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and BSTI (Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.


“The Power of Blinding White Light”


Brite-Strike® (TIDS) Tactical Illumination Defense System
This program is designed to "Train and Certify" law enforcement, corrections, sheriffs, constables, and security, personnel in the safe, correct, and legal use of Brite-Strike® Tactical Illuminations Flashlight for SelfDefense. This training teaches an officer how to use the Tactical Lights in a safe and reliable manner. After successful completion of both a practical and written test, the officer is certified in its proper use for a two (2) year period. Departments and agencies using this program will notice less "Use-of-Force" complaints being filed against them. While Tactical Illumination practices are not a "cure all," it is a valuable tool that provides an additional "noninjurious" level of force for law enforcement professionals. Unlike OC, Tactical Illumination techniques have no long term effects and is easily effective and safe and no need for decontamination or exposure issues. This program can be scheduled at our facility or yours. Please contact IEME Force Training Division to schedule a class today. Length of program: 4 hrs Cost of program: Please call

The Tactical Training Program Includes:
Student Manual with photos and illustrations. Intensive hands-on training drills. Practice with a Brite Strike® Illumination Product. (Blue Dot Series) Use-of-Force considerations and options. Verbal skills and threat recognition Defensive techniques Contolled suspect -cooperation techniques Two (2) year certification after successful completion.

IEME Force Training Division 905 Turnpike Rd. Suite 4A (Rt 138) Canton, MA 02021 USA 508-759-9055 774-263-3354

I.E.M.E. International, Inc.

Our instructors are authorized providers/ trainers of I.E.M.E. International, Inc. IEME Force Training Division, TIDS™ Tactical Illumination Defense System. Brite-Strike® (BSTI) presents this program and certi es participants through I.E.M.E. International, Inc.