Dual IP Stack

Problem statement:
We have an application that would require a secondary stack to communicate. The term stack or secondary stack is used throughout this document to describe the behavior of the resulting application. The dual stack investigation aims at gaining the networking benefits of virtualization without running a virtual environment. If a secondary stack can be implemented in the Windows environment, which is totally independent of the primary network stack, the connection between on-board and off-board systems will be able to share the physical Ethernet resource while creating a minimally intrusive footprint on customer equipment. The desired behavior is to have the local host monitor and properly access two independent IP addresses from a single NIC. The communications stacks do not need to operate simultaneously, but they must coexist in the host operating system.

Application 1 uses the normal kernel TCP/IP stack to communicate. The Application 2 has been already written in C#. Net and if we are opting to go with HsTcpIPv4 as the secondary stack, we would like HsTcpIPv4 to provide same interfaces as of primary stack. Example: <System.net.sockets>

Constraints: Any solution must be completed within the following constraints: 1. 3. the solution installation (executable) may be run with Administrator privileges.NET or C#. The solution must run in a Windows XP / Vista /Windows 7 environment with standard User privileges. However. Support for Ethernet adapters with Promiscuous mode disabled. The static address must be software configurable. The solution source code may be done in any language. 4. The gateway must be definable in the secondary stack. (Optional) . 5. 2. Virtual host / hyper visor installations may not be used. The primary IP configuration on the host cannot be modified in any manner. zone alarm. 2. The host secondary stack must be statically addressed. etc. The solution must run along with any popular firewalls such as Web sense. 1. 3.Base Requirements: The following conditions must be met for any solution to be considered viable. but must be fully transferable to .

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