a clothlnq store. When are you qclnq to How are you going to How's the weather in _ _ _ How are you? • • • • 34 Chapter 6 . brown or black wool sweater.

Tell the class about the foods and drinks your classmate likes. What do you have for breakfast? What do you have for lunch? What do you have for dinner? B: Ask another student about foods and drinks he / she likes. El A: Talk about the clothes you are wearing. Where is he / she going? When is he / she leaving? How is he / she traveling? Tell the class about your classmate's trip. Give your address and telephone number. Give his / her name and spell his I her last name.• • • • • • • D A: Introduce where you yourself. What are the colors and what are the sizes? 8: Talk about another student's clothes. Say where he / she is trom. car. Chapter 6 35 . Say are from. Give your name and spell your last name. D A: Talk about your job. plane. Look at the student's / teacher's clothes and take notes. Is it a vacation or a business trip? Where are you going? When are you leaving? Are you going by train. / EI A: Talk about food and drinks you like. Ask the student / teacher about sizes. Give his / her address and telephone number. What does the person do? What company does he I she work for? Tell the class about your classmate's job. What do you do? What company do you work for? B: Talk with another student about his / her job. II A: Talk about a trip you're taking soon. or bus? B: Talk with another student about a trip he / she is taking soon. 8: Introduce a classmate.

. . 36 Chlpt.r 7 ... directions Readin. there's one next to Rosen's Department Store. You're welcome. .. for directions Askin... a map Imperatives then.How do I get there? Directions • Locations . Thanks a lot.lln. are Glvln. It's on the riqht. Man: Kim: Man: Kim: Man: Yes. How do I qet there? Go straight ahead two blocks. Ifter tile.. Is / tile. 1. where place. Sayln..

~_!JQermarket. .. The bank is across The bank is opposite from II's on the left. It's on the (i9l1! r:'I~~. station. Go slraiqht t Turn riqht r .tJ9Jhe tr~irL~J~Ji9_1)· .?. the train station.Thank you very much. How do I qet to the Grand Hotel? . .It's behind the P_o_s..Where's the <las statioal .Where's the Grand Hq~.Where's the bank? .It's next to the trg_in station.• • • EJ Where's the post office? MAIN STREET Department Store SPRING STREET • El . How do I [Jet to the Grand Hotel? .. I I ahead two blocks ~IP! ~ . • • • I I one block.wneres the train station? .Go down Spring Street to Center Street. .Excuse me.It's across from the 9~buildjn_q. tl Turn lell It It's on the right. Turn left._t_o_ffice. the train Chapter 7 37 .wneres the restaurant? ..~J. Street. .It's on Center Street. ~ ~ ~ The hotel The hotel is on Center is In Center Street.It's between the QarkingJQ! and the . .

Wear your new suit! Don't turn right! Don't take the subway.. there are. there's no bank in the neiqhborhood.Is there a bank near here? . Turn left.. Pass the post crftce. Go straight ahead two blocks .Yes. and turn left aqaln. ------. there is. office. .. . and turn left. Turn left..Yes. Is there a post office on Main Street? Are there any restaurants near the train station? Is there a map in the classroom? • • • 38 Chapter 7 . It's on your riqht. Don't.Are there any bookstores nearby? .. There's one on Main Street. After you pass the post it's on your riqht. --.No. Come here. wear that tie! ~IP! ~SUbwav ~ underground / tube Il Where's the bookstore? 1. Park behind the bank. ahead two blocks. 3. . Don't park here! Please don't come before 7:30. Then walk three blocks .No. 5. • • • • " [J there is / there are . There's one on Spring Street. please.. Walk three blocks.. there aren't. 4. 6. Go straight 2.III Imperatives Turn left! Take the number 47 bus. There aren't any bookstores nearby.

_L Go down Market Street. Times Square is at 42nd and Broadway. Go down Broad Street.A Do you know where the train station Is? ~ Turn right at the third traffic light. t Chapt~r 7 39 . • • • • _L Go one block up 10th Street.~ . Make a right at the stop sign. And where do I get off? At 42nd Street. Turn left at the stop sign. Go 5 miles north on Route 31.:f Grandee"" Tl!rtnina NVPubllc: LIbrary - Excuse me. _ Make a left at the traffic light. IJ Take the E train MIDTOWN <t4. _ _ _ B Where's City Hall? C How do I get to 95 South? Turn right behind the shopping center. How do I get to Times Square? Take the train at 34th Street. Thanks a lot. You're welcome.

street road Sq. We're rlqht across the street from it. lane Blvd.Great. drive place avenue St..~"--O(:k ~IP! Map abbreviations LO.Yes. :~ ~I • • • • 40 Chapter 7 . Rd. . Aile. PI. Where are you located? . . C1.And how do I get there from Union Square? .Do you know where the bus station is? .Kerim Export-Import. . • • • '%1-. I do.Hi.ON THE PHONE . court LI!J You are here.We're at 12 Spring Street. Thanks. boule-vard square Dr.

• • • Now you can ... [] Say where places are r:! Ask for directions • • • B Give directions I!J Read a map THEATER DISTRICT MIDTOWN 8~ NVPublic lIh/at-y Grandcenuft! term! III Where is the Port Authority Bus Terminal? Chapter 7 41 .

My husband's name is steve....8 . men 42 ChaDt. • Personal descriptions Talking aboul your family Describing people Talking about yourself and others . e. .Q. Irregular have plurals.

_t~JTIP! ~her and Ietber grandmother and qrendtetber parents qrandoarents 'N.------ • • • ~ STEV[~ •N. .There are . Richard and Steve are father and son. tb_u#_e_'!:I_e_l). Chapter 8 43 . The Grant Family Family Roles Richard and Beth are husband and wife.Is this man young or old? .He's Y~:)(:lnq..Is she tall or short? • • ! • EJ .or_t? .h. Michael and Mary are brother and sister.She's t~_I_I.How many people are there in your family? .Is that woman tall or s. I have tYLo_bfo_t~ers and two sisters.How many men are there? .Seven.He's seventy-five. Richard and Mary are qrandfather and qranddaughter .How old is your father? . t-tICHA[L . . ¥ ~ Beth and Michael are qrandrnot her and grandson.. Karen and Mary are mother and daughter. '-----.

have friends in New York. Emma has short. . he doesn't. I don't. curly hair. We They Who has my qfoves? • • • Sorry.Yes. This book has twelve chapters. I do. / No. The Jacksons have three children.El Irreqular stncutar mao woman child wif~ Plurals plural men women children wiv§!_s D have/has He You She have a brother. I don't have time.Yes.Doe-s Michael have a laptop? . What kind of car does your wife have? I have two sisters and one brother. blond hair. Do you have my ticket? • • • • ['J What do they look like? Mario has lonq. 44 Chapter 8 . Who has the keys to the car? ~'Je . straiqht hair.j No. he dD£'s.Do you have a brother? . has a laptop. Nadine and Lisa have lonq.

