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ABG ABO a.c. ACE ACTH ADH ADL ad lib Afib AFL AFP AIDS ALT AST ANA AP A&P AQ ARDS ASHD ASO AV bact b.i.d. Arterial blood gas A system of classifying blood groups Before meals Angiotensin converting enzyme Adrenocorticotropic hormone, corticotropin Antidiuretic hormone Activities of daily living As desired Atrial fibrillation Atrial flutter Alpha-fetoprotein Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Alanine aminotransferase (formerly SGPT) Aspartate aminotransferase (formerly SGOT) Antinuclear antibody Anteroposterior Anterior and posterior Water Adult respiratory distress syndrome Atherosclerotic heart disease Antistreptolysin-O Arteriovenous, atrioventricular Bacteriology Twice a day




Basic life support Basal metabolic rate Blood pressure Benign prostatic hypertrophy Beats per minute Body surface area Blood urea nitrogen Biopsy Celsius, centigrade, complement With Calcium Cancer, carcinoma Coronary artery bypass Coronary artery disease Capsules Cytoxan, adrimycin, and vincristine Complete blood count Chief complaint Cubic centimeter Coronary care unit Carcinoembryonic antigen Centigram Congestive heart failure Creatine kinase Chloride, chlorine Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Centimeter Central nervous system Carbon monoxide, cardiac output



Carbon dioxide Compound Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Creatine phosphokinase Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, C-reactive protein Culture and sensitivity Cerebrospinal fluid Computed tomography Carpal tunnel syndrome Cubic Cerebrovascular accident Dilatation and curettage Disseminated intravascular coagulation Differential blood count Decliter (100 ml) Diabetes mellitus Deoxyribonucleic acid Doctor of osteopathy Dorsalis pedis Diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (toxoids/vaccine) Digital subtraction angiography Dextrose in water Diagnosis Extracellular fluid Electrocardiogram Emergency department Electroencephalogram Electromyogram Ear, nose, and throat


feet. gm gastroc GFR GI GP G6PD gr gt.ERA ESR exc F FBS FDA FSH ft FUO g. drops Glucose tolerance test Genitourinary Gynecology Hemoglobin Human chorionic gonadotropin Hydrochloric acid. hydrochloride Bicarbonate Hematocrit High-density lipoprotein Hemolytic disease of the newborn Mercury Hemoglobin 4 . gtt GTT GU GYN. gyn Hb HCG HCI HCO3 HCT HDL HDN Hg Hgb Estroadiol receptor assay Erythrocyte sedimentation rate Excision Fahrenheit Fasting blood sugar Food and Drug Administration Follicle-stimulating hormone Foot. (measure) Fever of undetermined origin Gram Gastrocnemius Glomerular filtration rate Gastrointestinal General practitioner Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase Grain Drop.

Hx Hz IABP ICF ICS ICU IgA IgD IgE IgG IgM IHSS I. inf inj I&O IPPB IU IUD I.M. hour of sleep History Hertz (cycles per second) Intra-aortic balloon pump Intracellular fluid Intercostal space Intensive care unit Immunoglobulin A Immunoglobulin Immunoglobulin Immunoglobulin Immunoglobulin idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis Intramuscular Inferior Inject Intake and output Intermittent positive-pressure breathing International unit Intrauterine device Intravenous Intravenous pyelogram Intravenous urography Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 5 . IVP IVU JRA Human growth hormone Hemagglutination inhibition Human leukocyte antigen Heart rate Hour At bedtime.V.s.HGH HI HLA HR Hr h.

ureters. and bladder Liter Left anterior descending (coronary artery) lateral Pound Left bundle branch block Lactate dyhdrogenase Low-density lopoprotein Lupus erythematosus Luteinizing hormone left Left upper quadrant Left ventricle Molar Meter. muscular dystrophy Millimicron (nanometer) Millequivalent Magnesium Milligram 6 .K kcal kg 17-KGS 17-KS KO KUB l LAD lat lb LBBB LDH LDL LE LH lt LUQ LV M m MCH MCHC MCV MD mm mEq Mg mg Potassium Kilocalorie (food calorie) kilogram 17-ketogenic steriods 17-ketosteroids Keep open Kidneys. minim Mean corpuscular hemoglobin Meancorpuscular hemoglobin concentration Mean corpuscular volume Medical doctor.

normal (strength of solution) Sodium Sodium chloride Nanogram (millimmicron) Nasogastric tube Nothing by mouth Obstetrics and gynecology 17-hydroxcorticosteroids Over the counter (a drug that can be obtained without a prescription) Ounce Phosphorus.mg MI ml m ml mm mM mm m mol mo mol wt mOsm m Osm MRI MS MSH MUGA N Na NaCl ng NGT NPO Ob-GYN 17-OHCS OTC Microgram Myocardial infarction Milliliter Micron Microliter Millimeter Millimole Micrometer. pulse Partial pressure of carbon dioxide in arterial blood oz P PaCO2 7 . morphine sulfate Melanocyte-stimulating hormone Multigated acquisition (scanning) Nitrogen. pressure. micron Micromole Month Molecular weight Milliosmole Micro-osmole Magnetic resonance imaging Multiple sclerosis.

