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Eric Mangini Compilation

Eric Mangini Compilation

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Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-30-09

(On what his kids are going to be for Halloween)- "Let's see, we have Puss in Boots
from Shrek. Yoda, that's the one year old and Luke Skywalker, that's Luke. Luke loves
Luke Skywalker. The two oldest, they are big Star Wars fans. Jake is Han Solo and Luke
is Luke Skywalker. I am usually either Darth Vader or the Emperor. It's great. I have a
Darth Vader mask in my office. I am sure the players are wondering what that is for. [It's
for] when I Skype with them, I hope nobody ever walks in when that is happening. It's
fun. I know the Star Wars Symphony is coming to Cleveland. I had to watch that
documentary last Friday about the making of. Good times, good times."

(Opening statement)- "Today what we are going to do, you saw yesterday, continuing to
emphasize tackling. We got it a couple days this week. We have been doing it since
training camp. We are going to keep doing it. That, to me, is such a fundamental skill. It's
something that can improve and needs to improve across the board. It also helps our
offensive players with running with the football, understanding where a defender's
leverage is, how to attack it. [I] have been doing that for years, all of the different places I
have been and [I] believe in it. I thought that defensively we had a good day. I thought we
had a really good day yesterday with the communication. I can't stress that enough. I can't
emphasize that enough. The ability to identify what they are in, what the check is, what to
anticipate, and [to] do it quickly is key. I thought they did a nice job with that. Everybody
has to understand it. Everybody has to take part in it. That, to me, is another skill that is
developed and as it improves, we improve.

"Offensively, I think there are some things that we need to clean up from yesterday that
we will do here today. In all three areas whether it be the routes, the protection, the reads.
It is a little bit different package than what we have seen over the last couple of weeks. I
feel like we are getting closer in understanding how to deal with it. It's a different type of

front in terms of the way they penetrate versus some of the other teams that have been a
little bit more reacting. We are making some strides there as well. What we will do today
is, clean up those things, work on the red zone and ideally finish the week, practice wise,
on a good note."

(On the notion of using Josh Cribbs as a running back)- "I've done some of that in the
past, and I don't love making comparisons between guys, but with Brad Smith where you
could get into multiple wide receiver set. Say you had four wide receivers on the field
and a tight end, traditionally that would be an empty formation, everybody would be out
because you don't have a running back. We would take Brad, at times, motion him back
in the backfield and now you are in a three wide receiver, tight end and running back set.
You can run those types of plays with a guy like that, so they have to deal. It's one
personnel group which presents one set of issues, but you are creating another one
because that guy does have some running back skills. It takes time. It takes a lot of work
by the player and the group to get that. It's something that we have done a little bit of.
Josh has played a lot of different roles with the Wildcat, the receiver so you have to build
the package as you go."

(On why he chose to play Cribbs at wide receiver instead of running back)- "He does
have really good hands. He is strong when he is running his routes. He's good with run
after the catch. It's not that you don't think that he's going to be as good in the other role,
but you think that he has a chance to keep developing, potentially be really good in that
role, and also, our receiver group when we first got here was in a bit of a state of flux. I
thought that was an area where we needed to develop depth."

(On how the trade for Kenyon Coleman has worked out)- "I like the players that we
got. I think that if you look at Kenyon's production versus the other d-linemen that were
available high in the draft, where our initial spot was, and the production that he's had
and the play time that he's had, that's been a plus decision. Alex (Mack) has started every
snap and I think he gets a little bit better each week. I don't think last week was his best
week, but as a young guy, we all need to practice. We all need that and I think especially
with the younger guys, at a position that has as much communication as the center does
and as many variations as the center does, it's hard to get those days back that you miss in
practice. Some of the veteran guys who have years of experience can relate things back.
He's building that experience each time he plays and each time he practices. I've liked the
things that he's done. Same thing with Abe (Elam). Brett's (Ratliff) been in his role and
that's really the role that I saw him having when he came here. I think there are a lot of
plusses with it."

(On if it was determined before the draft that the team did not need to draft a
"You look at all the players available, but having D.A. (Derek Anderson)
and Brady (Quinn) here, it was important to me to see those guys. I liked working with
those guys and I liked the things that they brought to the table. It wasn't really our
mindset, in terms of that position going into the draft. That wasn't part of the equation."

(On if he saw enough from Anderson and Quinn before the draft to have a good
idea of what they are capable of)-
"It's like anything else, you look at what they've done
based on the systems they were in and getting to know them and going through that
experience. You also have to then, see them in your system, the things you're asking them
to do, getting to know them through the course of the season, all those things come into
play. You may feel like you have a really good handle on a guy, but as you go through
the season, you know them much better than you did coming into it."

