1. Abate:(a) decrease, become less in strength or violence, subside, diminish , decline.

(b) beat down, put an end to : lessen, diminish or moderate, (Fr) abattre (to beat down) subside or moderate
EX:Over a period of time her anger abated. Rather than leaving immediately, they waited for the storm to abate.

2. Aberrant:abnormal or deviant
There was just one aberrant incident where few demonstrators clashed with the police, but on the whole the entire strike, which involved a million people was entirely peaceful despite grave provocations. Given the aberrant nature of the data, we came to doubt the validity of the entire experiment.

3. Abeyance:temporary suppression, suspension, delay, interruption. suspended action
The decision will be held in abeyance till further orders in view of the sudden change in leadership. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival.

4. Abscond :depart clandestinely, decamp, steal away. depart secretly and hide

The treasurer of this organisation is absconding. He had collected a huge amount of cash from the bank before he disappeared. The teller absconded with the bonds and was not found.

5. Abstemious:temperate of sparing in appetite or enjoyment of pleasure, sparingly used. ab (from, away) + temetum (strong drink) sparing in eating and drinking ;temperate
The monks followed an abstemious lifestyle. They ate only what they could manage by begging and that too only after sharing with others who were poorer than them.

6. Admonish:(a) warn, caution, reprove, rebuke, reprimand. (b) inform or remind by way of a warning (c) advise, exhort. ad (to) + monere (to warn). warn or speak to with gentle disapproval ;reprove
The police chief was admonished by the Minister for the undue high handedness shown by his men in controlling the non violent protesters. He admonished his listeners to change their wicked ways.

7. Adulterate:corrupt or make impure by adding a poor or improper substance; vitiate, contaminate. ad (to) + alter (another) make impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
It is a crime to adulterate foods without informing the buyer.

8. Aesthetic:artistic ;dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building)
The beautifully decorated drawing room revealed that the lady had a keen aesthetic sense.

9. Aggregate:sum ;total ;ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole ;accumulate ;add up to
The aggregate wealth of this country is staggering to the imagination.

10. Alacrity:eagerness, cheerful willingness, promptness, enthusiasm, readiness cheerful promptness without reluctance
He demonstrated his eagerness to serve by his alacrity in executing the orders of his master.

11. Alleviate:remove in part, lessen, pacify, appease, allay relieve (pain)
This should alleviate the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs.

12. Amalgamate:(of societies or groups) combine ;unite in one body
It was great statesmanship of the leader to amalgamate disparate neighbouring states into the newly evolved nation. The unions will attempt to amalgamate their groups into one national body.

13. Ambiguous:unclear or doubtful in meaning ;having more than one possible interpretation.
His ambiguous instructions misled us; we did not know which road to take.

14. Ambivalence:the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes or opinions
Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings.

15. Ameliorate:make better, improve, meliorate. ad (to) + melior (better) improve
The daily droppings of food and medicine to the marooned victims of flood, should ameliorate their state to some extent.

Many social workers have attempted to ameliorate the conditions of people living in the slums.

16. Anachronism:the representation of something as occuring at other than its proper time, especially an earlier time; anything out of its proper time. (Gr) ana (against) chronos (time);
Shakespeare's reference to clocks in Julius Caesar is an anachronism; no clocks existed in Caesar's time.

17. Analogous:comparable ;similar
She called our attention to the things that had been done in an analogous situation and recommended that we do the same.

18. Anarchy:absence of government of law; lawlessness, political disorder. an (without) + archos (ruler) absence of governing body ;state of disorder
The assassination of the leaders led to a period of anarchy.

19. Anomalous:abnormal ;irregular
There was an anomalous behaviour of these newly discovered compounds at low temperatures that has been observed by four laboratories around the world. He was placed in the anomalous position of seeming to approve procedures that he despised.

20. Antipathy:aversion, repugnance, revulsion, abhorrence, detestation, dislike, hatred; also, that toward which antipathy is felt. (Gr) anti (against) + patheia, from pathein (to feel, suffer)
His extreme antipathy to dispute caused him to avoid argumentative discussions with his friends.

21. Apathy:-

lack of caring ;indifference ;lack of concern or interest in important matters ;Ex. He was sunk in apathy after his failure ;ADJ. apathetic
A firm believer in democratic government, she could not understand the apathy of people who never bothered to vote.

22. Appease:pacify or soothe ;Ex. appease a crying baby ;N. appeasement
We have discovered that, when we try to appease our enemies, we encourage them to make additional demands.

23. Apprise:inform
The commander instructed that he should be apprised about the situation on ground on hour to hour basis. When he was apprised of the dangerous weather conditions, he decided to postpone his trip.

24. Approbation:approval, commendation, sanction, acceptance. approbare (to approve) approval
Wanting her parents' regard, she looked for some sign of their approbation.

25. Appropriate:acquire ;take possession of for one's own use without permission ;set aside for a particular purpose ;allocate
The government wants to appropriate the school land for building a flyover. The land that has been set aside for the school beside the bus terminal is not being considered appropriate. The ranch owners appropriated the lands that had originally been set aside for the Indians' use.

26. Arduous:hard ;strenuous ; difficult; involving great labour or hardship;

28.soothe (anger) Your messages of cheer should assuage her suffering. mitigate. what big eyes you have!" indicates the child's innocent surprises at her "grandmother's" changed appearance.ease or lessen (pain) .open and honest Red Riding Hood's artless comment. 29. Artless:without guile . Assuage:appease. pacify. Ascetic:practicing self-denial . The wealthy young man could not understand the ascetic life led by the monks. Assiduous:Diligent Please be assiduous while preparing the time plan.N. make less dense or viscid. lessen. alleviate. arduous work Her arduous efforts had sapped her energy. It took Rembrandt weeks of assiduous labor before he was satisfied with his portrait of his son. asceticism No one really understood why this tycoon of film industry suddenly chose to live an ascetic life all by himself in a log cabin in the mountains. weaken. force or value of. allay.Ex. because in this terrain what looks like an hours journey may turn out to take a whole day. 30. ascetic life of Buddhist monks . "Grandma. rarely.Ex.austere . 27.weaken By withdrawing their forces. .satisfy (hunger) . 31. ad (to) + tenuare. the generals hoped to attenuate the enemy lines.avoiding physical pleasures and comforts . from tenuis (thin) make thin . ad (to) + sauvis (sweet) make less severe . lessen the amount. Attenuate:make thin or slander. ease.

declare as true I wish to aver that I am certain of success. 1. hackneyed. ad (to) + verus (true) state confidently . a monk's austere life His austere demeanor prevented us from engaging in our usual frivolous activities.N.without comfort or enjoyment . strict. very self-disciplined. in most matters. 34.N. 35. avow. audacity Audiences cheered as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia made their audacious. Aver:affirm. daring . without excess or luxury. fearless.commonplace . death-defying leap to freedom and escaped Darth Vader's troops. Austere:stern.trite .clichéd . it is autonomous and receives no orders from the mother country.lacking originality .severely simple and unornamented .ascetic .bold . trite. 33. Banal:unorginal. Audacious:bold. hackneyed . declare to be true. autonomy This island is a colony. Autonomous:self-governing . daring.Ex. stale.32. however. forbiddingly stern .