PaO2 Pap p. q2h q4h q.r. Pro time psi PT PTCA PTH PVC q q. PCO2 PO2 peds Perrla pg pH PID PKU PMS P.c. PPD ppm p.h. roentgen 8 .n.O. round. R Partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood Papanicolaou smear After meals Partial pressure of carbon dioxide Partial pressure of oxygen Pediatrics Puplis equal. whenever necessary Prothrombin time Pounds persquare inch Physical therapy percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty Parathyroid horomone Premature ventricular contraction Every Every day Every hour Every 2 hours Every 4 hours Four times a day Respirations. react to light and accommodation Picogram (micromicrogram) Hydrogen ion concentration Pelvic inflammatory disease Phenylketonuria Premenstrual syndrome By mouth Purified protein derivative (of tuberculin) Parts per million As needed. q.i.d.d.

C.. rheumatoid factor Rhesus blood factor Rhesus factor negative Rhesus factor positive Right lower quadrant Registered nurse Ribonucleic acid Rule out Range of motion (of joint) Right uper quadrant Prescription Without Systemic arterial oxygen saturation (%) Subacute bacterial endocarditis Subcutaneous Second Sedimentation rate Serum glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase (see AST) Serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (see ALT) Internation System of Units Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone Sudden infant death syndrome Systemic lupus erythmatosus Short of breath 9 .RA RAIU RBBB RBS RCA RF Rh Rh neg. (Rh-) Rh pos. subq sec sed rate SGOT SGPT SI SIADH SIDS SLE SOB Rheumatoid arthritis Radioactive iodine uptake Right bundle branch block Red blood cell Right coronary artery Rheumatic fever. (Rh+) RLQ RN RNA R/O ROM RUQ Rx s* SaO2 SBE S. SQ.

pulse.i. TMJ TPA TPN TPR TSH tsp UA ung URI USPHS VDRL Vfib VS 10 . respirations Thyroid-stimulating hormone Teaspoon Urinalysis Ointment Upper respiratory infection United States Public Health Service Veneral Disease Research Laboratory (test for syphilis) Ventricular fibrillation Vital signs T&A Tabs TB T&C temp. to be followed by number designating specific thoracic vertebra Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Tablets Tuberculosis Type and crossmatch Temperature Transient ischemic attach Total iorn-binding capacity Three times a day Temporomandibular joint Tissue plasminogen activator Total parenteral nutrition Temperature.spec sp gr S&S ss* stat STD sx T Specimin Specific gravity Signs and symptoms One-half Immediately Sexually transmitted disease Symptoms Temperature. TIA TIBS t.d. thoracic.

smsu.edu/jas188f/690/medslpterm.html Ventricular septal defect Ventricular septal defect Ventricular tachycardia Urinary tract infection White blood cell World Health Organization 11 .VSD VT VT UTI WBC WHO http://courses.

CP c-spine D* DIP DAFO D/C blood pressure base of support bed rest bathroom privileges bilateral upper extremities with cancer chief complaint congestive heart failure complains of center of gravity contact guard coordination continue cold pack/cerebral palsy cervical spine dependent distal interphalangeal dynamic ankle/foot orthosis discontinued * Signifies a circle should be placed around the letter. gt. program herniated nucleus pulposus hot pack full weight bearing fracture 12 . dep DIP DM DOB DNR disl. amb. gastroc HEP HMP HNP HP gastrocnemius home exercise program home mgt. DJD Dx dependent distal interphalangeal diabetes mellitus date of birth do not resuscitate dislocate degenerative joint disease diagnosis FWB fx.APPROVED PHYSICAL THERAPY ABBREVIATIONS a ** A A* AA add abd ACL ADL AFO ant. AKA art AROM AAROM B* bid BKA bkwds BLE before active assistance active assisted adduction abduction anterior cruciate ligament activities of daily living ankle foot orthosis anterior ambulate above knee amputation articulation active range of motion active-assisted ROM bilateral two times a day below knee amputation backwards bilateral lower extremities BP BOS BR BRP BUE c ** CA cc CHF c/o COG CG co-ord cont. ** Signifies that a line should be drawn over the letter.