(On if there is a possibility of a player earning playing time by performing well
enough at their primary position, but not on special teams)-
"Yes, you look at both
sides of it, but they really have to beat somebody out at their position in order for that to
be the dominant part of the decision making process, or play a role on substituted
defenses that is significant. If they're not doing either one of those things and you bring
them to the game and they're not giving you reps on [special] teams, you can't do it."

(On if a player's playing time can be decided solely on his performance at his
primary position)-
"Yes, definitely. If you've carved out a role somewhere else, the most
important thing is what is the role? What is the game day role? The role can take a lot of
different shapes. If you're the star, the third defensive back playing in the slot. Are you a
substituted safety? Are you the third wide receiver? What is your role? How are you
contributing on game day? You want to be able to make sure that the 45 guys that you
bring there are all adding value to the game. Some of the reps that you take off somebody
else, allows them to play better at their spot. What you don't want to do is, bring someone
to a game, give them reps because you feel like they should have reps, but it's not what's

(On how much the health of the tight ends affects the game plan)- "It was tough last
week, I can tell you, because we had both those guys (Robert Royal and Steve Heiden)
down. Greg (Estandia) had played, had been here a little while. With (Michael) Gaines,
he had just come in. Hank (Fraley) had played a role there to some degree, sort of hoping
that one of those other two guys, whether it be Robert or Steve, could go, [we] we're sure,
we had the flu element. (Lawrence) Vickers was out, so Gaines had to play some
fullback, as well as play some tight end. There were a lot of moving parts. Now, the good
news is, for Gaines, he's been here an extra week and he has some exposure to those
different spots. We've gotten Lawrence back. Steve's been able to go to some degree.
Robert's been able to go to some degree. Greg has been able to go to some degree. Is it as
clear as you would like it to be? No, but at least it's moving in that direction, which is

(On if he has separate game plans depending on how many tight ends will be able to
"There's not really a group that you have where you can [plan for not having a
tight end], 21 there's a tight end. 12 there are two tight ends. 11 there's a tight end. You're
kind of down to 20 personnel, which is two backs, three wide receivers, or 10
[personnel], one back, four wide receivers. That's what you're working with at that point.
You try to build some flexibility with the plays. Hank may be able to be an in-line guy,
like he has been. Going back to a long time ago, and I've said it a lot, the whole concept

of building flexibility, ‘Who can play here? Who can fill in here?' in case you get into
spots like this where you have moving parts or you don't know what exactly the
equation's going to be come Sunday because you're working through it during the week."

(On Green Bay saying that they had practiced against Elam's blitz all week)- "I think
that when you win the game, there are a lot of decisions that look really good. We run a
lot of different things out of that set, and if they were able to pick that up, I think that was
[a] good job by them. I think that play could have been minimized if we had made the
tackle. It's like anything else, you take a chance, it should go for 15, not for whatever it

(On if he has been pleased with how Elam has done in blitz situations)- "Yes, we're
bringing a lot of different guys just based on formation and I think Abe has done a good
job when he has blitzed. It was a quick pass, so it wasn't going to get home either way. At
the point, you just make the tackle."

(On the intensity of the team against Green Bay)- "The one thing I've been really
pleased with is, the three weeks prior I thought that we were really getting a sense of how
we had to play each game. Sometimes there are setbacks, but there's a way that you have
to do it. We had been moving closer to understanding that. You have to learn from it and
you have to be able to come back and do those other things that we've been looking for,
because there was progress there. You don't want to take a step back to move forward."

(On how satisfied he has been with Brian Daboll's play calling and if he has thought
about taking a bigger role in it)-
"I try to help out in all three areas, and be involved in
all three areas to whatever capacity I can and in whatever positive way that I can. I have
an understanding of what we're doing, why we're doing it, the thought process, what our
next steps are, if those things that we planned for aren't working, what's our alternative,
which base plays are we going to go back to, or if it looks a little bit differently, what's
the next move. I think collectively, there's not one area where we could say, ‘Okay, that's
exactly what we want,' and I don't think you'll ever find that. There are plenty of things
that everybody can do better. I thought we can throw the ball better, we can catch the ball
better, we can coach better, we can pick up blitzes better, there are plenty of areas to
improve. Believe me, it's not just offensively."

(On if Daboll takes it hard after a rough game)- "Most coaches I've been around, they
all take it hard. You enjoy the win for about a half hour and then the losses tend to stick
longer, but you have to move on. You have the next team and the next opportunity and
you look at it objectively and correct it and move forward."