meaning = cotton stuffing.doing good The overgenerous philanthropist had to curb his beneficent impulses before he gave away all his money and left himself with nothing. Potts constantly interrupted his wife. grandiloquence. The poor sales belied our high hopes .give a false impression . an inflated style. hard-bitten exterior belied his innate sensitivity. for she had lost hope of teaching him courtesy. 4. 7.a cotton doublet (orig. 5.reinforce The debaters amassed file boxes full of evidence to bolster their arguments. Burgeon:- . Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure. His coarse. Bolster:support . Bombast:high-sounding but silly or meaningless language. from bombasium. 3. the orator's speech left the audience more impressed with his pomposity than with his logic. munificent. charitable. she ignored his boorish behavior. fustian. pomposity. Beneficent:bringing about or doing acts of kindness or charity. Boorish:rude .disguise .His frequent use of cliches made his essay seem banal.Ex. padding) Filled with bombast. kindly. Belie:contradict .Ex. bene (well) + facere (to do) kindly . resulting in benefit.insensitive Though Mr. 6. 2.

impulse.send out buds .N.send forth buds. flying buttress Just as architects buttress the walls of cathedrals with flying buttresses. Burnish:make shiny by rubbing . whim.fickle .N. cacophony: unpleasant mixture of loud sounds A lot of people find heavy metal rock to be cacaphonous. unpredictable . Capricious:subject to caprice. 2. burgeoning computer industry In the spring. debaters buttress their arguments with facts. blossom. Buttress:support .inharmonious .prop up . the plants that burgeon are a promise of the beauty that is to come. Cacophonous:discordant . sprout.grow forth . each of those cacaphonous sounds are meaningful. 1. or any new growth.Ex. grow rapidly . stationary structure to support wall . 8.polish The maid burnished the brass fixtures until they reflected the lamplight. (fig. but to those who love it.Ex. 9. branches.) develop.

(of remarks) intended to hurt .The cyclone was capricious. it suddenly moved north and then abated as suddenly after causing the highest rainfall of this decade in that region.N.deception It was all government chicanery to delay the granting of the fundamental rights to these effected people. that which precipitates an action or reaction. deceit. . esp.corrosive .harmful The critic's caustic remarks angered the hapless actors who were the subjects of his sarcasm. 4. 6.clot . Catalyst:agent which produces or causes change in another substance. Castigation:punishment . (Gr) kata (down) + lyein (to loose) agent which brings about a chemical change while Many chemical reactions cannot take place without the presence of a catalyst. After the city was evacuated. like the egg white.severe criticism or disapproval Sensitive even to mild criticism. coagulant Proteins had a property which made them coagulate when heated. guile.able to burn by chemical action .sarcastically biting . Chicanery:trickery. 3. unaffair artifice used to contest or discussion. Caustic:burning . 7. 5. trickery .thicken . The storm was capricious and changed course constantly. especially legal.bitter . Your deceitful tactics in this case are indications of chicanery. Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain reviews. Coagulate:congeal .

10.willing to please others . synopsis. abridgment. 11. having a powerful appeal. 9. 12. summary. powerful. urgent. usually refers to logical or persuasive force but can refer to physical force. forceful. it will continue to coagulate as it stands. She presented cogent arguments to the jury. Complaisant:trying to please .of the same size Your reward will be commensurate with your effort. not easily resisted. compelling. comprehensive sum This text can serve as a compendium of the tremendous amount of new material being developed in this field.Even after you remove the pudding from the burner. brief. Compendium:a composition containing. Convincing The new theory on why these toxins are produced in the body is more cogent and will be more easily accepted by the scientific community. Cogent:forcible. the substance of a larger work or the essential features of a subject. abstract. 8. Coda:concluding section of a musical or literary composition The piece concluded with a distinctive coda that strikingly brought together various motifs.obliging . adj : compendious. Commensurate:equal in extent . in a brief form.

order.thesis .comforming to requirements He was compliant and ready to go along with his friends' desires. verbal strife.win the friendly feelings (by removing anger) She was still angry despite his conciliatory words. contest. who condoned Huck's minor offenses. Miss Watson did nothing but scold. overlook. 14. Conciliatory:reconciling .claim .a lover of an art She had developed into a connoisseur of fine china. etc.give tacit approval . (whose judgments are respected) . argument. Contention:(a) struggle. 15. con (together) + tendere (to stretch) assertion .soothing . Compliant:readily acting in accordance with a rule.yielding . Connoisseur:person competent to act as a judge of art. or the wishes or others . 16. controversy. forgive. 17. (b) point or proposition maintained in a argument. conciliate: reconcile . 18.excuse Unlike Widow Douglass.The courtier obeyed the king's orders in a complaisant manner. Condone:pardon. overlook .soothe .puzzle No mystery could confound Sherlock Holmes for long. igonre. 13.V.forgive . Confound:confuse .

from (OFr) craventer (conquer) Cowardly When he saw the enemy troops advancing. Converge:approach .intricate . enigma (16th century university Latin slang for pedant. contrary.repentant . 20. belligerent.twisted . Craven:afraid. Contentious:quarrelsome. perverse. she invented conundrums to entertain the children.N. 21. he had a craven impulse to run for his life. base. riddle . word play). quarrelsome . to cry.pusillanimous. 22. Convoluted:coiled around . (ME) cravant (conquered). . discordant. riddle. Conundrum:(a) a riddle whose answer involves a pun. move to one point Marchers converged on Washington for the great Save Our Cities-Save Our Children March. 23. convolution: twist . (b) any question of perplexing nature.come together.complex . give up. Contrite:penitent .difficult problem During the long car ride. cowardly.one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain His argument was so convoluted that few of us could follow it. 24.involved .N.tend to meet .19.controversial .complicated .likely to cause arguments We heard loud and contentious noises in the next room. contrition Her contrite tears did not influence the judge when he imposed sentence.

2. decorum:dignity or social correctness.ADJ.courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect) .orderliness and good taste in manners .V. Delineate . 4. failure in an obligation As a result of her husband's failure to appear in court. deferential In deference to his desires.1. 3. Daunt:intimidate .dishearten Your threats cannot daunt me. deference:courteous regard for another's wish .discourage . the teacher criticized the class for its lack of decorum. she was granted a divorce by default. the employers granted him a holiday.frighten . default:failure to act .failure to perform a task or be present . 5. propriety .appropriateness of behavior or conduct Shocked by the unruly behavior.

desultor (circus leaper) aimless . from linea (a line) portray . unconnected. cursory. 9. depict in words. belittle. 10. derivative unoriginal . de (intensive) + nigerre (blacken) blacken . In prison Malcolm X set himself the task of reading straight through the dictionary. actions. Desiccate (a) dry completely. He is weakest when he attempts to delineate character.(a) trace the outline or form of. etc. Denigrate blacken. 6. (b) describe. slander. random. derivative prose style . Deterrent . to him reading was purposeful. unmethodical.N.sketch . the people still love him and cherish his memory. parch. defame. desiccare (to dry) A tour of this smokehouse will give you an idea of how the pioneers used to desiccate food in order to preserve it. hence. 8. sketch).defame All attempts to denigrate the character of our late President have failed. Desultory passing from one thing to another in conversation. delineare (mark out.. Although her early poetry was clearly derivative in nature. depict. (b) preserve (as food) by drying. without apparent order or connection. not desultory.haphazard .describe . the critics thought she had promise and eventually would find her own voice.depict .Ex. to draw.obtained from another source . 7.sketch.