** Signifies that a line should be drawn over the letter. LCL LLB LLC LLE LLQ LOB LOM L-S L-spine L-Trax LTG LUE LTM max. MAFO MC low back pain lateral lateral collateral ligament long leg brace long leg cast left lower extremity left lower quadrant loss of balance loss of memory lumbosacral lumbar spine lumbar traction long term goal left upper extremity long term memory maximum molded ankle foot orthosis metacarpal med. rot. mob./infrared joint knee ankle foot orthosis left long arm cast long arc quad set low back * Signifies a circle should be placed around the letter. LBP lat. rot./emergency room Fahrenheit fibula full range of motion followed by follow up function hosp. KAFO L* LAC LAQ LB hospital history of history independent intravenous int. occupational therapy after 13 . H/O Hx I* IV IR jt.ECF e. mod. extended care facility for example electrocardiogram electromyogram electrical stimulation ext. npo OOB ORIF OT p ** medial moist heat myocardial infarction minimum mobilization moderate metatarsophalangeal manual muscle test mental retardation magnetic resonance image `motor vehicle accident non-weight bearing negative nothing by mouth out of bed open reduction internal fix. EKG EMG ES ER F fib FROM f/b f/u funct. MH MI min.g. MTP MMT MR MRI MVA NWB Neg.

SCM SCI SI SLB SLC SLP SLR right lower extremity repetitions range of motion rotation right upper extremity prescription supervision without short arm cast short arc quad set sternoclavicular standby assistance shoulder sternocleidomastoid spinal cord injury sacroiliac/steroid injection short leg brace short leg cast speech/lang. Clinical Abbreviations (Continued) PIP PMH po post. RUE Rx S* s ** SAC SAQ S-C SBA shld. quad resistance exs. ** Signifies that a line should be drawn over the letter. PCL positive posterior cruciate ligament * Signifies a circle should be placed around the letter. pt. 14 . proximal interphalangeal past medical history by mouth posterior progressive resistance exs. ** Signifies that a line should be drawn over the letter. PSIS P. as needed passive range of motion prosthesis posterior superior iliac spine physical therapy patient peripheral vascular disease partial weight bearing every 4 times a day quad sets right rheumatoid arthritis radius RLE reps. PVD PWB q qid QS R* RA rad. pathologist straight leg raise * Signifies a circle should be placed around the letter.MCL MCP medial collateral ligament metacarpophalangeal Pos. ROM rot.T. PRE PQRE prn PROM pros. prog.

trax trans. http://www. ** Signifies that a line should be drawn over the letter. T/C TENS TKE THR TIA TTWB Therex Tx.edu/~pt/clinbrev.psu. nerve stim.T. UE short of breath status post skilled nursing facility single point cane short term goals short term memory speech therapy symptoms supine telephone call trans Q elect.htm 15 . sx sup. vo vc's vss WFL WNL w/c WB WBAT Symbols X ultrasound tolerate(s)(ed) verbal orders verbal cues vital signs stable within functional limits within normal limits wheelchair weight bearing weight bear as tolerated times except extension flexion 2 # due to pounds seconds Pþ ÜWz minutes increase or up * Signifies a circle should be placed around the letter.ma.SOB s/p SNF SPC STG STM S. terminal knee extension total hip replacement transient ischemic attack toe touch weight bearing therapeutic exercise treatment traction transfer upper extremity US tol.

perineal acute renal failure Top AKA amb ANA AODM AP ARF ARDS AS ASAP as soon as possible ASCVD ASD AV A-VO2 BCAA BEE BKA BMR BP atrial septal defect atrioventricular arteriovenous oxygen branched chain amino acids basal energy expenditure below the knee amputation basal metabolic rate blood pressure Top ASHD A-V BBB BE bid BM BOM BPH BPM beats per minute BRBPR BRP bathroom priviledges BS 16 .AAA AAS ABG ACLS ADH AF AFP abdominal aortic aneurysm acute abdominal series arterial blood gas advanced cardiac life support anti-diuretic hormone atrial fibrillation or afebrile alpha-fetoprotein A-a gradient ABD AC ACTH ad lib AFB A /G alveolar to arterial gradient abdomen before eating adrenocorticotropic hormone as much as needed acid-fast bacilli albumin/globulin ratio above the knee amputation ambulate antinuclear antibody adult onset diabetes mellitus acute respiratory distress syndrome aortic stenosis atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease atherosclerotic heart disease arteriovenous bundle branch block barium enema twice a day bone marrow or bowel movement bilateral otitis media benign prostatic hypertrophy bright red blood per rectum bowel or breath sounds AI ALL AML AOB aortic insufficiency acute lymphocytic leukemia acute myelogenous leukemia alcohol on breath anteroposterior or abdominal .

