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Marine Engineering : A respectable career option

Marine engineering, a branch of Engineering, is concerned with the dealing of nautical architecture and
science. The meaning of 'Marine Engineering' is defined as a research conducted in oceans and coastal
or inland waters connected to the sea. Its courses involve construction and maintenance of ships and
other sailing vessels. The Marine Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture are three
professions that are interrelated. Naval Architects come under the category of people who deal with
basic ship design, starting with hull forms and overall arrangements, power requirements, structure and
stability. Determining the ocean environment's effects on ships and other marine vehicles and
structures, is the job of ocean engineers. They are also responsible for designing and operating
stationary ocean platforms, or manned or remote-operated sub-surface vehicles used for deep sea
exploration. There are many Career Options in Engineering.

Marine Engineers are responsible for managing the technical department of the ships. Their work is
primarily based on selecting the ships' machinery, which may include diesel engines, steam turbines,
gas turbines, etc., and for the design of mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the
vessel. They come under the crew of a ship that are responsible for managing a team of marine
technicians and craftspeople. The main obligation of a marine engineer are the construction, operations
and maintenance of the engine room. As a result, the marine engineer has to handle all technical aspects
of the ship. Undoubtedly, they manage the engine and its crew, and ensure the safety and standards of
the marine body. The work of Marine Engineers has widened and smoothened with modern
development and electronic navigation.


After completing a Bachelor's degree in Marine Engineering / Nautical Science and PG Diploma in
Mechanical Engineering one can become a Marine Engineer. The plus two equivalent with high
percentage of marks in science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the basic
requirement for for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering or Nautical science. These
courses take four years to be completed. Chennai School of Ship Management offers Alternate Training
Scheme (ATS) of three years for becoming a Marine Engineer.

Job Prospectus and Career Options

Marine engineers have to handle the design and construction of ships, the construction of ports and
waterfront cargo facilities, and the operation of ships and support vessels. They are also responsible for
designing, constructing and developing nautical equipments. Their work also involve selecting the
ships machinery, which may include diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines or nuclear reactors.
They also have to manage the design of mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the
vessel. During the navigation, they also work for concerning the safety of the ship while it is in the sea.

Marine engineers can find jobs in public and private shipping companies. Navy, designing firms,
engine production firms, ship building and research bodies are some of the other firms where Marine
engineers are highly in demand.


Marine Engineering is known as one of the well-paid Career in Engineering. A marine engineer
receives an excellent pay package at the entry level itself. A junior engineer can withdraw around Rs
25000 – 30000 per month in Indian ships and around Rs 74000 in foreign ships. A chief engineer will
earn up to Rs 1,85000 per month.


To become a marine engineer, one should get a four-year BE in Marine engineering approved by the
Director-General of Shipping (DGS). Candidates can get this degree through Indian and abroad

Some prominent Indian Institutes that offer degree courses in Career in Marine Engineering are
A.M.E.T. University, Chennai( Tamil Nadu ); Andhra University (A.U.) College of Engineering,
Vishakapatnam( Andhra Pradesh ); C.V Raman College Of Engineering, Bhubaneshwar( Orissa );
Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology (C.C.E.T.), Chandigarh( Chandigarh ); and
Engineer's Training Centre ( E.T.C), Thrissur( Kerala ).

Some widely renowned foreign Institutes are Memorial University of Newfoundland, (Newfoundland);
University Of New Brunswick, (New Brunswick); University Of New Burnswick, (New Brunswick);
California Maritime Academy; Florida Institute of Technology; and Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
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