rambling . shyness.V: spread out in all directions . esp.invective . 13. division into two classes.disperse .ADJ.abuse During the lengthy diatribe delivered by his opponent he remained calm and self-controlled. humility. 12.verbose .something that discourages or deters Does the threat of capital punishment serve as a deterrent to potential killerS 11. hence. Diatribe prolonged. (Gr) dicha (in tow) + temnein (to cut) division into two opposite The dichotomy of our legislative system provides us with many safeguards. diffusion .N. You must overcome your diffidence if you intend to become a salesperson.timidity . modesty. Digression wandering away from the subject . bitter scolding or denunciation . 14. difurcation. Diffidence lack of confidence. bashfulness. invective. 15. reserve. Dichotomy division of a thing into two parts or pairs. dis (negational) + fidere (to trust) shyness .spread out (like a gas) . hestancy to assert oneself. abusivem bitter harangue. digress . two opposed or mutually exclusive classes.lack of self-confidence . Diffuse wordy .V.

slow mournful piece of music (sung over a dead person) The funeral dirge stirred us to tears. disenchant. 20. Disabuse correct. he was assigned the most difficult cases.disbelieve . dis + abuse (=deceive. 18. each candidate tried to discredit the other. I know he is innocent. Discrepancy .having insight .N. Discredit defame . put straight. The campaign was highly negative in tone. set right. discern: perceive Because he was considered the most discerning member of the firm. his digressions were always more fascinating than the topic of the day. 17. Discerning mentally quick and observant .disgrace .able to make good judgments . Discordant not harmonious . free from mistake or error.Nobody minded when Professor Renoir's lectures wandered away from their offical theme. 19.perceptive .free from a wrong belief I will attempt to diabuse you of your impression of my client's guilt. archaic meaning) correct a false impression . 21.destroy confidence in .V. Dirge funeral song .conflicting She tried to unite the discordant factions. 16.undeceive .

his remarks indicated that he was disingenous.lacking coherence .direct to leave .ADJ. Discrete separate . dismissal Believing in John's love for her.discharge from employment . Disparage .V.Ex. Dismiss eliminate from consideration . 22.objective The only disinterested person in the room was the judge. Disinterested unprejudiced .not candid . dismissive . 27.difference . Disjointed disconnected .unconnected The universe is composed of discrete bodies. 23. disjoint: disconnect . she dismissed the notion that he might be unfaithful. 25.reject .lack of consistency or agreement as between facts . 26.worldly wise Although he was young. sophisticated .no longer consider .disjoin His remarks were so disjointed that we could not follow his reasoning.free from bias and self-interest . insincere. discrepancy between two descriptions The police noticed some discrepancies in his description of the crime and did not believe him. Disingenuous not naive .N.put out of court without further hearing . 24.

scatter. 29. Distill . if not impossible.reduction to a liquid form . varied. disperse.looseness in morals .pretend Even though John tried to dissemble his motive for taking modern dance. sow. 30.sensual indulgence .ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint .debauchery . dis (apart) + seminare (sow) from semen (seed) disguise . dissimilar. Disparate different in kind. Dissolution disintegration . these little gifts add up to large sums. deprecate.unrelated It is difficult. Dissemble spread abroad. belittle. Disseminate distribute .speak slightingly of.spread .leading an immoral life The profligacy and dissolution of life in Caligula's Rome appall some historians.scatter (like seeds) The invention of the radio helped propagandists to disseminate their favorite doctrines very easily 31.hide the real nature of . discredit. to organize these disparate elements into a coherent whole. 32. dis (not) + parere (make equal) basically different . unequal. 28. we all knew there not to dance but to meet girls.impossible to compare . dis (not) + par (equal) belittle Do not disparage anyone's contribution.

imperious.deviating The spokes of the wheel diverge from the hub. 36.lethargic . Dogmatic opinionated. 37. Diverge vary . stating opinion of a forceful or arrogant manner without proof. 38.N. Dupe .temporarily inactive .go in different directions from the same point . Divest strip (as of clothes) . 33.concentrate .refine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation) . divestiture(divestment) He was divested of his power to act and could no longer govern.dispossess . distill fresh water from sea water A moonshiner distills mash into whiskey.separate the most important parts from . 34.Ex.arbitrary . She kept all the receipts from her business trip in order to document her expenses for the firm.holding stubbornly to one's opinion . authoritarian. Dormant sleeping . 35. opinionated . Document provide written evidence (for a claim) .record with documents . fixed in opinion. divergent: differing . an epigrammatist distills thoughts into quips.latent Sometimes dormant talents in our friends surprise those of us who never realize how gifted our acquaintances really are.doctrinal Do not be so dogmatic about that statement.N.deprive (as of rights) .ADJ. it can be easily refuted.

Ebullient exhilarated. 40. Eclectic selecting or choosing from various systems. gull. effervescent or bubbling in feeling. ebullience . (n) one easily fooled. distention. 2. 1. ebullition: state of boiling His ebullient nature could not be repressed.deceive. ebullire (to boil up) showing excitement .overflowing with enthusiasm . dis (apart) + tendere (stretch) expand . trick. Distend stretch.swell out I can tell when he is under stress by the way the veins distend on his forehead. enthusiastic. 39. con. bloat. someone easily fooled or deceived . mingling of inharmonious sounds. doctrines or sources. deceived or taken in. cheat.boiling . easy mark.N. Dissonance discord.V: deceive While the gullible Watson often was made a dupe by unscrupulous parties. . inflate. want of agreement Some contemporary musicians deliberately use dissonance to achieve certain effects.N. Sherlock Holmes was far more difficult to fool. dilate. take in. swell.

deduce by reason or argument. as in barefaced lie) rudeness without any sense of shame . 3.ornament . Embellish adorn . 7. (b) a poem written in a mournful tone. Milton composed the elegy "Lycidas. elegiacal. nerve. efficacious: effectual The efficacy of this drug depends on the regularity of the dosage.(Gr) ek (out) + legein (to choose) selective .selecting individual elements His style of interior decoration was eclectic: bits and pieces of furnishings from widely divergent periods. 4.enhance as a story (by adding fictitious details) . (Gr) elegos (a lament) poem or song expressing lamentation (for the dead) . Effrontery temerity. Elegy (a) a poem of lament and praise for the dead. bring forth. brashness.shameless boldness . Elicit draw out.presumptousness She had the effrontery to insult the guest.ADJ. Efficacy power to produce desired effect . strikingly juxtaposed to create an unique decor. gall.ADJ." 6. impudence.composed of elements drawn from disparate sources . elegiac On the death of Edward King. 5. sense is barefaced. provoke. audacity. ex (out)+frons (the forehead. e (out) + lucidus (clear) from lux (light) draw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone) The detectives tried to elicit where he had hidden his loot.

