Texas History 2301 Class Outline Texas Revolution Part III

I. Santa Anna¶s Invasion a. µTo invade the Alamo or not to Invade the Alamo¶ II. Conditions at the Alamo at the Time of Santa Ann¶s arrival a. James Neill b. James Bowie c. William Travis d. Davy Crockett III. Battle of the Alamo a. The fight b. Significance of the Battle of the Alamo IV. The Birth of the Republic a. The Texas Declaration of Independence V. VI. Santa Ann¶s Next Move The Battle of Refugio a. Carlos de la Garza b. Ammon B. King c. Ramifications of the battle VII. VIII. IX. X. The Goliad Massacre Houston¶s Retreat The Battle of San Jacinto The Treaty of Velasco a. Public pact b. Secret pact

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