- does she look like? B.com> Robert Quinn Trip 10 Chicago Dear Robert.. I wear glasses Chapter a 45 .L. Print 0E1 I i Bill Morris <bmcrrisejjapcx.::. He's 21 years old. • What does your brother look like? He has blond hair and qreen eyes. And how old is she? I think she's 55.• Ell (j What A. and See you next week: airport <112:00 on Monday.. rmtall. --·-. Is she tailor short? She's short. And how old is he? He's younq. I'm meetingyou atthe r have blond hair...?=::~.:JTripla[hi(ago~· C~ Reply All ~ Forward I . • · - A B • • • D c o ~ Re-ply From: To: Subject __ IJ Here's what I look like. Is he tailor short? He's tall. What does your boss look like? She has qray hair and brown eyes. ! ~ Flag .

grandmother b. She would like to see her 3. this 1. lather D.m ON THE PHONE is calling. When do people get married in your country? [FJ Describing a family • • • 46 Chap ter B . She's coming with her 4. children a. many people get married in their 205 or 30s. husband weekend. a. grandchildren b. mother . a. They're coming m CULTURE CORNER In the US. next b. a. Mark's 2.

I'J Talk about your family Are you married? Do you have any children? How old are they? 00 you have any brothers and sisters? ChapterS 47 .• • Now you can ...

aqo Simple past to btl Simple past regular verbs can Nicole: Ted: Nicole: new job. Ted: Good for you! 48 Chept.What can you do? Work skills and abilities Job experience Companvorganization • Talking about your Job Talking about your company and your work experience Talking about skills and past work experiences from . for. until.r 9 ..• to.

Beyond Business Los Angeles. CA.tStoperations 531cs1ll311.1996 S:lles Manager. • • • He worked in Santa Monica un1111990.ncl Office Suites for five years. CA 900'>5 Phone: 310-836-6057 email:crs:lIl@:1!s. CA. CA Managed sales ream for \'(itSI CO.. M:tn:tgc domestic ~:1Ib:. 1997 - present Sales Director. Inc. Office SUI((O$. He was a sales manager at Eric Sanchez 12 Lambert Drive Culver City. Lowe's Home and OHio: 5:1[1[:1 Monica.What do you do at your company? . Pasndenn.. 200 1 sales volume: S350M 1991 . Sold 10 borh corpor-uc and consumer 1988-1990 markers Chapter 9 49 . What experience Eric Sanchez was does Mr.Talking about your company and your work experience • El Orqanization chart Company Organization • • • EJ . Sanchez a salesman have? from 1988 to 1990... Where did Eric work ten years aqo? How lonq did he work there? Where did you work ten years ago? PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ------------.I work in the ~c_c_o_u"t_lnq Department.

I worked in the Accounting Department. . / No. I didn't. he wasn't. I can teach.Were you in Berlin last year? . D What can you do? What can't you do? Alberto is a chef. m • • • Past tense: reqular Yesterday Last week Two months ago Last year In 1998 verbs I walked you called he / she worked we lived they opened to work. in Spain. / No. . I'm a teacher.Yes. . . .Can Colleen manage the department? .I was at home.Yes. I No.Who used my computer this morning? . I walked to the office every day. I used my laptop to write reports.. I did. We can speak Enqllsh. she can. . but we can't speak French. I didn't travel for my work. 50 Chapter 9 .Yes. she can't. we were. . ..Yes.Was Eric at the office last week? . we weren't. .Did you walk to work yesterday? • • • • [J What did you do at your first job? I worked at Sony for two years. a department store.Sandra did. He can cook.II:] Past tense of be: was/were I am at school. at a car factory.Where were you yesterday? . We are from England. . your boss. / No. he was. Yesterday Today you are he / she is we are they are J was you were he I she was we were they were at the office. I worked full time.

Last week I was in Europe. What do you do? I'm a sales manager. typed He stud~ /dl in New York. used. how are you? Great! J have a new job. needed Chapter 9 51 . talked. cal ted ledl He visited Mexico City. Congratulations! What does your company do? We make computers.. questions Marie: Michael: Marie: Michael: Marie: Michael: Interview • • • • Do you have any experience? How many years' experience Can you use Excel? When can you start? do you have? mJ What experience do you have? Name Looking for ajobasa .. wanted. Do you travel a lot? I travel allover the world. Skills Experience m PRONUNCIATION PLUS Past t*nse of reqular verbs: -ed pronunciation /t/ Eli worked In France.• • • m Marie: Michael: Michael. I'm wcrkinq at Elsup International now.

2 5.2 10.8 8. We were at Celetex. in Philadelphia.7 1.4 2.7 US Government 52 Chapter 9 . average less than high school diploma high school grad. We wNe there from ten in the morning to eight at night! That's.3 8.2 5.[Et. And we're going back next week! . a long day! Yes.5 Number of jobs held by individuals (data for 1978-1998) Education level combined total.0 2. Where were you? I was out of town.6 9.1 2.6 . [E Do you have experience in management? • can speak English and Japanese • can use Microsoft Office • have two 10 three years' work experience • Age 18-24 5.4 2.3 Age 25-29 3.2 3.0 3.0 9.6 4. it sure was. ON THE PHONE Connie: Tosbl: Connie: Tcshl: Connie: Tostii: Connie: Toshl: Toshi! You weren't at the office yesterday. no college less than bachelor's degree bachelor's degree or higher Source: Bureau 01 Labor Statistics Total 9. Celetex? Celetex is bur new client.0 Age 30-34 2.8 6.5 2.2 9. I was there with my boss. Were you there on business? Yes.7 9.4 2.8 3.6 5.4 ~ How long do they work? Median years with current employer (data for 2000) Age 16-17 18-19 20-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Years at current job .