Mangini press conf. 11/3


Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-3-09

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. In terms of the decision that was made
yesterday, I can tell you that anytime a decision like this is made it is difficult personally
and professionally. George (Kokinis) is a friend of mine and I respect him and I wish his
family well. I can tell you that for a variety of reasons things didn't work out. You never
go into a situation like this with the intention of it not working out. We felt that,
organizationally, this was the best decision in order to move forward. We have a strong
structure in place on both the pro side and the college side and things will continue to
operate effectively on a day-to-day basis. I understand that you all have a lot of questions
and there is really nothing that I'm going to add to this. I hope that you can respect that.
What I will talk about are the things that we're doing as a team over the course of the
week in order to improve.

"What we did this morning and last night is, as a staff last night, we went through the first
and second down packages. We really analyzed the things that we did well, the things
that, as part of that, that we think we can continue to improve on, whether it be scheme,
technique, whatever the case may be, things that we want to remove from the various
packages and some things that we want to add. The coaches put together clips to reflect
that, a scouting report, sort of a Browns scouting report and adjustments. [We] presented
that to the players and then we'll go out and practice that here this afternoon.

"Today was first and second down. Tomorrow will be more of a third down emphasis,
like a typical Thursday. As a coaching staff, as individual coaches and as players, we're
all looking to focus on things that we can get better at and collectively doing that so that
we can move forward after the bye week and make the progress that we're looking for."

(On if a new General Manager will be hired this season)- "As I said, in terms of this
topic, there's nothing else that I'm going to add. What I will talk about is anything that is
to do with the things that we're doing this week and things directly related to the team
that we're working on."

(On why he won't talk about the General Manager situation)- "This is really, for a
variety of reasons, all that I can say at this point."

(On why he did not mention the General Manager change yesterday)- "In terms of
the timetable, things like that, it's the same thing. I've really said all that I can say, Jeff

(On who will address the General Manager situation if he will not)- "I understand,
Mary Kay (Cabot), and I appreciate the questions that you guys (the media) have. I
completely appreciate that, but I hope you can also respect that I've added all that I can
add right now. What I can talk about are the things that we're doing here today."

(On what having two dismissals in the past week says about the stability of the
"We've had one situation where that was the case. What I can say is that I
feel like we have a very strong structure in place on the personnel side and I'm confident
that day-to-day we'll be able to execute the things that we need to execute."

(On if Bernie Kosar will fill some on Kokinis' responsibilities)- "Mary Kay (Cabot), I
understand the question, but really, this is all that I can say. I hope you can understand
that as well."

(On if there are legal reasons why he can't talk about Kokinis)- "There's really a
variety of reasons, Tony (Grossi), and I'll just leave it at that."

(On if Randy Lerner plans to address the situation)- "I think that you have to talk to
Neal (Gulkis) about that. I can just tell you what I'm addressing."

(On if he understands why fans want to know what is going on within the
"I completely understand the questions and I respect that. I can just tell
you the things that I can address and it's for a variety of reasons. I hope that you can
understand that as well."

(On how he keeps this from becoming a distraction to the players)- "In talking to the
team, the important thing that I've stressed, whether it be today or yesterday or at any
point, is the important thing for us is to be able to focus individually first on what we can
improve, and then collectively what we can improve. Those things are the important
things that we need to do. We need to get that done this week and that's what we're
focused on, all of us are focused on. I spent a lot of time with the coaching staff
yesterday, this morning and trying to really work through the different things that we
think need to be addressed short term, need to be addressed long term. We'll meet more
on personnel, in terms of player performances and evaluation and things like that on
Thursday, but that's also a component of this. [I have] historically made a lot of strides
during the bye week. It is a unique time where you can put some more emphasis on
individual technique, can sit down with the players one-on-one and either address their
performance, address their concerns, address what they're hoping to achieve over the
course of the rest of the season. I look forward to those meetings. We have, like I said,
point of attack tapes made on each guy, whether it be actual game tapes or whether it be
practice tapes, where they can look at that individually to help them get a better feel for
what they've done or with their position coach, with the coordinator, with myself, where
we can go really share some time and I can give them my perspective on things. Just from
my experience over the last three years, those meetings have been very valuable."

(On if he has made any further conclusions about possible changes)- "No, Tony
(Grossi), what we're going to do is, like I said, we're looking at it from a scheme
perspective and also from a personnel perspective. We will spend some more time as a
coaching staff going through, player-by-player, areas where we think either that player
can improve, how we can help him improve, some of the points of emphasis that we need
to really work on with them. Whether it be during the individual periods, however we're
going to get that in place and really formulate a plan for each guy and also look at the
ways that we can develop them into bigger roles or into different roles that we think can
help us."

