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Writing gooder_final

Writing gooder_final

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Published by: Scott Tripp on Feb 25, 2011
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Basic writing techniques for designers

15 years experience in agencies and in-house Received several ´attaboysµ from Nila


´Your note is PERFECT. I wouldn't have changed a word and given my penchant for editing everything, everybody including myself, that's saying a lot. Thank you!µ

etc. memos. fliers.TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF WRITING Business Writing y letters. Ads. brochures. e-mails. direct mail. proposals. etc. ´Creativeµ writing y . notes. presentations. manuals.


BUSINESS WRITING Business writing matters!!! We are routinely judged by how effectively we communicate y Our entire company is judged by the writing of an individual employee y The ability to persuade others through writing is an essential part of business success y .

there is a good chance their guess will be wrong Get the reader to take some sort of ACTION .TWO GOALS OF BUSINESS WRITING Make people UNDERSTAND you y If they have to guess.

5 TIPS FOR BETTER BUSINESS WRITING Tip #1 y Be Concise At every stage of writing your letter/email/memo. look at it and decide what to remove .

5 TIPS FOR BETTER BUSINESS WRITING Tip #2 y Be Complete Don·t take conciseness too far Your letter should not sound like a telegram (stop) Should tell the reader everything they need to know (stop) Should prod them to take some sort of action (stop) .

5 TIPS FOR BETTER BUSINESS WRITING Tip #3 y Use Nouns and Verbs Writing is like driving a car Nouns and verbs are the wheels and engine Adjectives and adverbs are the body and trim .

5 TIPS FOR BETTER BUSINESS WRITING Tip #4 y Write actively Example Passive y "The report will be sent to youµ "I will send you the reportµ Active y .

5 TIPS FOR BETTER BUSINESS WRITING Tip #5 y Be interesting Vary the length of your sentences .


WHAT IS GOOD COPY? Good copy is : Interesting y Focused y Organized y Appropriate y .

2. Art + Copy = Message How to Write Copy = How to Convey a Message ´I can·t imagine being a designer who can·t write. speaking about seamless integration of text and graphics in his work for GOOD magazine and other clients.GOOD COPY SUPPORTS A MESSAGE 1. .µ Designer Scott Stowell.

STEP 1: DEFINE THE MESSAGE Research 1. 2. Listen Learn Study Get interested Understand Don't be afraid .

Write about it. Pick some benefits and write about them Freewriting Write a story 4. Distill Prioritize Summarize . Look for unique ´Nuggetsµ or facts Translate the Brief ´So what?µ Translate tangible features into intangible benefits 3. 2.STEP 1: DEFINE THE MESSAGE (CONT) Read and interpret the Brief (or make one yourself) 1.

visualthesaurus.STEP 2: TRANSLATE THE MESSAGE Writing your headline y Write the most boring headline EVER that conveys the KEY point ´BMWs are fun to driveµ y Develop a word list Start with a word such as ´carµ and a benefit such as ´funµ Write down all descriptive words. thesaurus. idyoms y http://www.com . metaphoric words or opposing words (ask the 5 Ws to expand the list) Visual mapping Use tools: dictionary.

OpenSource software: FreeMind .

VisualThesaurus.com .

Other useful resources .

pop culture or social behaviors to be relevant y Be a smart ass (if appropriate) .STEP 2: TRANSLATE THE MESSAGE (CONT) Writing your headline (cont) y y Take your words and refine/combine them Turn it upside down Use current events.

STEP 2: TRANSLATE THE MESSAGE (CONT) Writing body copy y y y y Sentence 1²2: Pay-off the headline Restate Introduce the product and/or service Tell benefits and use features to support claims Sentence 2²3: Turn the corner Sentence 3²4: Answer ´so what?µ Sentence 4²5: Put a bow on it Relate message and visual to headline Summarize Call to action .

you·re sure to have a mind-altering experience. Call or visit your BMW dealer today or visit www. And with affordable financing and lease options.PUTTING IT TOGETHER The best psychotherapy doesn·t happen while lying on a couch Nothing lifts the spirits like getting off the couch and into a BMW.bmw-usa. With a great engine and precision steering. you·ll wind up spending less than at the shrink.com . Especially if it·s the new BMW 0000.

TIPS ON IMPROVING WRITING SKILLS Read Write What You Know Learn the Language Write Like People Talk Understand your audience .


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