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McDonald's Russia: A Jewel in the McDonald's Emerging Market Operations?
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Case Code :BSTR366 For delivery in electronic format: Rs. Case Length :34 Pages 400; Period :1990-2010 For delivery through courier (within Pub Date :2010 India): Rs. 400 + Rs. 25 for Shipping Teaching :Available (3 & Handling Charges Note pages) Themes Organizatio :McDonald's n Corporatio Entry and Expansion Strategy /Globalization / Managin n Industry :Fast Food g across Borders and Culture / Emerging Market Countries :Russia

McDonald's Corporation is one of the oldest chains of quick service restaurants in the world and the largest. It was started in the late 1930s by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, the US. Within a few years, the chain had become quite popular and it started to grow in numbers. The founders started to franchise out the stores to other partners at a premium price. In 1967, it started its international expansion for the first time by entering Canada and subsequently ramped up its presence in other international markets. McDonald's opened its first outlet in Russia in 1990. It

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The company experienced many obstacles along the way but it continued its slow and steady growth in the country.entered at a time when the country was still struggling to gain political and economic stability after reforms had been introduced.so much so that the company accounted for more than two-third of the fast food market in Russia. It discusses in detail some of the strategies adopted by McDonald's in Russia. The case details the difficulties McDonald's had in entering the country and discusses how it overcame various challenges to establish itself firmly in the market. 1 3 4 7 9 14 16 18 20 . Issues: » Business Strategy Case Studies » Case Studies Collection » Business Strategy Short Case Studies » View Detailed Pricing Info » How To Order This Case » Business Case Studies » Area Specific Case Studies » Industry Wise Case Studies » Company Wise Case Studies Top of Form Search Bottom of Form » To understand entry and expansion strategies for an international company. etc. It started by developing the food processing unit and training the local suppliers. that helped it gain a strong footing in the Russian market . The case ends with the challenges that the company is facing in the country. » To learn about the challenges of international operation for a fast food chain in an emerging economy like Russia. McDonald's became an instant hit in the country where the culture of fast food was as new as the burger. Russia was one of its key markets in Europe and some experts considered it as the jewel in McDonald's system. » Evaluate McDonald's globalization strategies. including HR strategies. procurement strategies. » Explore the strategies McDonald's can adopt in the future to sustain growth in the Russian market. As of 2010. Contents: Introduction Background Note International Expansion Entering Russia Expansion in Russia Results Overcoming Challenges Outlook Exhibits Keywords: Page No. expansion strategies. » Study and analyze the entry and expansion strategies of McDonald's in Russia.

Books:. Operations. Expansion strategy. Russian fast food market. . Globalization.Textbooks. Culture. Political environment. HR Strategy. Mcdonald's McDonald's Russia: A Jewel in the McDonald's Emerging Market Operations? . Russia.Next Page>> Top of Form Search Bottom of Form Case Studies in Business Strategy Volume VI Business Strategy Workbooks Collection Case Study Volumes Collection Case Studies Links:. Cases in Other Languages.Entry strategy. Regulatory environment.Multimedia Case Studies. Case Study Volumes. Business Reports Link:. Pricing. Other Case Studies:. Short Case Studies. Purchasing. Work Books. Emerging market strategy. Simplified Case Studies.Business Reports.Case Studies. Competition.

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