Study Guide Russia Comparative Government                                 The breakup of the soviet union lead to fragmentation Lenin established the

idea of the vanguard party Lenin’s theory of the vanguard party differed from Marxism Revolution of the proletariat was going to end the capitalist system Russia is the slowest economy in the BRIC because of declining oil prices Peter the Great created a conflict between Slavic and Western cultures Democratic centralism was essential to shaping political system during the early days of the Soviet Union Russia experience a coup and revolution during the 20th century and Britain did not Gorbachev was open to western style reform The constitution created a hybrid presidential-parliamentary system The Confederation of Independent States is much weaker eastern European/former USSR States version of the EU Britain and Soviet Union both experienced secularism during the 20th century. Not much religion in either country The tradition of statism in Russia oppresses civil society Lenin supported the vanguard of the revolution in his famous book What is to be Done? The Duma has the power to veto president’s appointment of the prime minister Britain’s judiciary does not exercise judicial review, but the Russian Constitution of 1993 created a structure that does have judicial review, the Constitutional Court Shock Therapy-Yelstin policy of a rapid change to a free market system Russians unlike citizens of other democratic regimes believe in the equality of results rather than the equality of opportunity. (Post-communist democracy) Yelstin and the Duma had a stormy relationship that hampered the effectiveness of government Because the political parties in Russia are so bad, Russian are attracted to the appeal of specific political leaders. Britain-First Past the post. Russia-proportional representation Russia does not have a long growing season in one area The Liberal-Democratic Party is ultra nationalistic. (Also sexist, anti-Semitic, and Radical) The difficulty Russia has in the Caucasus region is a result of ethnic differences Politburo was a part of the USSR not current Russia While Britain and Russia both have a head of state and a head of government; Russia’s head of state has more real power. Nomenklatura was the process of selecting recruits from high performing people at the lower level. Ended up being like a form of clientism Russians are not all in the same race. They are often mixed in with other races such as former Soviet states St. Petersburg v. Moscow represents western v. Slavic values Russia has a very slow population growth rate. Democratic Centralism-rule by the few for the many Constitution of 1993 was voted on via a referendum

Study Guide Russia Comparative Government      Gosplan was the Central State Planning Commission under the USSR and it became the center for the economy and determined the production and distribution of essentially all goods. Glasnost-Social Reforms implemented by Gorbachev Perestrokia-economic liberalization under Gorbachev Single greatest clevage is nationality. Russians o Mistrust their government o Like Statism where the state still takes an active role in their lives o Divide over economic beliefs o Divide over Westerrn v. Slavic Measures taken by Putin to crack down on regional autonomy o Created super-districts-they are headed by a presidential appointee o Removal of Governors-President can remove governors who do not subject themselves to local law or national constituion o Appointment of Governors-governors are now appointed by President and approvend by regional legislatures o Changes in the Federation Council-governors and Duma heads from each region are not longer able to serve on the Federation Council o Elimination of single member district seats-minorirty parties were able to capture seats under the old rules but the proportional doesn’t

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