(On if Brett Ratliff will get more reps)- "Over these practices and things like that, we'll
try to work all three guys to some degree. What we do still do, Tony (Grossi), is the
opportunity periods. That's often a time for the third quarterback, in this case Brett, to get
some of those reps that he may not get during the course of a normal practice. It's our
stuff. It's our packages. It's obviously our players."

(On if Ratliff is a candidate to start after the bye week)- "No."

(On what he thinks the image of the Browns is around the league)- "You'd have to
ask people around the league. I know that the things that we're doing, the way that they
players are working, the way that they coaches are working, the way that the organization
is working, is all based on one end goal and that is to win, first and foremost, but also to
improve at every level at all times. That's not going to change. I've been part of this
process before. I've been part of it with different head coaches. I've been part of it as a
head coach myself and there's not one specific pattern that it follows. It does take time. It
does take a lot of hard work. It does take deliberate practice. That is consistent with every
place that I've been, every experience I've had."

(On if this is harder than he thought it was going to be when he took the job)- "I
didn't look at it in terms of how hard it would be. I looked at it in terms of how important
the process was and understanding that each place is going to have different challenges
that are unique to that organization, that are unique to that group of players, that are
unique to that coaching staff. There isn't a set pattern. Even when I was in my third year
in New York, there are things that come up every day that aren't on the agenda. They
aren't on the schedule, there's no blue print for how to deal with those things, but it is
stuff that you have to look at, you have to try to make good decisions on and you have to
move forward. Each year's been radically different. Each group of guys has been
radically different, but the consistent thing is the way that you have to approach it.
There's no substitute for hard work. There's no substitute for constantly analyzing ways to
improve and being committed to doing that. There just isn't. It was true with my
experience in New England with Bill (Belichick). It was true with my experience in New
York with Bill Parcells. It was true with my experience as a head coach with the Jets.
There's no substitute for that. It may be a cliché, but it's a cliché for a reason, because
that's the truth."

(On his thoughts on final personnel decisions being given to someone else in the
"My goal is to win and my goal is to improve. There's never opposition to
someone that can help us achieve that goal. That's true here. It was true in New York with
the Jets. I remember my early experiences with Bill (Belichick) as a young guy. Bill
would always listen to anybody's opinion and anybody's ideas, as long as there was a
rational to it, as long as it was well thought out. [He] was open to it and was willing to
introduce those things or try those things. I really respected that and learned a lot from
him from that perspective. It was the same thing with Bill Parcells. You appreciate the
feedback. You appreciate the honesty. You appreciate people trying to constantly
improve at what they're doing or constantly help the group improve. You want to hire as
many people as you possibly can like that. You want as many players around like that,

just individuals that are intrinsically motivated to be the best at their craft and to make
sure that the organization is as positive and as productive as possible. Every mentor that
I've had has had that approach, regardless of how much success they've had and that's
probably why they've had the success that they have had."

(On if this was an organizational decision he signed off on)- "Really it's what I said,
it's an organizational decision that we felt gave us the best chance to move forward.
There's really nothing else I can add."

(On if it was a difficult decision)- "You never go into any situation with the intention of
it not working out and that was true in this case. The organization felt this gave us the
best chance to move forward."

(On how many of the players he brought in this season he thinks have the potential
to be franchise impact players)-
"I think that everybody who's here right now is
contributing to the things that were doing now and hopefully the things that we're
building towards in the future. Everybody contributes to that process. I feel comfortable
with the guys that we've brought in and their contributions, their approach, their work
ethic, things like that. It's all part of what you continue to grow."

Mangini press conf. 11/9


Transcript: Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-9-09

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. How are we doing? [My bye week]
was good actually. I spent a lot of time with the boys yesterday and the day before. That's
always rejuvenating. I think the players, it's nice for them to get some time with their
families or get away. That's the nice thing about the week.

"In terms of what we're doing here today, it's really an extension of the bye week for us.
What I've traditionally done, what I decided to do this week as well, is we had the two
days last week where we covered each phase, first and second down, third down. Today,
our focus will still be on us and the concentration will be in the red area and goal line and
the areas that you'd normally cover on a Friday during a typical week. Following that
process leading up to it from a preparation perspective, you go through it, you analyze it,
you look at the thing you're going to carry through, you install if you're going to add
some things or correct some things, review the tape and then go out and practice the
things that you want to get corrected. That's what the emphasis is here today.