deprive of strength. Engender .rival . even a short walk to the window evervated her. (Gr) en (in) + peira (trial) He distrusted hunches and intuitive flashes. enfeeble.take away energy from She was slow to recover from her illness. 11. Endemic prevalent in or restricted to a certain region.try to equal or excel (through imitation) As long as our political leaders emulate the virtues of the great leaders of this country. 10. rival successfully (a person who commands your respect). imitate . more than 80 percent of the population are at one time or another affected by it. Empirical depending upon experience and observation. native. Emulate strive to equal or excel. Enervate debilitate. (Gr) en (in) + demos (the people). prevailing among a specific group of people This disease is endemic in this part of the world. we shall flourish. 8. 9. weaken. sap vitality of (overly hot baths are --. he placed his reliance entirely on empirical data.ing).to tropicla Africa). weaken . experimental.My mother-in-law's stories about her journey from Russia made us laugh because she embellished the bare facts of her travels with humourous acecdotes. indigenous (sleeping sickness is -. 12.

diurnal. cause to come into being (the piteous story ---d only laughter).N.full of learning . Ephemeral (a) lasting one day only. (of a person or book) learned . 14. or usefulness) .bring about. Esoteric taught only to a select few. recondite (---rites of Freemasonry). designed and meant only for the intiated.fleeting The mayfly is an ephemeral creature. erudition His erudite writing was difficult to read because of the many allusions which were unfamiliar to most readers. Erudite learned. Equanimity calmness of temperament .give rise to To receive praise for real accomplishments engenders self-confidence in a child. 17. (Gr) en (in) + genus (birth) cause . (b) fleeting. (Gr) esos (within) .produce . produce. 13. 15.make greater (as in value. (Gr) epi (upon) + hemera (day) short-lived .scholarly . reputation. short-lived (---flush of success). Enhance increase . transitory.improve Your chances for promotion in this department will be enhanced if you take some more courses in evening school. scholarly. 16. he could look upon the foolishness of the world with equanimity and humor.composure In his later years.

embitter This latest arrest will exacerbate the already existing discontent of the people and enrage them. (Gr) eu (good)+ pheme (voice).known only to the chosen few. Exacerbate aggravate. if you come from Cleveland. Euphemism use of a word or phrase that is less direct or expressive that another but less offensive. 18. you'll get the reference. distasteful. Exculpate clear from blame.ADJ.hard to understand . absolve. ex (intensifier) + acerbus (bitter) worsen . 21. Exigency urgent situation . 22. Eulogy expression of praise. 19. eulogize All the eulogies of his friends could not remove the sting of the calumny heaped upon him by his enemies.V. from phanai (to speak) mild expression The expression "he passed away" is a euphemism for "he died. esp. enonerate. often on the occasion of someone's death . worsen.aggravate . you won't. declare guiltless. etc. exigent . ex (out) + culpare (to blame) clear from blame or guilt He was exculpated of the crime when the real criminal confessed. vindicate. initiates . make more intense. New Yorker short stories often include esoteric allusions to obscure people and events: the implication is if you are in the in-crowd." 20.

Extrapolation projection . fallacy: false idea or notion . 1. 2. we must look for aid from our allies. popular fallacy . 23.inane . jocular.V.false reasoning . fatuity.In this exigency.Ex.based on a fallacy . Fallacious false .Ex.humorous Your facetious remarks are not appropriate at this serious moment. Facilitate help bring about .N.conjecture .silly .unserious . 3.misleading . Facetious lightly joking. Fatuous smugly and unconsciously foolish .N.make less difficult He tried to facilitate repayment of the loan by getting a part-time job. extrapolate: infer (unknown information) from known information Based on their extrapolation from the results of the primaries on Super Tuesday. not seriously intended. especially at an inappropriate moment. the networks predicted that George Bush would be the Republican candidate for the presidency. fecetus (witty) joking (often inappropriately) . 4. fallacy of the argument Your reasoning must be fallacious because it leads to a ridiculous answer. fatuousness .

N: young bird that has acquired wing feathers and is learning to fly . Fledgling inexperienced .grow feeble .intensity of feeling . Flag decreasing in force. 7.zeal . . 5. the home team's spirits flagged.V. flagging When the opposing hockey team scored its third goal only minutes into the first period. fawn: exhibit affection as a dog . 8. Felicitous (of a word or remark) apt . Fawning courting favor by cringing and flattering .seek favor or attention by obsequiousness She was constantly surrounded by a group of fawning admirers who had hoped to win some favor.He is far too intelligent to utter such fatuous remarks. 6. drooping. Fervor glowing ardor .intense heat Their kiss was full of the fervor of first love.suitably expressed . 9.decline in vigor or strength . droop .ADJ. waning in strength.well chosen He was famous for his felicitous remarks and was called upon to serve as master-ofceremonies at many banquet. it is not essential that we admire everything they write.inexperienced person (Also spelled fledgeling) While it is necessary to provide these fledgling poets with an opportunity to present their work.quality of being fervent or fervid .

Flout treat with scorn. Frugality thrift .mock .incite . 13. 14. Gainsay deny. Foment stir up . 12. frugal: practicing economy .scorn .Ex. 11.show contempt for . controvert. the prospective bride and groom hoped to forestall any potential arguments about money in the event of a divorce.costing little . reject . contravene .promote the growth of (something evil or unpleasant) This report will foment disssension in the club. scoff at.inexpensive In these economically difficult days businesses must practice frugality or risk bankruptcy.10. contradict.economy .instigate . flout the rules The headstrong youth flouted all authority.hopeless . he refused to be curbed. dispute. refute. Futile useless . Forestall prevent by taking action in advance By setting up a prenuptial agreement.ineffectual Why waste your time on futile pursuits? 1.ADJ.

6. all the rules were forgotten. tear out . Grandiloquent (of a person or speech) using high sounding or important-sounding language .wordy . 3. gouge the public . prod. kicked. about unimportant things. Gregarious sociable . loquacious . talkative.(of an animal) tending to form a group . Goad urge on .bombastic The politician could bever speak simply.(OE) gegn (against) + seggen (say) deny She was too honest to gainsay the truth of the report.N.Ex. gouge his eyes out . 4. she was always grandiloquent.talkative . esp.extort from . 5.N: chisel for cutting out hollow areas in wood In that fight. Gouge overcharge (with high price) .stimulus They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward.drive with a goad .cause (someone) to do something by continued annoyance .pompous . He was goaded by his friends until he yielded to their wishes. Garrulous talking much. N: sharp-pointed stick for driving cattle . and tried to gouge each other's eyes out. loquacious. incite or spur. chatty. garrulity Many club members avoided the company of the garrulous junior executive because his contant chatter bored them to tears.Ex.cut out (as if with a gouge) . the adversaries bit. 2.