. • fl Talk about your job • • [] Talk about Where your company do you work? .Now you can ..~ • • • I!J Talk about past work experiences Chapter 9 53 .

verbs nothlnq Cindy: Bill: Cindy: Bill: Sounds qreat! What time? It starts at 7 o'clock at Center Stadium. Let's meet in front of the stadium at 6:30.vorlt • Making plans to go out Past tense: irregular anythlnq. 54 Chapter 10 .thlnq.Let's meet at 6:30! • Inviting someone • ctlvltles out Talking about your f. See you then.om. . OK.

Q_IS.Dq.It was g!. Terrible! .t! .Dom~ watched TV .t do you want to do? .How's the food at Kjnq's Steak House? . Ok.What did you do on $ung9_Y? . .Yes.y'1. So-so.I $_t_a.I worked in my garden. • * * * * * **** *** ** * Great! Good. we're going to a play.'9.Wha._1_a_y'? .Let's gp_s_Y/_immi..~~.What did you do last nig_bJ? .How was the p. and .Are you qclnq out this weekend? . • EJ What did you do last weekend? • •C ..But the service is terrible! Chapter 10 55 .

I read the paper every morning.4?Jrd St.He went to Boston on Monda"v.iii Past Tense: Irregular Present come eat get go have Verbs Present make Past made met saw spoke took wrote bouqht did wore leave read fly sell Past came ate got went had left read meet see speak take write buy do wear tfew sold C Mr.writ!. • • • 56 Chapter 10 .<NjQ speak to Dwg's teacno- go 9. My boss and I always fly to Mexico in April. Ward eats a sandwich for lunch every day.. I wore a skirt last Friday. on Monday. She I Bill buys a new shirt every month. What did Mr. 345 W. : "'c .. sales report : .M ~r~r. Carla and Jerry take the subway every day. D PRONUNCIATION PLUS Past Tense-Irregular Verbs He bouqnt new cloves this month. 24 Sunday "Cals" GoodMM BpM dt. ate a tuna sandwich yesterday..v11W>'L"'3!! . 1230 ""dwrih J/MB/a1:i! 19 Tuesday .21 Thumday :~ . 22 Friday ~r- 20 Wednesday 7 a. Ms.'W wrth TOMtAIJI!e Tmatu. Osborne's Schedule • • • • to Canada 18 Monday 6'45 TraIn to Baston : r.23 Saturday .. We flew read a new meqaztne They took the bus last weekend.. I wear a suit to work almost every day. Osborne do last week? ... last May..

something .l[3~W~O(£ "1 llZZ Boogie Blues Club "f'/ 8:30 Pm. nothlnq anythlnq . Let's do something tonight! How about a movie? What's playing? Let's see .00 $WiIi[§ Tim. . IJ anythlnq. Where did you eat? We ate at La Hacienda.to do somethlnq . • Bess: Alan: Bess: Alan: eat after the movie.. I No. How was the food? Fantastic! I love Mexican food.Would you like. LI:l What did you do last night? Carol: What did you and Alan do last night? We went to the movies and had dinner. There's nothlnq to do. Summer Romance is at the Odeon. I am.Yes. but it's raining. What time does it start? There are shows at seven and nine-thirty..Yes. and Galactic Adventure is at the Rialto. Let'S go to the seven o'clock show and 'let something to Sounds good to me. Galactic Adventure sounds good. Chapter 10 57 . somethlnq.Let's go to the movies. · Bess: Carol: Bess: Carol: Bess: Carol: Bess' • • • IEnina f10\'. I would r= Are you busy Friday night?) with me? nothing .• • • .. It was great! And what movie did you see? We saw Galactic Adventure. I'm not doing anything.I wanted to play tennis today.Are you doing anythlnQ Friday night? . fiCkets $10. Let's do something Alan: Bess: Alan: tonight.

..for V for for v information fun e-mail shoppinq • 58 Chapter 10 . . ME~~~... Air Hotel Cor Cruises • • II' Do you use the Internet? At home..m CULTURE CORNER How do you spend your free time? • • • • IE MEDIA MIX za a ee 'iJl'lcullli' loYiPJI~e~~!!1 - DG IlXActWireless'] My Yippeeee!!! Check M Mall "0' G .... Stocks .... at work? How do you use it? for ."......rn'nMroA~=TV u_. o ~~~=. .jcos O . .. Sports _.. ~"Jw' Re-ference ~Llbranes Help v... ~ Vippeeee!U Electronics Home "....

.• • • Now you can .. !l Invite someone out III Talk about your favorite activities How was your weekend? • • • • Chapter 10 59 .

Did you take some aspirin? Yes. I did.. but it's not workinq. about someone's health Talking about health Showing concern Asking for advice should Object pronouns Past progressive tense Jill: Martina: Jill: Martina Jill: Martina: I feel terrible.klng .. What's the matter? I have a bad headache.What's the matter? Illness and aUments Parts of the body Medicines and remedies Concern and advice • ". FOLLOW-UP 1. What's wrong with Jill? What did she take? 60 Chapter 11 .

I have a stomachache. . . Chapter!! 61 . Body parts Ailments .Fine. .How do you feel today? ...I hope you feel better soon.How do you feel? ..I feel qr~.What's the matter? . I .How are you? .. :~Terrible . .• • • • • • EI ~. thanks.I feel terrlbre.I'm glad to hear that.9~ . And you? .My tooth hurts.. ~I . thanks.I'm OK. .What's wrong? .


What should

we do? She should stay home. --,.. You should wear a coat. --,.. She shouldn't go to work. You shouldn't wear a T-shirt.

Marsha has a bad cold. --,.. It's snowing.

- I have a stomachache. What shouldn't I eat? - You shouldn't eat fried food.

- My sister would like to visit Europe. When should she qo there? - She should go there in the sprinq.


Object I have


• • • • • • •

a headache, ------~

Please qive me an aspirin. I can make you a sandwich. Linda gave him a shopping list. Henry gave her a map of the city. The waiter is bringing us coffee. We gave them tickets for the movie. - Did you

You're hungry. He's goinq to the store. She went to Munich last week. --,.. We're having breakfast. -----,.. They went to the movies.