"One thing that we did housekeeping wise, which is always positive to be able to do, is
we elevated Marcus Benard from the practice squad to the active roster. Marcus, to me, is
a good example of what we're always trying to do. He was an undrafted free agent. He
was a hand in the dirt guy, who always had his hand in the dirt in college, nickname was

King Kong. He had a lot of production in college at a smaller school and then, to come
here, to stand up, to have to learn how to play linebacker and all the other things that go
with transitioning from college to pro football as an undrafted guy. I think he's done an
outstanding job. He was our [practice] player of the week against Buffalo. The thing
that's been consistent with him is his work ethic. You'd like to be able to always elevate
off your practice squad and we were able to do that here today and I'm happy for him.
Now, in talking to him, I said, ‘That's the first step. The next step is to get to the 45-man
roster.' That will be dependent on his play on special teams, or his role on special teams
and then, what other roles he can play for us defensively. It's good to have the players
back in. It's good to be able to get out there together. The weather's been pretty amazing
over of the course of the weekend and it looks like we have another day like that today,
so that's what we'll be doing."

(On if he has made a decision at quarterback)- "What I'll do is I'll let you guys know
about that on Wednesday. We'll talk about that more and our preparation for the Ravens.
I know where I'm headed, I'd just rather talk about it on Wednesday. We'll talk about that
in conjunction with our work on the Ravens."

(On Eric Barton)- "I think we'll know more, we'll at least have some real clarity either
later today or tomorrow. Once we do, even if I'm not talking [at a press conference], I'll
let Neal (Gulkis) let you know."

(On if he has told the quarterbacks his decision yet)- "I haven't sat down with the
quarterbacks, so that's part of it, Mary Kay (Cabot)."

(On what linebacker position Benard plays)- "He's outside. I'm going to keep him
outside. I think, similar to keeping David Veikune inside, really letting him concentrate
on one spot. I think he has the ability to where he could play inside from his athleticism,
his strength, things like that. I think his best chance to contribute is outside."

(On if there is still one roster spot open)- "Yes, we do."

(On if he knows what position will be filled with the roster spot)- "We'll have some
more guys in for workouts tomorrow. I have an idea where we're heading, but want to go
through the workouts and see where those are."

(On if they will need another inside linebacker if Barton can't play)- "(Jason) Trusnik
has played in there, so he could be a potential candidate from a MIKE perspective,
similar to David Bowens and David Veikune, so you have those three there. You have
Kaluka (Maiava), who's worked as a WILL, (Blake) Costanzo who's worked as a WILL.
Ideally in a 3-4, those positions are mirrored. We have a little variation in body types, but
you can have combinations based on the package, based on what you're seeing. It doesn't
have to be filled by one guy all the time in all the different packages."

(On if Jamal Lewis is okay)- "Yes, he'll practice here today. That's the other nice thing
with the bye week, it's easy to lose track of how long these guys have been working and

hitting and things like that. It does give you an opportunity to get some guys some extra
rest. He'll be back here today."

(On if all of the players made it back)- "Yes, everybody else made it back. Everybody
else was on time in making it back. You're always looking forward to that attendance
sheet coming through."

(On his message to the team coming out of the bye week)- "When you look at it, and I
think the players have an appreciation for it, when you look at where we've fallen short in
different areas, again it comes down to things that are correctable, like ball security, our
consistency in catching the ball, placing the ball, depths of routes, depths in coverage,
rush lanes defensively. There are a lot of things from a fundamental perspective that if we
improve on, then the outcome will be different. I experienced this in New York all three
years, to take a step back to look at it, to look at it, to look at it objectively, be able to
spend some time on it, show the players it and have the realization that, if we correct
these things and do these things better, then the outcome will be different. Often times, a
long play versus an intermediate play versus a no gain comes down to a small technique
thing. There was a play against Green Bay late in the game, where Robaire (Smith),
who's really been outstanding, especially over the last couple weeks, just got caught
inside a little bit. The softness in the c-gap, the back was able to get through and that
ended up being a significant play from amount of yards gained, but that's correctable.
He's played that a lot of times, he just kind of bit a little early. It wasn't him alone, it was
also the outside linebacker getting a little bit of width. To be able to see those plays and
understand how that small amount of softness can translate in to a big gain, it's positive
from the perspective of it is correctable."