BUN BX C&S Ca blood urea nitrogen biopsy culture and sensitivity calcium BW c CA CAA body weight with cancer crystalline amino acids coronary artery disease complete blood count chief complaint critical closing volume chronic granulocytic leukemia carbohydrate chronic myelogenous leukemia cranial nerves cardiac output chronic obstructive lung disease chest pain or cerebral palsy creatinine phosphokinase creatinine clearance C-reactive protein computerized tomography CVA tenderness chest X-ray dispense as written dilation and curettage 5% dextrose in water CABG coronary artery bypass graft computerized axial tomography capillary blood gas clean catch urine or cardiac care unit cystic fibrosis congestive heart failure CAD CAT CBG CCU Top CBC CC CCV CF CHF CGL CHO CI cardiac index CML CMV CNS C/O cytomegalovirus central nervous system complaining of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease continuous positive airway pressure cardiopulmonary resuscitation chronic renal failure cerebrospinal fluid cerebrovascular accident or costovertebral angle central venous pressure diet as tolerated discontinue or discharge differential diagnosis Top Top CN CO COLD COPD CP CPAP CPK CPR CRF CSF CRCL CRP CT CVA CVP DAT DC DDx CVAT CXR DAW D&C D5W 17 .

nose. pertussis. and throat erythrocyte sedimentation rate EOM ET ETT endotracheal tube ERCP ETOH ethanol EUA FBS fasting blood sugar Top FEV FFP FTT FUO Fx GETT fresh frozen plasma failure to thrive fever of unknown origin fracture general by endotracheal tube Top FRC FU FVC GC GFR GI gastrointestinal gr 18 . tetanus deep venous thrombosis essential amino acids electrocardiogram essential fatty acid deficiency eyes. motor. 1 grain = 65mg Therefore Vgr = DIP DKA DM DOA DPL distal interphalangeal joint diabetic ketoacidosis diabetes mellitus dead on arrival diagnostic peritoneal lavage DJD dL DNR DOE DPT DTR deep tendon reflexes DVT DX EBL ECT diagnosis estimated blood loss electroconvulsive therapy Top EAA ECG EFAD EMG electromyelogram EMV ENT ESR ears. verbal response (Glasgow coma scale) extraocular muscles endotracheal endoscopic retrograde cholangio -pancreatography examination under anesthesia forced expiratory volume functional residual capacity follow-up forced vital capacity gonorrhea glomerular filtration rate grain.DI diabetes insipidus DIC disseminated intravascular coagulopathy degenerative joint disease deciliter do not resuscitate dyspnea on exertion diphtheria.

325mg GSW GTT GXT HAA HBP gun shot wound glucose tolerance test graded exercise tolerance (Stress test) hepatitis B surface antigen high blood pressure Top gt or gtt GU HA HAV HCG drops genitourinary headache hepatitis A virus human chorionic gonadotropin high density lipoprotein hemoglobin human immunodeficiency virus hepatojugular reflex head of bed history of present illness at bedtime human lymphotropic virus. eyes. type III (AIDS agent.hasselbach equation or hemoglobin/ hematocrit histocompatibility locus antigen history of high power field heart rate HDL Hgb H/H HIV HLA HO HPF HR HJR HOB HPI HS HTLVIII HTN Top I&D ICS ID HSM hepatosplenomegaly HSV Hx I&O ICU herpes simplex virus history intake and output intensive care unit insulin dependent diabetes mellitus idiopathic hypertropic subaortic stenosis intermittent mandatory ventilation intermittent positive pressure breathing insulin resistant diabetes mellitus Top IDDM IG IHSS IM intramuscular intravenous nutritional fluid incomplete right bundle branch block interthecal IMV INF IPPB IRBBB IRDM IT 19 . throat henderson. ears. HIV) hypertension incision and drainage intercostal space infectious disease or identification immunoglobulin HCT HEENT hematocrit head. nose.

ureters. bladder left left atrial enlargement left atrial pressure or leukocyte alkaline phosphatase lactate dehydrogenase left inguinal hernia last menstrual period loss of consciousness or level of consciousness licensed practical nurse left ventricle left ventricular hypertrophy mean arterial pressure maternal blood type mean cell hemoglobin concentration myocardial infarction or mitral insufficiency midline episiotomy millimole IVC IVP KOR KVO KUB L LAD Top LAE LAHB LAP LBBB LE LLL LDH LIH LMP LNMP last normal menstrual period LOC LP LUL LVEDP lumbar puncture left upper quadrant left ventricular end diastolic pressure monoamine oxidase medical antishock trousers mean cell hemoglobin Top LPN LV LVH MAO MAP MAST MBT MCH MCHC MCV mean cell volume MI mL MMEF milliliter maximal mid expiratory flow MLE mmol 20 .ITP idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura intravenous cholangiogram | inferior vena cava JODM juvenile onset diabetes mellitus keep open rate keep vein open left axis deviation or left anterior descending left anterior hemiblock left bundle branch block lupus erythematosus left lower lobe Top JVD IV intravenous intravenous pyelogram jugular venous distention kidneys.

mumps. rubella methicillin resistant staph aureus methicillin-sensitive staph aureus multivitamin injection no active disease nerve conduction velocity nanogram non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus no known drug allergies nothing by mouth non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs nasotracheal oral cholecystogram otitis media oral polio vaccine left eye para premature atrial contraction peripheral arterial oxygen content paroxysymal atrial tachycardia after eating patent ductus arteriosus Top Top Top MRI magnetic resonance imaging multiple sclerosis or mitral stenosis.MMR measles. or morphine sulfate motor vehicle accident maximum voluntary ventilation no added salt no evidence of recurrent disease nasogastric MRSA MS MSSA MVA MVI NAD NCV ng NIDD M MVV NAS NED NG NKA no known allergies NKDA NMR nuclear magnetic resonance no regular medications normal sinus rhythm obstetrics overdose or right eye out of bed operating room both eyes posteroanterior alveolar oxygen pulmonary artery pressure percussion and postural drainage pulmonary capillary wedge pressure physicians desk reference NPO NRM NSAID NT OCG OM OPV OS P PAC NSR OB OD OOB OR OU PA PAO2 PaO2 PAP PAT P&PD PC PCWP PDA PDR 21 .