- Did Barbara take Toshio to the doctor? - Yes, she took him there this morning.

meet with the people at Celetex?

- Yes, we met with them last week.

l] Past proqressive

tense I was working at home last week. They were feellnq sick yesterday. afternoon?

I'm working at the office this week. --,... Jim and Sandy are feeling better now.

- Were you working at three o'clock yesterday - Yes, I was. - What were you doing at 10 a.m.? - I was speaking to my doctor.

Where were you workinq ten years ago?


cnepter u


Are you OK? Roberto: Sandy: Roberto: What's the matter? Are you okay?

• • • • • •

Not reeuv. I was p\ayinq tennis all day yesterday and now my arm hurts. I'm sorry to hear that. ---------,. eyes hurl ~ back hurts legs hurt all day ---~,. neck hurts

watching TV all night dancing all night

working in the garden all day sitting in front of the computer [] What should I do?

- I have a headache. - You should take some aspirin. a headache a toothache a cold a cough the flu see a doctor take some cold medicine take some aspirin buy some cough drops

see a dentist


Home remedies

is qood for ... ? chicken soup chamomile tea a cold a stomachache leg cramps hiccups a sore throat

tonic water
a spoonful of sugar tea with lemon and honey What "home remedies" What are they good for?

do you know?

(taken from The People's pharrnecy G1Iide to Horne and Herbal Remedies, Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1999) Chapter 11



1. Tony is callinq 2. He is 3. He is st avinq home 4, He has 5. He is qoinq to a. the doctor's a. for two days a. a bad cold a. his doctor today office b. his office b. coming to work b. today b. the flu a. not caminq to work



At the drugstore Pharmacist: Customer: Pharmacist: Customer: May I help you? A bottle of aspirin, please. Here you are. That's $3.05. Thanks.

Do you take any other medicine? Which ones do you take?

Averaqe paid sick leave in the US 15.2

Days of Paid Sick Leave per Year





1 year

3 years

5 years




10 years

15 years

20 years


25 years

Years Employed

How many sick days does your company give you? How many do you usually use?
Source: Bureau of Labor St<1tistics US covern-nent




. Talk about health rJ [] Show concern • I] Ask for advice • • • Chapter 11 65 .• • • Now you can ..

Review o o o o o o o o o o Read a map • • • Ask about someone's health Make plans to go out Talk about your favorite activites Invite someone out Talk about skills and past work experience Talk about your company and your work experience • • • • Talk about your job Talk about yourself and others Talk about your family 66 Chapter 12 .

years. Use some of the (of/owing language: Are you married? Do you have any children? How old are they? What do they look like? What are their names? I her • • • You're looklnq for a job. Talk to the aqent about your job experience and your Skills. You qo to an employment aqency. language: _ You QO to a party. You're looklnq tor the Post Office. I was in the I worked for Icon _ 'or department. Use some of the following I'm rooking for a job. You meet someone. Where's How far is it? How do I get there? Great! Thanks. and talk about your own family. Ask the person about his family. language: Chapter 12 67 . Use some of the following Excuse me.• • • • · s: It's Not Far at All! You're In a city. Ask someone for directions.

Turn • • • That's a Big Family! You meet someone at a party. Answer the person's Questions. Then ask him / her about his / her family. to the I qo It's not far. Give him / her directions. _ • • • • Job Hunting You work in an employment aqency. Use some of the folfowing language: Are you workinq now? When did you work at What did you do in your last job? What can you do? 68 _ Ch:apter 12 . He / she is looklnq for a job. Use some of the followinq ranquaqe: I have Their names are My son is My dauqhter is _ _ children. The person asks you questions about your family. ~ ~ . Use some 01 the following lsnqueqe: It's on It's across Walk Street. Ask about his / her work experience. A person comes Into your office. Ask the person what he / she would like to do.You're walking In the city_ Someone asks you for directions Post OUice. Use the map.

What's the matter? You should I hope you feel better soon! ~ _ Chapter 12 69 . How about this weekend? ? (Let's . Invite your friend to do something with you this weekend. Ask your friend about his / her health.) You meet a friend.• • • • • • • You meet a friend. You would like to go out with him / her. You look terrible / sick. Give him I her some health advice. Use some of the fol/owinq tenqueqe: Are you OK. Your friend looks terrible. Use some of the foJ/owing lanquaqe: Are you doing anything Would you like to It starts at _ .

Thank you! 70 Chapter 12 . You're not taklnq any medicine for the cold. Accept your friend's Invitation or suqqest a different activity. Talk to your friend about your health. whet time? I No. I would. I am. Your friend Invites you to do somethinq with him I her this weekend. You have a sore throat and a headache. I How about 7 • • • • • • • Get Well Soon! You have a bad cold. Use some of the followinq lanquaqe: Yes. Yes. You meet a friend.Are You Free This Weekend? You meet a friend. I'm not. Use some of the followinq lanquaqe: 11001 _ Ihave 1 didn't _ .

Give.• • • • • • • o A: You are having o A: Talk about a party. feel? B: Talk with a classmate about his / her health. When was it? How did you Chap"~r 12 71 . Where was your last job? What did you do? B: Talk to a classmate about his I her work experience. Tell the directions to the class. How many people are there in your family? How old are they? What do they look like? B: Talk with a classmate about his / her family. Where did he / she work? What did he / she do? Tell the class about your classmate's work experience. E] A: Talk about your work experience. How does he I she feel today? Does he / she qet sick sometimes? When was the last time he / she got sick? What was the matter? Tell the class about it I she m A: Talk about a time when you were sick. your family.dire-ctions to your home. D A: Talk about last weekend. How far is it? How do you qet there? B: Ask a classmate for directions to his / her home or to some other place. How many people are there in the family? How old are they? What do they look like? Tell your classmate about the family. Write down the directions. What did you do? Did you enjoy it? Why? B: Talk with a classmate about hi~ / her weekend. What did he do? Did he I she enjoy it? Why? Tell the class about it.

