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Café Mocha

Prof. P K Bansal
Professor & Head Marketing Department Amity Business School

. And in a surreal twist they imagined such a place in downtown Mumbai. Who shared a vision straight out of Arabian nights: a medieval Quaveh Khanneh (coffee house) from Turkey. and gossip. a scent of Morocco.6 crore.. For one. . Sheeshah (Hookah to Indians).an international array of coffee and exotic food of which the hookah is an integral part.” The trend of hookahs has caught on rapidly in the country due to its novelty factor and the charm associated with it. it fitted in perfectly with out ‘coffees and conversations’ tag line and our concept which is to provide our guests a total memorable experience and a 20-minute vacation. This is the description of the Sindbadian experience that café mocha provides. flavors from Turkey and a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee served in large. desserts and snacks. Mocha started serving hookah from the day it opened doors in December 2001. Their venture now enjoys a hefty turnover of 9. colorful cups. Turkish jeweled hookahs or Sheeshas in assorted flavors. and it did start out in downtown Mumbai in 2001. although it has since expanded to two more outlets in Mumbai and one more in Delhi with talk of Bangalore and Pune. Remembers the entrepreneurs” We were the first in the country to start serving hookahs /sheeshas.” Hookahs are more than just a one-hour experience and add value to what Mocha serves .Background Imagine a little bit of Arabia. Morocco. or Arabia where people gathered to partake Quaveh (coffee). It is run by two entrepreneurs Riyaz Amlani and Kiran Salaskar. The result was Mocha.

boasts of signature dishes like Panini (traditional Italian flat breads toasted with individual stuffing).Available Delights Mocha. named after the Yemenese port famous for its coffee. Costarica Tarrazu. Java Estates and blends like Mocha-Java and de-caffs like Columbian Supremo. a rich blend of coffee and Swiss chocolate. and the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee cake. Guatemala Antigua Brazil Bourbon Santos. along with a variety of coffees like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Sidamo. . For the calorie conscious. New desserts include mouth-watering delicacies like the Lava Lava. Hawaiian Kona. Old favorites like the Oreo cookie shake and the Snicker Bar shake are now joined by Loindt Chocolate Shake and the Toblerone Shake. espresso. Poutines (French fries smothered in cheese or curry sauce). Egoless desserts are a special new entrant for the veggies. Mocha offers light shakes in fresh flavors like blueberry and strawberry and seasonal fruit pies topped with zero calorie ice cream. flavored latte and others. a hot molten chocolate cake. to name a few. besides cappuccino.

Such qualities make this place unique".000 square feet.Interiors The coffee bar. leopard striped chairs. Every piece of furniture at mocha is for sale. Inside is a riot of colors. "If you like the chair you are sitting on. consists of an outer seating area. "It is the perfect place to chill out and hang out with friends as it provides a relaxed casual atmosphere accentuated with superb coffees and the individual pieces of furniture chosen for the intrinsic beauty rather than set theme furniture. which is spread over 3. airplane seats. velvet covered couches and curtains decoratively tucked. All the articles here are meant for sale. where multi-colored hookahs and low set wooden benches add to your coffee experience." . And this will in turn help us in change the look of Mocha. you can buy it. Chief Executive Officer. flaming red beanbags. the cheerful ambience receives a touch of serenity downstairs with book lined shelves and Japanese-style floor setting. In the words of Riyaz Amlani. Mocha. Split into two levels with walls in yellow and pink and a bright blue ceiling.

Though 250 seems to be the average rate around the country.Prices Prices at Mocha begin at Rs. mixed fruit. Backpacking club Mocha Backpackers Club is a club. plum. cherry. at Shisha an hour’s smoke costs Rs 400. however. They pick out various locations and inform you about everything from travel arrangements to buying the right gear to limited budgets to almost everything.30 for a mug of coffee and Rs. At heart. Rs 150 for a single hookah which lasts around 30-45 mins and a double hookah costs is for Rs 200. it is only trying to imbibe a very med coffee bar culture. Hard core hookah lovers can even take the entire experience home with the smallest hookah priced at Rs 2. orange. red wine grape and white wine peach. which brings all the information about how to backpack. banana. apple. Promotion To build a loyal set of customer’s mocha has come up with new initiatives like backpacking club and table for one. licoris. lemon. pomegranate. mango. It is a platform where people from different backgrounds can come together to meet. rose.75 for dessert and go up to Rs. The Mocha Backpackers Club meets on the last Sunday of every month at 12 pm to give backpackers gyan about how to go about organising a trip. sweet melon. The Mocha Backpackers Club promotes the concept of independent travel. such as mint. share and . strawberry. For hygiene reasons Mocha gives a new mouthpiece for hookah to every guest.000.125. Mocha offers a choice between a single pipe hookah which costs Rs 168 to smoke and a double pipe hookah which costs Rs 224. pineapple. There’s a wider variety of flavors to choose from here. Also available are champagne hookahs with strawberry flavors and plans are on to add more flavors such as coconut.

