Traditional Knowledge

By Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala Blog:


Patents Trade Secrets Copyrights Geographical Indications Trademarks Plant Varieties


Turmeric Jeewani Basmati Neem

Protection Mechanism 

TK Bill Traditional Knowledge Community Consent Benefit Sharing 


Patents and TK 

Patent Protection Ownership Disclosure Benefit Sharing TKDL

Copyrights and Designs 

Artistic works Derivative works Ownership Protection

Geographical Indications 

Quality and Characteristics Place of origin Natural or Not


Vishnu goes on an expedition to Himalayas. Himalayas. During the expedition, he discovers a plant that prevents ageing. He brings it seeds and ageing. grows them in Bangalore. He isolates the Bangalore. active ingredients and files for a patent. patent. Can Vishnu get a patent? Is he required to share benefits from the patent? 


Krishna uses a traditionally known art of making baskets for making sack bags. As bags. the bags are not water resistant, he performs research and adds a step of incorporating a polymer in the process to make it water proof. proof. Can krishna get a patent? Any benefit sharing? 


Zubair develops new designs of traditional wooden toys made in bommapalli. bommapalli. Can he protect his designs? 

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