My name 15 I'm from' MV address is My phone number 15 • • • • [I Personal questions. Carlos isn't from Japan.o Countries COUNTRY and nationalities. Is she trom Mexico? Complete the sentences. _ Americans. 3. Is Ms. Example: 1. Marcos Brazilian? Yes. 1. COUNTRY NATIONALITY NATIONALITY England Austria Korea U. Fill in the blanks.$ YOur firs-t: nM1e ~ My first name is Michael. Sheryl and I are from the U. ~ Wha-t: . Write the questions. My phone number is 617-266-3158. 4. Example: Armin is from Germany.S He 5 ntl from Munich Japanese. 3.S. Fill in the blanks. My address is 25 Nassau Street. Complete the sentences.S. He t. I'm from Boston. .__ seven nine zero four three ten one eiqht five • • • _ __ __ _ EJ Write about yourself. Juanita is not from Mexico. from Chile. Example: two ____z. My last name is Bennett. 2. £nqlish France Australian Japan Mexican German Canada Brazilian Spain f) Write the numbers. 2.

What is Sarah's address? 3. Where's Tomako from? 6. i3 TRACKS 38 .43: number? 1. My d. Okura? b. you. Good-bye. You are Australia. am 4. Example: d. b. My name is Kathleen Sanders. Shiro Okura. Are Robe-rt and Carole from France? No. this a. name Mr. Henninq's address? • • 4.Tm 2. meet Rossi. Japan 5. c. to What's your C. @Hello. l'm a. is C. And you 6. Is Ms. Nice to a. Mr.• • • • • 4. from are . too. Vela Portuquese or Brazilian? 5. 1. name is Umberto c. c. I am. _ [J Nice to meet you. c. We are or Listen and answer the questions. Japanese c. And you? first name b. Circle the correct answer. Tokyo _ b. a. What is Mr. Yes. Cooper's first name? . last name 3. b. How do you spell Mr. What is Paul's phone number? 2. Sanders. Ms. b. Are you a.

e. _ _ _ 1. 1. please.1"s El What would you like? Complete the sentences with would like. Here's __ 4. What kind of ice cream would John like? 4.12:50 b. Would you like a hamburqer or a cheeseburqer? 3.6:15 a. strawberry ice cream. It's __ country. a hamburqer. Itke a glass of apple juice. It's 4. Fill in the blanks. city.D What would you like to eat? Complete the sentences.9:08 c. Example: We'd like _"'_ 1. please. Il A or an? Fiff in the blanks. • • • . please.l:13 b. What would you like to eat? hamburger.7:15 b.l1:45 •. would you like a glass of juice? . for dinner I'd like fl More numbers. 8:09 b. It's 3. what kind of cake would you like? 2.7:50 c. some chocolate cake. coffee. For lunch I'd like 3. I'd like __ menu. 2. Austria is not __ 3. Sandy. Example: twenty-eight seventeen sixty-one seventy-four __ ninety-nine thirteen eleven ____1!_ 61 26 32 12 55 40 41 fDrOj -Me • • • • D TRACKS 44 . Cindy and Bert.I:30 c.47: What time Is it? Listen and answer the questions. This is __ table for two. orange from Florida.Yes.12:15 c. For breakfast I'd like 2. would you like coffee or tea? - I'd. Example: John. please.l0:08 It's 2. 1:03 a.

coffee and ice cream e. a cheeseburqer with a baked potato c. for lunch / you / What / like / would / ? 4. a baked potato and French fries 2.Example: glass ~ 5. number _ 8. Example: juice / some / like / I'd /. plate • 4. and vegetables c. cup 3. and potatoes b. address 7. take / order / your / 1/ May / ? 5. a hamburger with French fries b. three / like / a / table / for / We'd / . . cranqe juice. and rice 3. I eat I eat _ _ _ _ _ _ • I drink For dinner. chicken. 3. steak. tea.50: What are they orderinq? Circle the correct answer: a. Put the words in the correct order. time / it / What / is /? 2. a. fish. water. I drink For lunch. street _ _ _ 1. a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich • C What do you eat in your country? For breakfast. spoon 2. I eat I drink .3. eat / I / at / o'clock / seven / dinner / . [] TRACt<5 48 . country 6. Id Ikke saMe oiuu· _ _ _ _ _ 1. coffee and cake b. sandwich D How we say it.

an office. She works in a bank. He __ in an office. She a bank. 7 We teach Spanish. Our books are 6. . 7 He reads The Washlnqton Post. I J. Simmons is a 4.¥ • • • . Sarah and Bill are managers. He 2. 7 I'm from Poland. Muxph. Ms. We work in a school. Sam is a writer. w1te. for a newspaper. Is your cell phone __ 4. 4. words. Tim and John are 3."ve a bus. 2. They El What's the question? Write the correct Example: 1. Salvatore is a 2. The calendar is 3.. 2. 1LL the floor. Toronto is a city __ EJ What do they do? Fill in the blanks. Carey is a bartk 1. 6. B Where Is It? Fill in the correct Example: Frank's computer is 1.. WDrk 7 He works In cbtceeo. DOCTOR BANK MANAGER HOMEMAKER REPORTERS TEACHERS Example: Ms. ' He works in a hospital. (in/on/next to) • • • • at home. They __ question. (in/next/on) the wall. 7 She lives in Athens. . Cole is a homemaker. They work at a newspaper. .o What do they do? Complete the sentences with words from 'he box. Example: I'm a driver. Ms. I aOfl. for a magazine. Jim and I are ll1~er . 5. She works at home. Newman is her office.t dnve a taxi. 1. (in/under/next) Canada. J. (in/on/under) Ms. 7 He types memos. 7 They work lor Sterling Products. Are my pencils __ 5. She 3.n. (in/on/under) to the papers? (on/next/under) the drawer? (in/under/next) Sue's chair.rj dpes Mr..

102 2. 1. 5. At work. Where does Ms.33. Fill in the blanks. Can I Help you? [] TRACKS 51 .• iii 2. a.000 A telephone conversation. Campbell work? b.52: Two Interviews. Do you sell DVD players? l1ub Perforl!1anu. What does Kenji do? b. Who does he work for? c. four thousand (and) seven Put the sentences in the correct order.600 3.609 4. lalways I _ _ __ sometimes Inever [J Write the numbers. What are his hours? . Great! What are your hours? Hello. Listen and answer the questions. we do. _ _ _ _ _ _ 1. Thanks a lot. Yes. Can 1 Mp ~ou ? • • Audio Performance. We're open from ten to eiqht. eight hundred (and) ninteen 6. What's her job? c. a. seven million 8. What does she do? 2. twenty thousand 7.

