Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Facilitated Terrorism is terrorism using cyber means as a tool for accomplishing the act. Example: A terrorist sends an email message to a Senator stating that 50 anonymous letters have been sent to the office. each containing large amounts of anthrax. .

.Cyber terrorism Cyber terrorism occurs when the destructive nature of the ³act itself´ is carried out via computers or other cyber/electronic means. Example: Terrorists hack critical information system (such as a telephone switch) causing a loss of communication for an extended period of time.

viruses. . ±Cyber crime ±The use of the Net for criminal actions.Cyber terrorism ±The use of the Net for terrorism. ±Cyber Attacks ±Email bombs. intentional actions.

Little command and control. Elementary command and control. ‡Complex coordinated: Capability for coordinated attacks causing mass disruption. . integrated defenses including cryptography.Three groups have been defined: ‡Simple unstructured: Conduct basic hacks against individuals using tools created by someone else. Ability to create sophisticated hacking tools. Highly capable command and control. ‡Advanced structured : Conduct more sophisticated attacks against multiple systems or networks and possibly the ability to create or modify tools.

They are using the same technology as an offensive weapon to destroy or disrupt. .Terrorists & Information Technology Terrorist groups are learning to use IT for decision making and other organizational purposes.

Potential Cyber Security Risks ‡Running unnecessary services ‡Outdated code ‡Information leakage ‡Misappropriated trust relationships ‡Misconfigured firewall ‡Weak passwords .

‡‡Misconfigured Web servers ‡‡Improperly exported file sharing ‡‡Inadequate logging and detecting ‡‡Unsecured remote access ‡‡Lack of defined security policy .

Planning Steps for Cyber Security ‡General Management ‡Policy ±Enforce policy for security ‡Risk Management ‡Security Architecture and Design ‡User Issues: Accountability and Training .

‡User Issues: Adequate Expertise ‡System & Network Management : Access Control ‡System & Network Management : Software Integrity ‡System & Network Management : Back ups ‡Authentication and authorization : Users .

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