. q6h. or physical exam or pleural effusion pulmonary function tests pulmonic insufficiency disease previous medical history polymorphonuclear leukocyte (neutrophil) by mouth postprandial or pulsus paradoxus by rectum as needed prothrombin time.PE pulmonary embolus. quantity not sufficient shunt fraction right right atrial axis deviation Top q qh qid qod Qt Top RA every other day total cardiac output rheumatoid arthritis or right atrium right atrial enlargement RAD RAE 22 . every 6 hours etc. QNS Qs/Qt R peripheral vascular disease every day every 4 hours... or physical therapy percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty percutanous transhepatic cholangiogram Top PEEP positive end expiratory pressure PFT pg picogram PI PKU phenylketonuria point of maximal impulse paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea post-op day purified protein derivative packed red blood cells pulmonic stenosis patient PMH PMI PMN PND PO PP POD PPD PR PRN PT PRBC PS Pt PTCA PTH parathyroid hormone PTHC PTT partial thromboplastin time premature ventricular contraction every every hour four times a day PUD peptic ulcer disease PVC PVD qd q4h.

RAP right atrial pressure RBBB right bundle branch block retinol-binding protein red cell distribution width right inguinal hernia right lower quadrant ribonucleic acid range of motion retrograde pyelogram respiratory or radiation therapy return to clinic retrograde urethogram right upper quadrant right ventricular hyperthrophy without | ss = onehalf synthetic amino acid subacute bacterial endocarditis short bowel syndrome systolic ejection murmur small for gestational age serum glutamicoxaloacetic transaminase syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone synchronous intermittent RBC red blood cell recommended daily allowance radioimmunoassay right lower lobe right middle lobe rule out review of systems regular rate and rhythm renal tubular acidosis resin uptake right upper lobe residual volume Top RBP RDA RIA RLL RML R/O ROS RDW RIH RLQ RNA ROM RPG RRR RT RTA RTC RU RUL RV RUG RUQ RVH Rx SA S&E treatment sinoatrial sugar and acetone small bowel follow through serum creatinine Top s SAA SBE SBFT SBS SCr SEM SG Swan-Ganz serum gammaglutamyl transpeptidase serum glutamicpyruvic transaminase write on label SGA SGGT Top SGOT SGPT SIADH sig SIMV 23 .

Plan subcutaneous spontaneous vaginal delivery type and cross type and hold total binding globulin transient ischemic attack three times a day SMO slips made out SOAP SOB STAT Sx TAH shortness of breath immediately symptoms total abdominal hysterectomy tuberculosis tetanus-diphtheria toxoid total iron binding capacity tetanus immune globulin total lung capacity too numerous to count trivalent oral polio vaccine thyroid stimulating hormone thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura transurethral resection transurethral resection of prostate total vaginal hysterectomy treatment. transplant uric acid Top Top Top SQ SVD T&C T&H TB TBG Td TIA TIBC tid TIG TKO to keep open temporo mandibular joint telephone order total parenteral nutrition thrombin time TLC TMJ TNTC TO TOPV TPN TSH TT TTP TU tuberculin units TUR TURBT TUR bladder tumors tidal volume TURP TV TVH tw twice a week Tx UAC UA ud urinalysis as directed 24 . Assessment.mandatory ventilation sl sublingual SLE systemic lupus erythematous subjective. Objective.

com/abbr2.htm#JODM 25 .globalrph.UGI upper gastrointestinal ultrasound urinary urea nitrogen voiding cysourethrogram verbal or voice order vital signs stable white blood cell or count white female well nourished Wolf-ParkinsonWhite years old Top Top URI upper respiratory infection urinary tract infection vital capacity vanillymadelic acid ventilation perfusion whole blood well developed white male within normal limits X-ray therapy Zollinger-Ellison US UUN VCUG UTI VC VMA VO VSS WBC WF WN WPW yo V/Q WB WD WM WNL XRT ZE http://www.