2. 7. simple.of a hyperbola This salesman is guilty of hyperbole in describing his product. Guileless without deceit He is naive. and guileless. having a counterpart or analogue. etc. not effect. party-throwers are gregarious. proportion.ADJ.Typically.overstatement . (Gr) homos (same) + legien (to speak) of the same kind . (Gr) hyper (beyond) + ballein (to throw) exaggeration . not meant to be taken as true. Hyperbole purposeful exaggeration for effect. hermits are not. he cannot be guilty of fraud. it is wise to discount his claims. Homogeneous having the same relative position. 8. structure. . hyperbolic: of hyperbole . character. who believed his stories of easy wealth.uniform in composition throughout Many educators try to put pupils of similar abilities in the same class because they believe that his homogeneous grouping is advisable. Gullible easily deceived He preyed upon gullible people. 1..

expressionless .excessive admiration or devotion .block The special prosecutor determined that the Attorney General. Impede hide . weaken This arrest will impair her reputation in the community. impassive face The Native American has been incorrectly depicted as an impassive individual.imperturbable .N. 4. 2. idolatrous Such idolatry of singers of country music is typical of the excessive enthusiasm of youth. invariable. in (negational) + mutare (to change) unchangeable Scientists are constantly seeking to discover the immutable laws of nature. Impair injure . 6.damage.hurt . 3. inalterable. undemonstrative and stoical. though inept.one who destroys sacred images George Bernard Shaw's iconoclastic plays often startled more conventional people.Ex. 5.1. idolatry worship of idols . .stoical . Immutable unchangeable. Impassive without feeling . iconoclast: one who attacks traditional ideas . iconoclastic attacking cherished traditions .retard or obstruct the progress of . had not intentionally set out to impede the progress of the investigation.ADJ.

not permitting passage through its substance . 8. im (not)+ per (through) + via (way) impenetrable . Imperturbable unshakably calm .Ex. not affected or influenced. . hence.unquestioning and complete . implacable enemy Madame Defarge was the implacable enemy of the Evremonde family.incapable of being affected You cannot change their habits for their minds are impervious to reasoning.impossible to permeate This new material is impermeable to liquids.impossible to appease . Implacable incapable of being pacified .7. Impermeable impervious . Impervious incapable of being pierced or penetrated. Implore Beg He implored her to give him a second chance.Ex. implicit trust Jack never told Jill he adored her. 11. Implicit understood but not stated . he believed his love was implicit in his deeds. 12. 9.incapable of being damaged or distressed .placid Wellington remained imperturbable and in full command of the situation in spite of the hyteria and panic all around him. 10.implied .

rudimentary . Incorporate introduce something into a larger whole .indefinite . 14. Incongruity prone to anger. Inconsequential insignificant . 18.include .give material form to . 15. inchoate mass Before the Creation.ADJ. ira (anger) irritable . "Don't worry about it. choleric. Tamara said. cranky. Breaking with precedent.carelessly She inadvertently omitted two questions on the examination and mismarked her answer sheet. the world was an inchoate mass. it's inconsequential.Ex. (of desire.not clearly fixed .unimportant Brushing off Ali's apologies for having broken the wine glass.not explicit . unformed. irritable. wish. Inadvertently unintentionally . 16." 17. testy.by oversight . Inchoate existing in first stages only. plan) recently begun .at the beginning of development . rudimentary.13.easily angered Her irascible temper frightened me.embody . President Truman ordered the military to incorporate blacks into every branch of the armed services.elementary . Indeterminate uncertain .

intrinsic His inherent love of justice compelled him to come to their aid. however.That interest rates shall rise appears certain. in (negative) + artis (skill.young . (b) naive. Indolent habitually idle. Innocuous Harmless . dull. slothful. slow. 24. innate. neutral. natural. 20. the movie star still insisted that she be cast as an ingenuous sweet young thing. basic. Ingenuous (a) frank. inbred.unable to move or act .lacking power to move . art) inactive .unsophisticated . Indigence Poverty Neither the economists nor the political scientists have found a way to wipe out the inequities of wealth and eliminate indigence from our society. guileless. simple. candid. lazy. when they will do so. without active properties. straightforward. inherere (to stick to) firmly established by nature or habit . 22. Inert unable to move or resist. naive and trusting . tending towards inaction. by nature. lazy 21. open.candid Although she was over forty. Inherent inborn. 23. unsophisticated. 19. remains indeterminate.

at times when I would be covered with embarrassment.Ex.insensitive . Insularity narrow-mindedness .isolation .imperceptible . it is innocuous and will have no ill effect. insinuate himself into the boss's favor What are you trying to insinuate by that remark? 27.ADJ.Ex.narrowminded . 26.dull . The insularity of the islanders manifested itself in their suspicion of anything foreign. .creep in . she seems insensible to shame.unaware .Let him drink it. insipid food/character Flat prose and flat ginger ale are equally insipid: both lack sparkle. insensible of his danger/to pain . Insipid lacking in flavor .unresponsive .Ex.introduce or insert (oneself) by artful means .imply .Ex. Intractable unruly .suggest indirectly . Insensible unconscious . intransigent: uncompromising The intransigence of both parties in the dispute makes an early settlement almost impossible to obtain. insensible change Sherry and I are very different. insular: of an island .stubbornness . 29.isolated .ADJ. intractable problem/child The horse was intractable and refused to enter the starting gate. Intransigence refusal of any compromise .Ex. 25.lacking interest . 30. Insinuate hint . 28.difficult to manage .

36.Ex. . ira (anger) irritable . testy. inured to the Alaskan cold . invehere ( scold) abuse He had expected criticism but not the invective that greeted his proposal.harden . invective violent denunciation. inundated with work The tremendous waves inundated the town. cranky.lacking in resolution . irresolution She had no respect for him because he seemed weak-willed and irresolute. choleric. 32. Itinerary plan of a trip .31.easily angered Her irascible temper frightened me. vituperation.submerge . Inundate flood . inure: make used to something undesirable . irascible prone to anger. 35.V.weak .overflow . Irresolute uncertain how to act . Inured accustomed . She became inured to the Alaskan cold. 34.cover completely . 33. he discussed his itinerary with people who had been there and with his travel agent.indecisive .Ex. irritable.record of a trip Before leaving for his first visit to France and England.N.hardened . angry accusation. inveighing.

record of day to day activity. I'm sure she has latent acting talent which needs to be encouraged laud : .drowsy. Log : . adjective present but not yet developed. noun (formal) lack of respect when considering serious things. frivolity.languor.laconic :- brief & to the point.potential but undeveloped. where you do not want to do anything. they are strengthening the levees along the Mississippi Levity : . dormant. hidden.praise verb (formal) to praise. noun (formal) feeling of great tiredness. the police officer was lauded for his bravery lethargic : . he gave a laconic reply. lack of ventilation can cause lethargy and drowsiness(sleepiness) # levee :- earthen. weariness. they suspected anaemia when she complained of continual(from continuous) lassitude latent : . when your movements are slow and you are almost inactive. such levity is improper in church. the heat of the sun makes many animals slow and lethargic # lethargy:noun tired feeling. . all she received from him was a laconic farewell e-mail lassitude :.record of a voyage(journey) or flight. Adjective using only a few words. adjective showing lethargy. noun US embankment built along the bank of a river which is liable to flood.lack of seriousness or steadiness. hidden. the fact that he wears a wig(a cap of hairs) is no cause for levity. Stop giggling and wriggling arond in the pew.