(On how many players met with him during the bye week)- "There were different
guys at different points. The other thing is, that is really open today as well too. I'll get
together with some more of those guys here today. The exact number, I'm not sure what
the total number was, but it's good. It's positive. I also had the opportunity to spend some
time with coaches, where you don't usually get a chance to sit down with a lot of guys
and say, ‘Here are some things I really like. Here are some things I think you can
improve.' Get their feedback on things, on a one-on-one basis, that they think we can
improve, they think they can improve. It was a coach in New York who actually brought
that to my attention. He had done a lot in college and it really was nothing that I had ever
been exposed to. In pro football, I had never sat down with a head coach for a one-on-one
to talk about things I could do better, usually those came in a very loud fashion and
publicly. I thought it was positive and I thought it was a good idea and incorporated it."

(On meeting with the coordinators)- "Interestingly, with the coordinators, you do spend
more time with those guys. I'll spend, probably, the most of my time with Rob Ryan and
Brad (Seely), just because each week you're going through the game plan, you're going
through the corrections on a daily basis. That's a little different, I guess, than the meetings
I was talking about, with more the assistants."

(On what he talked about with Brian Daboll during the bye week)- "I guess what I'm
getting at is that wasn't that type of meeting, because we meet quite often. It's more time
spent day-to-day then say, the other position coaches."

(On what they can do to get the offense going)- "I really believe there are a lot of
things that we can do to make the offense more effective. I think the starting point for us
is protecting the football. The amount of opportunities is always going to be limited by
the times we have the football. We're giving it away too often. It's not purely in the form
of interceptions, it's ball security. We need to do a better job as a show team constantly
pressuring the ball, almost to the point where it's overkill, because that's the amount of
emphasis that you have to put on it. Whenever the running back is finishing the run, you
want to have two, three guys tearing it away to keep giving that awareness to the running
back, to the receiver. Every play getting those guys pressuring the football, because the
better we protect it, the more chance we'll have to score, the more chance we'll have to
sustain drives and that, to me, is the starting point. Then, it's being able to take advantage
of the opportunities that are there, whether it's throws or catches, being able to execute
those. That's the second thing. I think from a scheme perspective, there's a range of things
in the different areas, first and second down, third down, red zone, that we have looked at
that we'll incorporate moving into the second half."

(On if they will do more fumble drills now than in the first half of the season)- "It's
been a point of emphasis, but obviously we're not doing it effectively enough. We do
track all those things during the course of practice. I thought the show team guys, last
week, did a really nice job. They were all over the football every play, regardless of
where the guy was. They were knocking it out on his way back to the huddle. Sometimes
that's what you have to do, is over emphasize it, to get what we need to get done, done."

(On if the GM rumors are a distraction)- "It's not going to be a distraction for me, or
any of the coaches or any of the players. There are so many things that come up during
the course of a season, whether it's this or any of the other elements that come up, or have
come up, that really, like any other part of what you're teaching, it's very important that
you can focus on what's important. What's important for us is what we're doing on a daily
basis and our preparation for the next opponent. Being part of different programs and
seeing the way distractions can affect, or aren't allowed to affect things, has given me
good insight into how important that skill is. The emphasis is always going to be on the
things that we need to do on that day and not the things that are happening externally."

(On the rumor about Mike Holmgren)- "With any of the names that come up, I'm sure
there's been a range of names that have come up. I talk to Randy (Lerner) all the time
about different things. Again, my emphasis, my focus, is going to be on what we're doing
here day-to-day getting the team ready."

(On if there is a sense of urgency to bring in a GM-type person before the end of the
"What I believe in is that anybody that can help us be successful, anybody that
can help us move forward, I'm always open to, whether it's in that role or any other role.

Whether it's a player, coach, whatever it is, I'm open to anybody that can help us
improve. We're always looking to do that individually and organizationally."

(On if he talked to any GM candidates last week)- "What I've been focused on is the
team and the things that we can do to improve the team. That's what I'll continue to focus

(On if there is anything he wants to change about his approach for the next eight
"You're always going through that self-reflection and looking at the way I
approach squad meetings, the way I approach staff meetings, preparation for the next
opponent, practice schedules, the outline of practice, distribution of personnel, all those
things are things that I'm looking at. I like to think that we change those as we go and
there are some things that we'll continue to change as we go."

(On if he is going to make any changes in his approach)- "Yes, and there have been
throughout the course of the season. It won't stop this week. It will keep going each week.
Looking at it, what did we do well? What did we do poorly? What were preparation
errors? What are things that we want to emphasize? What's the best distribution of time?
All those things are things that you look at."