d.. ambulate. two times daily bil bilateral B/K below knee BLE both lower extremities BM bowel movement BP blood pressure BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy BRP bathroom privileges 26 .m.c. AM morning AMA against medical advice amb ambulatory. ambulation amp amputation amt amount ant anterior A&P auscultation and Percussion AP & lat anterior/posterior and lateral approximately approx approximately appt appointment apt apartment aPTT activated partial thromboplastin time AROM artificial rupture of membranes AS aortic stenosis ASA aspirin ASAP as soon as possible ASCBD arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease assoc associated asst assistant AVB atrioventricular block ax axillary ba swallow barium swallow BBB bundle branch block BCC basal cell carcinoma BCP birth control pills BE barium enema BH boarding home b.ABBREVIATIONS (let me know if you find errors) @ at aa before AAL anterior axial line AAROM active assistive range of motion abd abdomen ABG arterial blood gas a. before meals a/c anterior chamber of the eye AC alternating current acc according ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone add adduction ADLs activities of daily living adm admission A/E above elbow A fib atrial fibrillation AFB acid-fast bacilli A/G albumin/globulin AI aortic insufficiency A/K above knee alb albumin a.i.

BS BSO BUE BUN BVR bx C c CA Ca CAD CAT cath CBC CBD cc CC CC CCU CHF circ Cl cm CMHC CNS Co C/O CO2 Code 6 COPD cond con't cor CPAP CPK CPR C&S CSF CV CVA CVP cx CXR cysto cx blood sugar bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy both upper extremities blood urea nitrogen Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Biopsy centigrade with carcinoma.5 in dextrose 2.25% D-2.5% 1/4NS in saline 0. curettage and evacuation DD dignified death D&E dilation and evacuation dec decrease del delivery DFSP dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans D-5-LR dextrose 5% in Lactated Ringer's D-2. 0. cancer calcium coronary artery disease computerized transaxial tomography catheter complete blood count common bile duct cubic centimeter chief complaint copies coronary care unit congestive heart failure circulation chloride centimeter Community Mental Health Center central nervous system county complains of carbon dioxide cardiac or respiratory arrest chronic obstructive pulmonary disease condition continued heart continuous positive airway pressure creatinine phosphokinase cardiopulmonary resuscitation culture and sensitivity cerebrospinal fluid cardiovascular cerebrovascular accident.45% D-5-NS dextrose 5% in saline 0.9% 27 .5 in dextrose 2. costovertebral angle central venous pressure cervical chest x-ray cystoscopy Cancel DAU daughter D/C discontinue D&C dilation and curettage D.C&E dilation.5% 1/2NS in saline.

25% D-5-1/2NS dextrose 5% in saline 0. throat EOMs extraocular movements EOMI extraocular movements intact epi epidural epis episiotomy ER emergency room ES electric stimulation esp especially ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate ETH elixir terpin hydrate ETOH alcohol E evaluation exc excision ext extremity ext rot external rotation & and 1" first degree F (or &) female fam family FBS fasting blood sugar Fe Iron FETAL POSITION AND PRESENTATION: LFA (RFA) left frontoanterior (right) LFP (RFP) left frontoposterior (right) LFT (RFT) left frontotransverse (right) LMA (RMA) left mentoanterior (right) LMP (RMP) left mentoposterior (right) LMT (RMT) left mentotransverse (right) 28 .D-5-1/4NS dextrose 5% in saline 0. EKG electrocardiogram EDC estimated (or expected) dates of confinement EEG electroencephalogram EGD esophagogastroduodenoscopy EMG electromyogram ENT ears. nose.45% D-5-S 5% dextrose in saline D-5-W dextrose 5% in water D-10-W dextrose 10% in water decub decubitus diff differential (blood count) DIPJ distal interphalangeal joint divided by DJD degenerative joint disease dl deciliter DM diabetes mellitus DOA dead on arrival DOE dyspnea or exertion DPA Department of Public Assistance DPW Department of Public Welfare Dr doctor (physician) DR delivery room DSD dry sterile dressing DNR do not resuscitate DT diphtheria/tetanus injection DTR deep tendon reflex DTRs deep tendon reflexes DTs delirium tremens DUB dysfunctional uterine bleeding dx diagnosis ECF extended care facility ECG.

fetal positions) FB foreign body FeSO4 ferrous sulfate FEV1 forced expiratory volume in 1 sec. ear. gtt.s. FH family history FHS fetal heart sounds FHT fetal heart tone FIB finger in belt flex flexion fl fluid F&M L&W father and mother. drops GU genitourinary Gyn gynecology h.LOA left occiput anterior LOP left occiput posterior LSA (RSA) left sacrum anterior (right) LSP (RSP) left sacrum posterior (right) LST (RST) left sacrum transverse (right) ROA right occiput anterior ROP right occiput posterior ROT right occiput transverse (end. eye. FEV2 forced expiratory volume in 2 secs. nose and throat home health service history of hospital water history of present illness hour of sleep height Hubbard tank 29 . living and well F/U follow-up FUO fever of unknown origin FVC forced vital capacity FWB full weightbearing fx fracture GB gallbladder G/DW glucose in distilled water gen'l general gest gestation GI gastrointestinal glu glucose gm gram G/NSS glucose in normal saline solution grs grains gr grain grav gravida > greater than gt.. FEV3 forced expiratory volume in 3 secs. ht HT hour hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease high blood pressure hydrochloric acid hematocrit hypertensive cardiovascular disease mercury hemoglobin hemoglobin and hematocrit head. hr HACVD HBP HCL hct HCVD Hg Hgb H&H HEENT HHS H/O hosp H2O HPI h. drop.

