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avoid 7 costly mistakes when shipping to guam
avoid 7 costly mistakes when shipping to guam

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Published by: greencountryintegrated on Feb 25, 2011
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Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes When Shipping to GUAM


Don’t forget to budget for the User Fee on all incoming equipment and tools.

This includes Household goods, personnel effects and vehicles. 2. Be sure to file for the Business License from GovGuam, simple fees could save

you tens of thousands of dollars. All businesses working on Guam are responsible to have a Guam Business License and pay Gross Receipts Tax. This includes businesses doing work on the military bases.

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Be sure the rates you have to move your cargo includes delivery to the job

site and that all of the surcharges are included in the final rate calculations. Determining the cutoff to meet the ship to get your cargo to Guam by the

required delivery date. All carriers require the cargo to be in the terminal by a certain date so they can properly stow the vessel. 5. Accounting for the cost of moving the cargo from the point of origin to

the port of loading and the time involved in getting it to the west coast port. 6. Scheduling based on having only a few days (less than seven) to unload

your cargo and return the container to the carrier or your will be charged Demurrage/Detention by the carrier. The carriers have hired a Third party to manage this and have no control over forgiving delays. 7. Assuring all documentation meets the requirements of Guam Customs

precisely. If this is not followed your cargo may be delayed or seized by Guam customs.

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