Shanti School Project (SSP

Shanti Primary School Construction Project - Funds Accountability Statement
For the period from July 15, 2007 to December 26, 2008 FUNDS RECIEVED Fund received for the school project: Rs. 2,413,335 Funds were received by Nationwide Scholarship Program in Nepal and transferred through Society of ExBudhanilkantha School Students – North America (SEBS-NA) in the United States. All the funds were raised and transferred by Santi School Project.

EXPENDITURE Below is the summary of the project’s expenses: Item Land Purchase Engineer’s Design and Supervision Construction Costs Local Materials – Stone Local Materials – Wood, Hardware, etc. Toilet Construction Materials from Kathmandu Labor Charges Including Porter Charges Transportation Sub Total Other Expenses Teachers Training Classroom and Office Furniture Salary and other expenses Books Sub Total Grant Total BALANCE After, clearing all the balances for the project, the Balance for Santi School Project is a debit Rs. 14,474 Cost Rs. 150,000 Rs. 13,000

Rs. 220,000 Rs. 536,349 Rs. 160,950 Rs. 516,180 Rs. 554,665 Rs. 18,500 Rs. 2,006,644

Rs. 14,820 Rs. 154,375 Rs.71,175 Rs.17795 Rs. 258,165 Rs. 2,427,809

Here is how the balance is broken down: Balance Represented by Advances Bank Balances Payable (Bijaya Babu Shiwakoti) Payable (SEBS-NSP) Grand Total

Rs. 0 Rs. 5,819 (Rs. 8,293) (Rs. 12,000) (Rs. 14,474)

SIGNATORIES Jagadish Bhattarai Partner MJ Associates, Chartered Accountants Kathmandu, Nepal Bijaya Babu Shiwakoti Chairperson Nationwide Scholarship Program Kathmandu, Nepal

Audit Completed on December 27, 2008

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