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© 2005 TeleTech / Verizon Exit Interview Employee Name: __| oil ___ Date of Hire: Role/Department: Techn Exit Interview Conducted by: Date Today: Last Day of Work: Effective Date: 4. Why are you leaving Verizon? Because Tid toler 2. Overall, | was satisfied with Verizon as a place to work. Fully __ Moderately Not Really _ 3. Would you be interested in working for Verizon on a Part-Time basis? Comments: Ne That's Nike saying 7 dL pecfec te be vated half £i, 4, How did you first become interested in Verizon? Newspaper Advertisement Friend employed by Verizon = _X Internet Advertisement Self initiative Recruitment Agency Other Radio - Job Fair Lote 2005 5. What was the main reason you decided to join Verizon? Looked like a good opportunity _<_ Friend employed by Verizon ae Career Growth = Wanted to join this industry Good pay / benefits Progressive company Good match for my skills == Needed a job a NR 4 6. How long did you expect to be in the position you were selected for? Between 0 ~6 months Between 6 9 months Between 9 ~ 12 months Approximately 1.5 years Approximately 2 years 3 years or more 7. Did you fully understand what was involved in the job when it was offered? Fully Moderately _\ Not Really Comments: hs 8. Throughout your employment, were you clearly informed of what was expected of you? Fully Moderately Not Really Comments: inability to RTFM CPead the fucking manual Please rate & give comments on the following areas in relation to your position 8. How beneficial was the training you received when you first joined Verizon? 20f6 2005 Excellent Good Fair Poor Did you learn all you needed to know to be capable of doing the job? 10. How welll did you feel your salary package compensated what you actually did in your position? Excellent Good Fair_X Poor Do you feel it is “on par” with the market? I ake} 11. How did you cope with your personal workload? Excellent _X_ Good Fair |IFit cout be changed, would you increaseidecrease the workdoad? 12. How did you feel about your physical-working environment? (e. furniture, ete) Excellent Good Fair Poor _X Da is a i a eee a Mis, this is ff ae Bay lace alte Fave ty wif pela ae Fe MaAbile es all or mn place te wy pe 13.Did the technology supporthinder your ability to do your job? Very Supportive Supportive___Hindrance_¢ What changes would you suggest? 30f6