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Advantages of Visual Aids (1)

Advantages of Visual Aids (1)

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Published by: Masta Jack on Feb 26, 2011
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Advantages of Visual Aids Visual Aids: • Strengthen the clarity of the speaker’s message • Increase the interest of the

speaker’s information • Make a speaker’s message easier for listeners to retain • Enhance the speaker’s credibility • Can improve the speaker’s persuasion • Helps combat stage fright Types of Visual Aids: • Objects • Models Small-scale of large object Large-scale of small object Life-sized model • Photographs- enlarged • Drawings Diagrams, sketches, maps Can be specifically designed for particular speech • Graphs Line- best for statistical trends Pie- effective for distribution patterns Bar- well suited for showing comparisons • Charts Summaries of large blocks of information • Speaker’s body Demonstration showing how to do something Requires practice to coordinate body with words • Transparencies Inexpensive and easy Writing must be large enough Use appropriate font Speaker should rehearse with overhead projector Can use multiple layers for overhead • • Power Point- quick, easy, and effective • Slides and Video footage • Slides best if you have many • Video is effective IF it is edited skillfully and integrated smoothly into speech • Speaker should practice with equipment in room before presenting

Guidelines for VA Preparation • • • • • • Prepare in advance! Keep them simple. 5th Ed. Morgan. and uncluttered Make sure visual aids are large enough Use Fonts that are easy to read Font size – should be 36 pt for titles 24 pt for subtitles Use color effectively Tips for presenting Visual Aids • • • • • • Avoid using the chalkboard – back often faces the audience Display VA’s where they can be seen Avoid passing out VA’s among audience Talk to audience NOT visual aid!!!!!! Explain visual aids clearly and concisely Practice with visual aid when rehearsing speech Adapted from: Damon Hall’s COM 114 Class Lecture Notes.should be straightforward. . Smith. clear. Purdue University. Dubuque. McGraw Hill. R. Presentational speaking: Theory and practice. Melanie (2003). Home Blurtit þÿ GO • • • • Home Help Sign in Sign up Can You Describe The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visual Aids In Business Communication?discuss In Details. E. (2001). Principles of human communication. Describe The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visual Aids In Business Communication?discuss In Details. Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

Great Answer Report Foxdave 3 years ago . 1 People absorb seventy five percent of information visually. Graphs.com The Ultimate Communications Course Five Day London Based Training Find Answers for: Can You Describe The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visual Aids In Business Communication?discuss In Details. You must exercise caution. visual communication design • Communication CoursesImpactFactory.com/HF-Radios Low Prices.co. Top Quality HF Radios Buy HF Radios From The Experts • Youandigraphics Designyouandigraphics. Give an almost instantaneous impression of ratios and percentages. to not let the medium become the message. etc. Work only with professionals.co.com web interface design.Comm-Spec.4most. It's the old "picture is worth a thousand words" saw brought to life.omegadigital.Barriers to communication Business communication Business communication book Business communication books Ads by Google • SAP Business Onewww.za Take control of your business. pie charts. Too many visual aids can detract from the meaning of the communication or presentation. Visual aids can be extremely effective in sharing information in business communications. • Audio Visual Solutionswww.za AV Solutions and Services Boardrooms & Conference Facilities • Digital Radio Communicationwww. however.

LifesGreatestQuestion. and so on.za Take control of your business. Handouts are mostly used material for presentation. But in short all of these techniques have more advantages as compared to their drawbacks.com Hear from a successful businessman How God can change your life 0 One should be aware of the advantages and disadvantage of the various forms of visual aid used in business communication. Now the latest and most widely used techniques are Video and Graphics. They have normally high impact and are more easily understood by the audience. But there main disadvantage is that they are a main source of distraction. They are easy to use and have no audio/video problems.Ads by Google • God and businesswww. have a low impact on the audience and not so persuasive. They are professionally good for getting audience attention and might have a good impact if the speaker is good. Great Answer Report Ellie82 3 years ago Ads by Google • SAP Business Onewww. Overhead Projectors are very common and easy to use equipment but has the same disadvantage as Slide Shows that is: It requires power supply and is prone to technical failure.4most. . But in this technique one is dependent upon power. Flipcharts & Whiteboards are inexpensive and easy to use. The disadvantage is that this technique require special software programs and might be expensive as well. Work only with professionals. therefore it is prone to technical failure. But the visibility might be a problem for back bencher and audience might lose the interest because of low impact Another visual aid is Slide Shows.co.

...0 Advantages and disadvantages of aids Great Answer Report Guest 2 years ago 0 There are many advantages and disadvantages but i just cannot come up with any now Great Answer Report Guest 9 months ago Related searches Barriers to communication Business communication Business communication book Business communication books Business communication tools Communication barriers Communication process Communication skills Communication strategies Communication the workplace Communication tips Effective communication Good communication Improve communication Improving communication Related reading What Is The Role Of Visual Aids In Business Communication? Discuss In .... PowerPoint presentation etc help a lot.. How Visual Aids Help In Business Communication? Visual aids like commercial. . What Are The Visual Aids For Business Communication? Have you tried computers? I Need An Article On Visual Aids In Business Communication? Can You H. Go to google and type "article on visual aids in business commmunication" I Need An Article On Visual Aids In Business Communication Can You Hel.... The visual aids in business communications make the communication more appealing and also more. short film/documentary.

in order to increase the effectiveness of presentation. Check spelling Resume editing Resume editing Answer this question Submit Answ er 0 Categories ..... Ads by Google • Business CommunicationsBiztree.500+ Biz Document Templates. What's The Difference Between Oral And Written Communication? Oral communication is a communication by word of mouth..Explore .. E.com Download Business-in-a-Box and Get 1....g. What Are The Different Means Of Communication And How Best We Could Ex. In computer. Communication is actually a two way process which involves imparting information..... What's Communication And How Many Types Of Communication ? Communication is an activity by which you convey your message to other.Visual aids are used in a communication. Popular questions Why Do People Communicate? Communication is the necessity of every human being and is the basis of formation. What Are The Physiological Barriers In Communication? They are to do with an individuals personal circumstances and the state of their.. Oral means "mouth"...

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