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Architecture we ss ual RRM EE Collected in PDF File By. Deyaa EL Behairy> insanely Architecture Competition 2008 SERN BEE ‘Wehitecture Competition Annual; IBY + ARCHIWORLD Co.,Ltd. ‘neta Bing 122-11 bng-Dorg, org Po-Gu Seoul 138-150, Koes Tel 02-2-422-7392 FobD-2-420-75%, 9 E-mail: hia Introduction Architecture competition is for selecting the most suitable design for the objective Project through competing with applicants, itis, in addition, to choose an architect ‘who understands and deals with clie's purpose of the construction. Real construction bogins as the suitable design and architecture are selected after diverse competitions. ‘Architecture competion is @ method of architecture which is conducted generally in the world, Also, it has a great influence on development of recent architecture as well as current. We publish volume lt and X of Architecture Competition Annual) with various data on architecture competition. i fs our nine annual book and we publish two volumes every year. The motto of the book is to promote the value of the data as it forms the basis of comparing and snalyzing awarded design work and all applied design works with originality. also provides a public measure to judge the level ot ‘contemporary architectures. ‘AS the years pass, Architecture Compelton Annual) has @ high valuation in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, U.S.A. as well as Korea, and the result shows the improvement of the level of Korean architectures (Architecture Competition Annual), 2008 1s designed to select excellent projects of the 88 works, which were applied for all architecture competitions occurred in 2007, by facilities and publish the works in volume IK and I. We hope to have @ great view of architecture through (Architecture Competition Annual). We greatly thank for architects and architecture companies that offer the information and data to us to puolish those annual books. Publisher Jeong, kwang-young