noun being glad to give money. adjective (formal) who talks a lot. issing light.capable of being shaped by pounding. your time. Malingerer:. magnanimous. have you logged(in form of verb) your day's activities into the book? Loquacious : . Malleable:. adjective (a) clear. adjective which gives out light in the dark. for most of the time he was delirious but in his few lucid moments he seemed to recognize me luminous :. the college thanked him for his generosity in giving them a new swimming pool.n.shining. Maverick:. she showed great generosity to her grandchildren. the old lady gave a clear and lucid account of the incident to the police (b) able to think clearly.generosity.one who feigns illness to escape duty. the luminous hands of her bedside clock glowed faintly in the darkness. to help someone. she's very loquacious. Gold is malleable metal. Menanimity:. she's a political maverick (b) US animal which has not been branded and is running loose.. intelligible. The sun is a luminous body. Philanthropists denoted millions to charity. nonconformist. etc.the ship's log(in form of noun) gave details of their position when the fire broke out. The captain ordered the sergeant to punish all malingerers & force them to work. clear. rebel. easily understood. the cowboys rounded up the mavericks and brought them back to the ranch to be branded 2 adjective . noun (a) person who is unusual and does not fit into a normal pattern.easily understood. and a phone call from her can last hours Lucid : .talkative.

he was provoked.one who hates mankind. In gulliver’s travel . especially an insect's change of form. Metamorphosis:. he is well-known for his maverick behaviour mendacious:. faced with a group of morose salesmen you need to find something to motivate them mundane:adjective ordinary. in an effort to mollify the students. moderate.appease. sullen. her meticulous attention to detail won her a prize. mollif:- v. the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly (NOTE: plural is metamorphoses ]) meticulous:.change of form noun (formal) change to something quite different. which to some extent mitigates his offence(crime).excessive careful. and you never know how his dishes are going to turn out to be meticulous in doing something or about something = to pay great attention to detail when you do something. panistalking. he's too intellectual to bother much with mundane matters like cooking and cleaning . not exciting. they were not very meticulous about their payments misanthrope :. the government has changed its plans to charge them for university tuition morose:-ill humored. Mitigate:.his various critics consider him a misanthrope. adjective miserable and bad-tempered. he is very meticulous in sending off his tax return on time. soothe verb to make someone less annoyed or less upset.lying. not fitting into the normal pattern.unusual. he is not a very meticulous chef. adjective being very careful about details. miss Watson assumed he was mendacious And resfused to believe a word he said. melancholy. habitual dishonest. verb to make less serious. scrupulous. Distrusting hook from the start.

adj. cancel out. neophyte :-n. Nothing irritate her more than an excessively obsequious waiter or a fawning salesaclerk. obviate :. sycophantic.adj. obdurate :. meddlesome. obsequious :. This mountain slope contains slides that will challenge experts as well as neophytes. pretentious. occulude:-v. I hope this contribution will obviate any need of further collection of funds. close. showy. get rid of. make unnecessary. He was obdurate(with hard heart) in his refusal to jisten to our complaints. .v. deny. burdensome. stubborn. officious:-adj.v. servile.negate :. slavishly attentive. nullify. onerous:-adj. opprobrium:. It is interesting to note how the public opinion oscillate between the extremes of optimist & pessimism.infamy. trying to attract attention. oscillate:-v. A blood clot occluded an artery to the heart. beginner. shunt. Ostentatious:-adj. She asked for an assistant because her work load was too onerous. waver. vilification. vibrate pendulum like. recent convert .

Paragon:-n model of perfection.lacking interest.adj. one-sided. Penchant:. done routinely and with little care .adj.He is a perfidious person. Ex. bookish.n. Perfidious:. Pathological:-pertaining to disease. Penury:-n. Ex:. strong inclination. showing of learning. perfunctory kiss The auditor's perfunctory inspection of the books overlooked many errors. Paucity:. Perennial:-n.adj. stinginess. disloyal. Perfunctory:done routinely or superficially.the paucity of customers. Pedantic:. sever poverty. without care or concern. treacherous.Ex.n. prejudiced.superficial . indifferent. This plant is hardly perennials and will bloom for many years. linking. scarcity. committed to a party. Permeable:- . Partisan:. care. or enthusiasm .not thorough . something long lasting.

reverence for God . Plasticity:ability to be molded .ADJ. it loses its plasticity and becomes less malleable.not easily disturbed sluggish.porous .permeate Despite airing them for several hours.ADJ.charge .Ex.V.that can be permeated .conciliate . permeate: spread or flow throughout . mollify. Piety:devoutness . Mother Teresa exemplifies the true sprit of piety. pious Living her life in prayer and good works. placere (to please) pacify . Pervasive:spread throughout . plastic material such as clay When clay dries out. she could not rid her clothes of the pervasive odor of mothbals that clung to them. unexcited in the face of sudden emergencies. ideas. Platitude:- .allowing liquids or gas to pass through . Placate:pacify.charge Glass is permeable to light. feelings) spread throughout .penetrable . stolid The nurse was a cheerful but phlegmatic person. conciliate.bring peace to . plastic: capable of being shaped or molded . impassive. appease. Phlegmatic:calm and unexcitable . pervade: (of smells.V.appease The teacher tried to placate the angry mother.

overabundance.ADJ. also. Ex. This coming trip to France should provide me with a pragmatic test of the value of my conversational French class. a system which tests the validity of concepts by their practical results.like a sieve Dancers like to wear porous clothing because it allows the ready passage of water and air.fall straight down . Plummet:fall sharply . Porous:full of pores . trite remark . Stock prices plummeted. cliche. Ex. superfluity. only a few people perceived how trite his remarks were. (Gr) plethos (fullness) excess . busy. Preamble:- . active. a plethora of excuses She offered a plethora of excuses for her shortcomings. Stock prices plummeted as Wall Street reacted to the rise in interest rates. Pragmatic:(a) practical. overworked.trite. banal expression. (b) in philosophy. platitudinous The platitudes in his speech were applauded by the vast majority in his audience.overabundance . Plethora:excess.commonplace statement . commonplace.

not true Romantics.rash . most critics consider them precursors of the Romantic Movement.introductory statement In the preamble to the Constitution. investigate further.risky .hasten . dubious. pre (before) + varicus (straddling) lie . temporize. going beyond what is right .predecessor Though Gray and Burns share many traits with the Romantic poets who followed them. improperly bold. the purpose of the document is set forth. The removal of American political support appeared to have precipitated the downfall of the Marcos regime.arrogant . Presumptous:rude.excessively forward .ADJ.uncertain . hazardous.lacking in stability .Ex. precarious living I think this stock is a precarious investment and advise against its purchase. impertinent. irsecure. quibble.hide the truth (by equivocating) . evade the truth. hasty . Precursor:forerunner . Prevaricate:equivocate.cause to happen sooner .premature Do not be precipitate in this matter. Precipitate:hurl downward . forward.throw headlong . unsafe .cause (a solid substance) to be separated from a solution .condense and fall as rain or snow . Precarious:uncertain.taking liberties It seems presumptous for one so relatively new to the field to challenge the conclusions of its leading experts.