(On if the use of the Wildcat was looked at during the bye week)- "That was a
component of it. We've been running elements of the Wildcat since the first week. We
ran it in the Minnesota game. We've run it at different points throughout the season, some
with greater frequency, some with greater success. It's a good package. It's something that
I like, that Brian likes. Obviously, Josh (Cribbs) really likes it. It's going to be different
based on how the team plays it, how they adjust to it, but it is a good package that we'll
continue to carryover and continue to have available each week."

(On how the practice schedule will change with a Monday night game)- "It's different
coming off the bye as well, because today is really a Browns-centered day, not a Ravens'
day. There have been elements of Ravens prep throughout all three days, but it's really
Browns-centered. In terms of the daily schedule, that will be pretty consistent, with the
extra day (Saturday) being more of a review type day than anything else."

Mangini press conf. 11/11


Transcript: Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-11-09

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. How are we doing? A couple things,
we signed Josh Stamer to the active roster. We currently have one roster spot open and
[there are] some things that we're looking at in terms of filling that, but I'll let you know
when we do that as we move forward. In terms of the quarterback situation, I had a
chance to sit down with both guys, which is what I wanted to do before I shared the

decision with anybody else and Brady (Quinn) will start this week against Baltimore. I
think that he's had some good weeks of practice. I liked what he did over the bye week
practices. I think that he's worked hard since the first transition was made and I respect
that. That's what I asked him to do. I look forward to him taking advantage of this
opportunity and helping us improve offensively.

"In terms of Baltimore, one of the things that happens is, as you play conference
opponents for the second time, there's more familiarity. You go back and you look at the
first game. You look at the opportunities that were there and there were opportunities in
all three phases that I didn't think we did a very good job capitalizing on. On special
teams there were three guys that we identified that we needed to control in order for our
return game to be effective and they have five out of the nine special teams tackles. You
have to protect the football, we had four turnovers. Defensively, it's a very good running
game and we weren't very good there. (Joe) Flacco, I think, continues to improve and
[we] didn't disrupt him very much. His quarterback rating was outstanding and they
generated some big plays. All three of those things will kill you. I think it's a creative
pressure package that they have defensively, and even when they don't pressure, they've
got players that can cause problems. We have our work cut out for us. The positive thing
is having the exposure that we've had with some of the new guys, even from my
perspective, the coaching squad's perspective, I think that familiarity should help us and
the work that we did over the bye week should help us as well."

(On if he will stick with the quarterback decision for the rest of the season)- "With
any of these decisions, I'm not looking to change. That's never the intention when a
decision like this is made."

(On what makes him think Quinn will play better than he did the beginning of the
"I like to think that throughout the course of the season guys continue to
improve. He's had more time in the system. I think he's done some good things in the role
that he was playing, which is what I asked of him. I think that he's worked at the same
level that he worked at when he was the starter and prior to becoming the starter and, to
me, that's the key for any type of improvement. That's what I'm looking for."

(On if Derek Anderson will be the backup quarterback)- "Yes."

(On where Quinn has improved the most)- "It's hard to put it in a long term context,
because this is my first experience with him. I watched him some in college when he was
coming out and things like that. I think his comfort level in the system has gotten better. I
think that his overall control of the offense has gotten better. I think especially over the
last two to three weeks he's been very efficient as a passer and I've liked the things he's
done. That's one of the things that he and I talked about last night. There are a lot of tools
in this offense that are available and I'm looking forward to him using those and I think
he can."

(On what Quinn needs to do better than he did the first two and a half games)-

"Collectively, believe me, there's plenty all of us can do better in all three phases, starting

with myself and the coaches and moving right on down. There were times where I feel
like he really knew where to go with the ball and maybe didn't go there as quickly as he
could of. Sometimes that comes with being more comfortable and I've seen that comfort
level increase and I'm anticipating that will translate."

(On if Quinn was hesitant to make certain throws earlier in the season)- "Sometimes
it's a function of just going through your read progression and going with what you know.
I've seen him make a lot of good decisions and what I want him to do is be comfortable
with his thought process, be comfortable with his reads, be comfortable with what he
knows. If you make a mistake, you make a mistake. That's going to happen, but just be
comfortable with what you see and go with what you see. I think that helps."

(On what happened with Anderson)- "In fairness to Derek, I think that there were a lot
of things that played a part in this. Even last game where we moved the chains and put
the ball on the ground, that's hard. Where the ball was in a place where it could have been
caught and it wasn't. Were there throws that he missed? There were some of those and
there were some reads that could have been better. I really like Derek and I really liked
the way that he handled himself. I like the way that he's worked. I've enjoyed getting to
know him. I don't think that, by any means, this is some sort of final statement on who he
is. I think that it's an opportunity to continue to grow and I'm sure he will."