(shoes. I'm word.S OpfIlS(i/e? 1. Are Mark's __ brown? (skirts. . ties) 3. pants) 7 (shirts. Follow the example. are b~ Are -t!tDse SW1. Is that earring new? 4. Change this to these and that to those. Which shorts are they buyinq? They're buying the larqe 4.ftC. suit) wedring a ne-w pair of __ . Marianne doesn't like this blouse. Is that suit expensive? Examples: This car is big. jeans. (handbaq.I'M wea. Which dress would you like? The blue _ 2. Example: Which watch is expensive? The gold__ML_. That glove is old. How much are the men's __ fl What are you wearlnq today? Complete the sentence. What kind of sweater is she wearinq? A cotton _ 3. 1. Example: I am wearing a blue shirt. Mr. • • • • • • • Me (.nn3 EI This / that / these / those. today. El One or ones? Complete the sentences. blouses) 4. Morqan is weertnq his qrev __ 2.o What are they wearfnn? Complete the sentences with the correct 1. 3. This tie is blue and gray. What kind of shoes is he wearinq? He's wearing leather _ _ . and black sneakers. 2.

Jim and Tom aren't reading a French magazine. Customer: Do you have size 38? Clerk: Sorry. They're thirty-six dollars. 4. How much are the pants? a. They're not shoppinq. (studying) 2. briefwse? a 1. 2. It's thirty-six dollars. c. 3.i1~.• • • ~ Present Example: progressive. I'm not wearing a brown belt. 4. c. c. we don't. Write a question using the word in parentheses. (blacK) 4. Ms. b. _ _ _ How much are they? What size are they? Thanks anyway. (shoes) 3. Kramer isn't buying a handbaq. (briefcase) Is site bu.~. What size is the sweater? a. 3. we do.00.t :iu are ±he!f? Choose phrases from the box. Circle the Clerk: Customer: Yes. They're forty-live dollars. It's a medium. • • • • o They're a size 36. . c. It's forty-five dollars. Example: Customer: Clerk: 1. They're a size 10. They're twenty-five b. Wha. It's a large. (Spanish) m Wnat do we say? Complete the conversations. How much is the sweater? a. They're a size S. Customer: Clerk: They're $45. What size are the pants? b. b. Here you are. Customer: Clerk: Yes. Can I help you? 00 you have a black pair? _ much is it? Listen to the conversation. a. They're a size 2. 2. It's a medium. I'm looking for a pair of jeans. They're a size S. Joseph isn't looking for a pair of gloves. Customer: Track 53: What size Is It?/How correct answer. dollars.

. 21st 4. Example: ~ I. 11. is the fifth day of the week.I'll be back on the 28th. I. . 6.Thank you. 16th _ D What do we say? Complete Example: - Wh. Write the days of the week. _ _ 10. I. the first day of the week ts the second day 01 the week. 3.On Saturday. _ _ s. f) Months of the year.I'm packing my suitcase. doing? .D Days of the week. trip.fJ6i_ 3.No. is the seventh day of the week. 4. 5. 2.I'm going to Los Angeles. Example: tst I. . is the fourth day of the week. 3. vacation? .a:t Ofe VDU. 4. July B. Write the ordinal numbers. is the sixth day of the week. 2. coming back? Ieavinq? going? . 30th _ • • • • • • • . December _ - EI Ordinal numbers. 2. is. 5. 5. . 2nd 2. \Tti!Q!wrij 4. 7. May 6. 12. I'm going on a business trip. Write the months in order. is the third day of the week.4th 6. 3. 9. I'm not.3rd the conversation.

I ___. please. When are they leaving? 4.d_ like to speak to Mr. He (does / doesn't) 5.but 3. Use the words NO. like to 3. Do you sometimes go on a business trip? (on NO. and Example: Are the Thompsons qoinq on a business trip? NO.• • • • Il Present prcqresstve .but ±he{re hruiin~ dinner a.-t ". Kurt really 2. Do you always leave the office at 5 o'clock? (tomorrow) 2. (do / WOUld) you like to do tonight? Sophie like to buy? like it. Johnson. like / likes) 1. 30in3 Or! Yl1l. but No. Do the Smiths always have dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night? (tonight) No. ihe!(re 1.a± ±i>nt{jh± __ Friday) __ 1. Does Annette usually work late? (today) No. Example: Write sentences.future rneaninq. John never eats fish. Liz (likes / would /ike) live there. What kind of car (would / does) 4. When are they coming back? . What (would coffee! He drinks 10 cups a day. How are they going? 3.f. but 4."-wn Where are they going? 2. but she (doesn't / wouldn't) o TRACK • • • 54: Where are the Thompsons qolnq? Listen to the conversation answer the questions. Does fred usually fly to Montreal? (on Monday) __ __ or (/ like? I'd) Complete the sentences. Use the examples as a model.Wj±L\Urg. New York.but rl Would Example: like in parentheses.

. the train station. The Garden Restaurant ~ is __ Center Street. The post office is _ 2. on the left across next to turn right left from Cafe. Use across from.Go __ for one block. . between. between behind . The Grand Hotel is 4. It's the post office. Example: The Park Cafe is 1. the corner of Spring st. (You are at the Garden Restaurant.It's on Center Street. The Garden Restaurant is 3.Excuse me. Where's the bank? . _ the department store. / AskinQ for directions. or on.) . Look at the map. then __ .Thanks a lot. The train station is 5. aaOSS frOM the Park Cafe. Complete the conversations with phrases from the box. the Grand Hotel and the Park Sprinq Street. and Center St.How do I get there? . next to.I} ~ ~ ~ SPRING STREET ~ ~ ~ • • • • • • • Where Is It? Complete the sentence.