tending to prevent the purchase or use of something . his defalcations. extravagent.Ex. profundity Freud's remarkable insights into human behavior caused his fellow scientists to honor him as a profound thinker.doubtful .incorruptibility Everyone took his probity for granted. Profound:deep . Given the many areas of conflict still awaiting resolution.profuse . wasteful . Prohibitive:so high as to prohibit purchase or use .prohibiting .honesty .questionable . the outcome of the peace talks remains problematic. prohibitive tax The super computer's price was prohibitive. Proliferate:- .unsettled . shocked us all.Ex. lavish.complete .N. therefore.inclined to prevent or forbid . Prodigal:wasteful. a mind prodigal of ideas . prodigality The prodigal son squandered his inheritance.Ex.reckless with money .Ex. Problematic:causing a problem .N.Pristine Some people believe that to prevaricate in a good cause is justifiable and regard the statement as a "white lie.open to doubt .not superficial . squandering." Probity:uprightness . profound thinker/remark/silence/deafness . Whether the arena will ever be completed is problematic.

win over. appease .quality of being proper . Proscribe:prohibit . Sol has an unfortunate propensity to belittle the talents of others.banish . conciliate.make peaceful . bent.outlaw Antony. natural inclination Convinced of his own talent. proliferation Times of economic hardship inevitably encourage countless get-rich-quick schemes to proliferate Propensity:proclivity.N.spread .grow rapidly (in numbers) . inclination. Octavius and Lepidus proscribed all those who had conspired against Julius Caesar.ostracize . tendency.conformity to prevailing customs and usages I want you to behave at this dinner with propriety. Propriety:good or proper behavior fitness . Qualified:- . don't embarass me. appease.correct conduct .conciliate . propitiatory The natives offered sacrifices to propitiate the gods.multiply . Propitiate:influence to be favorably inclined.ADJ. penchart.

limited . stubborn.cavil.V. Quibble:minor objection or complaint . evade truth Do not quibble. Rarefied:make thinner.obstinately stubborn . recant one's faith/a statement . retract.unruly .carp . disclaim or disavow . made less dense (of a gas) . qualify: limit the meaning of .V.modify Unable to give the candidate full support. Recant:repudiate.openly confess error .Ex. quiescere (to repose) dormant . disobedient or resisting authority even after being punished . resting.at rest . rarefy: make less dense .determined to resist authority . in repose. Recalcitrant:resistant.V: raise minor objections . Donkeys are reputed to be the most recalcitrant of animals. deny. Quiescent:inactive. quiescence After this geyser erupts. refractory.temporarily inactive .retract a previous statement . the mayor gave him only a qualified endorsement.N. renounce.restricted . disavow. noncompliant. still. refusing to obey. defiant. disclaim. it will remain quiescent for twenty-four hours. rarefaction The mountain climbers had difficulty breathing in the rarefied atmosphere.N. I want a straightforward and definite answer. purer or more refined.

person who keeps apart from social intercourse.ADJ. The refractory horse was eliminated from the race when he refused to obey the jockey.loner . perverse. usually to a specific place (rare).profound . re (away) + legare (to send) put into a lower or worse If we relegate these experts to minor posts because of their political persuasions. esp. reclusive The recluse lived in a hut in the forest.. Recluse:hermit. Reproach:- .prove to be false . disprove . you will be punished severely. obscure. profound. refutation The defense called several respectable witnesses who were able to refute the false testimony of the prosecution's only witness. unmanageable .N. exile. Refractory:(a) stubborn. (b) resistant to heat. assign to an inferior position. recalcitrant. abstruse. we shall lose their valuable services.secret He read many recondite books in order to obtain the material for the scholarly thesis. (b) assign to a class. Relegate:(a) banish. reconditus (hidden) abstruse . prove someone to be wrong. arcane. hard to work or melt (said of metals) (c) resistant to disease..disobedient and stubborn .Unless you recant your confession. sphere.not easily understood . obstinate. realm. Recondite:beyond ordinary understanding. etc. Refute:prove something to be false. concealed. hermit . unruly.

immoral. Repudiate:reject or disown as having no validity.N. determination . Resolve:decide .annul . vicious person. ADJ. resolution make clear.blame (not angrily but sadly) . or agreement) Because of public resentment. Reticent:- .ADJ.settle . to explain Nothing could shake his resolve that his children would get the best education that money could buy.express disapproval or disappointment . Resolution:determination . revoke.make a determined decision . now often humorous. vicious. annul. Homes resolved to travel to Bohemia to resolve the dispute between Irene Adler and the King. decision.resoluteness . reprobare (to condemn) morally disapproved person I cannot understand why he has so many admirers if he is the reprobate you say he is.firmness of purpose N. reproachful I want my work to be above reproach and without error Reprobate:corrupt. repeal . void. reverse. unprincipled person with these qualities. depraved. the king had to rescind his order.deny. resolute: firm or determined in purpose Nothing could shake his resolution to succeed despite all difficulties. disown . Rescind:abrogate.cancel (a law.disavow . cancel.separate . profligate.resolution . disclaim He announced that he would repudiate all debts incurred by his wife.solve . depraved.

(b) a herb.Ex.penalty intended to enforce compliance Nothing will convince me to sanction the engagement of my daughter to such a worthless young man. reverence: profound respect His reverent attitude was appropriate in a house of worship.Ex. uncommunicative. Sage:(a) a wise. person celebrated for wisdom . salubrious area . He was reticent about the reasons .V. not given to speaking. adj : very wise. inclined to silence .conducive to health or well-being .worshipful .uncommunicative . . wholesome. reserved. reticence Hughes preferred reticent employees to loquacious ones.N. venerable person.wise person .ratify . Many people with hay fever move to more salubrious sections of the country during the months of August and September. noting that the formers' dislike of idle chatter might ensure their discretion about his affairs. Reverent:respectful .ADJ: wise Hearing tales of a mysterious Master of All Knowledge who lived in the hills of Tibet. Sandy was possessed with a burning desire to consult the legendary sage. Salubrious:beneficial. sagacious.N.N: permission . Sanction:approve . revere: regard with reverence .socially desirable . salutary.reserved .taciturn. salus (health) healthful . healthful.

smell. satiety: condition of being satiated The guests.sate .imbue .produce and release a substance into an organism . I am a skeptic. Solicitous:- .distinctive quality Relishing his triumph. Secrete:conceal . Shard:fragment generally of broken pottery (glass. sate. glut. fill.fill to capacity Their clothes were saturated by the rain.charge . clay bowl.impregnate . the pancreas secretes insulin in the islets of Langerhans. Savor:enjoy .hide away or cache . The pack rat secretes odds and ends in its nest.Satiate:gorge. I want proof. having eaten until they were satiated. now listened inattentively to the speakers.N: taste or smell . or quality .N. Costner especially savored the chagrin of the critics who had predicted his failure. a doubter sceptic .doubter In this matter.have a distinctive flavor. or cup) The archaeologist assigned several students the task of reassembling earthenware vessels from the shards he had brought back from the expedition. Saturate:soak thoroughly . Skeptic:a person who questions the validity or things supposed to be true. satis (sufficient) satisfy fully (physical needs such as hunger) .