(On Quinn's completions earlier being mostly shorter passes)- "To me, it's not going
to be a function of, ‘We have to throw it to this place, this many times because you're
only completing short balls.' Throw it to the open receiver. That's what I'm looking for,
whether it's a hitch, whether it's a check down, whether it's a tight end on a five-yard out
or whether it's a go route to somebody, throw it to the guy who's open. I've played against
a lot of really successful quarterbacks. We played New England one time, they threw 10
hitches because of the way we were pressuring and killed us, because we couldn't get
there with the heat and they just kept being patient, taking it and taking it. When you
come out of it, then that creates some other opportunities. It's a function of getting it to
the right guy, getting it to the open guy, moving the chains and scoring points."

(On if Quinn is over thinking things)- "I think that anybody who has a lot of decision to
make has to go through those quickly. Brady approaches everything in a very serious
way, in a very detailed way, and I think that's a great quality, I really do. As you get into
the games, you've done the work, you've done the homework, you've prepped and now
it's a function of going with what you see and sometimes you're right and sometimes
you're wrong. We've all experienced that. You just have to go with what you know. It
happens a lot of times defensively, too, where the secondary will see something. They
feel like it's the right adjustment, they're slow to make it and you have some guys doing it
and some guys not doing it. At the end of the day, you just have to go with the things that
you've learned and I anticipate him doing that."

(On if Anderson lost confidence in the players around him)- "I never got that sense at
all. I know it wasn't felt by me. It wasn't felt by the coaching staff. I never saw that from
any of the players. I think these guys have worked really well together. Obviously, we

want it to translate into a lot more production, but this is a good group of guys. They're
committed to getting the things fixed that we need to get fixed and I appreciate that work

(On if Quinn would have developed more if he had stayed in all season)- "Anything
like that is hypothetical. My feeling with any decision is, you make the decision at the
time based on the information that you have and you're always trying to make the best
decision at that point. That's the way that I approach it and that's any decision. You
evaluate it. You look at it and you move forward based on the information that you have
and how you feel."

(On Quinn's mindset while he was the backup)- "He's been consistent throughout this
whole period, same as D.A. was when he wasn't starting. That's what you want. That's
what you expect. It doesn't always go the way that you want it. It doesn't always go the
way that you anticipate it going, but you deal with the decisions and you work to
improve. You're going to get another opportunity and when you get that opportunity, now
you're on the best chance to maximize it. He and I talked about that when we had our
initial conversation, how important it was to not let the preparation drop off, to not let any
of the things that he's done tail off and he didn't."

(On if he anticipates Anderson getting another opportunity to start)- "My comment,
Jeff (Schudel), was more big picture. I think that in any situation you're in, regardless of
whether you're the starter, you're the backup, you need to prepare at the same level week
in and week out because you don't know when things are going to change. Look at the
inside linebacker position, we've lost both our inside linebackers. Guys are getting
opportunities that maybe they wouldn't have gotten had we had both Eric (Barton) and
D'Qwell (Jackson) here. With that opportunity, it's a great chance."

(On if Barton will need surgery)- "It's something that he's looking at with the doctors
and discussing. That decision will be made at some point."

(On if Barton's injury is career-threatening)- "Again, there are a lot of different
opinions on all injuries. The important thing to me is [to] keep talking to Eric and keep
working with him and make the best decision for him."

(On using David Bowens as an inside linebacker and Jason Trusnik as an outside
"That was our base set. Bowens has played inside. He started inside last
year for five games, so he's played inside quite a bit. He's worked inside quite a bit. Even
with Jason, similar to David Veikune, he was a guy who had only had his hand in the dirt
and then worked outside, and then has learned inside. There are a lot of guys in this
system who can play both. Ideally, those four linebacker spots, to have to flexibility to
move those guys around based on need or depth is a good approach. I'm trying to think of
some of the other guys. We've had probably about four or five guys like that who've
played both outside and inside. Cody Spencer was another guy, Brad Kassell, right on
down the line, Roman Phifer."

(On Trusnik's play at outside linebacker)- "I thought he did a really good job. [We]
weren't anticipating initially when we made the trade for him to be thrust into that type of
role so quickly, but he was and he took advantage of it. I sent Mike (Tannenbaum) a text
just telling him he'd be proud of Jason's progress."

(On if he thinks the receivers will be more reliable the second half of the season)-

"I'm looking for all of us to increase our consistency. I really am. When you look at the
body of work, there's a lot of plays that could be there, but you can't deal in ‘could've,
should've.' You have to deal with what's there and what our opportunities are and how do
you change that."

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