the post office.es:Lzura. _ 2. _ 3.Sorry. the qaraqe. Write imperatives with qo. Use capital letters a bank near here? .Yes. blocks from there. I'd like to cash a check.:_ \j< 0 riJ American and British Enqlish. ~here -~ . any Indian restaurants .n .n±. Is or there are? Complete the sentences. 6p :tp {he 6o. I'd like to try all a new suit. British English in Sprinq St. The bus stop is __ 3. Draw a line from the American word that means the same. Then answer the questions. opposite lorry petrol station underqround -'1P \\ ~ . _ _ where needed. • • • • # 10-\ 11\ . She's qoinq to take the train. American Enqlish truck~ gas s~auon subway across from on Sprinq 51. word to the British y. I. I'd like to have some coffee. 1. I'd like to buy a book.• • • a Makinq suqqes ucns. Nancy's car is __ 2.Yes. Look at the map.rde. I'd like to buy a train ticket. a qas station on this street? .€. 4. The bus stop is on Oak Street __ 4. Example: I'd like to eat lunch. 5. The __ is on the corner of Main Street and Green Street. How do I qet one on the corner to the TRACK 55: train station? Listen to Nancy and Phil. . one on Second Avenue. and __ in this town? _ two on Broad Street.

Linda Roberts isn't single. Danny's brother isrv't short. a small one. . my watch? __ Paul __ it? ? They __ an American car. is writing letters. She's a EJ Opposites. How many CDs __ 5. Ed is Susan's 4. Ed is David's . Karen Newman ~ ? 1. Example: How many children ~ two children. What kind of car __ 4. They're ~. and the Thompson family is at home. . . Kathy isn't a boy. Susan. Then complete the sentences. David is Diane and Kathy's 5. .o The Thompson Family. His wife. Ed Thompson is reading the newspaper. 6. Karen __ 2. David and Kathy are at the computer. __ Mary __ the Roberts __ you __ ? I __ about SO CDs. He __ • • • . They're 2. She's 4. Use the correct form of have. Complete the sentences with the opposite of the word in bold type. My brother is sinqle. . Diane is talkinq on the phone. . a biq office or a small office? She __ a wife. I have a EI Have or has? Complete the sentences. and Kathy. Example: These shoes aren't new. brother dauqhters father friend girl husband man sisters and two . 1. Use a capital letter where needed. It's Saturday morninq. He's 3. The Thompsons have one ~ 2. She is speaking to her trteno Janet. Read the paragraph. I don't have a sister. My grandparents aren't young. The Thompsons have three children: Diane. David. Diane and Kathy are David's 3. Who __ 3. • • • • 6. son 1.

Albert.They're both married. wile 3. Joe.Yes.Show me your pictures. stncre 'ather sisters ..Are they . Tom. he has two ..That's my foiber _ How old is he? married . 5. eyes / wife I stnqre rooks like . Katherine / Tom . there people married live is / there are has / have. Leo. Stephen.• • • • • • • E] WrltinQ practice. daughter 6.years old I girlfriend / mother ~ Plurals. Example: woman ~ 1. . Write the plural or singular form. child 2.He's sixty-three. Anna. Complete the sentences. Susie. men families _ fl Descrtbtnq people. Describe the people in your family. Write 4-6 sentences. Who is that man wit h your mother? . Listen and fill in the family tree with the names from the box...hair has children husband boyfriend father I son I daughter I have . _ _ husbands 4. Try to use some words in the box. or _ _ Does he have any brothers or sisters? TRACK 56: Tom's family. Maria.He looks so young! .

far..:..\ 4.\ 5. The rneetlnq started an hour __ 3.p. You and I __ 2. 4.."IIO:11 6~8\\'.\ni". Complete the sentences. Bill a manaqet? 3. Where did Mr. only two blocks. Pre . Gallen work in 1997? 1')9.. What was his job at ToonTlme? 1'>99 I... 4. 7)1'1 .ld. ----------' f.'". I worked in a museum __ 1997. Gal/en's work experience. Gallen work in 1994? 1. Where does he work now? • • • • f) Time expressions. aqo for Complete the sentences. That woman in our office __ 5. ! You're late! two years.. How far __ El Past tense. from to until E.Ch. Then she moved to the U.C.I.'-19% Crtajh~ Ilir('.. Requfar verbs.J1 nirN'!nrofl'mr!ur1 Llnrlo\JU'l'n!..Sfln Fnlllti. your parents. where needed... How lonq did he work there? PflOfESSIONALEXPERIENCE Chk'I.>li(of.vnTi""'. No."". Answer the questions 1.rIJI'Cnlli. he __ .'nl . C·. they __ it from the station to the office? It __ 6. __ sick on Monday. Where __ you last week? I __ on vacation.S. Use a capita/letter Example: Charles and his boss ~ 1.D A resume.'kH.\lultlll. 3.(ampie: Tne bank is open frCfr1 B am to 5 pm.rnr. here last month? No.. __ Roberta Lanq.re\~nl Ylc •. Use the past tense of the verb in parentheses."!i/!o. (work) Lacy's from • • • . Friday.::~ 2. Ms.IL 606:'. lId:u I'''.W. X"\. Use words from the bo)!. Where did Mr. Duval lived in France __ 2.'. in Philadelphia last week. .11 T(. We usually work from Monday __ EJ Was or were? Complete the sentences with was or were.Hr •• $!m Fr"nri~'H. Example: When ~ Bill work for Lacy's? He ~for 1990 to 2000. about Mr... 1..

type well. car parts marketing c. workinq c. .!. Furn!o works in __ a. He __ speak Spanish. his new position 3. at StarTech . Then complete 1. You have a computer. drive to work. Barker __ __ he __ from 1998 to 2001? He __ ? He __ • • • • • 6. \ study German. Fumio is telling Helga about __ a. (call) at Abe-co. \ __ speak a little. Listen. in China c. Elizabeth and Kathleen are great saleswomen. 3. She __ be a chef. sales b. TRACK57: Talklnq about a new job. Who __ 4.Q"Q__ Example: Virginia is from Cuba. Steve doesn't have a car. the sentences. 4. You __ use it to write the letter. (interview) 2. a. Janet __ 12 letters yesterday you __ (op~n) morning. Fumio and Helga are __ together. 5. traveling 2. at a restaurant b. _.. Fumio was __ last week. Jeff is a terrible cook. __ my Jetters? Ms. 6. Jensen __ you? No.• • 1. computers b. m Can or can't? Complete the sentences with can or can't. He __ 2. Linda is an excellent secretary. 4.. at! over the world b. (type) last week? I __ 20 people. she __ me. Where __ Mr. How many people __ 3. his trip to Japan c. a. She 1. (work) (manage) 5. Which department the Sales Department. . They __ sell anything.