a mark of disgrace. sopor (sleep) + facare (make) sleep-causing . esp.concerned . inferiority. whole spectrum of modern thoughts The visible portion of the spectrum includes red at one end and violet at the other. narcotic. Stigma:distinguishing mark.N.eager . solicitous to do something . opiate. stigmatize: mark with a stigma . right or proper but not actually so. correct. Soporific:a drug to bring on sleep.broad and continuous range . drowsy-making.worried .Ex. (Gr) stigma (a prick with a pointed instrument) token of disgrace . the fact that you were acquitted clears you completely. the rebellion is essentially over.brand .drowsy I do not need a sedative when I listen to one of his soporific speeches. I do not attach any stigma to the fact that you were accused of this crime. fair. Specious:apparently true. sleeping pill.misleading (often intentionally) Let us not be misled by such specious arguments Spectrum:colored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism . dull.V. just. dishonor. A : somniferous.marked by sleepiness . appearance) seemingly reasonable but incorrect . etc.intermittent Although there are still sporadic outbursts of shooting in the streets. Stint:- .anxious . Sporadic:occurring irregularly . solicitude The employer was very solicitous about the health of her employees as replacements were difficult to get.Ex. species (look. abnoramality.

ADJ.impassive . refusing to stint on the wedding arrangements.specify . a defined quantity or term of work. bound. In his stint as a police inspector in this district.Ex. she has been walking with a strut.N. He performed his daily stint cheerfully and willingly. stria: thin groove or line The glacier left many striated rocks. V: restrain within certain limits.V. Stipulate:state as a necessary condition (of an agreement) . There was little to show anger. He stipulated payment in advance Before agreeing to reduce American military forces in Europe. Strut:supporting bar . Subpoena:- .showing little emotion when strong feelings are expected The man remained stolid during the entire trial. Ever since she has been nominated for an award. striated rocks . "Spare no expense.striped . I just saw her strut in towards the Hall." the bride's father said. fixed amount. The engineer calculated that the strut supporting the rafter needed to be reinforced.grooved . he had routed out bootlegging. pompous walk His strut as he marched about the parade ground revealed him for what he was: a pompous buffoon. building support. fear or repentance on his face. limit. confine.be thrifty . striate . set limits in amount or number . the President stipulated that NATO teams be allowed to inspect Soviet bases. Striated:marked with parallel bands . (b) an assigned task.(a) a limited.make express conditions . Stolid:dull .Ex.

Ex.make obsolete This regulation will supersede all previous rules.cause to be set aside .surmise .not put into words . Tacit:unspoken. tacitus (silent) understood (without actually being expressed) .descend . take the place of office of . implied.abate The doctor assured us that the fever would eventually subside. succeed (in sense of coming after).establish with evidence .hypothesis .moderate .become less .V: summon with a subpoena The prosecutor's office was ready to serve a subpoena on the reluctant witness. Supersede:replace. but understood. Subside:sink to a lower level . supplant.settle down . not expressed or declared openly.verify I intend to substantiate my statement by producing witnesses.V. suppose I based my decision to confide in him on the supposition that he would be discreet.sink to the bottom (as a sediment) .writ (written command issued by a court) summoning a witness to appear in court . tacit agreement .grow quiet . Supposition:assumption . Substantiate:support (a claim) with evidence . super (above) + sedere (to sit) replace .

We have a tacit agreement based on only a handshake. let us hope they will remain loyal. docile .sluggishness .easily managed . as a hibernating animal. Tortuous:winding .(of something) easily changed or molded .dormancy .ADJ. Lois kept on coming back to her main question: why couldn't he come out to dinner with Superman and her? Tenuous:thin .N. easily led.digressing . . we were sufficiently aware of the seriousness of our misconduct.not central .rare The allegiance of our allies is held by rather tenuous ties.full of curves . Tirade:long angry denunciatory speech .denunciation Long before he had finished his tirade. torpid: lethargic . stupor. Torpor:inactivity.diatribe . tortuous mountain road Because this road is so tortuous. he had wholly surrendered himself to lethargy.Ex. Tangential:only slightly connected . lethargy .peripheral .lazy Nothing seemed to arouse him from his torpor.harangue . dullness.extended scolding .showing divergence Despite Clark's attempts to distract her with tangential remarks. Tractable:docile. temporary loss of all or part of the power of motion or sensation. it is unwise to go faster than twenty miles an hour on it. tractability You will find the children in this school very tractable and willing to learn.slim .

(b) show indecision. waver (in opinion) .fluctuate .Transgression:violation of a law .pugnacious . we know not what we do. waver in frame of mind or purpose. accurate. Truculence:aggressiveness .fierce Tynan's reviews were noted for their caustic attacks and general tone of truculence. respect.V. Vacillate:(a) fluctuate. now the other. saying now one. Verbose:- .violate . waver.treat with great respect In China. Veracious:truthful. vacillation Uncertain which suitor she ought to marry.N.sin . venerari (worship) revere . worship. be irresolute.ADJ. the people venerate their ancestors. truculent: aggressive .do wrong Forgive us our transgressions. honest.ferocity . adore. true.sway to and fro . transgress: go beyond (a limit) . sway to and fro. Venerate:revere. verus (true) (of a person) truthful I can recommend him for this position because I have always found him veracious and reliable. the princess vacillated.

syrupy and sticky.evaporating rapidly . Warranted:justified .mercurial . prolix. abusive language. (of a liquid) thick and sticky . Volatile:changeable .Ex. thick.rail against abusively He became more vituperative as he realized that we were not going to grant him his wish. we must edit it. abuse with words. verbum (word) wordy . Viable:able to live. revile.of a quickly changing nature (as of temper) . Viscous:glutinous. viable scheme The infant. vituperate: berate .scold .practical or workable . though prematurely born.Ex.tending to violence . verbosity This article is too verbose.N. censuring. volatile character/situation in the street The political climate today is extremely volatile: no one can predict what the electorate will do next. vital (life) capable of maintaining life . Melted tar is a viscous substance.. berating. grow or take root.viscid .feasible .V.gluey . upbraiding. rambling. succeed. is viable and has a good chance to survive.wordy. Vituperative:bitter. abusive .scolding .authorized .

Wary:very cautious . Whimsical:capricious . the casualties were so numerous that the victims weltered in their blood while waiting for medical attention. Welter:wallow (as in mud or high seas) . The existing welter of overlapping federal and state proclaims cries out for immediate reform.fanatic .amusingly strange He dismissed his generous gift to his college as a sentimental fancy.person who shows excessive zeal It is good to have a few zealots in our group for their enthusiasm is contagious. zealot:a person with great zeal.This high handed police action on the non violent protesters was certainly not warranted. one who is zealous .lie soaked (as in blood) .Ex.bewildering jumble There was welter prevailing outside the tax office ever since the new taxes were announced. . a person ardently devoted to a cause.fanciful .turmoil .confused mass . The victims weltered in their blood. an old man's whimsical gesture. confusion . At the height of the battle. The tax structure was not well understood.watchful The spies grew wary as they approached the sentry.

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