bladder keep vein open lab laboratory lac laceration LOC loss of consciousness lb. or # pound. lbs.. pounds L left L liter lat lateral LBBB left bundle branch block LE prep lupus erythematous preparation < less than LDH lactic dehydrogenase lg large LGPN licensed graduate practical nurse LLB long leg brace LLC long leg cast LLE left lower extremity LLL left lower lobe LLQ left lower quadrant LMD local medical doctor LMP last menstrual period LNMP last normal menstrual period LP lumbar puncture LPN licensed practical nurse LPT licensed physical therapist LR lactated ringers 30 .H&P hx HP HR HTN husb I ICF ICT ICU I&D IM imp inc IMV info int rot I&O IPPB indep IR = IUD IV IVP jt JVP K KCL KPO4 kg KUB KVO history and physical examination history hot pack heart rate hypertension husband interventions intermediate care facility intermittent cervical traction intensive care unit incision and drainage intramuscularly impression increase intermittent mandatory ventilation information internal rotation intake and output intermittent positive pressure breathing independent infrared is equal to intrauterine device intravenous intravenous pyelogram joint jugular venous pressure potassium potassium chloride potassium phosphate kilogram kidney. ureter.

9% 31 . sodium chloride. nl N/A NaCl NB NED neg neuro N/G NH NICU NKDA NKMA NN NP NPH NPO NSA nsg NSR NSS no acute disease normal not applicable sodium chloride (salt) newborn no evidence of disease negative or none neurology. 0.L-S L-S scan LS4A LUE LUL LUQ LV lymphs lytes liq lumbosacral liver and spleen scan lichen sclerosis et atrophicus left upper extremity left upper lobe left upper quadrant left ventricular lymphocytes electrolytes liquid M meter m murmur MA medical assistance MC Medicare mcg microgram MCP metacarpal phalangeal meds medication mEq milliequivalent mg milligram MgSO4 magnesium sulfate MI myocardial infarction MinA minimum assistance min minute ml milliliter ML median line mM millimoles mmHg millimeters of mercury MMT manual muscle test mo month mod moderate MOM Milk of Magnesia mono monocytes MPJ metatarsal phalangeal joint MR mitral regurgitation MS mitral stenosis M or % male MTP joint metatarsophalangeal joint MVA motor vehicle accident MWD microwave diathermy NAD N. neurosurgery nasogastric nursing home neonatal intensive care unit no known drug allergies no known medical allergies nurses note nasopharynx (geal) neutral protein Hagedorn (insulin) nothing by mouth no significant abnormalities nursing normal sinus rhythm normal saline.

1/2-NSS NTG N&V NWB 0 normal saline. ounces # pounds p after P phosphorus PAC premature atrial contraction palp palpable para indicating women of so many children // bars parallel bars PAS paramedical ambulance service path pathology Pb lead PBI protein bound iodine p. by mouth POD postop day poss possible post after postop postoperative PPBS postprandial blood sugar PPD postpartum day pharm pharmacy PRBC packed red blood cell PRC packed red cells PRE progressive resistive exercises Preop preoperatively prep preparation.o. ounce. p.45% nitroglycerine nausea and vomiting nonweightbearing none one O2 oxygen O2sat oxygen saturation OBS organic brain syndrome OD right eye OJ orange juice OOP out of bed OR operating room Ortho orthopedic OS left eye OU each eye oz.m. prepare PRN as indicated/needed 32 .. ozs. sodium chloride 0. p. afternoon PM&R physical medicine and rehabilitation PMH past medical history PMI point of maximum impulse PND paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea PO.c. after meals PCA Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging PE physical examination PEEP positive and expiratory pressure PERLA pupils equal reactive to light and accommodation PCN penicillin PFT pulmonary function test pH hydrogen ion concentration % percent PID pelvic inflammatory disease PKU phenylketonuria PIPJ proximal interphalangeal joint + plus or positive PM.