What do you want to do? Use the words in the box to complete the sentences. Example: l'd like to go out to 1. We want to go 2. Let's watch a 3, She'd like to play 4. They want to listen to


, , , ' ' using the words in parentheses.

dancing dinner garden qolf movie music

He wants to work in the

If) I want to ... Answer the questions

Example: The weather is nice today. Do you want to watch TV? (work in the garden)

NO. J dM


1 WM±


WOrk ia file


• • • • • • •

It's rainlnq. Does Diane want to go for a walk? (go to d museum)

2. Jack had spaqhetti for dinner last night, Does he want to eat spaghetti tonight? (eat steak)

3. It's summer. Do the children want to watch TV?



4. We went to a restaurant last niqht. Do we want to play qott this morning? (watch TV)



Complete the conversations

with phrases from fhe box. Let's qc dancinq toniqht. We stayed in. How Was the play? I'd love to! What do you want to do today?

Example: - Did you qo out last weekend? - No, we didn't. 1,
-I 2,


Sicuje4. !.n

want to play tennis.

- Thdt sounds qreat!
3, - It

was. OK.

4. - Would you like to go to a concert?

• • •


What happened yesterday? Rewrite fhe sentences in the past tense. Example: Ben always eats eggs for breakfast. This morning


aU OOly

iaasi '!.lIm


1. I usually go to the movies on Friday. Last Friday 2. Janet always leaves the office at 5 o'clock. Yesterday, 3. We usually take the bus to work. This morning a taxi. at 6 o'clock. to the theater.

4. Toshi and Tim always meet with their boss on Tuesdays. Last week on Wednesday.

[J What do you do In your free time? Write 3 sentences usinq some of the words below.
always / usually / never anythinq / somethinq / nothinq stay in / go out want to on the weekend / during the week like to

1. 2. 3. []

I don -t llSW6l1!f ~a auf on -tJv wetJ<fIId
_ __ _

• • •

TRACK58: What did Ian and Amy do last weekend? Listen to the conversation. Circle the correct answer.


a. went to the movies
a. went to a concert a. played tennis with Maria a. is quite a surfer


surfed the Internet

c. played tennis c. played tennis c. went to a concert c. plays tennis well

2. Amy 3. Mike 4. Maria

b. surfed the Internet



b. went to a play

D What's

wrong? Rewrite the sentences using have. Linda's back hurts. hurts. throat hurts. _ is 1020 (39°). _ _ with expressions from
ttve box.




baLkru.he _ _

My stomach

2. Our cauqntar's 3. My ear hurts.

4. Tim's temperature


5. You need to see the dentist. 6. I am couqhinq.

l] How do you feel? Complete the conversations
Example: - How do you feel today?

- I feel fille, iJwu<S.
- Good. 1._

What's the matter? I feel fine, thanks. How are you? I have a stomachache.

• • • •

- Se-se.

- I hurt my ankle yesterday. 2. - How are you feelinq?

- I hope you feel better soon.


Should and shouldn't. Answer the questions. Example: I have the flu. What should I do?

Use should or snoukin't,

YDu. s~uld S~

irt bed

1. I need to buy some medicine, Where should I go?

2. It's winter, What shouldn't

we wear?

3. Steve and Maria are hungry. Where should they qo?

• • •

He went home and stayed in but his gave him _ with honey. I gave them some tea. . I have a large family. a. I'll give them a drink.££_ at 7 o'clock this morning? breakfast. a. (do) 1. a. c. Example: ~I'II give you a drink.• • • • • 4. (study) (work) rl STRACK He bed for Rafael ~as sick. After that. Example: What ___). 4. She gave me some tea. Listen to Rafael. 1. I'm thirsty. a.J£. I'll buy him dinner. You are hungry. I'll buy you dinner. What 3. 3. b. c. What shouldn't she do? El Object pronouns. c. and a I • • Example: Last ~ at the office. He didn't take any I . Then complete the sentences. James and Brian are playing golf tomorrow. the Thompsons 2. c. Circle the best response. He gave her directions gave her some tea. Tina has a stomachache. he felt and he we-nt back to work. ~ What were they doing? c. Kristin's head hurts. 2. Charlie's going to the dentist. b. b. He had a days. Lisa gave it directions. He 59: (eat) you at 7:00 last night? a movie on TV. (watch) all day yesterday? . he . We 4. I b. No. We bought him new clubs. Was Gary 5. What kind of Cdr should I buy? 5. a. At 7:00 this morning. Lisa give him directions. We bought them new clubs. We bought her new clubs. form of the verb (do) in Complete the sentences with the correct the Thompsons ~ parentheses. I'll qive her a drink. Rafael was sick. I'll buy them dinner.

What is/What's 2. Athens. 5.) Exercise 4 1. 2. She's from Japan. 3. Ohio. Germany Exercise 2 seven _'!__ nine _Q_ zero . a Exercise 7 1. c 3. We're/We are 4. • __ c 5. they aren't/they're Exercise 6 1. She's/She is are not 3. It's 201-555-9378. It's 9 Farm Road.i. she is (not she's) 3. Florida. It's 10 Main Street. c 2. Tampa. What is/What's your las! name? 2.s. 43001. 6. What is/What's your phone number? Exercise 5 1. S-t-e-p-h-e-n CHA~L2~ Exercise 1 (Answers will varv. 37609. a 6.CI:IA~IER 1 Exercise 1 COUNTRY NATIONALITY COUNTRY NATIONALITY England Austria Korea Mexico £nqU-sh-Austrian Korean Mexican American German France Australia Japan Canada Brazil Spain 1 8 S F'rench Australian Japanese Canadian Brazilian Spanish u. 4. 4 four three _l__ 10 ten one eight five • • • your not/they Exercise 3 (Answers will vary.) Exercise 2 17 sixty-one twentv-s!x 61 74 99 13 11 thirty·two twelve fifty-five forty • • • . Where are you from? address? 4. b 4. She's Brazilian.

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