eastern India’s first hookah bar.all complete with settee. They are basically executives who stop by between meetings or students who drop in to read a book or study. Grain of Salt. . rose and mint. cherry. Thrown open to the public last September.with its low seating arrangement . the 40-seater Shisha spread over a 1. One-time membership fee to become a member of the club is Rs 500. wherein the members are offered a 25 per cent discount on all Lonely Planet books. poufs.500-sq ft offers hookah in 15 flavors including strawberry. has already become a weekend destination for those who love to chill and also for those who just love the fun of being transported into an ethereal word. at Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s super-specialty restaurant. etc. a celebrity or otherwise. apricot. Mocha gets a lot of solo eaters. Mocha Backpackers Club will have guest speakers. with gold flaked walls and gold leafing on the pillars.exchange information like best places to stay. carpet matting and flowing sheers with tiny mirrors. who has traveled extensively and independently and can thus educate others about the realities of backpacking. adorned with mirrors and glass decorations. At the Churchgate Mocha two tables are meant only for one. The décor is seductive . in case people want to spend time by themselves and enjoy their coffee. best deals on airfare. Competition Shisha Shisha . But they are mostly people who need their space and privacy. The bar has a swanky hookah counter. The Club also offers members discounts on travel equipment like sleeping bags along with special offers on air tickets and other travel arrangements. where to get the best camping gear.The Club has also tied up with Lonely Planet.

peach. mango. and dog clubs are just some of the things that are meant to give . Film. Bangalore Hypnos in Bangalore. vanilla. grape. and white wine shisha. Why Mocha is different Though most places have a handful of flavors. Yet. Mocha isn't a coffee bar of the kind that has mushroomed across the country. They did not want a cut-and-paste Starbucks model. screams authenticity. cappuccino.Hypnos. red wine shisha. the stucco walls. The added feature of being able to smoke a hookah is seen as a sociable thing to do. distressed wood and stepped terrace type seating. mixed fruit. mint. lemon. sweet melon. cherry. One of the major attractions of a Mediterranean lounge is its informal relaxed atmosphere. They have simplified their wine menu with the correct pronunciations. banana. has more than a dozen. sheer drapes. probably the country’s first authentic Mediterranean lounge. green apple. travel. Mocha. And the only ones who serve champagne shisha. They went into the genesis of the coffee shop and found that people are looking for what they have come to call 'the twenty-minute vacation. orange. Café Mocha also introduced wine on its menu in August 2004 and sales have gone up from 15 to 30 bottles a day. including double apple. one of the biggest draws are the flavored (tobacco. strawberry.less) hookahs they have on offer. and those who began with experimenting are now asking to try out newer wines.

. Mocha also introduces the Mocha Life Shop. and all its expansions are funded through internal accrualsone loan of Rs 25 lakhs from a nationalized bank has been all the external financial assistance this start-up has availed. hookahs and music CDs. coffee cups and mugs. They also plan to host poetry readings and art exhibitions in an effort to promote upcoming and offbeat art in the city. a central kitchen. As is an experimental menu that even plans to feature combos such as chai and bhajjiyas (tea and spiced fritters) during the Monsoon. The duo knows that their venture is an instant hit in metro’s like Mumbai but the expansion plans they have of opening 65 outlets across the country require some questions to be answered.patrons that 20-min fix. and a roasting unit. And even as they plan a research and warehousing unit. Keen to tap deeper into the lucrative trend the duo plans to expand Mocha to 65 outlets across the country over the next two years. which offers international brands of coffee. "It is not really about coffee. Desserts contribute the most revenues (coffee does only 8 per cent) and each outlet enjoys gross margins of around 22 per cent. Expansion Mocha has always been cash-flow positive. Bandra and Juhu. Mocha — primarily a coffee bar — also doubles up as a hookah bar with three outlets in Mumbai. Amlani and Salaskar have not lost sight of the numbers. coffee grinders and French presses." confesses Amlani. at Churchgate.

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