Bio Poem

Chris Smart, sporty, friendly, cool Brother of Beth Lover of baseball, soccer, and family Who feels happy at home, excited with friends, tired on trips Who fears spiders, death, and punks Who would like to see New York, Washington D.C., and snow Resident of Tampa, Springmoss Ln. Saunders

Acrostic Poem Light with A Straight line that lasts for Ever and shows light Rapidly .

Take Five Poems Dog Fast. loving Catches. plays Man’s best friend Puppy . runs.

well groomed Animal. speeding.Diamante Cat Pouncy. big Panting. small---------Animal. sleepy Flashing. friendly Dog . roughed Smart. racing.

Sneaky Poetry Bat Small ball Score runs. hit balls America’s favorite pastime Baseball .

Color Poetry Teal is the sky Teal is bright Teal is vivid Teal is a shade of blue Teal is a color of spite and fun Teal is the most favorite color Of anyone I know .

bony Black and white. catching. dirty Feathery.Triante Eagle Musky. strong. fast. nest-making . mating. hunting. fearless Flying.

Number Poem Fifteen is my birthday date Sixteen is when I get my license Seventeen is when I get a car Eighteen is when I graduate Nineteen. I’m in collage .

Rhyme ‘n Rhythm Field Trip Ride bus Don’t fuss Have fun In sun Travel anywhere Go everywhere .

Stair Poem Huge reptile Before man Big. fearsome. meat-eating Dinosaur .

Greg gulps a giant soda H.Yaks yo-yo while eating yogurt Z.Chris can sell cellular phones D.Icemen build igloos of ice J.Unicorns use umbrellas under supervision V.Steve sells super salami T.Windy rides in wagons in wind X.Elliot eats every evening in an elephant F.Randy runs over rats S.Zack’s zebras live in Zaire .Bob bet a billion bucks on a barbecue C.Queens quilt quietly on Sundays R.Frank fought a fight on Friday G.Kane uses keys to lock kangaroos up L.John jumps while he plays jacks with jelly K.Oprah opens a jar of octopus P.Vicki vacuums vans W.Tammy taunts Tony about trees U.Harold has very high hair I.X-rays sound like x-cellent xylophones Y.Larry lies about lions M.Alyssa ate an apple in the afternoon B.Dan brought his dog to the derby E.Pam pets a parrot Q.Alliteration A.Neil nests at noon O.Mary makes millions of money N.

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