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Security is something that just cannot be neglected today, right now as shown by

the very terribly hypocritical stand adopted by the west. The west has certainly
whipped up extreme emotions and encouraged lawbreakers to use violence against
the government of Libya. There is zero doubt about it. The secret presence of fifth
columnists sent by the west and the possession of weapons by the mobs in the cities
of Libya show that the current trouble in the country is something much more than
a simple demonstration to protest perceived grievances. It is a foreign instigated
rebellion. Clearly, Libya’s security is now being put up for sale.

The government of Libya is trying to quell a rebellion supported by elements from

outside the country. Although the use of aircraft is a bit over the top, Libya has
the right to defend itself from dangerous violence generated by certain quarters.
The west is secretly lusting for Libyan oil. There is absolutely no doubt about it.
The lack of attention to the security of the country is the main fault of Libya now.
The government completely failed to anticipate the onset of ‘protests’ by certain
quarters and the subsequent violence that had been well planned to take over the
country. The foreign agents provocateurs are certainly very, very, very evil.

Already certain elements in the west are suggesting the need for ‘intervention’.
The aims of the west are definitely crystal clear. The west is full of hypocrites
always ever ready to short-change all and sundry. The west has a whole bunch
of confirmed war criminals including some who are qualified to be called Class
A super war criminals. Why just condemn only the government of Libya ? ? ?

Libya is trying to contain a rebellion on its own soil, not invading or conquering
another nation. This is very, very different from the actions of the west which are
always fully criminal in nature. The west has invaded and trampled on weak and
defenceless societies and even massacred innocent civilians. The victims are
always foreign nations & peoples. Libya is trying to maintain law and order in its
own country, it is not trying or doing something illegal outside its borders ! ! !

The west is certainly full of hypocrisy and the world must remind them that two
wrongs do not make a right and the hypocrites must stop fishing in troubled waters
at once. We must not neglect our security in the face of brazen western hypocrisy !