o.d. every hour q. every other day qs quantity sufficient qt. every night q. rt right RA rheumatoid arthritis RBA risks.d.a.h.c. every or each q. quart R rectal R. benefits and alternatives RBBB right bundle branch block rbc red blood cell RBC red blood count re in reference to ref referral rehab rehabilitation resp.n. four times daily q.d. every meal q.PROM premature rupture of membranes protime prothrombin time PSYCH FAC psychiatric facility pt patient PT physical therapy PTC percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography PTCA percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty PTT partial thromboplastin time PUD peptic ulcer disease pul emb pulmonary embolus(ism) PVC premature ventricular contraction PVD peripheral vascular disease PWB partial weightbearing Px prognosis PZI protamine zinc insulin q. second secs. prescription SBE subacute bacterial endocarditis SBO small-bowel obstruction sx signs or symptoms SO4 sulfate radical S/P status post sc. every day q. sq subcutaneous sec.i. seconds 33 . RR respirations retic reticulocyte Rh Rhesus (blood factor) RLE right lower extremity RLL right lower lobe RLQ right lower quadrant RML right middle lobe RN registered nurse R/O rule out ROM range of motion ROS review of systems RR recovery room RRR regular rate and rhythm RT respiratory therapy RUE right upper extremity RUQ right upper quadrant rx therapy.

i. three times daily tinct tincture TMJ temporomandibular joint TO telephone order TOB termination of benefits TPR temperature. tablespoon TE therapeutic exercise tel telephone TENS.d. TNS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator TIA transient ischemic attack t. teaspoon T-table tilt table TUR transurethral resection Tv tidal volume 2D echo two-dimensional echocardiogram two U UA UCHD UGI UR URI units urinalysis usual childhood disease upper gastrointestinal utilization review upper respiratory infection 34 .2" second degree SR sed rate. erythrocyte sedimentation rate SGOT serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase SGPT serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase SH social history sib sibling SLB short leg brace SLC short leg cast SLE systemic lupus erythematosus SLR straight leg raise sm small SNF skilled nursing facility SOB shortness of breath sp gr specific gravity spont spontaneous SqCCA squamous cell carcinoma SROM spontaneous rupture of membranes ss one-half SN student nurse SNA student nurse assistant SSE soap suds enema staph staphylococcus STAT at once strep streptococcus STS serological test for syphilis supp suppository SUS strained urinary sediment SWD short wave diathermy sl slight s without 3" third degree TM tympanic membrane T temp temperature T&A tonsils and adenoids tab tablet TAH total abdominal hysterectomy TB tuberculosis Tbsp. pulse and respirations tsp.

US UTI UV VA VD VDRL vag vit VMA VNS VO VS ultrasound urinary tract infection ultraviolet Veterans' Administration venereal disease veneral disease reaction level vaginal vitamin vanillylmandelic acid visiting nurse service verbal orders vital signs s without WBC. wbc white blood count WC wheelchair WD WN well developed. times ten years old year PHYSICAL THERAPY ABBREVIATIONS AAROM active assistive range of motion add adduction B/E below elbow BLE both lower extremities BUE both upper extremities CT crutch training ES electric stimulation ext extremity FIB finger in belt FWB full weightbearing HT Hubbard tank HP hot pack ICT intermittent cervical traction LLB long leg brace LLC long leg cast LLE left lower extremity LPT licensed physical therapist LUE left upper extremity max A maximum assistance MHP moist hot pack min A minimum assistance MMT manual muscle test mod moderate mod A moderate assistance muscle S muscle strength MWD microwave diathermy NWB non-weight bearing //bars parallel bars OT occupational therapy(ist) PRE progressive resistive exercises 35 . well nourished W/F white female wk week W/M white male WNL within normal limits WP whirlpool wt weight x X y/o yr.

living and well HHS home health services husb husband ICF intermediate care facility info information indep independent MA Medical Assistance MC Medicare NH nursing home PAS paramedical ambulance service PCA Philadelphia Corporation of Aging PSYCH FAC psychiatric facility ref referral rehab rehabilitation SNF skilled nursing facility SSI social security income TOB termination of benefits UR utilization review VA Veterans' Administration VNS Visiting Nurse Service PHARMACY ABBREVIATIONS D-5-LR dextrose 5% in lactated Ringer's D-2.45% D-5-NS dextrose 5% in saline 0.25% D-2.PT physical therapy PTA physical therapist assistant PWB partial weight bearing RLE right lower extremity ROM range of motion RPT registered physical therapist RUE right upper extremity SLB short leg brace SLC short leg cast SLR straight leg raise SWD short wave diathermy TE therapeutic exercise TENS.45% D-5-S 5% dextrose in saline D-5-W dextrose 5% in water D-10-W dextrose 10% in water G/DW glucose in distilled water G/NSS glucose in normal saline 36 .5% 1/4NS in saline 0. TNS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator T-Table tilt table tx traction/therapy WP whirlpool SOCIAL SERVICE ABBREVIATIONS apt apartment BH boarding home BVR Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation CHMC Community Mental Health Center Co county DAU daughter DPA Department of Public Assistance DPW Department of Public Welfare ECF extended care facility F&M L&W father and mother.5% 1/2NS in saline 0.9% D-5-1/4NS dextrose 5% in saline 0.25% D-5-1/2NS dextrose 5% in saline 0.5 in dextrose 2.5 in dextrose 2.

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